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Old November 16 2008, 09:50 PM   #16
Re: Reactions To The New USS Enterprise

Rick Sternbach wrote: View Post
As I posted elsewhere on this board -

Yes, I was slightly disappointed in the initial viewing of the design, what with the elements of the Refit and what to me are odd-looking nacelles and pylons and the proportions of the engineering hull. In a question of pure mechanics, yes, I was puzzled by what appeared to be an incorrect placement of the nacelles so that the Bussard collectors didn't see open space, but that turned out to be an illusion, and I did get to see an ortho view of a port side elevation that confirmed it. Yes, I used a colorful metaphor related to elephants and committees, in the sense that the major assemblies did not look like they all came from the same "foundry," so to speak.

All that said, however, I do think that the new Enterprise design fits the rest of what appears in the trailer, so for me, it's the entire aesthetic that is skewed. Will it all work as a film? Probably. Does it feel like it fits with the rest of the 40-some years of the franchise? No, but that's just my opinion. Will I see the movie? Sure. Will I debate design points? Sure again; it's good to study and critique and exchange ideas but without trampling on the people who created the designs in a personal way. I'm sure Ryan Church and the other designers are okay folks; I just don't respond as positively to their concepts the way some others have, or feel that Star Trek needs to be radically updated or made more hip and cool for another new generation of filmgoers. Anyhow, May 09 will come soon enough, and we'll all have fun going to the flicks.

I'm going to have to disagree (in a highly positive way) with you here. Based on your experience and the contributions you've made to Star Trek, I'd say that your opinion is a bit damning, and it's one that I think many fans of Star Trek would agree with. I think, frankly, you were being generous in your comments. What they managed to get 'right' about the ship design was simply a function of what they didn't alter. What they didn't get 'right' was a function of whatever they attempted to change. Not to say that I wouldn't have been happy with a change, but a change that made sense and was aesthetically pleasing.

As usual with this movie - and this is my third post on the subject in the last few days, so I'm going to have to pull myself back or I'll bias myself against the movie in May, which I don't want to do! - I get the sense that there was a lot of lipservice paid to the traditions and the fans and the people that made Star Trek what it was over 4 decades and then, behind closed doors, all of that facade was tossed off before the idols of modern marketing and making things look 'cool' (see, e.g. Transformers and other crap from Hollywood.)

In short, the design alterations seem thoughtless. I'm not a canon maven, but I have little tolerance for people who aren't willing to think seriously about what they do within and to this universe. The ship is a character - some contingents of fans consider her the primary character. I wish I had the sense that the movie makers actually cared about this.
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Old November 19 2008, 08:50 AM   #17
Re: Reactions To The New USS Enterprise

Nothing on the RSS feed for what seemed like weeks and now this exciting flurry of activity. And comments from Rick Sternbach, no less.

I must agree with all of those who lament the decision of J.J. Abrams and company to (re-)make this new Star Trek movie to be more "hip" or "cool" for a "new generation of filmgoers". This new audience may turn out to be a very small minority of those who actually buy a ticket and see the film. It seems to me that any filmmaker should serve the known, existing fan base first, then throw a few bones to the newcomers. The inverse seems to have happened. So, we'll just have to see.
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Old November 19 2008, 04:35 PM   #18
Bad Bishop
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Re: Reactions To The New USS Enterprise

J. Allen wrote: View Post
My posts never get used, and I practically vomit wisdom!
Since when?
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be debunked.
(Paraphrasing Dr. Carl Sagan)

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Old November 20 2008, 04:31 AM   #19
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Re: Reactions To The New USS Enterprise

Well I have to say that the ship design was not well thought out. basically, the new movie is changing history. so imagine the old 63 Impala SS you used to drive was told to you by people to not be what it was. but now you drove a 1972 Ford Pinto. the re-casting of characters was needed to tell the story I agree, but to have someone look at a mishmash of ships that came after and slap parts together is not what I would have expected to see. I will see the movie, but I see a sad trend in ripoff artists remaking series in their own image to gain a buck. lets low tech the show and make it so people can relate. hmmm seems to be dumbing down imagination for the sake of money. wonder why the US economy is in the tank and the world is upside down? the new trailer looke like A GM commercial- I thought it was an introduction for the new ZR1 corvette,using a classic to introduce the model. another remake I remember seeing in recent history was BattleStar Galactica. although the stories were interesting and it was able to go farther than the original-it was not what is was. as this will not be. to do a new vision but go backwards is a hard pill to swallow. saying it's a prequel so mine came first is all bull. thats a counterfeit Enterprise built by Ferenghi in the pursuit of gold pressed latinum. I think if JJ Abrahms tried his hand at Star Wars, George Lucas would be sure to see that Darth Vader reomoved his "credentials"

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