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Star Trek; The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

Pillars of thought had long been held as forthright truth from the moment mankind appeared on Earth. Many such thoughts had trickled down the eons of time as though the rain that caused them might not ever come to end. And yet, on one particular Tuesday afternoon, one such thought was absorbed like so much rain in the mud of perception. For it was, on that simple Tuesday, the Perfect man was born.

He had lived a normal life, in a normal family. He had a father, a mother, and two sisters. They lived as simple people, even in the twenty-third century. His parents were both learned school teachers who taught in a simple elementary school in a suburb of New Seattle. New Seattle, like most western hubs, had grown out of the rubble of the 21st century. And as Earth matured and joined the Federation, New Seattle, just as many other Earth cities, saw a new era of peace and growth that all came with Earth’s ascension in galactic prominence.

When he first came into the lives of his parents, the Perfect Man was, of course, just a perfect boy. They were both amazed at his ability perceive events around him that other children his age would take several more years to grasp. Because of their own liberal values, the perfect boy benefited from such a life. It wasn’t long after he reached the age of ten that his parents realized their child was different. It was on his tenth birthday that his parents, who had been busy with their jobs ever since he came into their world, and other aspects of life, that they realized he had never been in trouble. On top of that, he had never missed a day of school, or caused another human to feel pain or sorrow.

His parents had long ago decided that when their son had reached the age of ten they would tell him the truth; He wasn’t their biological child, as he had been raised to believe since the moment he came into their lives. As for who and why and how he came into being, not even they knew the entire story. But this much they knew, after his tenth birthday, their son was perfect. They would now live the rest of their lives to see to it that he was safe from harm.

The smoke from the ten candles was still dancing in the air like wisps of ghosts locked in an orgy of confusion and pattern. There was a knock at the door.

“Do we answer the door?” Ashley asked her husband. “Maybe someone knows he is perfect.” She said as she watched her son open his presents in the next room.

“We can’t hide him away,” Matt, Ashley's husband replied. “If we keep him caged up it might cause suspicion.”

Ashley looked apprehensive. “We can’t let anything happen to him, Matt. He is perfect. Someone is bound to find out. Perhaps the person at the door is here to take him from us.”

“Don’t answer the door.” Matt told her softly.

“Are you going to answer it?” Ashley asked softly.

Matt nodded in agreement.

Life changes your perspective once you have belief, or faith, that your destiny is woven like a thread around another person’s destiny. And so with that thought, Matt walked into his room, and retrieved his father’s old hand phaser. He looked at his own reflection in the mirror on the wall as he held the phaser. Matt was one who deplored violence. But now, with the life of a perfect child to protect, he had a new order in his life; protector.

But the Perfect Boy, who would some day be the Perfect man, did not need protection at all. His life was being guided by a force more powerful than the spirals of thought could possibly allow. There are times a row of dominoes will fall and tilt the wind as they do. But, if one were to trace the fallen rows of white retangular shaped objects back they would see the lone domino that was the cause, and the efffect, of the chain. So, naturally, if there was a Perfect man, who was the perfect boy, he must have come from somewhere; the Perfect Father.

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Re: Star Trek; The Perfect Man

The Perfect man
Part 2

Captain James T Kirk found himself being chased by no less than four Hortas. The creatures were coming after him, and he was at full speed. Years of Starfleet training had help mold Kirk into a pretty good runner. But the Hortas could dive through rock as fast as Kirk ran. He was running through one of the tunnels the beasts had carved years earlier, thankful there had been no displacement of the cave to block his path.

As he ran, phaser drawn in his right hand, Kirk wondered where Spock was. Where was the security detail? Why was he, the Captain of a Starship no-less, running for his life from a herd of Horta? Then, all of a sudden, he came to a stop. Suddenly, before him, Janice Lester was naked, on a mattress, with lust in her eyes.

The Horta were still back there, chasing Kirk down no doubt. But, how could he let such a moment pass with out tasting the fruit before his eyes. Janice called to him.

“Come James,” Janice said in a sultry voice, “I want you to be with me.”

“I, I want to,” Kirk replied, he held out both of his hands, “I really do.” Kirk said, “But,” Kirk added, “our lives, are in danger.”

She smiled at him with a desire that pulled at Kirk to stay, and to be with her.

He knelt down, and joined her on the mattress. The shared a very passionate kiss.

“I love you Jim, and I never stopped loving you.” Janice whispered into Kirk’s ears.

Suddenly, and with out warning, Kirk heard another woman’s voice.


“Time has no meaning here,” Lester said to him, as if she could hear the other woman’s voice as well.

Kirk was looking around, frantically, for the Hortas. He looked down at Janice, but instead he saw Carol Marcus.

“Carol?” Jim asked softy. “Where am I, what happened to Janice?”

“Who is Janice?” Carol asked as she planted her lips on Kirk’s.

Jim Kirk ran his fingers through Carol’s blond mane. Did it really matter who he was with, as long as it was with a woman? No of course, he thought to himself.


Jim Kirk opened his eyes and then he frowned; the dream was over. There were times when he wished he could live another life, the life of a man in love and married to a woman he loved. But his career, and more importantly, the Enterprise, would not allow it. It seemed as if commanding her, the Enterprise, was Kirk’s only reason to live at times. He climbed out of his bed and prepared to head for the Bridge.


Ashley and Matt could only watch as their son was escorted out of their home, and ultimately, out of their lives. They had each listened to the older man who had come to their door and told them that the day had come; their son’s tenth birthday. The older man apologized for having to take their son, but Ashley and Matt understood. They had played their parts in a much larger epic.

Moments later, the two parents watched as the shuttlecraft containing their son of the past 10 years flew off and disappeared in the distance. They hugged each other and went back into their home, not noticing that the shuttle had changed course, and was heading back toward their home.

A shower of energy blasts streaked out from the shuttle and struck the home, exploding it entirely. With that done, the shuttle banked up and zipped out into the stars.

The Perfect Boy…was gone.

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Alpha Romeo
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Re: Star Trek; The Perfect Man

Wasn't it Janice Lester?
"Kirk would have fucked the cold dead skull of the Borg Queen when it was all over."
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Old September 24 2008, 08:47 PM   #4
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Re: Star Trek; The Perfect Man

Alpha Romeo wrote: View Post
Wasn't it Janice Lester?
Yep...I was so caught up in the visual (always liked her milfish quality)..thanks for finding that blooper..

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Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Three

Star Trek
The Perfect Man
Part Three

Jim Kirk was sipping on a cup of coffee as he strode on to the bridge of the USS Enterprise. The dream about Hortas and sexy women from his past had not faded from his mind as of yet. It was rare when he had such intense dreams, he relished the times he could actually recall the images.

“Good morning Captain.” Uhura said to Kirk as he passed by her station.

“Good morning,” Kirk replied, “any new messages from Starfleet?”

Uhura shook her head. “No new communications as of yet sir,” she told him. “Do you think they will finally let us get some shore leave?”

Kirk thought for a moment. “How long until we arrive and Andrews Colony?”

The answer came from Chekov, at his usual post. “We will be at Andrews Colony in Five hours sir.”

Spock came over to where Kirk stood by Uhura’s post.

“Sir,” Spock corrected Chekov, “We will be arriving at Andrews Colony in four hours, fifty seven minutes and thirty seven seconds.”

“Five hours.” Scotty said from his engineering station.

“I can not fathom why you humans can not be more specific with such easy concepts as time units.” Spock said to Scott, and Chekov as well.

Kirk knew that the crew was on edge, due to their lack of any relaxation in the past several weeks. He cut them off before they continue.

“Well,” Kirk said as he headed for his command chair, “no reason why we can’t run another drill or two.”

That always seemed to straighten out the mood. He suppressed a chuckle as he watched Sulu and Chekov swap annoyed glances at the thought of another drill. Suddenly Uhura spoke.

“Sir, I have a signal coming in from Starbase 12. Priority one.” Uhura said. Her voice could not conceal her disappointment. A priority signal, this close to shore leave time, was not a good turn of events.

“Pipe it down here.” Kirk said as he finished off his coffee.

The voice of Admiral Jacobs could be heard coming from the com port on Kirk’s chair.

“Enterprise, this is Admiral Jacobs at Starbase 12.” Jacob’s voice said.

“Go ahead Harris,” Kirk replied, calling Jacob by his first name, “we hear you.”

“Good,” Jacobs replied, “I hate to have to do this to you Jim but I want you to sort out a little mystery that was passed to me about half an hour ago.”

“Admiral, we were looking forward to our shore leave at Andrews Colony. Can it wait?” Kirk asked on behalf of his entire crew.

“Well,” Jacobs replied, “the mystery is at Andrews Colony. So I was hoping you could look into this matter while you’re there.”

Kirk looked over to Spock, who was at his post. Then he looked back at the com port.

“Well, it’s not like we have a choice.” Kirk sighed.

“No, you don’t.” Jacobs replied right back. “It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. I have relayed the information to you. Please keep me advised on your progress. Admiral Jacob’s out.

Uhura walked over to Kirk and handed him a data-disk. “I transferred and decoded it.” Uhura said to Kirk.

The Captain stood up and motioned to Spock. “Come on Spock,” Kirk said, “let’s go pester Bones and see what is so urgent on Andrews Colony that it has to be looked into now.” He looked over to Scotty who was none to happy about possibly of losing shore leave time.

“Scotty, you’ve got the conn.” Kirk said to Scotty.

“Aye captain,” Scotty said, “but can I have my men do a signal degradation test on the communication’s station?”

Spock cut in before Kirk could reply. “Captain, such a test would require Lt. Uhura to take all long range communications off line.”

Kirk shook his head at Spock’s info. Then Kirk looked to Scotty. “Start your test immediately.” Kirk said softly.

Spock arched an eyebrow. Then he nodded to himself as he figured out why Kirk wanted Scott to do the test.

“Illogical.” Spock said to them both.

“Totally.” Kirk said with a wry smile as he and Spock entered the Turbo-lift.

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Re: Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Three

Wow, Robert-those first two bits were some of the best stuff I have read by you! and the third part was a bit more standard ST but also well assembled. I really want to know where this is going!
...sf fandom is only a personality disorder if you do it right.-Klaus - archive stories! for honest gaming

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Re: Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Four

Star Trek
The Perfect Man

"...Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil." Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 (NIV)

“…and thus no man can be perfect.”


“So,” McCoy said after Kirk briefed him and Spock on their little mission at Andrews Colony. “This child was kidnapped ten years ago and, according to Admiral Jacobs, his ID print was recently registered on Andrews Colony at a local market.”

Kirk nodded. “That about sums it up. All we have to do is check with the proprietor of the market and see if they have any other information.”

“Well,” McCoy said with a wry smile, as he sipped on a cup of tea, “there is a medical library near that market that I’ve always wanted to check out.”

“Now you’ll have your chance.” Kirk said to McCoy. Kirk shifted his glance to Spock who had accessed the ships computer by using McCoy’s medical computer. The Vulcan was unusually quiet. “Spock, you seem quite pensive today. Anything you want to tell us?”

Spock arched an eyebrow. “No Captain, I was just immersing myself with the original report of the boy’s abduction.”

“Any thing we can use?” McCoy asked.

Spock was about to reply when Kirk cut in.

“You’re voice sounds a little raspy, Bones.” Kirk interjected to McCoy.

“Ah, it’s nothing,” McCoy said, “just a little horse from watching Sulu’s fencing match last night against Lt. Wilkes.”

“How did our helmsman do?” Kirk asked.

“Oh, fine, real fine. Beat him by fifteen points.” McCoy said proudly.

Kirk looked back to Spock. “Sorry Spock, what were you going to say?”

Spock continued.

“The child, Raymond Everett Norris, was 10 years old the day he was abducted, just as Doctor McCoy said a moment ago.” Spock told them. “Moments after his abduction, his home was destroyed by a spread of photon torpedoes that left both his parents deadl.”

“This happened, on Earth?” Kirk asked.

Spock nodded his head. “Yes Captain, ten years ago to this very day. No motive was ever found.”

“Odd,” McCoy said softly. “You wouldn’t think something like that could happen on Earth now or even fifty years ago.”

“There’s more, isn’t there?” Kirk asked Spock.

“Indeed. The parents who were killed in the attack were not his biological parents. He was adopted. The circumstances surrounding both deaths of the biological parents are listed as classified.”

That piqued Kirk’s and McCoy’s interest.

“Their deaths have been made classified?” Kirk asked Spock, “by whom?”

“Unknown.” Spock replied.

McCoy chuckled softly. “Not such a little mystery as we were led to believe.” McCoy retorted.

Kirk thought for a moment. “Well,” Kirk said to his friends, “we have a job to do.” Then he looked back to Spock. “Keep digging Spock. We won’t arrive at Andrews Colony for another couple hours. See what else you can dredge up.”

“Yes sir.” Spock said.

“But don’t do it here,” McCoy said to Spock, “I need that computer. I am running some test and I need to use that computer in about twenty minutes.”

Spock stood up. “I will endeavor to find more answers on the bridge.” Spock said to Kirk.

“I’ll join you up there in an hour. I’m going to try to get a hold of Admiral Jacobs again. See what more he has.”

“You can’t sir,” Spock told him. “Mr. Scott’s crew is hard at work on their degradation tests.”

“Damn,” Kirk said. “Well, I’ll try to contact him after Scotty is done with the test.”

With that said, Kirk and Spock left sickbay. The Questions were piling up and the answers were few, if at all.


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Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Five

Star Trek
The Perfect man

(Twenty-years and seven months before the Perfect Boy, who would one day be the Perfect Man, was born…)

It is very seldom that the truth can travel more than one road. One can usually use the hindsight of wisdom to look back on the chain of events that lead to a particular place and time. Geoff Norris was doing just that. He thought back on the events of the past seven seconds.

“You’re what?” Geoff asked his wife, Julia.

Julia could not suppress her smile. “I’m pregnant.”

Geoff did the same thing that men had done for centuries. He swooped up his wife into his arms and kissed her. It was hard to believe in miracles, especially in the twenty-third century, but Geoff did on this day.

He had married Julia only a year earlier. They were both at the young age of twenty-five. She had a promising medical career ahead of her in Starfleet, and he showed promise as a civilian engineer. All of his life he was told by his various doctors that he was impotent. The sperm formation inside of his body would not produce the life giving essentials to create a child. Even with twenty-third century technology, it was a condition that could not be altered.

He had given up the hope of having children of his own, until he happened to meet Julia’s father at a symposium on Vulcan. His name was Martin Andrews, and just like his daughter, he worked in the medical field as well. Where her career had just started, Martin, her father, had already had a worthy career in genetics. When the subject of Geoff’s problem came up, Martin told him that he had a solution.

Taking time off of his work, Geoff traveled to Starfleet Medical in Sydney Australia to under go Martin Andrew’s treatment. It was there he met a young nurse, Julia. She was Martin’s daughter, and helped administer the treatment of a daily basis for three weeks. The prescribed treatment included daily injections and all sorts of pills. It was during this time that Geoff and Julia began to see more in each other. They began to fall in love.

Now, nearly one year later, she had just given him the bit of news he, Geoff, had always wanted to hear; he would soon be a father.

“Are you sure?” Geoff asked his wife.

She gave him a very perplexed look. “What, you don’t believe me? I’m only two months along, so it doesn’t show yet, thankfully.” she said as she placed his hand on her belly. “You’re going to be a father, Geoff. It’s the miracle you and I have always wanted.”

“And I owe it to your father.” Geoff said as they hugged each other. “Three months ago when he said I was fertile I still didn’t believe him, I had my doubts.”

“But now,” Julia told him, “here we are. All of that is in the past. Our child is going to be a blessing.”

“I know,” Geoff said as they kissed.

She leaned closer to him and whispered in to his ears, “Our child will be perfect.”

Geoff nodded in agreement. He did not comprehend at the time what she had meant with those last five words. But, in time, he would. And hope and love he felt on this day, the day he was told he would be a father, would be replaced with absolute and total fear.

Psalms 127:3-5
Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.


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Re: Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Five

Star Trek
The Perfect Man
Part Six

James Kirk entered the Transporter room to find McCoy and Spock already waiting there for him.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were coming.” McCoy said as Kirk walked over to Scotty, who was ready to operate the Transporter Machine.

“How many shore-leave parties have gone down?” Kirk asked Scott, who was in charge of assigning shore-leave parties.

“So far five have gone down” Scotty answered. “I can bring them back up if you want.”

Kirk shook his head. “No, not necessary,” Kirk told him. “There’s no reason why this little investigation has to affect the entire crew.”

“Jim,” McCoy chimed in, “did you find out any new information from Admiral Jacobs?”

Kirk shook his head. “No,” Kirk said softly, “the classified level was above his head as well. Someone has gone through great lengths to keep some of the information about that abducted child buried.”

"That child is now twenty years old." Spock interjected.

“And yet,” McCoy added sardonically, “with all these questions, we’re going to go down there anyway.”

“We go anyway,” Kirk repeated. Kirk then looked to Spock. “What about you Spock? Did you dig up any more information?”

“I regret to report Captain that much of the same information I was researching has also been rendered classified.” Spock reported.

Scotty sighed. “Are ye sure you want to keep the shore-leave parties going?” Scotty asked.

Kirk nodded. “Andrews Colony is one of the most visited Earth colonies in this sector, Scotty,” Kirk said, “haven’t you been here before Bones?”

McCoy nodded. “Yes,” McCoy replied, “years ago though. Since that time a very vast medical library was established. So, if you don’t mind, let’s go down there do what we have to do so when we are done, I can see it.”

“Yes sir,” Kirk said with a minor chuckle.

Scotty observed the coordinates. “I see the market on the board sir,” Scotty told Kirk, “I’ll put you down about a hundred meters or so from the market square.”

“That should about do it.” Kirk agreed.

Kirk, Spock and McCoy took their positions on the Transporter pad.

“Energize.” Kirk said to Scotty.


Moments later Kirk, Spock and McCoy strode towards the main market square. The inhabitants of the colony were mainly humans, though several off world visitors could be seen intermixed. Though it was small colony, it was quite apparent that it traded in many goods.

“What can you tell us about this colony?” Kirk said as he looked to Spock.

“Andrews Colony was founded nearly one hundred Earth years ago.” Spock said.

“Incredible,” Kirk said, “that means this colony was established not long after the Earth-Romulan war.”

“Quite correct,” Spock said, “and it must be pointed out that the original colonists were followers of an ancient Earth belief structure.”

“You mean,” McCoy chimed in, “they were religious.”

“I believe I just said that, Doctor.” Spock retorted.

“So who was Andrews?” Kirk followed up with.

“Phillip Andrews,” Spock continued, “was the leader of the colony who established rights to planet under the old stake laws that existed in those times.”

“How many colonists were there?” McCoy asked.

“There were five-hundred and fifty seven colonists.” Spock replied.

Kirk whistled. “The current population is ten thousand or so.” Kirk said with a slight tone of disbelief in this voice. “That’s a lot of procreation from a colony established by a religious sect.”

“You can say that again.” McCoy said with a slight chuckle.

The three friends entered the market square. There was a pretty good sized throng of shoppers, including several Enterprise crew members. The weather was very pleasant, and Kirk marveled at the friendliness of all. He was even pleased to see that Horseback was still the main mode of travel on this world. McCoy could see that Kirk was amazed.

“You like it here, don’t you Jim?” McCoy asked.

Kirk nodded in agreement. “Reminds me of the old photos my uncle had on his wall showing what life was like in Iowa centuries ago.”

McCoy nodded in approval. “Sometimes I think we have gone too far with our advances. Sometimes I think Life was meant for this kind of simple living. What about you Spock? Do you agree?”

Spock looked to McCoy. “I will remind you that with advancement new ideas and new boundaries will arise. Even you can not deny that.”

“I don’t know,” McCoy said as he observed one of the Enterprise crew members buying one cup of lemonade from a small stand ran by two children, “these people look quite content.”

“Well,” Kirk said finally, “let’s find the manager. His name is Winert. According to Admiral Jacobs, he is the local manager of this market.”

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Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Seven

Star Trek
The Perfect man
Part Seven

“Well,” Kirk said finally, “let’s find the manager. His name is Winert. According to Admiral Jacobs, he is the local manager of this market.”

Kirk walked over to the lemonade stand ran by the two young boys.

“Excuse me kids,” Kirk began to say.

“Kids?” one of the boys replied. “Mister, I am not a kid. I am eleven years old.”

Kirk, taken aback, restructured his question.

“I’m sorry,” Kirk said with a smile. “I was wondering if you could tell me where a Mister Winert could be found.”

The kid shook his head. “This is a very busy market sir, but I might be able to help you.”

Kirk smiled back, waiting for the answer that did not come.

“Maybe he didn’t hear you,” McCoy said.

The kid looked at McCoy, “Hey, gramps, I heard him.”

McCoy did not like the sound of that at all and was about to reply before Kirk cut him off.

“What if I bought three cups of your lemonade?” Kirk asked.

The kid smiled. “Then I might remember.”

McCoy chuckled, “Out of the mouths of babes.”

The kid slowly poured the three glasses of lemonade. Kirk passed the first two cups on to McCoy and Spock. Spock seemed unsure of what to do.

“Drink it Spock,” McCoy told him, “it’s a wonderful source of Vitamin-c.”

Kirk savored the drink. “This is quite good,” Kirk said to the kid, “I bet you do pretty good business.”

The kid, and his younger partner nodded in agreement. “It ain’t bad.”

Kirk smiled back. “So, how about telling us where we can find him.”

“The first building over there, in the second door, you’ll find his office.” The kid said. “He also happens to be my dad.”

“It must be very helpful to have the market manager as your father.” Kirk told him.

The militant tone in the boy’s voice returned. “Are you insinuating something mister?”

Kirk offered out both arms, “No, I was just making conversation.”

The kid squinted his eyes, “I suggest you move on.”

Kirk took the hint and, with Spock and McCoy, headed toward the small building that was near the market. As they walked toward the building they passed several clothing outlets, and various food stands.

“I liked that kid,” McCoy said, “he has spunk.”

Kirk looked to Spock. “Did you like the Lemonade?”

Spock nodded, “Though it may have Vitamin-c, as the doctor said, it also seemed to have quite an abundance of sugar.”

“And what’s wrong with that Spock?” McCoy asked.

“Nothing Doctor, I was just making a statement.” Spock said.

They followed the directions the young boy had given them and made their way up the small row of steps that led to a walkway which was dotted with several doors. They walked through the second door and found a modest looking office. There was a small town rustic feel to the surroundings, which added to the charm of the colony. An elderly woman, no doubt the secretary, sat at her desk typing away on an old style typewriter.

“Can I help you?” She asked as she looked up at Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

“Yes,” Kirk said, “I’m Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. I was wondering if we could talk to Mr. Winert. I sent a message about an hour ago and didn’t get a response, so please excuse any intrusion.”

The lady didn’t bat an eye.

“Please sign-in, you’ll find a clip board behind you on the wall with the sign-in sheet.” The lady told Kirk.

Kirk turned around and sure enough, there was a clipboard. No other names were signed in, that’s how busy it was. He signed his name, and wrote the time in the ‘time in’ space.

“Please be seated in the waiting area to your right,” she instructed them, “and Mr. Winert will see you when he becomes available.”

The three starship officers did as they were told. A small round table ringed with four chairs, and a plate of chocolate-chip cookies were the extent of the waiting room’s area. The each took a seat. Spock picked up one of the cookies.

“What kind of nutritional value does this food item contain?” Spock asked McCoy.

“Oh be quiet.” McCoy said as he too picked up a cookie and then bit into it.”


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Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Eight

Star Trek
The Perfect man
Part Eight

(Fifteen years earlier)

And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
(Ephesians 6:4)

Servant of God, well done, well hast thou fought The better fight.
Paradise Lost (bk. VI, l. 29)

New Sydney

A large estate, with two large houses built upon it. The skyline of the large city can be seen in the distance, on a warm summer day. A small group of children can be seen playing about on the large grass field that separates the two homes. There is also a large fountain, shaped like a cross, with water flowing out and down to the circular pool below.

The day was special. It was Raymond’s fifth birthday, and several family and friends had come to help celebrate the young child’s birthday. Raymond, ever the polite host, met with most of the guests. He could see his wife Julia doing the same thing at the other side of the gathered group.

Geoff smiled at her as she looked his way. But Geoff’s smile was forced. He had been living a lie for the past five years, and for now, there was nothing he could do. Three days after Raymond was born, Geoff found out that the child was not his. Though she presented it as his child, Geoff had always been suspicious of the pregnancy and the treatment he had undergone. Geoff sought out a second opinion, and three days after Raymond was born, the results of the secret tests came back. Geoff was still impotent. All of the progress reports produced by Dr. Martin Andrews were filled with lies. But not only were the reports a fraud, so were the words of his own wife; Julia. Geoff couldn’t prove her involvement, but he felt it.

“You have a beautiful child,” a voice said to Geoff.

Geoff turned around and to see one of Julia’s sisters, Angela. “He is indeed.”

Angela held out her hand and handed Geoff a necklace adorned with a solid gold cross, surrounded by diamond mount. “He is so blessed.” Angela said. “You will have him baptized this year, won’t you?”

Geoff smiled at her. When he married Julia, he was unaware of how religious her family was. As the marriage continued he found him self uncomfortably drawn into their religion. And when Raymond came into their lives, Geoff was well aware of the special treatment this child was being given by not only Julia’s side of the family, but also the parishioners who attended the local church.

But since the child wasn’t really his, Geoff didn’t really care how the child was treated. Geoff should not have cared that his wife had lied about the child being his. In an ideal world, he would have loved the child unconditionally. But Geoff was not a special man; he was just an ordinary man with an ordinary background. And he hated being lied to. But he kept his silence for the sake of his marriage. But that kind of secret can only cause a slow erosion of love.

Geoff was determined to reveal that he knew the truth. He would wait for the gathered guests to leave, and after Raymond was in his bed asleep, Geoff would confront Julia.

“He is the perfect child,” Angela continued, her voice bringing Geoff out of his memories.

“That he is,” Geoff said with a smile. “God really broke the mold with him.”

Angela smiled back at him. “Has my father spoken to you yet?” Angela asked.

“No,” Geoff replied, “I haven’t seen him yet. I’m sure he’s here somewhere.”

Angela nodded. “Oh, he is. After he speaks with you tonight, I will seek you out tomorrow. We will have much to discuss.”

And with that, she turned and walked away.

Geoff wondered what she was talking about. What was Martin going to talk to him about? More and more, as the years passed, Geoff felt like an animal trapped, once on an island, but ever increasingly, inside a large cage, getting smaller.

“Come on honey!!!” Julia called out to Geoff. “We’re lighting the candles!!!”

Geoff smiled back at his wife. “I’m coming, I’m coming!”

He stood and headed for the area where the guests had gathered around to watch Raymond blow out the candles. Geoff took one last look at Angela who was still walking toward the main home. He noticed that Martin, her and Julia’s father, had joined her and both of them looked back at Geoff. He waved at them, but felt as if they were looking right through him.

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Re: Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Eight

Elements of fable and epic type storyline here. I"m interested in seeing where this is going.
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Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Nine

Star Trek
The Perfect Man
Part 9

Winert’s office was so homely, Kirk thought, it reinforced the impression that the settlers of this world, only a generation or so before, had gone through great care to hold on to the past. And it was quite clear that those settlers, of a hundred years ago, were themselves beholden to a lifestyle that kept such values alive. Antique clocks, phones, down to even the pencils that were clumped together in an old coffee cup, were trinkets of the past.

Kirk prided himself with his own vane attempt to keep the past in the present. The gun collection he had, and the other family items that were passed down to his brother and himself, were such anchors. Even his old Commodore computer, that still worked to this day and was built 300 years earlier, was just as weighty with the past as the silverware collection that reached back to the 1800s when the Kirk family settled in Iowa.

Winert was a portly fellow, who wore a thin pair of glasses on a grandfatherly face. His clothing was very simple. Another example, just like Omicron Ceti III, where modern humans, far from Earth, still reached back to the past for the simple luxury of a pair of jeans, or even other clothes made out of real cotton, not the fabricated material modern Earth, and Starfleet officers wore.

He motioned for them to sit down in the seats that were opposite from his side of a very old, but beautiful oak wood desk.

“How can I help you Captain Kirk?” Winert asked.

“We appreciate your seeing us this quickly.” Kirk said with a smile. “Your market place out there is very busy.”

Winert smiled and nodded. “Most of the people who live on this world are no more than four or five miles, yes I said miles, from the market. And Tuesday is always the day when new supplies arrive on Andrews Colony. So, you are really seeing our market place at its busiest. In fact,” Winert said to Spock, “it is very rare when a Vulcan comes to our world. As I walked through the market before I got here, I could hear the locals talking about seeing a Vulcan Starfleet officer. I have great respect for your home world Mister Spock.”

Spock nodded his head in polite acknowledgement.

Winert continued. “Our planet is roughly the size of Earth. And yet most, if not all of the settlers, settled in an area no larger than a small city in Earth. After a hundred years, that is still the case.”

McCoy spoke, “Mister Winert, your colony hasn’t changed that much since last visited nearly ten years ago. It’s still as beautiful, and definitely remains on the top of my list as a place I might want to live someday when I retire from Starfleet.”

Kirk got the conversation back on point. “The reason we are here is, hopefully, a small matter. Ten years ago child was abducted from his home on Earth on this tenth birthday.”

“Oh my,” Winert said, “I didn’t think that kind of thing happened anymore.”

Kirk nodded. “I hadn’t heard of this incident either, but it happened, ten years ago.” Kirk replied, and then he went on. “It gets even worse. Moments after the abduction, the home was destroyed, killing the parents of the child…”

(Fifteen years Earlier; Earth. The home of Geoff and Julia Norris)

Geoff was reading at his desk in his private study. The birthday party had ended a couple hours earlier, and Geoff needed some quiet time. There was a tap on the door and then Martin, Julian’s father, walked in.

“Martin,” Geoff said as he watched Martin close the door as he came in, “can I help you?”

“We need to talk,” Martin said as he walked over to the desk where Geoff sat.

“Sure,” Geoff said as Martin sat down across from him. “Can I get you some coffee?” Geoff asked as he motioned to the replicator near his desk.

“No,” Martin said, “besides Geoff, you know how much I detest that replicated mulch.”

Geoff nodded. Martin was very much like a relic from the past. As Geoff looked at Martin, he found it hard to hold back his anger from having been lied to by his father-in-law. Geoff was still impotent, and the child told to be his, wasn’t. Geoff had already been making plans to end the marriage, but was still formulating them.

“So,” Geoff said to Martin, “what would you like to talk about?”

Martin didn’t hesitate. “I am well aware that you know the truth about your son Raymond and that he really isn’t your child.”

Geoff felt as if a two thousand pound weight had been placed on his back.

“I am also aware,” Martin said, “that you are planning to leave my daughter.”

The cage that Geoff found his life to be was getting ever smaller.


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Re: Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part Ten

Star Trek
The Perfect Man
Part 10

(Fifteen years earlier, on Earth..New Sydney.)

Two homes sprawl across a large plot of land. Immaculate green grass and well groomed gardens surround the two large mansions. One home belongs to Martin Andrews, famed genetic scientist. The other belongs to his daughter and son-in-law,Geoff Norris, as well as their five year old son Raymond.

Geoff, and his father in a law Martin, sits inside the reading study of one of the homes, Geoff’s home.

“So, ” Geoff said to Martin, “what would you like to talk about?”

Martin didn’t hesitate. “I am well aware that you know the truth about your son Raymond. I know that you are aware that he isn’t your child, and you have known all along.”

Geoff felt as if a two thousand pound weight had been placed on his back.

“I am also aware,” Martin said, “that you are planning to leave my daughter.”

Geoff took a deep breath. Martin had decided to play all his cards up front, so too speak. Geoff had no idea where this was headed.

“Yes Martin, I found one week before Raymond was born that he was not my child. I kept the truth to myself these past five years because I loved Julia, enough to keep her lie secret. But as time went by and I reflected on your so called attempts to make me fertile, I came to realized she was taking me for a ride the entire time. I even began her doubts wanting to marry me in the first place.” Geoff told Martin. He continued, “Now, Setting aside the fact that the boy isn’t my son? I am NOW more interested as to who’s child it is, and who was fucking my wife more than five years ago! So what were you doing for all that time with all your medicine and formulas you were pumping me with!! I’m still impotent Martin!”

Martin thought for a moment, and then he spoke. “You were not impotent nine months before your child was born.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” Geoff stated with anger. “That kid isn’t mine!”

“Nearly six years ago I was able to perfect a DNA sequence that combined elements of your DNA with my own. I was able gestate enough viable sperm over a few months time for, ironically, a one shot deal. That last injection I gave you, do remember what happened?”

Geoff nodded. “I do. You put me under, and when I awoke you told me that Julia and I could have children.”

Martin shook his head. “What I said was that you were able to have a child. With out going into detail, that last injection went to the head of the line in your reproductive chain. Julia was made aware of this, and that night the both of you made love, and created a life, your son.”

“Jesus Christ martin, Raymond is not my son!” Geoff pressed again.

Martin shook his head, “You still don’t understand.” Martin said to Geoff. “The night Julia gave birth, who delivered the baby?”

“You did, I remember because I waited in the reception room with a few of my friends, ready to light the cigar and whole bit. I even had one set to the side to light up for you!” Geoff reminded him.

“Well, there were two babies in that delivery room that night.” Martin said. “The child created between you and Julia, and another child you would name Raymond.”

Geoff could feel the anger growing in his body. “What?”

Martin nodded. “I’m sorry we’ve had to keep you in the dark Geoff. But for the safety of the child, your child, Raymond took his place.”

The cage was too tight to even breathe within.

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Star Trek; The Perfect Man--Part 11

Star Trek
The Perfect Man
Part 11

“Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and whoever does not take up the cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Those who find their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it.”

Matthew 10:37-39

(Fifteen years earlier, on Earth..New Sydney.)

Two homes sprawl across a large plot of land. Immaculate green grass and well groomed gardens surround the two large mansions. One home belongs to Martin Andrews, famed genetic scientist. The other belongs to his daughter and son-in-law,Geoff Norris, as well as their five year old son Raymond.

Martin nodded. “I’m sorry we’ve had to keep you in the dark Geoff. But for the safety of the child, your child, Raymond took his place.”

Geoff balled his left hand up into a fist and fought with every urge in his body to punch Martin. Be had to hear more.

“Martin, where is my real son?!” Geoff demanded.

“Geoff,” Martin replied, “I could tell you but won’t. Can’t you understand that there is more going on here than just the simple paternity of a child?”

“No, I can’t Martin. None of this makes any sense at all. Does this have something to do with that!?” Geoff demanded as he pointed at the crucifix imbedded on the ring that Martin wore on his left hand’s middle finger.

Martin nodded. “Yes, it does.”

“Look, Martin,” Geoff said to his father-in-law, “I married Julia totally unaware of her beliefs. And as our marriage went on she tried to get me to believe, but it just wasn’t in my nature. So I’ve gone on, going to all the family functions, but let’s be perfectly clear about this. I do not believe in God.”

“I know you don’t,” Martin said, “From the first time we met I have always known you to be a non-believer which made you the perfect choice, among other reasons, to marry my daughter.”

“And you also knew I was impotent, and thus, could not father a child of my own.” Geoff added.

“Yes, that was part of it, but there is more about your past that you are aware of, Geoff.” Martin said. “So, it had to be this way. There are evil people out there, very evil, who believe what I am about to tell you.”

“Look, Martin, if this has anything to do with God and Jesus, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t believe, and I will never believe! Just tell me where my real son is or, believe me, I will kill you!” Geoff stated forcibly.

Martin shook his head. “It is because of this life of denial of yours that I have gone through great lengths to keep our child safe. And yes that’s what I said, our child.” Martin looked at the crucifix that was imbedded on his ring. “The world has waited nearly 2400 hundred years for mankind’s salvation. My family can trace its roots all the way back to those times, Geoff. Generation after generation we have been preparing for his return, and now, thanks to you, his return can be heralded. But there are forces in the universe that will not allow his return to happen. They will not let the perfect child, the perfect man mind you, to exist. And I dare say neither will God himself. The perfect man would violate his most holy of words. In some ways you and I agree on this. I believe in God, you don't. You want a universe with out a God, and I have come to believe that such a universe may be more preferable in these times. With our child, I can make that universe, one with out divinity at the core."

“You’re a nut!” Geoff said with soft anger. “What does that have to do with my son?”

“Immaculate conception is a concept that is beyond your limited mind,” Martin said. “As I told you a moment ago, my bloodline stretches back to the old world, the exact place where divinity began. Once my ancestors realized this truth, this divine truth, we have awaited the time where we could be the cause and effect that would create the perfect man again.” Martin pointed to Geoff. “And now, thanks to you, that time has come.” Martin said with a slight smile. "And with the Pefect Child comes the perfect trap; I will destroy God. Your son will be the bait, and your son will be the hammer."

Geoff could only stare at his father-in-law with total shock and disbelief.

"You are mad, and I will stop you! Now tell me where my son is!" Geoff demanded.

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