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Old November 8 2008, 07:07 AM   #1
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STTOS Ep. 1x05 [The Enemy Within] - A Crewman's Chronicle


(premise - Arnie is the cause for why the transporter malfunctioned.)

Stardate: 1672.1

There's something to be said about night shift. Most of the crew is asleep. There's no vindictive shipmates after you for terrorizing them during your time as acting officer. And best of all, no superiors breathing down your neck.

After the events of the past few weeks, I decided spending some time on the night shift would do me and my fellow crew members some good. Out of sight, out of mind you could say.

Sure, the work was tedious. It mostly involved taking the portable negative ion generator to the corridor floors to keep them clean but I didn't mind. A little 'boring' work after all that's happened lately was fine by me.

Everything was nice and scheduled. Clean the corridors by midnight then move onto the transporter room and main engineering. What could be simpler?

So there I was, I just completed the corridors of the decks I was assigned and went into the transporter room. It was odd to be in there with no one else around and the lights set in 'night mode'. The eerie surroundings send a shiver down my spine. I shrugged it off however. It was silly to think there were monsters aboard.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something reaching for my shoulder from behind. Sheer terror filled my body. I turned around and stumbled back from whatever it was that was trying to grab me. I imagined all sorts of hideous creatures, like that salt sucking thing. Maybe there was another one aboard, hiding all this time.

Alright! Alright. I'll admit, I MIGHT have screamed like a pre-pubescent girl but, come on, you would have too! Much to my shurgrin however, it wasn't some horrible alien monster. Just Roy Kirby there laughing is ass off at me.

"Ha ha, very funny!" I said, not amused in the least bit.

"Oh you should have seen your face, it was priceless!" He said between fits of laughter.
Fear turned into anger. Now I wasn't really trying to hurt my friend and roommate but I was mad that he scared me to death like that. So I swung the wand portion of my ion generator.

Of course he dodged the blow easily but what next happened filled both of us with horror. The end of the wand continued on its arc until it hit the back of the transporter control console with a loud thwack! The two of us froze solid and in what seemed like slow motion, watched the thin maintenance cover fall off the console and clatter against the deck loudly. Followed closely behind the cover was the innards of the transporter. Data wiring, micro plasma conduits, even optical control chips spilled out of the deviced like they were presents from Santa Clause's bag.

This time I really shrieked like a girl while Roy grabbed onto his perfect hair and stared at the mess like some mad scientist who's experienment just went horribly wrong.

"You are SO dead!" Roy exclaimed.

I stared at him in shock. "Me?! If it wasn't for YOU scaring the crap out of me, none of this would have happened!"

Roy held up his hands. "No way! I'm not involved. I was never here. I am sleeping peacefully in my bed."

"If I go down, you go down with me." I threatened.

"We are SO dead!"

"Wait, wait." I said then took a few deep breaths to calm down. "We'll just fix it."

"What?!" Roy stared at me in disbelief. "I don't know about you but I have NO idea about how to fix transporters."

I looked around the room and went over to a storage cabinet. I opened it up and found the 'Transporter Operation and Maintenance Manual' sitting right there. I grabbed it and held it up triumphantly.

"Look, a manual."

Roy shook his head. "I say we just tell someone. If we put that thing back together wrong, who knows what'll happen!"

"I'm already on my last leg here. If anyone finds out it was me that broke the transporter, I'll get kicked out of Starfleet!" I cried. "And I'm not the only one. If we tell someone, you're perfect record won't be so perfect anymore."

That's when the usually 'cool in any situation' Roy Kirby lost it. He grabbed the manuel out of my hands and dove into the mess of electrical guts lying on the floor and started plugging chips and wires back into the machine.

"We got to get this fixed! We got to get this fixed!" He kept on repeating in a panicked voice.

I grabbed Roy by the shoulders and shook him violently. "Get a hold of yourself man!"

Roy seemed to calm down a bit. Enough at least to get some of his wits back.

"Now, when is the next landing party?" I asked.

Roy thought about it for a moment then his face went pale. "First thing in the morning!"

"Alright." I said, checking my wrist chronometer. "That gives us just about seven hours to get this back together."

"It's not enough time!" Roy cried.

He was starting to loose it again.

"Focus!" I said sternly. "Panicking is not helping us."

"You're right." He said, somewhat returning to normal. "I'm sorry."

"OK." I replied after making sure Roy was, in fact, settled down. "Now, I have more experience with ship's systems so you take the manual and read off to me what goes where. Alright?"

Roy nodded his head in a rapid, nervous fashion.


Six hours and fifty-nine minutes later Roy and I had the transporter back to normal. I was just getting the panel back on while Roy was keeping a lookout by the door.

"There coming!" He shrieked.

"Almost got it." I replied coolly.

"Hurry!" He whispered loudly.

"There!" I said then grabbed my negative ion cleaning unit.

Chief Engineer Scott walked in, followed by a transporter technician. As soon as he saw both of us he stopped and starred at us suspiciously.

"Crewmen," He began in his familiar Scottish accent. "Might I inquire as to what ye'r doing here?"

Roy's face broke out in a cold sweat and I thought furiously for an answer. Then I remembered my ion unit.

"Just doing some last minute cleaning Sir!" I replied.

The Chief pondered the reply for a moment. "And are ye finished?"

"Aye Sir." I answered.

"Then ye'r dismissed."

Roy and I snapped a salute and rushed out of there as fast as we possibly could. As soon as we were safe I thought Roy was going to pass out but I grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Come on, we're not out of the woods yet." I said.

"What do you mean?" He asked, panic returning to his face.

"You have to monitor the security cams today right?" I asked.

"Yea, why?" He said, confused.

I started running towards the security section with Roy in tow. We got there just in time for Roy's duty shift and we both settled down at the monitors in the little control room.

"Pull up the transporter room security feed." I instructed.

Roy complied and within seconds we had three separate images of the transporter room on three different monitors.

"Everything looks normal." Commented Roy.

The nervous tapping of his leg and the fact he was chewing on his fingernails told me Roy didn't think we were out of the woods just yet. I had to agree with him. The Chief wasn't running about pulling panels off the console so it, at least initially, appeared that we put it back well enough to clear the startup diagnostic routine but that didn't mean we were free and clear.

Captain Kirk followed by the rest of the landing party team appeared on the monitors. There was no sound so we couldn't hear what was going on but everything looked normal. The landing party took their places on the transporter pads and we tensed up for the final test.

"Arnie." Roy said.

"Yes?" I replied.

"Just so you know. If we end up killing the Captain, who happens to be my personal hero, I am duty bound to rip your heart out of your chest and feed it to you whole."

I looked over to my shipmate and with complete seriousness I said, "Roy, if the Captain dies, I'll let you."

And with that, we held our breaths as we watched a good portion of the senior staff dematerialize into nothingness.

We watched and waited. Nothing. No rampant running around, no tearing apart of machinery, not even any furious button pushing. Everything seemed fine.

"I think we're OK." I said, finally letting out my breath.

We both hugged each other gleefully, until realizing what we were doing, then we stopped.

"I was pretty scared there for a minute!" Roy exclaimed. "I thought we were going to be sent to the dilithium mines for sure."

"Dilithium mines?" I repeated. "Man, we're not in the Klingon Empire. They don't send prisoners to dilithium mines in the Federation."

"I think, causing the death of ones captain and most of the senior staff would be an exception to that little rule." Roy replied.

At first I frowned then saw the logic in his argument and was forced to agree.

"Look," Roy said, pointing at the monitor. "It looks like they are beaming someone back."

We both watched the screen intently. At first it appeared everything was going just fine. Then the Chief went into a frantic pace. Pushing buttons and sliding sliders. My heart sank. Something was definitely wrong.

The person faded in and out on the transporter a number of times. Chief Scott worked quickly adjusting nobs and recalibrating the beam. Roy and I held our breaths. It was the most terrifying moment of our lives.

After what seemed like an eternity, the form of Technician Fisher finally appears solidly on the transporter platform. Roy and I let out a loud sigh of relief.

"Damn, that was close." I said.

"I thought we had it." Roy added.

"Look," I said, pointing to the Chief. "He's checking over the system but it doesn't appear that he's finding anything wrong. Maybe whatever happened wasn't because of us."

"Wait." Added Roy. "Looks like someone else is beaming up."

We both watched the monitor intently. This transport seemed to go normally as Captain Kirk appeared on the pad. Again Roy and I felt relieved. It looked like everything was fine.

"I think we're OK." I replied happily.

"Me too." Roy said smiling.

"That was a close one!" I said, chuckling.

Just then, movement on the monitor caught my eye. Someone else was beaming aboard the ship but Chief Scott wasn't at the controls. I leaned forward.

"Hey, look at that." I said.

Roy and I watched and to our amazement and horror ANOTHER Captain Kirk materialized aboard the Enterprise. I leaned back in my chair in disbelief.

"Please tell me that you rewound the tape and what we're seeing is a rerun." I said.

Roy just shook his head. "We're live."

"I think I'm going to be sick."
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Re: STTOS Ep. 1x05 [The Enemy Within] - A Crewman's Chronicle


Did the universe just come to an end? Well, for the two of us it did. Somehow, when we broke the transporter it caused Captain Kirk to be duplicated. Now there were two of them running around the ship and we were the only ones that knew about it. I was thinking furiously about what to do while Roy was talking incessantly about being drummed out of Starfleet.

"What am I going to do? What am I going to do! Starfleet is my LIFE!" He exclaimed in a panic.

Really, this whole out of control thing Roy was doing was getting on my nerves. Normally Roy is cool and collected, like a rock. I guess a tarnished Starfleet record is the man's....Kryptonite. For lack of a better word.

"Calm down Roy! No one is getting kicked out of Starfleet!" I barked. "Now come on, lets think this through."

"OK, OK." He said. "We're the only ones that know there's two Kirk's aboard."

"Right." I replied.

"Maybe if we get them both back in the transporter room we could beam them out and back in?" He offered.

I himmed. "That would work, assuming either one of us knew how to operate a transporter and beam two copies of a person back into one."

"Good point." He said, the panic started to well back up. "So what do we do?"

"Lets just get that duplicate. Once we get him then we can figure it out."

"OK, sounds good. But how?"

"I'll stay here and monitor his movements. Take one of those ear transmitters and I'll direct you to his location. Once there, you stun him with your Phaser."

Roy starred at me in disbelief. "You want me to SHOOT the Captain?!"

"No," I replied. "I want you to shoot the Captain's duplicate."

"I'm getting a very bad feeling about this." Roy whined.

"Look, its our only plan OK? Once we get the double on ice then we can inform the other Captain and they can figure it out."

"But won't they figure it out that this is all our fault?" Roy asked.

"No." I said reassuringly. "We'll just say the Captain was acting strange and attacked us. No one will be the wiser."

"OK." Roy replied, but still not convinced.


"Alright, the duplicate is right down the corridor a few more meters. Just pretend like everything is normal." I instructed Roy over the intercom.

"I don't like this Arnie." Roy whispered.

"I know, but it's our only option. Once he passes by, turn around and stun him."

I watched the monitor intently. Roy and the duplicate Captain headed straight for each other.

"I don't think this is the duplicate. He seems...normal." Whispered Roy.

"Stick to the plan." I said.

"Captain." Roy said to the duplicate.

"Crewman." The duplicate replied.

"NOW!" I yelled.

But right before Roy started his move the duplicate captain gave him a neck chop and sent him sprawling to the floor. The Captain knocked Roy clean out. All I could do was watch helplessly as the duplicate stole Roy's Phaser and left his unmoving form lying in the middle of the hall.

"Roy." I called. "ROY!"

"Great plan Einstein." He replied groggily. "Now the duplicate has got my Phaser. How am I supposed to explain that to my superior?"

"I think we have bigger problems." I replied. "Get your butt back here so we can come up with a new plan."

"Because we've been so full of good plans lately." He quipped as he got up from the deck and rubbed his neck.


I sat in the monitor room thinking furiously about what to do next. A few moments later Roy walked in, still rubbing his neck.

"Man, I need to learn how the Captain does that nasty neck chop." He complained.

I rubbed my temples as a rather large headache was coming on. This whole situation was going straight down the Human waste recycler and I had NO idea how to fix it. There were two Kirk's running around, the transporter was busted, the remaining landing party was stuck on a planet that was freezing and to top it all off, no one knew what was going on save for Roy and I.

"I think we need to tell someone what's going on." I relented.

"Oh no!" Roy shot back angrily. "That's what we SHOULD have done in the first place! We're in too deep now Arnie. If we go tell someone of our involvement in this whole disaster, we'll be kicked out of Starfleet for sure and possibly sent to prison."

I threw my hands up in frustration. "I'm out of ideas Roy!"

Roy paced around the tiny monitor room then snapped his fingers. "Shuttlecraft!"

"What?" I said.

He grabbed me by the shoulders excitedly. "Look, we may not be able to do anything about the two Captains but maybe we can go save the stranded crew on the planet."

I shook my head. "I'm sure Commander Spock already thought about that. There's probably some reason why they aren't already doing it."

Roy sat down at the monitor console and started typing commands in. A feed from the planetary sensors came up on one of the displays. I looked at the display and saw the reason why no one had thought about the shuttlecraft idea.

"There." I pointed at the upper atmosphere readout of the planet. "Winds in the upper atmosphere are almost supersonic. The Shuttlecraft would be thrown about like a tin can."

"I'll agree it's risky." Replied Roy. "But not impossible. Look, all we have to do is get down there. Sulu is the best pilot on the ship, he can get us back."

"Roy." I said in a 'are you sure you are still sane?' tone. "I don't know about you but I don't have a shuttle pilot certification."

"Nor due I, BUT you and I have played thousands of hours together on the shuttle simulator. We're damn near experts."

"Yea, on a SIMULATOR!" I reiterated.

"Well do you have any BETTER ideas?" He challenged.

"No!" I admitted. "But I don't think getting killed in some vain attempt at a rescue qualifies as a 'good' idea Roy."
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Re: STTOS Ep. 1x05 [The Enemy Within] - A Crewman's Chronicle


This whole situation was completely FUBAR and the avenues of resolution that allowed Roy and I to come out of this relatively unscathed were disappearing rapidly.

"Besides." I added. "Even if we do rescue Lieutenant Sulu and the others, we'd only replace the trouble we would have gotten into with the trouble we would be in by stealing a shuttlecraft."

I took a deep breath and decided it was time to throw in the towel.

"I say we tell Mr. Spock."

"But..." Roy said in protest.

Once I started seriously pondering this new course of action, the gears in my brain started turning. I processed different possible outcomes and probabilities and the more I thought about it, the more I was seeing it may still be possible to get out of this situation unscathed.

I jumped out of my chair excitedly. "No, this is good. I think I have an idea that will explain things to the Commander without getting us in trouble."

"How?" Roy asked, intrigued.

I pointed towards the monitors. "We've been watching the whole situation play out here on the monitors. All you have to do is report that you saw two Kirk's beam aboard. We don't have to tell them that we were even anywhere near the transporter. Mr. Spock can deal with the Kirk thing and Chief Scott is already running diagnostics on the transporter. The fix the problem and no one is the wiser that it's our fault."

Roy paced nervously but nodded in agreement. "That actually might work."

"And the fact that we were even apart of this whole mess will then be forgotten by the both of us." I added.


"Alright," I said. "You should contact the Commander."

Roy did so and he communicated to Commander Spock recent events, minus our involvement in them of course. A few moments later, Roy finished his 'recollection of events' to the senior officer.

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention Crewman." The Vulcan replied over the com link.

"You are welcome Sir!" Roy replied.

The line disconnected and we both looked at each other with renewed hope.

"I think that just might have worked." I said.

"Yea, me too." Roy replied.

Alright, maybe we could have handled things a bit better but people don't always think rationally when faced with a situation like ours. To this day I still hold the guilt of nearly killing a number of people but in the end, it all turned out OK and the only casualty of our little mess up was some strange horned Pomeranian.

After all was said and done, Roy and I went to our cabin to finally relax from the hectic days events.

"I can't believe we pulled that off!" He said.

I had to agree. For a good while there, it looked as if we were definately get caught.

"Ensign Snow to Mr. Hinkle. Report to my office Immediately!" Came the Ice Queen's voice over the ship's intercom.

The anger in her voice made my bowels clench in terror. I looked over at Roy who had the same shocked look on his face. We spoke too soon. Someone must have figured out our involvement and reported it to our direct superiors for delving out the punishment.

I made my way down to Ensign Snow's office like a prisoner to the electric chair. With every step I imagined new and terrifying punishments that Snow would dole out.

- Failure to report malfunctioning equipment: Black mark on our Personnel record.

- Willful destruction of Starfleet property: Six weeks in the brig.

- Conspiracy to endanger a Starfleet ship: Dishonorable Discharge and one year at a Federation Penal Colony.

- Criminal Negligence: 5 years sentence in a Federation Penal Colony.

- Criminally Negligent Manslaughter: 10 years in a Federation Penal Colony.

- Total sentence: Dishonorable Discharge from Starfleet and 16 years in a Federation Penal Colony.

I knocked on the Ensign's door, tail between my legs.

"Enter." Came the muffled voice.

"Crewman Hinkle reporting as ordered Ma'am." I squeaked.

"Crewman Hinkle." Snow said like a disappointed mother.

"Yes..." I replied.

"I THOUGHT you were one of those brilliant but misunderstood screw ups Mr. Hinkle. However, what I have just learned has told me something QUITE different." She said in a stern voice.

"Yes Ma'am." I said, looking down at the floor in shame.

"Just when I think things have turned around with you, you go off and pull a STUPID IDIOTIC stunt like this! I mean, what were you thinking? Did you think no one would notice?" She accused.

"I..." Was all I could reply.

What else could I say? I was guilty.

"Really Mr. Hinkle, this is BASIC protocol!" She said.

I simply nodded as I waited for the Axe to drop.

"If you can't remember to do something as simple as log out of your duty shift..." Ensign Snow explained.

My head shot up and I starred at her in shock. It was not what I was expecting.

"Duty shift?" I interrupted.

"Yes." She said with a confused look. "You forgot to sign out of your duty shift last night."

I couldn't help it, the emotions exploded from me like a photon torpedo. I laughed, I cried, I even gave Ensign Snow a hug.

"Whoa!" The Ensign cried as she pushed me off her. "Stand down Crewman!"

"Sorry Ma'am." I replied emotionally while taking a step back away from my superior officer.

"Mr Hinkle." She continued after regaining her composure. "I don't know what sort of logic goes through that brain of yours but if you think hugging me will prevent me from recording this incident in your personal record then your mistaken."

"I understand Ma'am and thank you Ma'am!" I replied with probably the largest grin on my face I ever had in my life.

I felt like I had just won the Galactic Lottery. A black mark on my service record after all that happened today? Sure, no problem. I'll accept that GLADLY.

"You are the only person that has ever thanked me for punishing them. I have to say Mr. Hinkle, you are one strange individual..." She said shaking her head.

If only she knew the half of it!
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Re: STTOS Ep. 1x05 [The Enemy Within] - A Crewman's Chronicle

Electric..this was a great story!!! I was wondering where this was leading and then I realized you were framing your story around Enemy With In!!! great stuff there!! You should do more of these....good laugh at this late hour of the night!!! Cant wait to read the rest..will get back to it now.

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Re: STTOS Ep. 1x05 [The Enemy Within] - A Crewman's Chronicle

RobertScorpio wrote: View Post
Electric..this was a great story!!! I was wondering where this was leading and then I realized you were framing your story around Enemy With In!!! great stuff there!! You should do more of these....good laugh at this late hour of the night!!! Cant wait to read the rest..will get back to it now.

Dang, I just posted it like 2 minutes ago but thanks Your words of encouragement keeps me writing!
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Re: STTOS Ep. 1x05 [The Enemy Within] - A Crewman's Chronicle

LMAO! That was pretty much priceless. Poor Arnie. Poor Roy. The panic and the frantic 'Oh crap!'... excellent!
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Rush Limborg
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Re: STTOS Ep. 1x05 [The Enemy Within] - A Crewman's Chronicle

Nice and fun, as any lower-decks tale should be!

Although...I wonder what'll happen...if Rand finds out....
"The saying implies but does not name the effective agency of its supposed utopia.... 'Needs and abilities' are, of course, subjective. So the operative statement may be reduced to 'the State shall take, the State shall give'."
--David Mamet
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