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Old August 19 2008, 09:53 PM   #1
Star Trek: Dimensions Episode 1: SACRIFICE

I hope everyone likes it, and please please comment

Giant Gnome Production's is PROUD To Present:

"Star Trek: Dimensions" is a free serialized audio drama in .mp3 and podcast form.

Episode 1: Sacrifice

The crew of the Churchill is stranded and alone near the Romulan border after their ship is destroyed in a fierce battle with the Dominion. Though hope ran low, they are rescued by a new and unknown Federation ship and taken to a starbase none of them knew existed. Blamed for the destruction of a Romulan warbird and the creation of a subspace rift in Romulan territory, Captain Frank Reeves and the crew of the Churchill must make the ultimate sacrifice and permanently sever their ties to our Universe.

Released: August 19, 2008 // Length: 0:47:27 // Size: 66.4MB


Mark Zaricor as Francis Frank Reeves
Melissa Johnson as Tara Tarus
Trisha Wise as Georgia Harolds
April Sadowski as Prixx Jaka
Megan Pressley as Elaine Summers
Ronnie Rowlands as Charles York
Jeff Robinson as William River
Michael Liebmann as Justin Gains
Giancarlo Danubio as Fred Wormwood
Brandon Toress as Walter Fitzgerald
Mark Kilfoil as Captain Black
Kim Gianopolous as Captain Red
Bruce Busby as Captain Green
Laura Frechette as the Romulan Captain
Anthony Piselli as the Federation Captain
Tony Raymond as the Officer
Melissa Johson as the voice of the computer


M Siero Garcia, Jules Ismail, Colin Snow, Mark Kilfoil, and Elie Hirchman as the News Anchors.
Announcer: Abner Senires
Star Trek: Dimensions created by Waleed Ovase and Nick Armstrong, based on Star Trek By Gene Roddenberry, No Rights Infringement Intended.
Executive Producer for Giant Gnome Productions is Waleed Ovase

Thanks for listening, and be sure to visit for more great audio theater.
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Old August 20 2008, 01:05 AM   #2
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Re: Star Trek: Dimensions Episode 1: SACRIFICE

The Churchill is one nice lookin ship.

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Old August 20 2008, 03:04 AM   #3
Re: Star Trek: Dimensions Episode 1: SACRIFICE

Sorry, in the picture, thats not the USS Churchill. The Churchill is destroyed, and is a Miranda Class Starship.

The USS Achilles is pictured. Its an Achilles Class Starship, first seen in the game DS9: Dominion Wars.

Hope that helps Gimme some feedback on the show too
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Old August 28 2008, 10:54 PM   #4
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Re: Star Trek: Dimensions Episode 1: SACRIFICE

A very professional production, especially for a first episode. Some minor differences in the recording quality of some of the voices, but I've heard worse. Sounds effects and music were very well done. A nice, full episode with a great cliffhanger ending. Sorry to see another Trek production (fan or otherwise) focussed on war, but your premise is different and interesting.

Some nitpicks:
  • Glad you didn't start with "Space...the final frontier"
  • Is it me, or did they abandon ship with a bit too little provocation? The Phasers were low- was there something else? I think the ship should have been a lot more beat up.
  • I like Bill Nye, but I seriously doubt his scientific acumen will be as revered in the 24th century as it is now... or was 10 years ago...
  • Don't care for the cutesey councilor. In fact, I find some of the crews' dialogue to be a little too familiar, especially on the bridge. I've always liked the intelligence and professionalism of Starfleet officers, and straying from that seems kind of un-Trek to me. But that's probably just me.
  • "... torture our guests..." should be "... torture our HOSTS..."
  • Aren't there any other outstanding Starfleet Captains to mention beside Sisco and Picard? (You also get Kirk and McCoy in there later). Starfleet is bigger than what we saw on TV.
  • The captain complains that he isn't an explorer or diplomat. I know most Trek fans these days like Trek for the fighting and explosions, but Trek, and Starfleet, are supposed to primarily be about exploration and diplomacy. War was supposed to be against 24th century humans' natures. DS9 remembered that in some of their best Dominion episodes.
  • "cowboy up"- too contemporary.
  • "aw, it's the least we can do for our fearless leader." She's talking to the CAPTAIN? Again, too cutesey, disrespectful and familiar.
  • It's LAKOTA not Lakotia.

Sorry- I really did enjoy it, and I look forward to future episodes.
I'm going to try and get a mention of the show on our next podcast.
John Hazard- Cartoonist, illustrator, Animator
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Frankenstein Superstar
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