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Stargate Sir, we can't call it the Enterprise forum.

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Old September 13 2008, 11:39 PM   #1
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Stargate 94 (Extended Cut)

Can anyone here fill me in on what exactly the (Extended Cut) of StarGate 1994 has in that the standard one doesnt. I've read a bunch of revews on amazon and other places and the only thing they mention is that the director Roland Emmerick is an idea stealer. Nothing about the actual content of the movie.
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Old September 13 2008, 11:48 PM   #2
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Re: Stargate 94 (Extended Cut)

I could be wrong but I think it has extra scenes in it. For example, at the start of the movie there is a scene where Ra's ship descends on an African village in 40,000 BC. I don't think that scene was in the theatrical release.
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Old September 13 2008, 11:57 PM   #3
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Re: Stargate 94 (Extended Cut)

I figured as much. I just wish it would say that somewhere. There was also a scene near the end where they show the ship in orbit of abydos an the stars and the planet look like they were painted in. Looked really bad.
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Old September 14 2008, 12:17 AM   #4
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Re: Stargate 94 (Extended Cut)

Romulan_spy wrote: View Post
I could be wrong but I think it has extra scenes in it. For example, at the start of the movie there is a scene where Ra's ship descends on an African village in 40,000 BC. I don't think that scene was in the theatrical release.
That scene is in the theater release but it's in a different place in hte director's cut, probably the longer scenes are the ones where a skelton is found under the coverstones in Giza and O'Neil looks at it in the present day scenes before they activate the gate.
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Old September 14 2008, 04:22 AM   #5
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Re: Stargate 94 (Extended Cut)

I prefer the extended edition, which is among my DVD collection...I love the scene where a Jaffa is found buried with the gate in Giza.
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Old September 14 2008, 05:13 AM   #6
David cgc
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Re: Stargate 94 (Extended Cut)

Courtesy IMDB:
Details of the additional scenes included in the longer 9 minute version release by Artisan on DVD

An additional scene added straght in at the beginning immediately after the opening titles (originally it faded to the dig at giza) shows the entirety of the scene where Ra takes over the body of the caveboy showing the cavemen running from the light in the sky and showing him walking towards it. From this point it fades to the original opening scene at the Giza dig.

Moments after the stargate has been hoisted up by the workmen at the Giza dig, people notice that there is something underneath it: a group of the Hora guards encased in the stone. The director's commentary on the DVD states that these are other guards that have come through the gate after it was sealed and were re-integrated straight into the stone.

In the scene after the stargate has been opened for the first time and the military are checking the pictures of the marking of the gate on the other gate, after James Spader says he is 'positive' he can decipher the symbols, Kurt Russel's character turns and says "it's your call" in the theatrical version. In the special edition the line has been re-dubbed by him saying instead now "he's full of shit" - presumably this was done for rating purposes of the theatrical release.

An additional scene before Kurt Russell is gearing up with the group about to go through the stargate, shows him going to a secured area to look at the stone/fossil Hora's.

When the army group are setting up the camp in the desert there is a longer scene where the group discuss more about how the stargate works and how they are going to get back to Earth. The scene during the sandstorm inside the pyramid is also extended with more footage of them talking about the sandstorm and how they are going to get back to earth.

When the sandstorm initially hits at the nagada village and Kurt Russell, James Spader and the others are locked inside the city, they decide that they do not want to stay and decide to leave; when the natives try to stop them Kurt Russell shoots at the ground to frightem them off. The boy (whom he later befriends) takes him up above to see the sandstorm approach. After this, a native that they were holding at gunpoint is released and Jackson comments "Sandstorm, that would have been a brilliant reason to shoot everyone".

The scene when James Spader awakes in the sarcophagus after being killed is extended, showing him walking towards Ra's chamber, seeing a cat sitting on Ra's throne.

When James Spader turns and shoots at Ra instead of his comrades so that they can flee, there are several extended cuts put in. Originally they were just ushered away by the natives, in the special edition they ride away on one of the Mastadges. Kurt Russell and James Spader are then seen lost in a sandstorm and found by the boys, and taken to the caves (which is in the theatrical edition); an additional scene after this sees the boys feeding the Mastadges outside the caves.
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