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View Poll Results: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?
I love the Ferengi episodes, overall. 65 69.15%
I hate the Ferengi episodes, overall. 29 30.85%
Voters: 94. You may not vote on this poll

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Old December 23 2008, 04:00 PM   #61
Ezri II
Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

Josh_Lyman wrote: View Post
I didn't like the Ferengi until DS9 and Quark.
Quark made the Ferengi more interesting.
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Old December 23 2008, 07:03 PM   #62
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Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

Justtoyourleft wrote: View Post
Finally, I have to comment on "The Magnificent Ferengi". Yes, I've seen it, and more than once, mind you. And, frankly, I don't like it. There's some funny moments, I think, but overall it's a waste of two perfectly good (if not excellent) Vorta characters for the sake of pretty mindless comedy. Don't get me wrong: Mindless comedy can be terrific. It just shouldn't result in a price to pay that IMHO is too high.
You have five seconds to figure out what is wrong with your statement starting . . . now!





Time's up! Have you figured it out yet? If you answered "The Vorta are clones and it doesn't matter if they die because the writers can bring them back in the very next episode" then you are correct! You have won you and your family a cruise in the Caribbean!

(Please be aware that you have not won a cruise. Any attempt to claim this prize will result in disappointment.)

As for the original topic, I like some (Little Green Men, Business as Usual, The Magnificent Ferengi) and don't like others. Since there is no 50/50 option in the poll so I can't vote.
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Old December 24 2008, 04:12 PM   #63
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Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

The Ferengi, like Lwaxana Troi, grew on me, from an active dislike to love. Credit Armin Shimmerman for that. Some great deliveries there, and good lines too - my fave is when he agrees with Sisko that Humans are nothing like Ferengi. They're worse.
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Old December 24 2008, 05:12 PM   #64
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Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

BolianAdmiral wrote: View Post
I'm gonna be in the minority here, and say that IMO, DS9 did more damage to the Ferengi race tha any bad episode of TNG could ever have (cut)
But DS9 totally killed any semblance of integrity to the Ferengi. The Nagus was a joke, Moogie was a joke, and they took the Ferengi need for profit to ludicrously silly levels... the "Divine Treasury"? C'mon...

The writers of DS9 had one thing in mind only... to use the Ferengi to make us laugh. (cut)
They def. used them for comic relief. And I kinda agree... I don't really get what was up with Rom and the Nagus... but Rom was smarter than his physical limitations- and remember that time he almost jettisoned Quark into space? The Ferengi was in him... somewhere. I understand Moogie as trying to get back rights- because the Ferengi weren't always the way they are in the 24th C. Because of Rom, I see why Nog does what he does.

Quark I find a great balance between comic relief and alway, always being devious, commiting crimes, and going for profit- which he thinks he should.
"He sings lounges? I'm not familiar with that musical form."
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Old December 25 2008, 12:43 AM   #65
Fleet Captain
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Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

"Profit and Lace" and "The Emperor's New Cloak" were very weak

But all the other Ferengi episodes were excellent.
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Old December 25 2008, 06:01 AM   #66
The Grim Ghost
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Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

I started out hating the Ferengi and Quark especially. Over time all of these episodes won me over, even the bad ones. I can even find things to enjoy about 'Profit and Lace' which kind of plays out like Three's Company on a space station or something similarly ridiculous.

I did think that they pushed some of them too far into the comedy realm. I don't have a problem with Quark and company being played for laughs, but there were certain episodes and situations where the humor takes over way too much. They should have let the laughs come more naturally and not forced them into every other line screaming "hey do you get that this episode is WACKY!!!!!"
Life looks better in black and white.
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Old December 25 2008, 07:05 AM   #67
2 of 10
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Location: Los Gatos, Ca
Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

I pretty much agreen with ninetofive on the Ferengi episodes, some were pretty good, some not so good and some were pretty lame, I suppose that could apply to other Trek character episodes also...
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Old December 26 2008, 03:18 PM   #68
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Re: Do you love or hate the Ferengi episodes, overall?

Navaros wrote: View Post
I see a lot of hate for DS9's Ferengi episodes. I too hate Profit and Lace. I don't really like Moogie as she can be extremely annoying. However, I love Quark, Rom, and Nog. So overall, I have to say that Ferengi episodes of DS9 are awesome because they showcase the magnificent characters/acting of Quark, Rom, and Nog.

A lot of fans seem to dismiss DS9's Ferengi episodes as "filler", but I think that's incorrect. They are not filler. Rather, they are doing a great job of fleshing-out Quark, Rom and Nog as deep & compelling characters.

I'm putting a Poll up so I can get a sense of what percentage of DS9 fans love and hate the Ferengi episodes, overall. Just vote for your overall feeling about the Ferengi episodes; Ie: it doesn't mean you have to love every Ferengi episode if you vote for that you love them, and vice versa.
I loved the Ferengi episodes, especially Little Green Men. The Ferengi episodes gave us some much needed breaks from the intense seriousness of the series as whole. It was part of a delicate balance, and it worked.
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ferengi, ferengi appreciation

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