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Old July 1 2008, 01:18 AM   #1
Rear Admiral
Life Holds No Regrets For Shatner

Financially secure and still active, William Shatner is savoring his life; looking ahead with anticipation and not fretting over past mistakes.

As reported by, at a time of life when many would be retired, Shatner is still busy with his career and his hobbies and keeping physically active as well. "I'm in such a contented arena of my life at this moment," he said. "I keep waiting for the bubble to burst. I'm happily married, my children are healthy and are a couple of miles away, plus my grandchildren are here. I'm physically active. I ride a lot of horses...and my dogs are beside me and I got a really comfortable home. I'd rather stay home than go someplace."

In spite of his comfortable home, Shatner is still working. "I've got a great job," he said. "I've been so blessed by everything in these last few years that I can't imagine wanting anything else. There isn't a part I want to play. I've got the best part of someone my age going and I've got all kinds of interesting things coming up."

Shatner chooses his projects based on what is "fun" and what pays well. "You get an inordinate amount of money for very little amount of work and that has an appeal," he said. "You try to balance one with the other, things of great interest and things that you find difficult to turn down because the money is so good." The money is important to Shatner because, "I'm going to be able to leave my wife and my children comfortable when I die," he explained.

In spite of a few mistakes along the way, Shatner has no regrets, as reported by the Vancouver Sun. "Life is cyclical," he explained. "You're up and then you're down. And when you're down, you think, 'I should have done something else.' But you can't. You've done what you could do in the circumstances," he says. "Everything's linked inextricably. Therefore regret doesn't work. You can learn. But regret doesn't work."

As for retirement? "I'm going to drop dead," he said. "That's when I'll retire. I'm so fascinated by what I do, and in love with what I do. Since I'm being offered the opportunity to do it, why would I say no?

To read more, head to the articles located here and here.

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Old July 1 2008, 05:12 AM   #2
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Re: Life Holds No Regrets For Shatner

"There isn't a part I want to play."

Are you SURE Bill?
Lo and the faithful OT generation are delivered from the childhood-raping shittiness of the PT as a New Hope dawns and ........ The Force Awakens
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Old July 1 2008, 10:27 AM   #3
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Re: Life Holds No Regrets For Shatner

Tulin wrote: View Post
"There isn't a part I want to play."

Are you SURE Bill?
LOL! Ain't that the truth. He's gripped about it for almost a year now.
"They say time is the fire in which we burn." - Dr. Tolian Soran
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Old July 1 2008, 05:19 PM   #4
Re: Life Holds No Regrets For Shatner

Admiral_Jinky wrote: View Post
Tulin wrote: View Post
"There isn't a part I want to play."

Are you SURE Bill?
LOL! Ain't that the truth. He's gripped about it for almost a year now.
I think he's given up on playing Kirk again. Hence the "No Regrets" stance. The Shat Abides!
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Old July 1 2008, 05:30 PM   #5
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Re: Life Holds No Regrets For Shatner

I hope that when I am his age, and if I have made half as many mistakes and said half as many dumb things as he as said, that I won't have any regrets either.

I don't know... I didn't go.
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Old July 1 2008, 05:36 PM   #6
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Re: Life Holds No Regrets For Shatner

MORE Shatner News? Geez, first Takei talks about how happy he is to be gay every six seconds, and now Shatner spouts off about his life every five seconds.

What's next, Trek Today is gonna magically "discover" "news" about Kelley and Doohan every three seconds??
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