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The Next Generation All Good Things come to an end...but not here.

View Poll Results: Which "view" is correct?
Picard's view - Right thing for the Wrong reason 11 35.48%
Guinan's view - Prematurely forced an unnecessary encounter 4 12.90%
Additional view - Q was doing the best thing for the Federation 16 51.61%
Voters: 31. You may not vote on this poll

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Old June 22 2008, 05:45 AM   #16
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Re: Q Who? - What were Q's Motives?

personally I feel is was neithe rof these options/choices. I feel Q did it for pure entertainment, The federation/Starfleet was a"super power" going aroun dlike they can take on anything, solve any problem and are the top. Q gave them a slap in the face saying look idiots your not un beatable, there are things out there you don't know how to handle.

I think of it as Picard being a child who for some reason though he couldn't be burned by fire, and up until that point the heat was tolerable but Q put Picard's hand right into the fire (borg encounter) and it hurt like hell, a wake up call at its most shocking.
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Old June 22 2008, 07:15 AM   #17
Location: Mile High City
Re: Q Who? - What were Q's Motives?

RaymondJames wrote: View Post
personally I feel is was neithe rof these options/choices. I feel Q did it for pure entertainment, The federation/Starfleet was a"super power" going aroun dlike they can take on anything, solve any problem and are the top. Q gave them a slap in the face saying look idiots your not un beatable, there are things out there you don't know how to handle.
I tend to agree with this. I think up until this point in the series the crew, mainly Picard, were able to get past him. Because of this Picard and Co said his assistance is not required, he wanted to show them it was. This was something he could do and force a win for himself from Picard. But I also agree with Q's knowledge of the future. Maybe thats why he is always nonchalant about everything, he's been there and done that.
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Old June 22 2008, 03:21 PM   #18
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Re: Q Who? - What were Q's Motives?

matthunter wrote: View Post
If Q is indeed omniscient, then he was already aware that Picard was capable of passing his test in All Good Things. Since that indicates to the Q that humanity are potentially on an evolutionary track that will result in them becoming equals to the Continuum, Q may have had a vested interest in giving them a slight helping hand - after all, the Borg aren't likely to evolve much further than they already have, humanity very well might.
I think that Q indulges in partial truths where his own omniscience is concerned. Although he is able to predict and manipulate humans, he doesn't really know what they're going to do. I think his fascination with Picard has as much to do with Picard's overall maturity - there are buttons Q can push, but overall Picard is the most resistant to him.
Other advanced beings have indicated humanity's potentials, but in Q's case there is a real perplexment. Q draw their energy from chaos and impulse and almost just a pure evolvement of the id. I think his motives in dealing with Picard and Co. always were to study that completely alien balance that evolved humans occasionally attain. In a way Q's mission was the same as the Enterprise, he is almost an inversion of the whole concept. One man instead of thousands, self interest being the rule, interfering and involving oneself being the cheif way of attaining experiences and information.
So I went with the Guinan choice. Though it may have worked out well for humanity. The Borgs' constant assimilation could have easily given them a total battle dominance which they nearly had anyway, had they encountered humanity in a few hundred years, it would be a roll of the dice whether humanity or the Borg would have advanced relatively further.
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Old June 23 2008, 10:47 PM   #19
Red Ranger
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Re: Q Who? - What were Q's Motives?

I voted for option 3, although I think there's a bit of option 2 there, and as some have said, Q did it for his own amusement, too. However, I think it amuses the Q to help humanity advance as part of a long-range plan whose real intentions only they know.

You see, by forcing the Federation to face the Borg then rather than later, they helped the Federation eventually learn how to combat a superior enemy in the form of the Borg. And the fact that they developed other advanced defenses to deal with the Borg means they could take advantage of these new defenses when it came time to fight the Dominion, as well. Think of the Defiant and its quantum torpedoes, which helped it ace Dominion fighter ships.

I see Q as a mischievious, almost sadistic instructor, like a Marine Corps drill instructor or like Professor Kingsfield from The Paper Chase -- filled with good intentions but not caring to sugarcoat their brand of instruction.

Remember, Q did say in All Good Things that the "trial never ends," and that the Q never reached a verdict in their first appearance. So the forced encounter with the Borg was part of this long trial.

Red Ranger
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"I would make this war as severe as possible, and show no symptoms of tiring till the South begs for mercy." -- William Tecumseh Sherman
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Old June 24 2008, 01:58 AM   #20
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Re: Q Who? - What were Q's Motives?

I think he did the right thing for the wrong reason. Starfleet was all nice and comfortable, and Picard did have the air of, "We will be fine without your magical powers! We can handle ourselves!". I think this sort of arrogance pissed Q off, and he wanted to show them that they weren't the biggest bullies on the block.
"If it weren't for stupid, difficult races, there'd simply be no point to living."

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