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Old May 23 2008, 11:42 PM   #1
Rear Admiral
The Hunted

Plot Summary: On a trip to the newly peaceful world of Angosia, which has applied for membership in the Federation, the Enterprise offers assistance in tracking down a dangerous prisoner who has escaped from a lunar penal colony. It takes several men to restrain the violent Danar, but once he has been secured in the brig while the Angosian prison is repaired, Troi senses his pain and finds that he is inherently non-violent and rational. Meanwhile, Crusher tries to figure out why Danar does not register as a life form and discovers that his body has been extensively modified to make him a stronger soldier. Data checks the Angosian records and discovers that he served Angosia with distinction during the planet's recent war, but once the war was over, he and other soldiers who had undergone modifications were deemed to be a danger to the society they were programmed to protect, and the lot of them were exiled to the lunar colony. Picard confronts Prime Minister Nayrok but is told that this is not the Federation's concern and that the Angosians will retrieve Danar from the Enterprise as soon as they can do so securely. When Picard tells Danar that the latter must be taken back to prison, Danar warns Picard that he will do whatever is necessary to escape that fate. Following a chase through the Enterprise after Danar escapes from a transporter beam, the prisoner returns to the penal colony and leads a revolt, bringing his fellow inmates to Nayrok's seat of power. Picard refuses to help Nayrok recapture the soldiers and insists that the Angosian government has an obligation to reverse the programming that made the prisoners dangerous - only if the Angosians can resolve the situation on their own will they be worthy Federation members.

To read the full reviews, please click here.

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Old May 25 2008, 03:29 AM   #2
DorkBoy [TM]
Re: The Hunted

I loved this one as well. I am not sure, but I always assumed it was written with Vietnam Vets in mind, and their troubles (often) assimilating back into society. Which probably makes it very relevant today, as noted.

This is a very appropriate episode to review for Memorial Day weekend. I dunno if that was on purpose or not, Meg.

This episode is about as "Star Trek" as you can get - socially relevant, well written, plenty of action, and a speechifying captain at the end. Great stuff.

Sometimes I felt like Danar's actions during his escape attempts were maybe a little predictable, or at least felt like the Enterprise crew should not have been as surprised and flustered as they were. Particularly, I am thinking of Riker, considering he sometimes employed similar wildly improvisational tactics. ("Best of Both Worlds II" which is coming up, and "Peak Performance" come to mind.) Anyhow, that's my only real complaint.

And some of that may just be because I've seen it so many times. Meg's comment about not knowing what he was going to do next was interesting to me.
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Old May 25 2008, 02:23 PM   #3
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Re: The Hunted

I love the episode trailer for this episode.

"He's a man-maaade killer risking death for freedom!"

In fact I'm going as Roga for my Trek themed birthday party next Saturday--complete with that kewl tattoo on the side of his head!
"Next Time, On Staaaaaaaar Trek: Thenextgeneration"--TNG Preview Announcer (Ernie Anderson, RIP)

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--Picard on Trek Prequels (from "The Neutral Zone")
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Old May 25 2008, 08:14 PM   #4
Re: The Hunted

This is one of my favorite episodes. The timing of this review could not have been more appropriate for Memorial Day weekend especially considering how we (the US) treat our returning Veterans whether coming home from Viet Nam or Afghanistan/Iraq. While the people treat returning military with more respect and gratitude nowadays, I wish the Veteran's Administration would do the same. I salute MEG for mentioning this.

But don't be too surprised that Roga Danar could disable the engineering staff so easily. I once saw a documentary film of an Israeli Army Officer who was a master of Krav Maga do essentially the same thing during a training exercise. Those twelve "enemy" soldiers never knew what hit them, he blew through them so fast. Amazing. For a movie version of that, note Matt Damon's character in The Bourne Identity.
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Old May 25 2008, 09:21 PM   #5
Temis the Vorta
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Re: The Hunted

I liked Jeff McCarthy, who played Roga Danar.
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