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Hello World!

Patience is a virtue, or so they say. I appear to lack that virtue. Because when it comes to waiting for something, especially when it stops me from doing what I want to do, I get too impatient and frustrated. I want to kick something.

When it comes to healing, at times it is two steps forward and then one step backwards again. And so is it with my cervical herniation. I was delighted when I was able to do modest things again this week, without agony lancing through my upper shoulder every time I moved. Each day, a little bit of my normal life returned.

But when I woke up today, I released things had worsened again. Not horribly so, and not like last week, but enough to frustrate me. I am back to moving slowly like a snail or turtle, being aware of every movement I make (lest I transgress and am punished by pain) and trying to stay upbeat. The last thing is the most difficult.

I know intellectually that healing takes time. But Iím eager to get back to life. Isnít it funny to look forward to washing dishes and cleaning a dirty floor?

Life is strange that way. It takes losing something to make one appreciate it. Iím sure from now on, when I do formerly annoying chores, instead of being bored by them, part of me will be grateful that I can do them.

Even so, I wish I could magically whisk myself away to the 23rd or 24th century. I bet Dr. McCoy or Dr. Crusher could fix this in no time flat. Without surgery too!

Hereís to the future, when hopefully things that vex us today wonít be a problem. But for now, I guess Iíd better work on acquiring that virtue of patience. Iím going to need it.

Jolan Tru,

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Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

If TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT were to get the reboot who would you cast?

Would you choose to live in the Star Trek universe?

Did having children and families onboard make sense?

More topics can be found at the Trek BBS!

Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items from January 2006:

    [*]Stewart Has 'Never Felt Happier' Since Returning to UK
    Patrick Stewart is having the best time of his life since leaving Hollywood and returning to his native Britain.
    [*] Takei May Appear in 'Star Trek: New Voyages'
    James Cawley and Jeff Quinn, who play Kirk and Spock on Star Trek: New Voyages, announced that they are in talks with George Takei (Sulu) to appear on the fan video series, following a recently produced episode with Walter Koenig (Chekov).
    [*] Shatner Sells Kidney Stone for $25,000
    William Shatner (Kirk) has sold the kidney stone he passed last year, necessitating a trip to the hospital from the set of Boston Legal, to raise $25,000 for charity.[/list]
    More news can be found in the archives.

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    On Which Star Trek Planet Would You Live?
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    [B] Risa [img]/poll/image.gif[/img] 23.3% - (193 Votes)
    [B] Earth [img]/poll/image.gif[/img] 12.5% - (104 Votes)
    [B] Wrigley's Pleasure Planet [img]/poll/image.gif[/img] 3.8% - (32 Votes)
    [B] Vulcan [img]/poll/image.gif[/img] 3.1% - (26 Votes)
    [B] Qo'noS [img]/poll/image.gif[/img] 1.4% - (12 Votes)
    [B] Romulus [img]/poll/image.gif[/img] 1.3% - (11 Votes)

    Total Votes: [B] 827

    Happy Birthday!

    Those celebrating birthdays this week:

    Sunday, January 27 James Cromwell (Zefram Cochrane)

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