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Old April 8 2008, 05:17 PM   #1
Vice Admiral
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Crossover series, Star Trek: SG1

Set in the 24th Century after ST:Nemesis.

A starfleet Captain, Captain Ryan is exploring a planet on the edge of Federation territory when the scienc e officer notices a weird power reading. The sensors detect a wormhole forming at the planets surface and beam kdown to investigate. They find a giant metallic ring from which a people walk out of a shimmering puddle. The people are from Earth. Ryan does some digging and finds out that a part of the American Government has kept the Stargate Program running for the last 300 some odd years. Ryan is shocked to also find out that they even run an outpost that is in another Galaxy and that their ships are much faster than the federation ships. Not only that but his idea of the history of the Federation is shaken to the core as the First Contact on earth was almost a hundred years earlier than they had thought.

The Stargate program was never brought into the public conciousness because they didn't want to scare the population of earth at the time, and now they want to keep it secret because it may shake the federation to the core, as well as piss off all the current allies. They don't want to share the gate with the vulcans or rest of the federation since Earth has the only gate in the federation.

The head of the SGC decides to Draft Captain Ryan into the program and one of his first missions is to explore a new gate system that was discovered in a very distant galaxy, a mission that could spell the end to the Galaxy and the Federation as we know it....
Laws only work if everyone is honest, no piece of paper is going to stop a truly deranged person from doing something atrocious.
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Old April 11 2008, 04:37 AM   #2
Anthony Sabre
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Location: Dallas, TX USA
Re: Crossover series, Star Trek: SG1

Interesting premise. Gateways already exist within the Trek universe; the Iconian gateways. Could tie them in.
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Old April 11 2008, 05:02 AM   #3
Fleet Captain
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Re: Crossover series, Star Trek: SG1

I've read some entertaining SG-1/Trek crossover fic. It'd take quite some work for it to be both believable and legal within a series (what with copyrights and all).
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Old April 12 2008, 08:24 PM   #4
Mr. Fergy
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Re: Crossover series, Star Trek: SG1

Very interesting, but oh the legalities!
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