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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 10 – The Ori Part 1
Three hours after the Doctor had talked to General Landry, SG1 and the Doctor’s companions were ready to go on their mission.

“Remember, you have to follow my orders,” Mitchell said as a reminder to the companions.

“I remember,” Tamsin snarked.

The other two nodded.

Chevron Six encoded.”

“Watch this,” Mitchell said.

Chevron Seven, Locked!

Tamsin, Kiara and Felicia watched as the seventh chevron locked and the wormhole formed within the Stargate with a kawoosh.

“Wow!” Felicia said.

“That’s put it mildly!” Tamsin said.

“That’s nothing compared to the experience of going through the ‘gate,” Mitchell said. “Let’s go,”

SG-1 and their assistants walked up to the gate. Mitchell walked through first, followed by Teal’c.

“After you,” Carter said to Tamsin.

“Ok,” Tamsin said. She stepped forwards, through the event horizon...

Tamsin emerged from the Stargate on the planet designated by the SGC as P6Y-362. “That was incredible,” she said.

“I told you,” Mitchell said as the remainder of SG-1 and their accompanying ‘specialists’ emerged from the ‘Gate.

“Wow, it looks just like a Canadian forest,” Felicia said.

“Research suggests that the Ancients and the Goa’uld both preferred this type of biome,” Carter said.

“You mean that the Stargate is usually placed in a forest like this?” Felicia asked. ‘It is definitely a beautiful view,’ she thought.

“Statistically speaking, both here and in the Pegasus Galaxy, yes,” Jackson said.

“That’s interesting,” Tamsin said.

“You have been in Canada?” Mitchell asked.

“A few times with the Doctor,” Tamsin said.

“We had to stop Ice Warriors from taking over the Yukon Territory,” Kiara said.
“That sounds interesting,” Carter said.

They started walking away from the Stargate towards the nearby settlement.
“So, we’re here to see if the Priors have been espousing Origin here?” Tamsin asked.

“Indeed,” Teal’c said.

“You read the mission brief, that’s right,” Mitchell said.

Tamsin grumbled.

“She’d like more background information,” Kiara said.

Carter looked at Dr. Jackson.

“The people on this planet were brought here by the Goa’uld thousands of years ago,” Daniel said.

“Yes, but what about the ‘Gate in Antarctica? Couldn’t the Goa’uld have brought them through there,” Tamsin asked.

“How did you find out about that?” Colonel Mitchell asked.

“She pestered the records officer,” Kiara said.

“After the Doctor’s psychic paper didn’t help,” Felicia said.

“Psychic paper?” Carter asked.

“I don’t want to know,” Daniel said, referring to Tamsin’s pestering of the records officer.

“I wasn’t that bad,” Tamsin said to Daniel.

“The Doctor has a piece of paper that he uses to get past problems with officials in various places,” Kiara said.

“How does it work?” Carter asked.

“I don’t know. Something to do with the Doctor’s telepathic abilities,” Kiara said.

“Anyhow, Dr. Jackson, continue,” Tamsin said.

“A System Lord ruled from here for some time prior to abandoning the planet a thousand years ago. The Goa’uld continued to raid the planet for another five hundred years before leaving it alone for some reason. After that the locals advanced to a level similar to that of medieval Europe,” Daniel said.

“Cool,” Tamsin said.

“They have recently developed intricate clockwork....”

SG-1 and companions entered the town closest to the Stargate.

“Looks deserted,” Cameron said as they started walking up the street from the main entrance.

“Impossible, this is a major trading town for this region of the continent,” Daniel said.

“So, SG-1 has been here before?” Felicia asked.

“Yes, a few years ago,” Daniel said.

“We opened relations between the major nation that this town is part of and the US,” Carter said.

“That’s good,” Felicia said.

“The contact has inspired cultural change similar to that in the Renaissance,” Daniel said.

“So the culture was similar to medieval Europe?” Tamsin asked.

“It was similar, but only in the broad strokes, their pantheon was and is still inspired by the influence of the Goa’uld,” Daniel said.

“Swell,” Cameron said.

“It is similar all over the galaxy, CameronMitchell,” Teal’c said.

“Don’t have to like it,” Cameron said.

“Indeed,” Teal’c said.

“Of course,” Tamsin said, annoyed at the influence of the System Lords on the Milky Way.

“We’re almost at the central square, sir. We should be walking through crowds,” Carter said.

“I haven’t noticed anyone looking out of the windows,” Kiara said.

“You sure?” Tamsin asked.

Kiara nodded.

“Neither have I,” Cameron said.

“What would cause this?” Felicia asked.

“No idea,” Carter said.

“Not a plague, we would be seeing the corpses,” Daniel said.

Tamsin nodded.

“So where did they go?” Felicia asked.

“The nearest settlements are less than a day’s journey away, but they are just villages,” Daniel said.

“Do they use the Stargate?” Kiara asked.

“Not often, it hadn’t been used for centuries when we arrived the first time,” Carter said.

“We may have to go to one of those villages. Do you know where they are?” Colonel Mitchell asked.

“Not exactly,” Daniel said.

“There is a library on the other side of the square,” Sam said.

“A good place to start,” Kiara said.

“There may be clues as to why this happened,” Tamsin said.

“Certainly,” Daniel said.

Fifteen minutes later the expanded team entered the town’s library. The place showed much evidence of a hasty departure, with many papers strewn around the many reading tables.

“This is going to take some time,” Daniel said.

“I’ll help you. I’ve had some field experience,” Tamsin said.

“Thanks,” Daniel said.

5 hours later the sun set and the planet’s two moons bathed the town in coloured light.
“Quite strange, a red moon,” Kiara said.

“It has a similar composition to Mars,” Sam said.

“The fourth planet in Earth’s solar system. I have been there with the Doctor. Needed a suit outside the TARDIS and the colonial habitats,” Kiara said.

“It’s the same here,” Mitchell said.

“Quite beautiful, but barren,” Kiara said.

“I agree,” Sam said.

Then Daniel returned with Tamsin in tow.

“Have you found something?” Felicia asked.

“Yes, there are multiple references to a Prior being here and the usual Origin espousing spiel being said,” Daniel said.

“The Prior then left, travelling back to the ‘Gate,” Tamsin said.

“So what happened here?” Carter asked.

“They had heard about the Ori from their contacts through the gate. Apparently the nation had been sporadically exploring through the gate. It’s possible that the Goa’uld had left behind a co-ordinate archive like the one that was on Abydos,” Daniel said.

“The first planet you discovered, go on,” Felicia said.

“Right. After the Prior had left; they set up guards near the gate in case the Prior came back,” Daniel said.

“So the Prior came back?” Cameron asked.

“Yes. The guards saw the Prior emerge from the gate in the distance and immediately ran to the town. That’s when they evacuated the town,” Daniel said.

“But wouldn’t the Prior be here?” Carter asked.

“We think that he may have gone to one of the other villages,” Tamsin said.

“Where some of the towns’ people may have gone?” Vala asked/

“Yes,” Daniel said.

“We stay here tonight, and then set out for the closest for the closest of those villages. I assume that the library has a map of the region?” Cameron asked.

“It does. However I must say that that village is the most likely destination for the Prior after this town,” Daniel said.

“Noted, we’ll set out at first light,” Cameron said.

“This planet has a rotational period of just less than 19 hours, Sir,” Sam said.

“When the sun is visible,” Cameron said.

SG-1 then prepared for the short night ahead.

Second day on P6Y-362
SG-1 left the deserted town, early in the morning, whilst it was still enshrouded in fog.

“How are we supposed to find our way to that village in this fog?” Felicia asked.

“I’ve brought a map from the library. It clearly shows all the landmarks we need to follow,” Daniel said.

“It’s not that thick,” Tamsin said.

“Not compared to fogs in the Silverpeak Mountains on Tyria,” Kiara said.

“Sounds dangerous,” Felicia said.

“No more dangerous than what we usually run into with the Doctor,” Kiara said.

“I suppose so,” Felicia said as they left the town out of the gate that they had entered it the previous day.

Three hours later they approached the next nearest settlement to the Stargate and the abandoned town. As they approached they could see that this settlement was not abandoned.

“Does that map show any public meeting places, Daniel?” Cameron asked as they approached.

“There are a few meeting places around the central square,” Daniel said.

“Lead the way,” Cameron said.

As they walked down the main road into the village, SG1 could see that many of the people were looking at them.
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USS Fardell
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 10 - Part 2

In the central square SG1 approached the nearer of the meeting places. Cameron, Daniel and Teal’c walked inside. “Does anyone have any news regarding the abandonment of the Trading town near here?” Daniel asked.

There was silence in the room.

“We’re not leaving until we get an answer,” Teal’c said.

There was murmuring amongst the patrons of the establishment before a young lady slipped away and approached the trio. “We don’t like talking about the situation,” she said.

“Indeed?” Teal’c asked.

“I’ll say more elsewhere,” she said.

“Let’s go,” Cameron said, as he noticed the other people in the room getting restless.

Sam and the others saw the others come out of the meeting place. “Any information, sir?”

“None, although apparently this lady here is willing to divulge the information in the face of tremendous social pressure,” Daniel said.

“It’s not that bad,” the lady said.

“We haven’t been introduced,” Cameron said.

“I’m Aa’lsaiii’ Yev, local leader of the Record Keeping Guild, come to the Records Hall and I will fill you in on the situation,” she said.

“That is important?”Vala asked.

“You will see,” Daniel said.

“Facinating,” Felicia said.

They soon approached the Records Hall, a building which resembled the library that they had seen in the other town.

Aa’lsaiii’ lead SG-1 to a side entrance and opened the door. “We’re going into the non-public area of the Records Hall. Don’t touch the records without permission,” she said.

‘Of course, the Records Hall is a library,’ Kiara thought. ‘But that would mean that Aa’lsaiii’ is a librarian.’

They passed through the non-public area of the Records Hall, what would on Earth be called the ‘Stacks’ to a large room on the other side of the structure. “This is the Recordkeeper Guild’s meeting room, but the other members are busy at the moment,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

The seven from Earth (and Tyria) sat on the various chairs as Aa’lsaiii’ laid out some glasses of water.

“We had heard of the Priors and this ‘Origin’ that they are espousing from our contacts on various worlds. We knew that it wouldn’t take long before they would get here,” Aa’lsaiii’ began.

“And so a Prior came,” Cameron said.

“Yes, the people of Re’iav Lleag were frightened, but they sent messengers with the message that a Prior had come. So plans were put in place in case a Prior should come back. I have also heard that teams have gone through the gate in search of uninhabited worlds,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

“Impressive,” Sam said.

“So the town was abandoned. But when we arrived there, there wasn’t any Prior,” Cameron said.

“If he found the town deserted he may have gone back to the gate,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

“No doubt that is what you are counting on, but he may just journey to another settlement,” Daniel said.

“Then that settlement would be abandoned too. We will not let them dictate to us, or enslave us as our ancestors were enslaved!” Aa’lsaiii’ said. She grabbed a tome off a bookshelf. “I’m sure you are familiar with the subject matter,” she opened the tome and placed it in front of Daniel. He read a paragraph from the tome before realising that the tome depicted the planet’s revolution against the Goa’uld.

“But the Ori are worse than the Goa’uld! They will not give up as easily as the System Lords did,” Daniel said.

“We shall see,” Aa’lsaiii’ said as she took a sip from her water.

Tamsin was about to interject when there was a knock on the door and another lady, dressed similarly to Aa’lsaiii’, came in.

“Sorry to interrupt Ma’am, but there is an urgent message,” she said.

“Let her in,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The messenger paused upon seeing the team in the room with Aa’lsaiii’.

“They are Tau’ri, they can hear the message,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

The messenger began telling the message to Aa’lsaiii’ and the others.

“...And so the Prior is on his way here,” the messenger concluded.

“That’s not good news, go and find the rest of the Guild,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the messenger said, she quickly left.

“What are your plans?” Aa’lsaiii’ asked Cameron.

“We are going to intercept the Prior,” he said.

“We are?” Daniel asked.

“We are not going to let another village full of people leave their homes behind because of some idealistic plan,” Cameron said.

“We are leaving this village as soon as we can organise,” Aa’lsaiii’ said. “In the meantime you are welcome to look in the Records Hall,” she continued.

“Right,” Daniel said.

Daniel and Tamsin were looking at various books in the Records Hall as Cameron and Aa’lsaiii’ continued to argue.

“I’m certain that this village will be abandoned,” Tamsin said.

“I agree,” Daniel said.

“But they are just going to leave all their stuff here?” Tamsin asked.

“Somehow I think they have that planned too. Send periodic expeditions to retrieve the artefacts that they had left behind,” Daniel said.

“Makes sense,”

“Another question, how are you understanding the writings here?” Daniel asked.

“The TARDIS,” Tamsin said.

“The TARDIS, what?” Daniel asked.

“It’s translating the writing for me, same with speech in most places we go,” Tamsin said.

“Interesting, but how could that work over interstellar distances?” Daniel asked.

“I don’t know. It could be using the Stargate Network as a relay for all I know,” Tamsin said.

“I think the SGC would notice that,” Daniel said.

“Probably,” Tamsin said.

General Landry entered the control room.

“Sir, I have determined the source of the mysterious power drain in the Stargate,” Harriman said.

“And?” the general asked.

“It’s that TARDIS, it’s somehow tapped into the ‘Gate’s control circuitry.”

“Call the Doctor to the control room, now!”

“Yes, sir.”

Aaenb, Ao Plailla, Tiloana (P6Y-362)
“I’ve also noticed that the villagers seem to be speaking English,” Tamsin said.

“Yes, on most worlds, there is a translation matrix hidden in the platforms beneath the gate, it works in a radius of 100 kilometres, using large nanobots to change the audio,” Daniel said.

“Interesting,” Tamsin said.

Then Aa’lsaiii’ entered the Records Hall from outside. “Preparations to leave the village are well underway. Colonel Mitchell is also asking for you,” she said.

“Right, let’s go,” Daniel said. Tamsin followed him out.

Daniel and Tamsin exited the Records Hall into a scene of frenzy. Villagers were running about trying to organise their departure. They walked up to the rest of SG1.

“This is Lana Halaia, she will accompany you on your interception of the Prior,” Aa’lsaiii’ said, indicating a nearby Record Keeper.

“That isn’t really necessary,” Cameron said.

“I insist, besides, she can hold her own in a fight,” Aa’lniii said.

“Right,” Cameron said, doubtfully.

Lana then swirled her staff in the air then stopped a few centimetres short of driving it into Cameron’s face.

Seeing the tough expression on Lana’s face, Cameron then pushed the staff down. “I see your point. Are all Record Keepers like this?”

“Not all, Tau’ri. Only after being in the Guild for more than three years,” Lana said.

“Good to know,” Cameron said.

Fifteen minutes later, SG1 left the rapidly emptying village in the direction of the Prior’s advance.

“We should intercept the Ori forces in less than an hour, Colonel,” Lana said.

“Remember, follow my directions, don’t just charge into the formation,” Cameron said.

“I’m not stupid, Colonel!” Lana retorted.

Cameron sighed.

The Doctor hadn’t been found anywhere in the SGC and hadn’t been noticed leaving. So there was only one place he could be; in the TARDIS. General Landry knocked on the TARDIS door. The Doctor opened it.

“Hi, I know what this is about. And answer is no,” he said.

“How did you know?” Landry asked.

“There is no other reason I can think of,” the Doctor said.

“What is the purpose of the power tap into the gate?” Landry said.

“Come inside and I’ll explain it to you,” the Doctor said.

“Fine,” Landry said. He stepped into the TARDIS. ‘The descriptions don’t do it justice,’ he thought.

The Doctor sat near the console. “I’m not drawing power from the gate. The gate is communicating with the gate on the planet where SG1 is,” the Doctor said.

“You expect me to believe that?” Landry said.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“I don’t.”

“Fine, the TARDIS is sending and receiving signals via the gate to and from the planet.”

“For what purpose?”

“It translates the foreign languages into a language that my travelling companions can understand,” the Doctor said.

“Really?” Landry asked.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“But it doesn’t need to use the gate for that.”

“No, it doesn’t. But it’s easier than projecting the signal at interstellar distances. Do you even know where the planet is?”

“P6Y-362 is over six thousand light years away,” Landry said.

“The signal will continue to use the gate. It won’t interfere with its normal operations,” the Doctor said. He pressed a control on the console. “There, the TARDIS is providing the power, rather than your facility.”

“How long will this continue?”

“Until SG1 gets back.”

“Fine,” Landry said, he turned and then left the TARDIS.

Ao Plaillan countryside, Tiloana
SG1 and their companions were moving wearily through a forest. “Are you certain this is the direction they are approaching from?” Cameron asked.

“Yes,” Lana said.

“Right...” Daniel said, warily. They continued moving forwards.

They soon came to a clearing. Teal’c raised his staff weapon. “They are very close,” he said.

Lana gripped her staff with two hands. “I agree, Jaffa,” she said. She stood defensibly by his side.

Kiara came up and stood at the ready to the other side of Teal’c, who activated his staff weapon.

The group was not prepared for who they would see next...

Two Priors emerged from the trees. “Hallowed are the Ori,” one of them said.

“Hallowed, my butt!” Lana called out, as she tensed up.

“That is not necessary, Ms. Halaia,” Teal’c said.
Lana glanced at the Jaffa. “I will not be letting my energy be sucked out in worship!”

“How do you know that?” Daniel asked behind her.

“Alteran Lies!” the other Prior said.

“The Tau’ri are not the only ones whom have come into contact with the Ancients, Dr. Jackson!” Lana said.

“I guess not,” Daniel murmered.

A large group of Ori troops emerged from the forest and surrounded the expanded SG1. Leading them was Adria!

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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 11 – The Doctor Vs. The Ori Part 1
“Unscheduled off world activation!” Sgt. Harriman called out as the gate activated. “Closing the Iris.” The Iris closed.

“Report,” General Landry said.

“Receiving IDC now, Sir,” Harriman said. “It’s SG1!”

“They’re early, open the Iris,” Landry said.

“Aye, Sir,” Harriman said.

The Iris was opened and Daniel and Lana rushed through the gate.

“Close the Iris!” Daniel called out.

“Close the Iris!” Landry said.

The Iris closed. Several thudding sounds could be heard as Ori foot soldiers met their ends, then the Stargate shut down.

“Dr. Jackson, where is the rest of SG1, and who is this with you?” Landry said.

“They have been captured by Adria!” Daniel said. He indicated Lana. “This is Lana Halaia, from Ao Plaailla. We barely managed to escape.”

The Doctor emerged from the TARDIS. “What happened, everyone got captured?” he asked.

“Yes, we all put up a fight, but they were all captured,” Daniel said.

“We were lucky to escape!” Lana said.

“Right, one rescue party coming up!” the Doctor said.

“Doctor, we can’t just charge into the situation without first debriefing Doctor Jackson,” Landry said.

“Good point, but in an hour I will be going to that planet and rescuing the rest of SG1 and my companions.”

“I’ll join you then,” Lana decided.

“Right,” Landry said.

Five minutes later, Daniel, Lana, the Doctor and Landry met in the briefing room.

For the first twenty minutes Daniel told the latter two of their mission until they entered Enb, then Lana joined him in the description of the mission.

“And then you were surrounded by the Ori troops?” General Landry asked.


“How did you escape?” General Landry said.

“I’m not sure, it was fairly chaotic,” Dr. Jackson said.

“The team put up a pretty good, fight, General, including that Kiara. She was using some kind of technology that I have never seen,” Lana said.

“I don’t think it was technology,” the Doctor said.

“Then what was it, Doctor?” Lana asked.

“An intrinsic power,” the Doctor said.

“That makes sense,” Daniel said.

“Maybe,” Lana said, not sure that biology could explain what she saw Kiara doing, despite the observed capabilities of the Priors and her encounters with the Ancients.

“So, they got captured. Why couldn’t you free them?” Landry asked.

“They were almost immediately beamed to one of the motherships. They had a portable Ring Transporter with them,” Dr. Jackson said.

“As you saw, we were chased to the Gate, and I wasn’t about to lead the Ori forces to a town or village that hadn’t been abandoned,” Lana said.

“So you say,” Landry said.

Lana turned to the Doctor, “could you scare the Ori off from my world?”

“No. All I will be doing is rescuing the rest of SG1 and my companions.”

“Really?” Lana asked dubiously.

“Yes. I have never been to this universe before. Therefore my reputation doesn’t precede me,” the Doctor said.

“And what sort of reputation do you have in your universe, Doctor?” Landry asked.

“You don’t want to know. I am seen as an incorrigible meddler in some places, and as a false trickster god in others. That is barely scratching the surface.”

“Can I accompany you on the rescue mission, Doctor?” Lana asked.

“Of course,” the Doctor said. “You said that earlier.”

Twenty minutes after the briefing ended, the Doctor, Lana, Daniel, General Landry and SG-6 meet in the Gate Room, next to the TARDIS.

“You’re sure you’re taking your ship, Doctor?” Landry asked.

“Yes, Even if it’s captured, neither the Priors nor Adria herself would be able to pilot it.”

“If you say so,” Landry said.

The Doctor opened the TARDIS door. “Let’s go,” he said.

Lana stopped as she entered the TARDIS. “Amazing, it’s actually bigger on the inside,” she said.

The Doctor snorted. “That’s hardly original,” he said.

“I thought it was,” Lana said.

“Actually, you may be the first to say ‘Amazing,’” the Doctor said.

“Good,” Lana said as SG-6 followed her in.

“Here’s our plan, we will wait until the SGC dials P6Y-362, or as the natives call it, Tiloana. Then the TARDIS will follow the wormhole there,” the Doctor said.

“Understood,” Colonel Francis Jameson, the commander of SG-6, said.

“Not all the natives, just those on the main continent,” Lana said.

“Good to know,” Daniel said.

Chevron Seven, Locked!” The Stargate opened with the usual kawoosh. The TARDIS then dematerialised.

The TARDIS in flight
The console room was shaking. “What’s wrong, Doctor?” Daniel asked.

“The Gate wormhole is interfering with the Vortex. But that can’t be possible!” the Doctor said.

“And yet it’s happening,” Captain Marcia Bates, SG-6’s scientist, said.

“Right, unless you can use the gate to time travel,” the Doctor said

“Actually, it can,” Daniel said.

“Oh those arrogant Alterans!”

“But it’s not a normal function of the gate. It occurred as the result of the wormhole interacting with stellar flares,” Daniel said.

“Not that arrogant then, but their tech isn’t making it easy for Gallifreyian technology to track it. We’re still in the Solar System. At this rate we’ll reach Tiloana in just over three years.”

“Doctor, a Stargate wormhole can only stay open for a maximum time of 38 minutes!” Daniel said.

“That is a limitation. But we’d experience those 3 years within the 38 minutes that the wormhole would remain open. Remember that the TARDIS can travel in time, Doctor Jackson.”

“There has to be an alternative, Doctor! We can’t spend three years travelling in here. We’d go mad,” Jameson said.

“That’s where you’re wrong. There is more to the TARDIS than just this room. It’s so vast that it would take more than the 1100 days the journey would take to explore it all,” the Doctor said. He walked to Helena Lawson, SG-6’s archaeologist. “Imagine a library so vast it would take decades to read all the books. The TARDIS has it. However, it isn’t a given that it would take three years. I may figure out a way to clearly scan through the interference and make the journey go faster.”
He flicked a switch on the console. “There I have established a spiralling Temporal Orbit around the wormhole, staying well within the 38 minute window.”

“What about food?” Marcia asked.

“The TARDIS can generate food indefinitely. There are gardens scattered throughout the ship,” the Doctor said as he left the console room.

“You heard him. We’ll start exploring the surrounds of the console room, now,” Jameson said.

“Yes, sir!”

Day 39
Daniel entered the TARDIS library. “Helena?” he called out.

Helena emerged from a nearby aisle. “Daniel?”

“The Doctor wants everyone in the Console room. He says it’s important.”

“I hope it’s a way to get to Tiloana quicker. As much as the TARDIS and this library are amazing, I don’t want to spend nearly three years here.”

“Same here,” Daniel said. They left the library.

The Doctor was waiting in the console room when Daniel, Lana and SG-6 entered the console room.
“What is this about? You have found a quicker way?” Jameson asked.

“Yes. I have found a way to take the TARDIS through the Stargate,” the Doctor said.

“That’s good, but we would have to return to Earth first, right?” Marcia asked.

“That’s true. It will take a month, or a few days less, to get back there. I’m just about to reverse course,” the Doctor said.

“But wouldn’t we crash into our previous selves?” Helena asked.

“I have taken that into consideration,” the Doctor said as he manipulated the console. The TARDIS lurched, sending the humans to the floor. “There, we’re on our way back to Earth.

“Swell!” Daniel said as he pushed Lana off him. She flinched and shoved his hands away.

“I can get up myself, Daniel!”


‘They seem to be getting closer…’ Marcia thought.

Day 61
The humans entered the Console Room as the TARDIS approached Earth.
“So what are we attempting again?” Jameson asked.

“We are going to materialise in the Gateroom and then go through the Stargate. We will then land somewhere safe on Tiloana,” the Doctor said.

“Sounds good,” Lana said.

“Everyone ready!” Jameson said. His team, Daniel and Lana got ready.

“Ready!” Lana said.

“Here we go,” the Doctor said.

32 minutes after the Stargate was activated the TARDIS rematerialised and then took off and approached the Stargate.

“Redirecting Artron Energy to the outer shell... now!” The Doctor than directed the TARDIS into the Stargate. “It’s going to get really bumpy!”

The TARDIS entered the Stargate, pushing the event horizon inwards, and then causing a reverberation, when it had entered. Then massive sparking, and electrical discharges occurred.

“Massive amounts of power...” Harriman said.

“Keep it open!” Landry ordered.

“The power grid can’t handle this much longer, the breakers are almost tripping!”

“Understood,” Landry said.

The TARDIS barrelled through the wormhole, keeping it wide enough to allow the police box shell through intact was a massive strain...

“How much longer?” Lana asked.

“A few more seconds!” the Doctor said, as he struggled with the console.

“Good,” Lana said.

The guards that the Priors had set to watch the Gate were confused. It had been open for over 30 minutes and yet nothing had come through. Suddenly the event horizon rippled in a weird manner and the TARDIS emerged from the Gate at great speed. They fired at the large blue projectile as the gate shut down, but their shots splashed harmlessly against the Extrapolator shield. The TARDIS continued on its way.

The TARDIS crash landed 10 kilometres from the gate.

The Doctor pulled Lana and Helena from the TARDIS which lay with the doors upwards. They then joined the others. “Right, you have any idea where Adria would have taken them?” the Doctor asked.

“They could be anywhere on this world, it’s been almost three hours, right?” Daniel asked.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“We better get moving. Can you get to where they were captured from here, Doctor Jackson?” Jameson asked.

“I think so,” Daniel said.

“Follow us,” Lana said.

After they helped the Doctor to set the TARDIS upright, they set off, despite the fact that the sun was setting.

4 hours later, they came to the site of the ambush. They could see no evidence of where the Priors may had taken the others.
“Well this has been a waste of time,” Daniel said.

“Not necessarily, they may be held back in N’b,” Lana said.

“That may be a wild goose chase,” Daniel said.

“Still worth a try!” Lana said.

“We can decide when the sun comes up. This is as good a spot to camp as any,” Jameson said.

“I agree,” the Doctor said.

12 Kalodar, 1027th year of Liberation (Ao Pliaalealan Calendar)
The Doctor and his group of temporary companions broke camp after a small breakfast.

“The village is less than an hour away,” Daniel said.

“Understood,” Jameson said.

The village was totally deserted. They had searched through and didn’t find any evidence that Adria or the Priors had been there.

They then headed in the direction of the TARDIS…

When they entered the TARDIS, the Doctor went to the console. “Ok, scanning for the Ori mothership…”

“Good,” Lana said.

“Ok, it took off six hours ago and headed into Hyperspace, towards the centre of the Galaxy,” the Doctor said.

“We’re too late then!” Jameson said.

“We’re never too late! I can still put the TARDIS aboard,” the Doctor said.

“Even whilst it’s travelling in Hyperspace?” Marcia asked.

“Oh, yes. Watch,” the Doctor said. He started to input coordinates into the console.

“This won’t take weeks too, will it?” Helena asked.

“No, ten minutes at most,” the Doctor said.

“That’s good,” Helena said.

Ori Crusade Vessel Glorious Retribution
Adria knew something was amiss. “Scan the ship,” she said.

“Yes, Orici,” the Prior said. He repeated the order.

The report soon came back. “There was a disturbance on deck 5. Getting a visual now.” An image of the TARDIS came up on the screen. The doors opened and Daniel Jackson lead a group of people out.

“Capture them!” She called out. “And that capsule that they have arrived in.”

“Yes, Orici.”

The Doctor locked the TARDIS and whipped out his sonic screwdriver. “I’m sure we have been detected. Security is on its way here,” he said.

“I know where the holding cells are, follow me,” Daniel said.

“Yes, Dr. Jackson,” Jameson said.

The team was halfway to the holding cells when they encountered resistance. They ducked into an adjoining corridor. “There has to be another way to get there,” the Doctor said. He used the sonic screwdriver to access a nearby computer panel.

“Orici, the intruders are accessing the computers. They’re bypassing the firewalls!” one of the bridge crew said.


“Deck 7, section 32.”

Adria stood up. “I’m going down there.”

“Yes, Orici.”

“Ok, there is an alternate route,” the Doctor said.

“Good,” Daniel said.

“Follow me,” the Doctor said. They quickly ran off as the security patrol arrived.
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 11: Part 2

Before they reached the gangway the Doctor stopped. “Marcia, take Helena and Alyssa and go the alternative way. It is quite likely that Adria would focus on us,” he said.

Bates looked to Jameson. He nodded. She then signalled the other two members of the team and headed to the alternative route...

As they came down a gangway to Deck 8, Adria stepped into view. “Adria!” Daniel called out.

“I knew it was you, Doctor Jackson.”

“Let us go!” Lana called out. She stepped forwards, quarterstaff raised. Suddenly she rose up into the air.

“You impertinent child, your world will bow to Origin!”

“So, there are still forces of yours there. But we’re very resourceful!”

“Yes, I have seen. 10% of your nation’s settlements have been abandoned. However that strategy will not work forever. We’ll take your entire planet.”

“You won’t!”

“Yes, we will. We’ll also find your offworld colonies.”

“You will not! We’ll go from world to world...” Lana trailed off as Adria increased pressure around her neck.

“Let her go, Adria!” Daniel said.

“I will!” Adria said. Lana fell with the Doctor catching her.

“Out of our way!” Jameson said as he pointed his P-90 at Adria.

“That’s not going to work,” the Doctor said. Adria glared at Jameson ‘pushing’ him up the gangway with great force.

“That won’t work with me. Let us rescue SG-1, or face my wrath!” the Doctor said.

“Ah-yes, you’re the visitor from another universe. My soldiers are attempting to gain entry to your interesting vessel as we speak.”

“What do you know about it?” the Doctor asked.

“Let’s see. I know that the exterior is some kind of illusion. It’s also obvious that the interior is larger than the size of that exterior would suggest...”

‘She definitely knows too much,’ Daniel thought.

“You won’t gain access to it!” the Doctor said.

“Oh we will. I can guarantee it,” Adria said.

“Free SG1, or I’ll send this ship on a long journey back to your home galaxy,” the Doctor said.

“I’m sure that you could,” Adria said.

“Free SG1!” the Doctor deadpanned.

“No!” Adria said. She ‘pushed’ the Doctor as she did with Lana and Jameson. However, the Doctor didn’t move very far.

“Not a good idea, using telekinesis on a person such as myself!” the Doctor said.

“Yes, I see that you have similar powers,” Adria said.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

Whilst the Doctor was confronting Adria, Bates, Lawson and Wells approached the holding cells. There were hardly any guards, they were distracted by the confrontation.
Wells rolled a Goa’uld stun grenade into the holding cell area. When the weapon had taken effect they went into the area. “About time,” Cameron said.

“Took a while for Doctor Jackson and Lana to get back to the SGC, and even longer for us to realize that you were aboard this ship,” Marcia said.

“I see, let us out of here!” Felicia said.

“Getting to it!” Lawson said. After a few seconds the forcefield went down.

“Adria probably already knows, let’s go,” Marcia said.

“Right behind you,” Carter said.

Adria became aware that SG1 and the companions were freed. “They have been freed. They won’t remain so for long!”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” the Doctor said.

“I don’t think so,” Adria said, she was struggling to hold the Doctor in place.

“Give up!”

SG-6, SG-1 and the companions approached the TARDIS. It was surrounded. “There goes that plan,” Vala said.

“No, we have more stun grenades,” Wells said. She rolled another of the stun grenades. It had same effect as the other one. They then walked up to the TARDIS. Lawson unlocked the TARDIS.

“What now?” Felicia asked as she locked the TARDIS door.

“We’ll wait for the Doctor,” Marcia said.

“That could take a while,” Kiara said.

“It could...”

“Orici,” a soldier said.

“What?” Adria asked, her eyes still on the Doctor.

“The guards around the strange box have been neutralized!”

“Send more guards,” she said.

The Doctor smiled and held up his sonic screwdriver. “Around me!” he said. Lana, Daniel and Francis crowded around him. He activated the sonic screwdriver. The sound of the TARDIS engines could then be heard. “No!” Adria called out. She dashed into the space next to the Doctor and the others...

The TARDIS engines started. “He’s calling the ship to him! That’s cool,” Cameron said.

“He does it a lot,” Tamsin said.

“OK,” Sam said.

Then the Doctor and the others, including Adria started to appear next to the console.

“Uh-oh!” Cameron said.

The TARDIS then landed, bringing the Doctor, Lana, Daniel, Jameson and Adria fully into the console room.

Adria wasn’t shocked by the size of the console room. “You just made a mistake, Doctor. I’ll be able to figure out how this ship of yours works, and then I’ll spread Origin through time itself!”

“I don’t doubt that,” the Doctor began.

“Then you’ve lost!” Adria interrupted.

“To figure it out, you will have to stay in the TARDIS long enough to do so,” the Doctor said.

“You can’t force me to leave, Doctor!”

“I can,” the Doctor said. He clicked his fingers, and the doors opened. “Kiara.”

Kiara looked at Adria. Suddenly a gust came up in the console room and started blowing against Adria. “You have to do better than that!” Adria said.

“Chill,” Kiara said.

Adria started freezing, but with a sudden burst of heat, she overcame Kiara’s chill effect. “Nice try, but you have to do better!”

“Leave this TARDIS!” Cameron said.

“I will, once I know enough to build one for the Ori,” Adria said.

Cameron signalled and both SG teams rushed at Adria. Adria easily pushed them all to the side of the console room. “It’s not working,” Felicia said.

“Hold on!” the Doctor said. He pulled a series of levers on the console. The TARDIS took off in normal space, moving sideways through the corridor. Adria fell over towards the doors, but she stayed in the TARDIS.

“There has to be something in the TARDIS that can help against her,” Felicia said.

“Many things, but there may not be enough time to find any of the items in time,” the Doctor said.

“We could look for them,” Helena said.

“We investigated a lot of the ship during those weeks,” Daniel said.

“Go, quickly!” the Doctor said. As they left the console room, he spun the TARDIS around, and slammed it into a wall...

Adria fell towards the door, but she remained in the TARDIS. She stared at the Doctor. “I can keep this up all day, Doctor. Can you?”


Helena and Daniel quickly found the library. “That was quick,” Helena said.

“The TARDIS is probably helping us,” Daniel said.


They quickly found the Doctor’s (incomplete) inventory of artifacts. “This will take a while,” Daniel said as he got the rather large tome off the shelf.

“Let’s get started.”

Back in the console room, Adria was still stubbornly remaining in the TARDIS. Kiara had tried encasing her in ice, but that didn’t work.

The battle continued...

About ten minutes later, Daniel found something of use in the Doctor’s artefact inventory...
“Here it is. ‘A device to neutralise telekinetic activity: it plugs into the console for specific control,’” Daniel said.

“That would certainly be useful,” Helena said.

“Certainly,” Daniel said.

“Does it say where it is?” Helena asked.

“Rather cryptically; ‘Go to the far side of the library, then turn to the left. Go up three levels and solve the riddle. Go through and walk for a minute. Open the cupboard and climb up ten shelves on the right side half way in. It’s near the back.’”

“That is cryptic.”

“I’ll write it down.”


After Daniel had written the directions down, they headed deeper into the library…

Adria continued to try to pry the TARDIS’s secrets. However, the Doctor, and the TARDIS herself continued to rebuff her efforts.

It took six minutes for Daniel and Helena to cross the library. It took them another half a minute to find the stairs. Once at the third level they found a door with a jumbled up picture on it. “That’s the riddle? This is going to take forever!” Helena complained.

“We have to do it,” Daniel said.

“I know,” Helena said.

“I think we have to reconstruct the picture.”

“I concur.” They started their attempt to solve the riddle by sliding the pieces of the picture around.

Back in the console room the companions and SGC personnel were attempting to shove Adria out of the TARDIS doors, with the assistance of the Doctor and Kiara’s telekinetic powers. “This isn’t working! We need another plan,” Cameron said.

“Indeed,” Teal’c remarked. “But there isn’t much other choice.”

“We just need to give Daniel and Helena time to retrieve one of those devices,” the Doctor said.

“They won’t succeed! I have already gained some information,” Adria said.

“But not much,” the Doctor responded.

“I know the fate of your civilisation,” Adria taunted.

“Then be thankful that you won’t have to face anything like that!” the Doctor returned.

“The Ori have no reason to fear the Daleks!” Adria shot back.

“Not just the Daleks,” the Doctor said darkly. “But the things that the War brought forth,” the Doctor said. He thought of the Nightmare King with a shudder, Adria just stared at him.

Helena and Daniel solved the door riddle after six minutes. The door opened revealing a dark corridor. “Walk for a minute, that doesn’t make sense,” Helena said.

“I guess we have to walk along the corridor for a minute.”

“Only one way to find out.”

They started walking.

A minute after they started walking, the cupboard appeared right in front of them. “Climb up ten shelves on the right side halfway, it’s near the back,” Daniel read.

“Right, I’ll climb up,” Helena said. She then climbed up the ladder that was at the position.

Helena climbed down with a small device in her hand. “That’s it? It looks small,” Daniel stated.

“It was the only thing in the position described,” Helena said.

“Right,” Daniel said. They turned to go out of the cupboard and found that it now led back to the stairs rather than the corridor. “That’s convenient,” Daniel remarked.

Back at the console room, most of the people, except the Doctor and Teal’c were tiring. Adria was glaring at the Doctor over the console as Teal’c spared against her.

It took another five minutes for Daniel and Helena to recross the library, and three more for them to return to the console room. “Doctor!” Helena called.

The Doctor left the console where Teal’c and Kiara were sparing with Adria and ran to the door. “You have it?” he asked quickly.

“Yes,” Helena placed the device in the Doctor’s hand.

“Thanks,” the Doctor dashed back to the console whilst Adria was still distracted by the Jaffa and the Tyrian.
However, Adria knew something was up. “You can’t stop me with a device!” she said as the Doctor inserted it into a port in the console.

“Yes. I can,” he said. He started manipulating the console. When he finished, he stared at Adria in the eyes. “Leave. My. TARDIS!” He pressed a final button, and Adria flew out of the TARDIS. He then closed the doors with a click of his fingers.

“What now?” Cameron asked, panting.

“Now, we go back to Tiloana. And then through the Stargate,” the Doctor said as he laid in a course back to that planet.
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 12 – Loose Ends
5 February 2007
“Unscheduled Offworld Activation!” Harriman called.

“Close the Iris,” Landry said.

The Iris closed.

“Receiving IDC. It’s the Doctor. Wait, receiving another IDC, SG-1!”

“Open the Iris.”

Harriman opened the Iris. “Receiving a signal, sir.”

SGC, do you read?” Mitchell asked.

“We read you, Colonel,” Landry said.

We’re going to bring the TARDIS back through the gate. Be prepared for possible high speed impact, sir.

“High Speed impact?” Landry asked.

Apparently when they arrived, here the TARDIS ended up over a kilometre from the gate.

“Noted,” Landry said. He turned to Harriman. “Deploy the shock nets.” He then told Mitchell that the preparations would take about 5 minutes.

The preparations will take approximately five minutes,” The general said.

“We’ll be ready, Mitchell out.”

“Five minutes?” the Doctor asked.

“Yes,” Mitchell said from where he stood next to the DHD.

“That gives me enough time to prepare the TARDIS for a second trip.”

Five minutes later, the SGC signalled that they had the preparations in place.

“Ok, We’re ready as ever. Everyone hold tight!” the Doctor said. He then set the TARDIS in motion...

The TARDIS emerged from the gate at a high speed. It crashed into the shock nets. The shock nets were thus strained, but they held, the TARDIS having come out of the gate at a lower velocity than it had on Tiloana.

The TARDIS fell to the floor and landed on its side. The Doctor opened the door, and clambered out onto the floor. He then helped his companions, Lana and the SG teams out.

The Doctor entered the control room. “As you can see, I rescued SG1 from the Ori ship,” he said.

“Very good. There will be a debriefing in fifteen minutes. Be there,” Landry ordered.

“I could be gone before you know it,” the Doctor said.

“I doubt that. I would like to have your point of view of the rescue,” Landry said.

“I will be there.”

“I want to go back to my world!” Lana said stubbornly as she entered the briefing room.

“In a while Ms. Halaia. First I want to know exactly what happened after SG1 and the Doctor’s companions arrived on your planet,” Landry said.

“Sure,” Lana said.

Everyone took their places in the crowded room. “Dr. Jackson, I believe you made some discoveries in an abandoned library.”

“Yes,” Daniel said as he launched into his description of the discoveries he and Felicia made.

An hour and a half later, the Doctor and his companions exited the briefing room. “We are attempting to re-enter our universe now?” Felicia asked quietly.

“Yes, after Lana returns to her world. I would like to have a talk with her,” the Doctor replied.

“Sure,” Felicia said in a quieter tone.

Tamsin noticed the quiet tone. “We’ll return soon enough,” she said as she placed her hand on Felicia’s shoulder in a gesture of comfort.

Walter was getting ready to re-dial Tiloana as the Doctor and Lana entered the control room. “You are returning home,” the Doctor stated.

“Of course, I must do what I can to protect my people against the Ori and any remnant Goa’uld.”

“I must repeat that your strategy of running away from your enemies will not work forever.”

Lana rolled her eyes. She had heard the same argument from the Doctor over and over again during those two months aboard the TARDIS. “And I say again, that it will.” She turned to Walter. “Start the dialing sequence.”

“I have to wait for Landry’s order, Ms. Helaia.”

Lana sighed. “I’m ready to go.”

Walter keyed the intercom. “General Landry to the control room.”

Lana turned around and realised that the Doctor had left. ‘I guess he is going to leave before I do,’ she thought.

General Landry entered the control room. “Yes, Walter?”

“Ms. Helaia is asking to return to her planet, Sir.”

“Of course. Dial the gate,” Landry said.

“Aye, Sir.”

“Goodbye, General,” Lana said.

“Remember what we discussed,” Landry said.

“Of course,” Lana said.

Lana saw the companions around the TARDIS as she entered the debarkation room. She waved goodbye.

Chevron five encoded.”

“Bye, thanks for the help. Even if we did get captured,” Tamsin said.


Chevron six encoded.”

“Hope things go well,” Kiara said.

Lana just gave a non-committal shrug. “Bye,” she said, as she came up to the front of the ramp.

Chevron seven, locked!” the gate opened. She then ran forwards and jumped through the gate.

Once the gate shut down, the Doctor emerged from the TARDIS. “Time to go,” he said.

“Finally,” Felicia said.

TARDIS in Flight
“We have left the SGC and are now heading back to our universe,” the Doctor said.

“Are you sure?” Felicia asked.

“Yes, I have done this before,” the Doctor said.

“I’m sure that we’ll return to our universe, Felicia,” Tamsin said.

“I’m sure you’re right. I’ll be in the library,” Felicia said.

“Ok,” Tamsin said.

Later Tamsin found Felicia in the library, near the entrance. “The Doctor says that we have re-entered our universe,” she said.

Felicia smiled. ”Good.”

“He has plotted a random course.”

Felicia nodded. Then the Cloister Bell began to ring.

“Uh, oh!”

Kiara was reading in the console room. She noticed the destination display change.

The Fields of Trenzalore.

“What? Fields of Trenzalore?” she asked herself in puzzlement. ‘Doesn’t even specify a time...’

She accessed the TARDIS Index File. She ran a search for the Fields of Trenzalore.


“That doesn’t make sense,” she said again. She glowered at the screen and twirled one of her braids around her finger.

The display changed again.

Earth Orbit, early 2005.

‘This is too weird,’ Kiara thought as she took one of the doctor’s notepads and started writing down the destinations.

Kiara had just written Pharos Project, Earth when the Doctor reentered the console room. “The TARDIS is going all over the Milky Way, Doctor.”

“She is?” the Doctor asked.

“It’s aiming all over the galaxy in any case, including two places with restricted information.”

“Where was those?”

“The Feilds of Trenzalore and the Medusa Cascade,” Kiara said. She wrote UNIT Headquarters, 1973.

“The former is where I regenerated last.”

“What about all these other places?” Kiara asked, placing the list into the Doctor’s hands.

The Doctor’s face paled. “These are all places where I regenerated, or almost regenerated in reverse order.”

“They are, and the TARDIS is about to select the final one.” They looked at the diplay.

Antarctica, 1986

They waited.

Intercept course plotted


“What did you expect, Doctor?”

“Gallifrey, or rather, my initiation at the Temporal Schism.”

“Oh,” Kiara said. The Cloister Bell began to rang. “Something’s happening!”

The Doctor leapt to the console, dropping the list. “An anomaly, similar to the one Felicia arrived through, is near the library.”

“Is she returning or going further back?” Kiara wondered, leaping to the same conclusion that the Doctor had.

“No idea, but we need to hurry,” the Doctor said.

“I know a way…”

Tamsin and Felicia exited the library. The TARDIS shook. Down the corridor an anomaly appeared. “Not again!” Felicia said.

“Back into the library, Felicia!”

Felicia turned, but the doors slammed shut before she could go in. “No!” she said pounding her fist against them. She then was pulled towards the anomaly. Tamsin too, although she was further away. “Run Tamsin!”

“No!” Tamsin grabbed onto her, both of them fell towards the anomaly. The TARDIS corridor twisted, causing them to fall onto the wall. The shock caused Tamsin to let go...

“Bye, Tamsin!” Felicia said as she once again entered the anomaly.

Tamsin saw the mixture of anguish and wonder on Felicia’s face as she entered the anomaly. ‘I’ll miss you,’ she thought as a tear fell from her left eye. Then the anomaly disappeared and she fell to the floor.

She got up to see the Doctor and Kiara approaching on an extending ice platform.

“She’s gone,” she said when they had come to the spot.

“I hope she’s gone back, or forwards, to her Doctor,” Kiara said.

“It’s likely to be my previous incarnation,” the Doctor said, seriously. “But we may see her again at some point.”

“How would he react, Doctor?” Kiara asked.

“Depends when it was.”

Tamsin wondered if the Doctor was right, that she would see Felicia again at any time. ‘I hope so.’
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Warning: Naturism

Chapter 12 – The Search for Felicia
The Doctor followed Sigrun into the console room and immediately went to the scanner. “Just as you said, Sigrid,” he said after he looked at the scan results.

“So, Felicia is in an earlier version of the TARDIS?” Jia’hale (now dry but still au naturale) asked as she entered the console room.

The Doctor pointedly made eye contact with Jia’hale as he said. “Yes, she is. Now we need to find out which earlier version.”

He turned back to the scanner. He ran an analysis on the scan data. The result soon came back.

Type-40 TARDIS, younger identical capsule. Inter-chronal data suggests immediate previous incarnation.

‘That is better than an earlier incarnation,’ the Doctor thought. The earlier Post Time War incarnations would not have reacted well to an intruder in the TARDIS, and it would be difficult, although not impossible, to go pre-Time War.

“Where is she then?” Sabrina asked.

“She is, or was, in my twelfth incarnation’s TARDIS. Therefore we are going to look for him at a time when she is travelling with him,” the Doctor said.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just look in Norwich?” Daniel asked.

“Not necessarily, Daniel. She wanted to continue travelling, remember?” Jia’hale said.

“Right,” Daniel said, trying not to look at her.

“Alright, this is going to take a while, and the TARDIS may still go off course,” the Doctor said.

“I guess so,” Sabrina said.

“Doctor, we are arriving somewhere,” Sigrun said.

“Tau Ceti III, a good a place as any I suppose, but I don’t remember being there. On the other hand, Felicia will certainly change events,” the Doctor said.

“Your earlier self may look for you?” Jia’hale asked.
“That is a possibility too,” the Doctor said.

The TARDIS landed.

Sabrina went to the doors. “Let’s have a quick look,” she said.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

Tau Ceti III
4 July 2211
The Doctor, Sabrina and Daniel exited the TARDIS. “Are you sure that you don’t want to come?” Sabrina asked.

“It is unlikely that we would find Felicia on our first attempt,” Sigrun said from just inside the door.

“True,” Daniel said.

“Watch the TARDIS. If we’re not back in an hour, come after us,” the Doctor said.

“Right,” Sigrun said, as she closed the door.

“Ok, this way,” the Doctor said...

Sigrun turned to Jia’hale. “So, why didn’t you want to go and look?” she asked.

Jia’hale looked back at Sigrun. “You know why,” she said.

Sigrun rolled her eyes. Jia’hale’s proclivity. ‘She really doesn’t like wearing stuff, doesn’t she?’ “So what are you going to do in the meantime?” she asked.

“Not sure, maybe some sparing?”

“Um, sure,” said the not-so-sure Sigrun (given that Jia’hale was usually not-so-modestly attired when they spared).

Jia’hale saw Sigrun’s discomfort. ‘It won’t take long,’ she said.

Sigrun breathed heavily and then breathed slowly as she calmed herself. “OK,” she finally said. “But if I feel too uncomfortable...”

“You can stop,” Jia’hale interrupted.

“Deal,” Sigrun said, sounding slightly relieved.

The two friends then left the console room.

A few hours later, the Doctor, Daniel and Sabrina returned to the TARDIS. “That was a waste of time,” Daniel said.

“Not entirely, Daniel. We did solve that mystery,” Sabrina said.

“Oh yeah,” Daniel said.

“Not a total waste of time, Dan,” the Doctor said, as he opened the TARDIS doors. He found the console room empty. ‘of course they would be off doing whatever,’ he thought.

“Where to next?” Sabrina asked.

“Another random destination,” the Doctor said.

“Are you sure?” Sabrina asked.

“Yes, Sabie, I am sure. If I do plot a course, to a place that I do remember, it is likely that we will arrive before Felicia does,” the Doctor said.

“I suppose so,” Sabrina said.

The Doctor set the TARDIS in motion.

The TARDIS in flight

After he had set the TARDIS in motion, the Doctor left the console room.

Sabrina looked at the console. The current destination was Colorado Springs. ‘America? Unlikely!’ she thought.

“Come on, let’s see what Sigrun and Jia’hale are up to,” Daniel said.

Sabrina turned to him. “Sure,” she said.

Daniel and Sabrina arrived at the TARDIS’s gymnasium a few minutes later. Sabrina looked in, and quickly turned around “Aggh!”

“Jia’hale is bare?” Daniel asked.

Sabrina nodded.

“And yet she and Sigrun are sparing?” Daniel said.

Sabrina nodded again, with an expression of slight disgust.

“I imagine that Sigrun must be uncomfortable,” Daniel said, with a slight smirk.

“I guess so. Besides All I saw of her was that she is dressed as she usually is for that sort of activity,” Sabrina said.

“I think they’re using padded quarterstaves,” Sabrina added.

“Let’s do something else,” Daniel suggested.

“I’ll be in the library,” Sabrina said.

“I’ll be in bed. It has been a very long day,” Daniel said.

A while later, an exhausted Sigrun dropped to the floor. “Come on Jia’hale. We need to stop,” she said.

“Yeah, it has been a rather long exhausting day,” Jia’hale said as she moved away. She placed the padded quarterstaff back on the rack. She walked back to Sigrun. “I’m going to bed. See you at breakfast.” She brushed against Sigrun as she went towards the door...

Sigrun stood up and watched Jia’hale leave the room. “What just happened?” she wondered. She definitely needed sleep. She put own padded quarterstaff away, then went back to her room. She was soon fast asleep.

The ‘Day’ after Felicia’s disappearance

Sabrina entered the kitchen to find Daniel already there. “Good morning,” she said.

“Have you been to the console room yet?” Daniel asked.

“I came straight here.”

“I think we may have landed somewhere.”

“Let me have breakfast first.”

“Sure,” Daniel said with a smirk.

Sigrun entered the kitchen a short time later. She saw that Daniel was brewing some coffee and that Sabrina was making an omelette. “Having your usual large breakfasts, are you?” she asked.

“Yes, my metabolism hasn’t changed just because one of my friends has disappeared,” Sabrina said.

“I still have my appetite, Siggy,” Daniel said.

‘Siggy’ sighed as she grabbed her cereal. She didn’t much like that nickname.

“So, where do you think we are?” Daniel asked.

“Earth, first or second millennium AD,” Sigrun said.

“Is it that predictable?” Sabrina asked. ‘I would have thought the 1st millennium BC too,’ she thought.

“It is, of the places we have been since the TARDIS began going off course, less than 10% were not on Earth, and less than 15% of those on Earth were earlier than the fall of the Roman Empire or later than the Drahvin invasion that we had just stopped,” Sigrun said.

“I disagree,” Daniel said.

Sabrina turned from her cooking. “Please don’t fight over breakfast!”

“We will discuss this later,” Daniel said.

“I promise you that,” Sigrun said.

Sabrina breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to her cooking.

A while later, but while the three were still eating their meals, Jia’hale entered, still bare...

Sabrina dropped her knife onto her plate.

“What?” Jai’hale asked.

“You’re usually attired when you come to breakfast,” Sabrina said.

“Maybe,” Jia’hale said as she flicked her hair so that it fell down the front of her torso.

“More than that,” Sigrun said, remembering the previous night’s sparring session.

“I’m hungry, I have eaten like this a few times,” Jia’hale said.

“Just don’t make a habit of it,” Daniel said, looking her in the eyes.

Jia’hale rolled her eyes as she went to get her cereal.

A short time later Daniel and Sabrina exited the kitchen and went towards the console room.

“What are you thinking?” Daniel asked.

“What?” Sabrina asked.

“The way you were confronting Jia’hale.”

“Every time I have seen her at breakfast, she was dressed.”
“There were a few times prior to now that I recall that she wasn’t.”


“That’s not all is it?” Daniel asked.

“Of course not. I miss Felicia!” Sabrina said, almost in tears.

“She’s out there somewhere, we’ll find her,” Daniel said reassuringly.

“I know, Thanks.”

They entered the console room.

The Doctor was there. “Morning, had a good sleep?” he asked.

“Mostly, I’m still worried about Felicia,” Sabrina said.

“We’ll find her,” the Doctor said.

“Where are we?” Daniel asked.

“We have landed on a southern Pacific Island in the 1850’s. It should be relatively safe,” the Doctor said.

Sabrina thought for a moment. “Let’s explore it,” she said.

“I agree,” Daniel said.

“What about the other two?” the Doctor asked.

“Let’s just go without them,” Sabrina said.

“Are you sure?” the Doctor asked.

“Yes,” Sabrina said.

“Let’s go then,” the Doctor said.

26 March 1850
Bora Bora
The Doctor, Daniel and Sabrina emerged from the TARDIS. They could see the sun rising in the distance.
“Polynesia?” Sabrina asked.

“I did say the South Pacific, Sabie,” the Doctor said.

“It’s just that we haven’t been to Polynesia,” Sabrina said.

“Good point,” Daniel said.
The Doctor closed the TARDIS doors. “Let’s find out what’s going on here.”
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 13: The 11th Doctor
The 11th Doctor’s TARDIS
Felicia Lovell awoke, on the floor of a TARDIS corridor. It looked much the same, but she knew that it was an even earlier version of the TARDIS. ‘And which version of the Doctor…’ she pondered. She stood up and decided to try to find the Doctor. ‘He’s likely to be in the console room.’

Felicia soon found the console room, but it was empty. “Doctor?”

No answer. She decided to sit by the console and wait.

After another five minutes, she heard a sound. She turned and saw the Doctor walking down the stairs.

“Hello, Doctor,” she said.

The Doctor turned to her. “How did you enter my TARDIS?” he asked in a dark tone.

The Doctor’s tone unnerved Felicia. “I came from a future version of it. I normally travel with your incarnation after the next,” she said with slight fright.

The Doctor appeared to be in thought. “You don’t seem to be lying.”

“I’m not!”

The Doctor turned to the console. “You’re right. The sensors did record some sort of anomalous activity within the TARDIS structure.”

“That would be right.”

“You said the incarnation after next?”


“That’s impossible!” The Doctor said.

“Not impossible!” Felicia said. “I have been travelling with him for five months.”

“I have run out of regenerations!”

Felicia thought for a moment. “Maybe you obtained some more?” she asked.

“Unlikely, the Time Lords are gone!” The Doctor thought for a moment. “Or maybe, River did more than save my life. Either that or the Sisterhood broke the rules and gave me extra...”

“Probably, Ms. Song, whoever she is.”


“So you believe me?”

“Yes, it means that I’ll survive whatever is coming,” the Doctor said sardonically.

Felicia wasn’t sure to what the Doctor was referring to. “What are you saying?” she asked after a few moments.

“Something in the universe is out to get me. Some kind of conspiracy involving a race of ‘Silents.’ Anyone who sees them would not remember afterwards.”

Felicia was dubious. “And you know of them, how?”

“Myself and a few companions found out a way around that limitation.”

“Are they here, in the TARDIS?”

“No, they have stopped travelling with me,” he said morosely.

“Oh,” Felicia said. ‘They must have parted on bad terms,’ she decided, but the Doctor refuted that...

“A little run in with Weeping Angels!” he banged his fist against the console.

“Yikes!” Felicia said. That was one force of the Doctor’s enemies that she didn’t want to meet.

The Doctor just looked at her. She held back a shudder.

Felicia then waited for the Doctor to say more. “So, where are we going?”

“I’m chasing an impossible mystery. You don’t know anyone named Clara Oswin Oswald, do you?”

Felicia shook her head. “No.”

“I have met her twice, and she died both times.”

“She couldn’t have come back to life?”

“No, the first time the planet blew up. She had been turned into a Dalek anyway. The second time there was definitely a body.”

“Seems impossible.”

“It is, their personalities were the same, and they used the same phrases. They like making soufflés.”

Felicia then decided to ask the Doctor to help her to look for her Doctor. “You don’t want to help me look for my Doctor?” she asked. ‘Or the one I just left,’ she thought whimsically.

“Any particular reason? I could just drop you home.”

“You could do that, but I would like to see my version of the Doctor first.”

“You may give me spoilers about my incarnation after next. Then that information will be fixed. I already know that I’ll meet you in that incarnation. Not to say that I now know that I’ll actually have that incarnation!”

“He’ll be looking for me with you after having determined that I’m no longer with his immediate predecessor.”

“You did it again! Don’t do that!”

“You needed to know that.”

The Doctor thought for a moment. “I suppose I did. But no more information about my future!”

“Unless I can’t help it,” Felicia teased.

The Doctor moodily looked at her. “Just be careful about you say.”


“And now I’ll have to break that rule to help you,” the Doctor said even more moodily.

“How so?”

“I need to know where you were so we can trace the future TARDIS’s.”

“Not much help there.”

“How so?”

“In the first place, the TARDIS had been going off course. We had just left the Azores in 2018. Secondly, we had just come back from another universe.”

“Minimal information, good. I don’t want to know what’ll happen at the Azores or how the TARDIS will work in that other universe,” the Doctor said. He laid in a course.

However after a moment he saw that the TARDIS had set a different course. He tried to set it back to the Azores, but the setting didn’t budge. “Of course, she knows where she was going to go if you hadn’t come, so she’s going anyway!”

“Maybe she has located this Oswin person,” Felicia considering that the Doctor wanted to solve that mystery.

“Possibly,” the Doctor said.
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 14: The Frontier Part 1

8 May 1863
Bisonville, New Mexico, Contested between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America (currently in Union hands)
The TARDIS materialised outside the town.

“The Old West,” the Doctor said.

“That’s good. Haven’t been there for a while,” Felicia said.

“I have been there recently, but in Nevada in seven years time.”

“What happened?”

“You don’t want to know!” the Doctor snapped.

‘Must have been bad,’ Felicia thought. “Let’s go.”

The Doctor exited the TARDIS, followed by Felicia. He took out the sonic screwdriver and pointed it in the direction of the town. “No indications of anachronistic technology,” he said.

“That’s good,” Felicia said.

“There was anachronistic technology in Nevada,” the Doctor added. ‘Of course, there was more to that situation than the technology,’ he mused darkly. He hoped that the situation wouldn’t be similar.

“There was? Of what sort?”

“Electrics, that’s all you need to know.”

“You sure?”

“Of course I am.”

“Let’s go then,” Felicia encouraged.

“Of course.”

Bisonville was a typical Western town, with all the services usually in such a place. The Doctor and Felicia entered the Saloon. “Best place for news,” he said.

“I guess so,” Felicia said.

The Doctor walked up to the bar. “Hello, I’m the Doctor. Are there reports of unusual events lately?”

“Depends, what do you mean by ‘unusual’?” the bartender said.

“Something fantastical,” the Doctor said.

“Nothing unusual,” the bartender said.

The Doctor looked at the other patrons. One of them twitched and made a move for it. “No, I’m not a lawman, I’m just curious as to what has been going on,” he said.

The person continued to bolt, but found Felicia blocking the entrance. “He’s telling the truth,” Felicia said.
The person moved towards a window.

“I wouldn’t do that,” the Doctor said.

“He would,” the bartender said.

“Why?” the Doctor asked.

“Seems like the type,” the bartender replied.

The person reached the window and jumped through it. Felicia jumped through it after him.

“Great!” the Doctor said.

“I wouldn’t worry, Sweetie,” one of the patrons said.

The Doctor turned. That voice was very familiar. “River?”

“The one and only, Sweetie,” Doctor River Song said.

“Of course you are here. Where there’s one out of order companion, there is another.”

“Is that any way to refer to your wife? Wait; you said out of order?” River said, she took out her diary. “You’ll refer to this as ‘Felicia’s visit’.”

“So you know her name?”

“I know her name. But I haven’t met her yet.”

“Right,” the Doctor pondered.

“I’m not the only one here,” River said.


“Hi, Doctor,” another patron said.

“Grefeaw Kra, of course.”


“And Kellie too, great! But now we need to follow Felicia,” the Doctor said.

“Yes, Sweetie.”

“We also need to compare,” the Doctor said.

“Angels in Manhattan?” River asked sadly.


“Victorian Clara Oswin Oswald?”


“21st Century Clara Oswin Oswald?”


“Relax. I didn’t specify when in the century you’ll find her.”

“That’s true,” the Doctor said. He then asked River questions about events that she had experienced.

Felicia followed the person as he ran down the alley away from the saloon. She was gaining. “Give up, I will catch up. Tell me what you know.”

“No, way. I have heard of the Doctor, death follows in his tracks,” the other person said.

“That’s not what happens. Death doesn’t follow in his tracks. He stops the situations getting worse.”

“That’s what he wants you to believe.”

“Don’t worry, Felicia. I’m here,” the Doctor said. Having answered each other’s questions, he and River had followed Felicia.

“Get away, you Oncoming Storm,” the suspicious fellow said as he drew a gun from his gun belt.

“What did you call me? That’s what the Daleks used to call me.”

“They’re not the only ones.”

The Doctor sighed.

After the Doctor left, Kellie looked around the Saloon. Most of the patrons were keeping to themselves. She turned to the bartender. “What do you know of the person who ran away?” she asked.

“Nothing, really,” the bartender said as he cleaned a glass. “He only came into town a couple of months ago. He always kept to himself.”

“Did he hang around anyone?” Kellie asked.

“Only one or two, but they have left within the last week,” the bartender said.

“OK,” Kellie said, wondering what to ask next.

“There’s someone still in town though.”
“Who?” Grefeaw Kra asked.

“He keeps to himself. The only name I’ve ever heard was Alemat.”

“That sounds strange,” Grefeaw Kra remarked.

“Do you know where this Alemat is staying?” Kellie asked.

“In a boarding house on the edge of town,” the bartender replied.

“Thanks,” Grefeaw Kra said. She turned to Kellie. “We should check that out.”

“We should wait for River and the Doctor,” Kellie stated.

“We don’t need to,” Grefeaw Kra said.

Kellie sighed. “I’ll stay here,” she said.

After getting the directions from the bartender, Grefeaw Kra left the saloon and quickly entered a nearby alley...

“They’re not the only ones,” the suspicious fellow said.

The Doctor sighed.

“What are you up to?” Felicia asked.

“Not answering you. Not if you travel with him.”

“This is getting nowhere!” Felicia said.

“Then, I’ll take you to the Sherriff,” the Doctor decided.

“I still won’t say anything!”

Ten minutes later, there was a commotion in the Sherriff’s office.

“Has this man done anything wrong?” the Sherriff asked.

“Nothing,” Felicia admitted.

“I thought you could ask him what he’s doing in this town,” the Doctor said.

“Has he done anything wrong?” the Sherriff asked again.

“Nothing we know of,” River said.

“You’re free to go,” the Sherriff said to the person.

“Good bye!” the man said as he left the Sherriff’s office.

The Doctor turned to the Sherriff. “Any strange occurrences happening here.”

“Depends on what you mean by ‘strange’. We have had Southern spies, but not recently.”

“No, things that seem fantastical,” the Doctor clarified.

“I’ve heard rumors, but nothing substantive,” the Sherriff said.

“Thanks for your time,” Felicia said.

“However, do not drag in residents of this town without a reason again!” the Sherriff said.

“I will find a reason,” the Doctor said.

“It would have to be good,” the Sherrif rejoined, as the Doctor turned.

“Come, let’s investigate this town,” the Doctor said to River and Felicia.

...First Person – Grefew Kra...

I arrived at the boarding house on the edge of town, and entered the building. I then started searching the building in a methodical manner...

After twenty minutes, I found a room which contained things that were out of place. ‘If only the Doctor was here,’ I thought. ‘He would make sense of it.’ I took out my mini-tablet and took some images...

...Back to Third Person...

The Doctor, Felicia and River returned to the Saloon. “Kellie is still here, but Grefrew Kra isn’t,” the Doctor noted.

“Grefrew Kra is quite resourceful,” River said.

“I know. Sometimes too resourceful,” the Doctor added.

“Doctor?” Felicia asked.

“Get’s into trouble.”

“Like a lot of others, I imagine,” Felicia said.

The Doctor paused, and looked at Felicia. “She has you there,” River said.

The Doctor pointed to the bar, where Kellie was waiting. “Right, let’s fill Kellie in.”

“So this is Felicia?” Kellie asked as Felicia sat down.

“That’s me,” Felicia answered.

“How did you get here again?” Kellie asked.

“Anomalies in the TARDIS,” the Doctor answered.

“She normally travels with a later Doctor,” River added.

“Right,” Kellie said.

“And now, I can’t find him, or his other companions,” Felicia said.

“Doesn’t it seem strange that the Doctor usually finds his companions in Britain?” Kellie asked.

“I guess that has been where he’s been the most needed,” Felicia said.

“The stories seem to gravitate around there, I agree, but there are also other stories from other parts of Europe, here in America and in various parts of Asia.”

“I’m sure there are stories from elsewhere too.”

“There are but they don’t become obvious until after this point in time.”


“Enough of that digression, why do you think most companions are ‘Brits’.”

“I have no idea, sure I’m from East Anglia,” Felicia said, she lowered her voice so that the Doctor wouldn’t hear what she said next. “...And one of the next Doctor’s companions is, or will be, from Devon, as an example, but he also has non-British companions. One of my fellow companions is from Iceland, and one of the next Doc’s is from a planet called Tyria.”

“Very few aren’t from Britain, most are.”

“I have to think about it,” Felicia said.
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 15 – Thirteen meets Twelve
The TARDIS (Thirteenth, with Daniel, Jia'hale, Sabrina and Sigrun)
It had been days, possibly over a week, since Felicia had disappeared into an anomaly in the TARDIS structure.

The Doctor and most of his companions had spent most of the time searching the various places where the TARDIS had landed, looking for clues as to where Felicia had ended up (except Jia'hale, something was up with her, she had remained undressed since Felicia had disappeared, whereas before she usually did wear something, even if minimalistic). In any case, Felicia had been to none of those places (although they had run into a Clara clone, it had been a while since that had happened). Only twice did the TARDIS land where his previous self had been.
It had been a some time since he had been there (less than a year, but still months), however there had been no evidence that Felicia had been. (One person at one place had described Clara, another at the other had described Tamsin.)

The TARDIS changed course again. 'She may be honing in on her,' he thought. He heard footsteps, and looked. Sabrina entered the console room. She looked well rested, as if she had had a long, restful sleep, 'She probably has,' the Doctor thought. Only Daniel and Sigrun had occompanied him on the previous adventure.

“Are we close?” she asked.

“I have no idea. The TARDIS may be going about as random as before,” the Doctor answered. He was sure that she wasn't but he didn't want to rule that out.

“I hope not.” Sabrina sat next to him, and looked at the readout. “Heights of Oranuri?” she asked.

“A floating city above an Australian forest in the 22nd Century.”

“Sounds interesting,” Sabrina said.

“I do remember being there,” he said with a hopeful tone.

She leaned closer. “Good,” she said. She pressed against him, but that didn't last more than a second before she flinched away. “Oops!” she said.

He stood up. The TARDIS was about to land.

“We're landing?”

“Yes, Sabie.”

“I'll get Daniel and Sigrun.”

Heights of Oranuri, New South Wales, Australia
18 September 2164
The TARDIS materialised near the edge of a platform that looked out over the forest below. A few minutes later, the Doctor, Sabrina, Daniel and Sigrun emerged.

“How high is this place, Doctor?” Sigrun asked.

“Two kilometres above sea level. 1600 – 1700 meters above the ground.”

“Looks like it,” she said as she glanced through the glass at the forest below. She could see a normal city in the distance, with two other complexes hovering above it.

“Right, we need to determine if my previous self is here or not.”

“Hopefully we'll run right into him,” Sabrina said, “What did you look like again?”

“Older, with brownish hair, and a black suit.”

“There may be many people meeting that description, Doctor,” Daniel said.

“Possibly, but Australia of the 22nd Century was more Victorian in their tastes, mostly.”

Indeed as she looked, Sigrun could see many people dressed similarly to late 19th Century Britain, though some outfits wouldn't have been worn by people in that period. Not by any stretch of the imagination. 'Like something Jia'hale would have worn,' she thought.

Sabrina took out her phone. “Let's see if something happened recently that you would have been invovled in,” she paused. “Unless we're going to be involved alongside him, that is,” she added with a look at the Doctor.

“I hope not!” the Doctor said. 'I don't particulary want to be,' he thought.

Fifteen minutes later, Sabrina noticed something. A blue box. 'The TARDIS! The previous Doctor's TARDIS.' It looked slightly different, but it was still recognisable as the ship. “Doctor!”

“Yes, Sabie!”

“The earlier TARDIS!”

The Doctor saw it instantly. “Right, let's go up to her and wait.”

The earlier TARDIS was in a park. The Doctor stopped in front of the doors. He directed his companions to surround it. Sabrina and Daniel went to the sides and Sigrun to the back.

The Twelfth Doctor and his companions, Tamsin and Laranna, approached the TARDIS after having driven the air pirates away from the Hights of Oranui.

“Doctor,” Tamsin said. “The TARDIS is surrounded.”

“I see that,” the Doctor said. He walked closer and looked at the man in front of the doors. 'Of course!' He realised what was happening. 'Too bad he's arrived too late,' he thought. “Tamsin, I think this is Felicia's Doctor.”

“You're right,” the other Doctor said, as his other companions came alongside him.
“You're right,” the Doctor said, in response to his other self.

“Unfortunately, it has been some time since Felicia was with us,” Tamsin said.

“I suspected such, for I don't remember you as you now appear,” the Doctor said.

“Huh?” Tamsin asked.

“What do you mean?” Sabrina asked.

“I don't remember Tamsin travelling with me, for some time prior to Laranna joining me in the TARDIS.”

“Really?” the younger Doctor asked. “Are you saying that Felicia has changed our personal history?”

“It appears so,” the older Doctor said.

“Wait a minute. It wasn't her,” Tamsin said.

The Doctor's looked at her. “What?”

“It would be best if we all went into the TARDIS,” Tamsin said. “Even with the perception filters we'd be drawing too much attention.”

The older Doctor entered the younger's TARDIS. The sight of the console room filled him with nostalgia. Tamsin had sat next to the console, and brushed her long hair away from it. (That was another thing, according his memories, she still had much shorter hair when she had stopped travelling.) “So, you're responsible for the change in the personal history, Tam?”

“Tam?” Tamsin asked.

“It's an idiosyncracy. My name is Sabrina, he calls me 'Sabie.'”

“I shouldn't have known that,” the younger Doctor said, with an eyeroll.

“Anyway, there were many times when I would have stopped travelling in this amazing ship. But there was one thing that caused me to reconsider. What had happened to Felicia? It seemed that we had become friends. I couldn't stop travelling. And so I have, on and off for six years, as far as I can reckon.”

“That answers that, I guess,” Sigrun said. She glanced at Laranna, leaning on one of the upper railings. Her intricate cloak concealed her figure and face.

“Yes, but were you travelling with me alone when she appeared?”

“No, Kiara and Nathan were as well. Although Nathan left before Felicia did.”

“During our investigation of Vile's plot,” the older Doctor said. “She must have changed those events.”

“If she changed those events, then she changed the events in the universe with that Stargate network too,” the younger Doctor added.

“Great, and it was touch and go with Adria as it was!”

“Only Dr. Jackson and Lana escaped when we were captured by the Priors,” Tamsin related. “Is that right?” she asked the older Doctor.

The older Doctor paused. “That's right. Then we spent months trying to follow the Stargate wormhole, before I figured out how to take the TARDIS through the 'gate.”

“Was SG6 with you?” the younger Doctor asked.


“I don't think that too much has changed.”

Tamsin then related the incident in which Felicia went further back. “And so she went to the earlier Doctor.”

“Right, I'll start searching for him. I don't know where to start,” the older Doctor said.

“I guess so. Jia'hale is going to be disappointed. I know I am,” Sigrun said.

“You have a fifth companion?” the younger Doctor asked.

“All you need to know, for now, is her name,” the older Doctor said.

“Sure,” the younger Doctor said, with a disappointed tone.

Tamsin started and stood up. “I'll be right back!” She dashed out of the console room.

“I guess we'll wait, for her to get back?” Daniel asked.

“Of course,” the younger Doctor said.

While Tamsin was gone, Sigrun unsuccessfully tried to engage Laranna in conversation But the enigmatic girl (or woman, no one, not even the Doctor, was sure of her age) had remained as silent as ever. All that had happened was that Laranna had thrown her cloak back to reveal that her hair and face were hidden beneath a mask as intircate as the cloak. That had surprised Sigrun to say the least. 'Interesting,' she thought.

Tamsin returned with a couple of large suitcases. “Sorry for the delay. It took time to pack everything.”

“What?” the younger Doctor asked.

“I'm going to travel with your older self. Seeing that he's actually looking for Felicia.”

“Go ahead!” the younger Doctor said with a resigned tone. “But you could leave your stuff here. It will be in his TARDIS when you get there.”

“I doubt it. If he doesn't remember, then my stuff won't be there.”

“You're welcome to come, Tam, but it's some distance to my TARDIS.”

“No problem. This TARDIS can be moved closer.”

“I knew you were going to say that,” the younger Doctor said. He set the TARDIS in motion.

While the TARDIS was moving, Tamsin went up to Laranna. “Bye, Laranna. I'm sorry I never got to show you around Exeter, like I promised, but we may meet again.” She then gave her a short hug.

Laranna for her part, seemed to be surprised (not that anyone could see if she was) and returned the hug. She then waved goodbye to Tamsin. Then they curtsied to each other.

The TARDIS landed. The younger Doctor switched on the Scanner.. “There it is, the other TARDIS.”

Tamsin turned to Sigrun. “Tamsin.” She held out her hand.

Sigrun took it. “Sigrun. The others are Sabrina and Daniel.”

“Thanks,” Tamsin said as the shake concluded.

As soon as the other TARDIS had dematerialised, Tamsin entered the older Doctor's ship. The console room was different. “Wow. It's different,” she said.

“That it is, Tam.”

'That's going to take some time to get used to,' she thought.

Sigrun picked up one of the suitcases. “Let me help you,” she said.


“And we're on our way, looking for Eleven,” the Doctor said.

“Cool,” Sabrina said.

Tamsin had unpacked everything, so she decided to explore the TARDIS, to see how it had changed...

Jia'hale turned a corner and ran into someone she didn't know. “Who are you?” she asked, with slight fear. She put herself into a defensive stance.

The look of shock and slight disgust in the other person's face disappeared. “Tamsin.” She averted her eyes. “Jia'hale, right?”


“I travelled with the previous Doctor, where Felicia had gone.”

Hope welled within Jia'hale's bosom.

Tamin established eye contact. “However, your Doctor was too late by years,” she said with an apologetic tone.

Jia'hale collapsed to a sitting position. “Oh!” she said.

The Doctor has started looking for the previous Doctor.


“You want me to stay for a while?”

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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

The Many Doctors – Chapter 16 – The Tenth Doctor
The Eye of Orion (Unknown Time)
The Doctor was resting, he had not been to the Eye of Orion since before the Time War. He did not understand why he had never taken Rose to see it. He grew sad at the thought of her name, even after the many (months? Years? He knew that the TARDIS kept track somehow).

He thought more, about Martha Jones. The medical student he had met when the Judoon were chasing after a Plasmavore who had taken refuge in an Earth hospital, and whom he had taken to see Shakespeare, New New York and New York in the 1930's (Where they had defeated Carrionites, met the Face of Boe and defeated a plot by the Cult of Skaro respectively).

He thought about the parting. But then something in the background of the memory caught his attention! Next to Martha's sister on the television screen was a scientist. But what he said was what caught his attention. 'which will change what it means to be human'.
“What!” he said. He knew that it was something which he needed to look into. He had to go back to Martha! He bounded into the TARDIS and set it in motion, back to Earth.

In the TARDIS – travelling through the vortex
The Doctor was waiting as the TARDIS careened through the vortex, backtracking the route that it had just travelled. Then something unexpected happened. The Cloister Bell started ringing. “What?” he said. There was now another problem... He looked on the scanner. “Another TARDIS, very close-by. And an anomaly in the corridoor near the console room.”
He looked at the destination. Still Martha's flat in London. Still the same time as before. He then bounded off to look at the anomaly.

Felicia looked around as she recovered from her 3rd trip through the TARDIS-intratemporal-anomaly. The corridors were a lot more organic looking, like coral. “Hi most likely earlier TARDIS, I suppose that you are as surprised as the Doctor will be, and I am sure that he will be here soon,” she said. She hoped that he wouldn't be as morose as his next incarceration. She could then hear the Doctor running, amplified by the accoustics of the TARDIS corridors.

The Doctor rounded the corner and saw someone in the corridor. “Hi, Doctor,” she said.

“Who are you? How did you get into my TARDIS? It is impossible to generate such an anomaly,” the Doctor said.

“I am a future companion. I normally travel with your 13th self,” the young person said.

“Really?” the Doctor asked.

“Yes, I know you are the Doctor, and I am guessing that you are the tenth incarnation,” the young person said.

“Yes, I am the Tenth! But I ask you again, who are you? And how did you enter my TARDIS?” the Doctor asked.

“My name is Felicia Lovell, and I don't know why I am going backwards in the TARDIS. I also don't know what is causing the anomalies,” the young person, Felicia, said.

The Doctor thought. 'So the anomaly was connecting to the version of the TARDIS belonging to my next incarnation?'
“You came directly from the TARDIS to the TARDIS?” the Doctor said.

“Yes,” Felicia said.

“I guess that might be possible,” the Doctor said, to himself. Then the TARDIS made a noise.

“We are approaching our destination,” the Doctor said, he started walking back the way he came and motioned for Felicia to follow him.

“Which is?” Felicia asked, as she began to follow the Doctor.

“London. A scientist is claiming that he has created a device 'that will change what it means to be human',” the Doctor said.

“That isn't good in my experience,” Felicia said.

“So you have travelled with your Doctor for a while?” the Doctor asked.

“Yes, quite a while,” Felicia said, as they approached the console room.

The TARDIS stopped and the Doctor went to the main door and opened it. Someone was outside the TARDIS. “I'm sorry, but did he say 'change what it means to be human'?”
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 17 – The Lazarus Experiment Part 1

2 December 2008
London, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Martha Jones was not impressed that the Doctor had apparently picked up someone else whilst he had been away. This 'Felicia' person was not explaining herself, but was clearly was not comfortable around the Doctor.

“Why, if you are concerned about what that person said on the TV, did you pick up someone else?” she asked. The Doctor did not know how to answer. At least not right away.

“There was a problem with the TARDIS. A future version of it connected with the current version somehow. I somehow travelled between them,” Felicia said.

“I suppose so,” Martha said, after some thought. Felicia did not sound like she was lying.

“So, tell me what is going on with the scientist,” Felicia requested.

“I guess I should call Tish,” Martha said, referring to her sister.

“You had better do that,” the Doctor said.

Later that night the Doctor, Martha and Felicia were approaching the Lazarus Laboratories building.

“Black Tie. Why do I have to wear it?” the Doctor pondered.

“It looks good. In a James Bond kind of way,” Martha said.

“James Bond!” the Doctor exclaimed in a mock offended tone.

“Not really. It is more Jack Bauer,” Felicia said.

“That is even worse,” the Doctor said.

“Sorry,” Felicia said.

Meanwhile on the top floor of the Lazarus Laboratories building, Letitia Jones was delivering the guest list to Professor Lazarus.
“You wanted to see the guest list for tonight?” she asked.

“Yes Letitia,” Professor Richard Lazarus said.
He came very close to her as he took the guest list off her.

“Interesting fragrance,” he said.

“It's Soap!” Letitia snapped and turned around. It may have appeared that she walked calmly out of the office, but she was seething inside. Professor Lazarus was very creepy...

Downstairs, the Doctor, Martha and Felicia entered the building and were met by Letitia.

“Tish!” Martha said as the sister's hugged.

“You look great. So, what do you think? Impressive, isn’t it?” Tish asked.

“Very,” Martha said as she nodded.

“And two nights out in a row for you—that’s dangerously close to a social life.”

“If I keep this up, I’ll end up in all the gossip columns.”

“You might, actually. Keep an eye out for photographers. And Mum—she’s coming too, even dragging Leo along with her.”

Martha was incredulous. “Leo in black tie? That I must see.”

Tish then glanced at the Doctor and Felicia.

“This is the Doctor,” Martha said.

The Doctor held out his hand. “Hello.”

“And Felicia.”

“Hi!” Felicia said.

“Are they with you?” Tish asked.

“Yes,” Martha answered.

“But they're not on the list. How did they get in?”

.”They're my plus three,” Martha explained.

“There's no plus three,” Tish objected.

“There was in my case.”

The Doctor interjected. “So, this Lazarus, he's your boss?”

“Professor Lazarus, yes. I'm part of his executive staff.”

“She's in the PR department,” Martha explained.

“I'm head of the PR department, actually.”

Martha was even more incredulous. “You're joking.”

“I put this whole thing together,” Tish said to her sister.[

“I guess Martha didn't know that,” Felicia said to the Doctor.[

“Something may be going on...” the Doctor said to Felicia. He then seemed to be in thought. He then said to Tish. “So do you know what the professor's going to be doing tonight? That looks like it might be a sonic microfield manipulator.”

The words went over Tish's head. “He's a science geek, I should have known. Got to get back to work now. I'll catch up with you later.” Tish left.

The trio walked further into the lobby. “Science geek? What does that mean?” the Doctor asked.

'I'll let Martha answer,' Felicia thought.

“That you're obsessively enthusiastic about it,” Martha answered.

“Oh, nice!”

When they entered the main room, Felicia looked around it. There was equipment with many dials and switches sitting near the back wall, and a chamber around which a large device was installed. She supposed that this was the 'incredible device' that was supposed to 'change what it means to be human'. The lighting in the room was accentuating the device, making it stand out much more than anything else in the room. She also saw that the room was getting crowded as more people arrived to see the revelation of the device and the 'miracle' it was supposed to produce.

Soon, Martha saw her mother with her brother. She ran and hugged her mother. “Mum!”

“All right, what's the occaision?” Francine Jones asked her daughter.

“What do you mean? I'm just pleased to see you, that's all.”

“You saw me last night.”

“I know. I just miss you. You're looking good, Leo."

“Yeah. If anyone asks me to fetch them a drink, I'll swing for him,” Leo said.

“]You disappeared last night,” Francine said.

'She suspects something...' Felicia thought.

“I just went home,” Martha said.

“On your own?” Francine asked.

“These are friends of mine, the Doctor, and Felicia.”

“Doctor what?” Francine asked, taking no notice of Felicia, but focusing on the Doctor.

“No, it's just the Doctor. We've been doing some work together,” Martha said, trying to defuse the situation.

“You all right, mate?” Leo asked.

“It's lovely to meet you, Mrs Jones. Heard a lot about you,” the Doctor said.Have you? What have you heard then?”

“]Oh, you know, that you're Martha's mother and. Er, no, actually, that's about it. We haven't had much time to chat. You know, been busy,” the Doctor said.

Busy?” Francine asked. “Doing what, exactly?”

“Oh you know. Stuff,” the Doctor answered.

Felicia shot him a look as if saying. 'That's not helping!'

The sound of tapping on a glass drew the attention of everyone in the room.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am Professor Richard Lazarus and tonight I am going to perform a miracle. It is, I believe, the most important advance since Rutherford split the atom, the biggest leap since Armstrong stood on the moon. Tonight, you will watch and wonder. Tomorrow, you will wake to a world which will be changed forever."

Technicians flipped switches as the device powered up and began to spin around the chamber, seeming to produce some sort of visible vibrations in the air.

Suddenly alarms blared and the smell of burning electronics permeated the room. With mechanical squeals growing louder as it spun, the device was clearly beginning to overload!
“Something's wrong. It's overloading,” the Doctor said. He leapt into action, dodging through the startled crowd. He leveraged himself over the outer ring of equipment surrounding the chamber to access the controls. He flipped a few of the switches that he had seen the technicians flip earlier as he watched several dials and monitors. Then he kicked the machine with the biggest dial as the dial continued to move further into the red!

One of Lazarus's investors, Lady Thaw said. “Somebody stop him. Get him away from those controls!”

“If this thing goes up, it'll take the whole building with it. Is that what you want?” the Doctor asked. He finally pulled out a big power cable and the contraption slowed down.

Martha and Felicia rushed to the chamber. “Get it open!” the Doctor said. Martha opened the door and Lazarus clambered out.

“My name is Richard Lazarus. I am 76 years old and I am reborn!” he said in a clear voice.

He held up his arms triumphantly, a smug look on his face.

He looked decades younger...

“It can't be the same man. It has to be a trick,” Martha said.

“Oh, it's Lazarus alright,” Felicia said.

“You're right, it is Lazarus,” the Doctor said to Felicia. “But I wish it was a trick,” he said to Martha.

“]What just happened then?” Martha asked.

“He just changed what it means to be human,” the Doctor said.

Lady Thaw had approached Lazarus.

“Excuse me. That was the most astonishing thing I have ever seen. Look at you,” she said, holding her hands up to his face.

“This is only the beginning. We're not just making history, we're shaping the future too,” Lazarus said.

"]Think of the money we'll make. People will sell their souls to be transformed like that. And I'll be first in line,” Thaw said.

Lazarus stiffened and gasped. He grabbed a tray from a passing waiter and proceeded to all all of the food on it.

“Richard!” Thaw exclaimed.

“I'm famished.”

]The Doctor stepped in. “Energy deficit. Always happens with this kind of process.”

"You speak as if you see this every day, Mister?"

"Doctor. And well, no not every day, but have some kind of experience with this kind of transformation."

"That's not possible,” Lazarus objected.

"Using hypersonic sound waves to create a state of resonance. That's inspired."

“You understand the theory, then?”

“Enough to know that you couldn't possibly have allowed for all the variables.”

“No experiment is entirely without risk.”

“That thing nearly exploded. You might as well have stepped into a blender.”

“You're not qualified to comment,” Thaw interjected.

“If I hadn't stopped it, it would have exploded,” the Doctor said.

"Than I thank you, Doctor. But that's a simple engineering issue. What happened inside the capsule was exactly what was supposed to happen. No more, no less.”

"No have no way of knowing that until you've run proper tests,” Martha said.

"Look at me. You can see what happened. I'm all the proof you need.”

"This device will be properly certified before we start to operate commercially,” Thaw said.

"Commercially? You are joking. That'll cause chaos,” Martha said.

"I don't remember anything about this happening in the late naughties,” Felicia said to the Doctor.
Time can be rewritten,” the Doctor said to her.

"Not chaos, change. A chance for humanity to evolve, to improve,” Lazarus said.

"This isn't about improving. It's about you and your customers living a little longer.”

"Not a little longer, Doctor. A lot longer. Perhaps indefinitely.”

"Richard, we have things to discuss, upstairs.”

"Goodbye, Doctor. In a few years, you'll look back and laugh at how wrong you were,” Lazarus said. He kissed Martha's hand and left with Lady Thaw.

"Oh, he's out of his depth. No idea of the damage he might have done,” the Doctor said."

"That'll be right,” Felicia agreed.

"So what do we do now?” Martha asked.

"Now? Well, this building must be full of laboratories. I say we do our own tests,” the Doctor suggested.

"Lucky I've just collected a DNA sample then, isn't it?”

"Oh, Martha Jones, you're a star.”

Felicia followed them as they went to look for a laboratory.

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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 17: Part 2

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Soon they were looking at Lazarus's DNA. “Amazing,” the Doctor said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]What?” Martha and Felicia said at the same time.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Lazarus's DNA.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I can't see anything different,” Martha said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Look at it,” the Doctor said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Then, something flashed on the screen. The DNA strand was changing.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]O, Did that just change? But it can't have,” Martha said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Look's like it did,” Felicia did.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor nodded.[/SIZE][/FONT]
“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]It's impossible.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Clearly, Lazarus has done something to make it possible,” Felicia said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]That's two impossible things we've seen so far tonight,” the Doctor added.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]That means Lazarus has changed his own molecular patterns.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Hypersonic sound waves to destabilise the cell structure, then a mutagenic program to manipulate the coding in the protein strands. Basically, he hacked into his own genes and instructed them to rejuvenate.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]But they're still mutating now!” Martha said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]That doesn't sound good,” Felicia said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]You're right. He's missed something. Something in his DNA has been activated and won't let him stabilise,” the Doctor said. “Something that's trying to change him.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Change him into what?” Martha asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I don't know, but I think we need to find out.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]That woman said they were going upstairs,” Martha said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Let's go,” the Doctor said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor, Martha and Felicia entered Lazarus's office. “This is his office all right,” Martha said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]So where is he?” the Doctor asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Don't know. Let's try back at the reception,” Martha said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Felicia found something behind the desk. The remains of Miss Thaw. “Over here!” The Doctor and Martha came over. “I think it's Thaw...”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Used to be, now it's just a shell. Had all the life energy drained out, like squeezing the juice out of an orange,” the Doctor said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Lazarus?” Martha asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I hope not!” Felicia said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I'm afraid that it could be,” the Doctor said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]So he's changed already?” Martha asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Not necessarily, the DNA was fluctuating. The process must demand energy. This might not have been enough.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]So he might do this again?” Martha asked as they headed back towards the lifts.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]As they went down in one lift, another one came up, containing Lazarus.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]And Tish...[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor, and his two companions arrived back down in the reception room. “I can't see him,” Martha said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Neither can I,” Felicia reported.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Keep looking,” the Doctor directed.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Martha's brother came up to them. “Hey, you all right, Marth? I think Mum wants to talk to you,” he said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Have you seen Lazarus anywhere?” Martha asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Leo hesitated. “Yeah, well, he was getting cosy with Tish a couple of minutes ago.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]With Tish?” Martha asked in surprise.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Sounds creepy, given his actual age,” Felicia commented.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Yeah,” Martha agreed.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Where did they go?” the Doctor asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Upstairs, I think, why?”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor ran passed Francine, who was calling his name. “I'm speaking to you!”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Not now, Mum!”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I don't think we have time,” Felicia said a she went passed.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Are you Martha's friend?”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Actually, I only met her today,” Felicia admitted before she followed the other two.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Francine sighed heavily.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I think you need one of these...”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor and his companions returned to Lazarus's office. It was empty. “Where are they?” Martha asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver. “Fluctuating DNA will give off an energy signature. I might be able to pick it up.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]He soon home in on the signature. “Got him!”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Where?” Felicia asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor pointed upward.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Isn't this the top floor?” Felicia asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The roof!”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]When they got onto the roof, they saw Lazarus and Tish looking over at Southwark Cathedral. “...hard to believe the moment's finally arrived,” Lazarus was saying.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Falls the Shadow,” the Doctor quoted as he approached.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]So, the mysterious Doctor knows his Eliot. I'm impressed,” Lazarus responded.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Martha, what are you doing here?” Tish asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Tish, get away from him.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]What? Don't tell me what to do/[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I wouldn't have thought you had time for poetry, Lazarus, what with you being busy defying the laws of nature and all.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]You're right, Doctor. One lifetime's been too short for me to do everything I'd like. How much more I'll get done in two or three or four?”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Doesn't work like that. Some people live more in twenty years than others do in eighty. It's not the time that matters, it's the person.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]But if it's the right person, what a gift that would be.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Or what a curse. Look at what you've done to yourself.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]'Seem's like the Doctor's talking from experience,' Felicia thought. She decided to talk to him later.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Who are you to judge me?”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Over here, Tish.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]You have to spoil everything, don't you? Every time I find someone nice, you have to go and find fault.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Lazarus then spasmed, and fell.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Felicia screamed.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]That's a bit melodramatic isn't it?” Tish asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]No, turn around!” the Doctor said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Tish turned and saw Lazarus, or rather, what he had turned into... “What's that?”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Run!” the Doctor shouted.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]As they re-entered the building, the Doctor used the sonic screwdriver to fuse the door shut. Marth turned to Tish. “Are you OK?”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I was going to snog him!”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The lights flickered as Lazarus tried to break in. “I don't think this is time to be talking about that,” Felicia remonstrated.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Security one, security one, security one.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The lights then all went out and doors closed. “What's happening?” Martha asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]An intrusion. It triggers a security lockdown. Kills most of the power. Stops the lifts, seals the exits,” Tish explained.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]He must be breaking through that door. The stairs, come on!” the Doctor said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]As soon as they reached the stairs, they heard the door crash down. “He's inside!” Martha called out.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]We haven't got much time!” the Doctor said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]They soon reached the reception room.[/SIZE][/FONT]
“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Tish is there another way out of here?” the Doctor asked.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]There's an exit in the corner, but it'll be locked now.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor turned to Felicia. “You know how to use this?” he asked holding up the sonic.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]A little,” Felicia admitted.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor threw it to her. “Setting 54. Hurry,” he said.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Felicia moved into action and began sonicing the security console.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor turned to the crowd. “Listen to me! You people are in serious danger! You need to get out of here right now!”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Don't be ridiculous,” a woman objected. “The biggest danger here is choking on an olive!”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Then Lazarus appeared, still in his altered state, and jumped down. The crowd became paniced![/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Mum, get back!” Leo shouted.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Leo!” Francine shouted as a table sent flying by Lazarus hit him.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Martha ran to attend to her brother.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Over here! Everyone, downstairs now! Hurry!” Felicia called.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Lazarus stood over a petrified woman. “No! Get away from her!” the Doctor cried.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Unfortunately, Lazarus used his tail to suck the woman dry![/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Francine turned to her son. “Leo! Leo!”[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Lazarus turned.[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Lazarus! Leave them alone!” the Doctor called as Martha ran to her family.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]She cradled Leo in her arms. “Come on, stay with me. You're OK.”[/SIZE][/FONT]

“[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]What's the point? You can't control it. The mutation's too strong. Killing those people won't help you. You're a fool. A vain old man who thought he could defy nature. Only Nature got her own back, didn't she? You're a joke, Lazarus! A footnote in the history of failure!” He gestured to Felicia. She handed the sonic over to Martha and followed him as lead Lazarus down a corridor.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]What are they doing?” Tish asked.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]They're trying to buy some time. Let's not waste it...”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor and Felicia were down in the basement with Lazarus. “It's no good, Doctor. You can't stop me.”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Is that the same arrogance you had when you swore nothing had gone wrong with your device?”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The arrogance is yours. You can't stand in the way of progress,” Lazarus said.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]You call feeding on innocent people progress? Your delusional!”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]It is a necessary sacrifice,” Lazarus said.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Who are you to make that decision?” Felicia called out.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]It's not yours!” the Doctor added.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Meanwhile Tish found that the guests were trapped. “We can't get out we're trapped!” she said.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]There must be an override switch. Where's the security desk?” Martha asked. Her sister wasn't responding. “Tish!”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Tish pointed to it. “There!”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Martha ran and jumped over the desk and waved the sonic over the console. The doors opened, and the crowd streamed out.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Once out Martha knew she had to go back. “I have to go back!”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]You can't! You saw what that thing did! It'll kill you,” Francine objected.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I don't care. I have to go.”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]It's that Doctor, isn't it. That's what happened to you. That's why you've changed.”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]They were buying us time, Martha. Time for you to get out too,” Tish said.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]I'm not leaving him!” Martha said as she turned away.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Martha!”[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]The Doctor and Felicia were in a laboratory. The Doctor had exposed the electric wiring in the light fittings, while Felicia had opened all the gas taps.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]More hide and seek, Doctor? How disappointing. Why don't you come out and face me?” Lazarus asked as he entered the laboratory.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Felicia dashed out.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]Have you looked in the mirror lately? Why would I want to face that, hmm?” the Doctor then dashed out after his companion. He hit the light switch as he did so.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=3]KABOOM! The gas went up.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 17: Part 3

Martha heard the explosion and rounded a corner, almost running into Felicia. “What are you doing here?” the Doctor asked.

Martha held out the sonic. “I'm returning this. I thought you might need it.”

“How did you...”

“I heard the explosion. I guessed it was you,” Martha said.

“We blasted Lazarus!” Felicia said, with shortness of breath.

“Was he killed?” Martha asked.

As if on cue they heard Lazarus cry out.

“More like angered, I'd say,” the Doctor said.

The Doctor, Martha and Felicia came back to the device that had altered Lazarus. “What now? We've just gone round in a circle,” Martha said.

“We can't lead him outside. Come on, get in,” the Doctor directed.

“Is this such a good idea?” Felicia asked as she got in.

“Are we hiding?” Martha asked.

“No, he knows we're here. But this is his masterpeice. I'm betting he won't destroy it, not even to get at us.”

“But we're trapped,” Martha objected.

“Well, yeah, that's a slight problem,” the Doctor admitted.

“You mean, you don't have a plan?” Martha asked.

“Yes, the plan was to get inside here.”

“Then what?” Felicia asked.

“Well, then I'd come up with another plan.”

After a brief struggle, the Doctor brought the sonic screwdriver out of his pocket.

“What're you going to do with that?”

“Improvise,” the Doctor answered. He slid down to the floor and opened a panel.

“I still don't understand where that thing came from. It is alien?” Martha asked.

“No, for once it's strictly human,” the Doctor answered, not pausing in his work.

“Hard to believe,” Felicia whispered.

“How can it be human?”

“Probably from dormant genes in Lazarus' DNA. The energy field in this thing must have reactivated them. And it looks like they're becoming dominant.

“That's some throwback!” Felicia said.

“Some option that evolution rejected for you millions of years ago, but the potential is still there. Locked away in your genes, forgotten about until Lazarus unlocked it by mistake.”

“It's like Pandora's box?” Martha asked.

“Exactly,” the Doctor said, then complimenting both Martha and Felicia on their shoes.

Suddenly a sound came from outside.

“Is that what I think it is?” Felicia asked.

“Yes. He has switched the machine on!” the Doctor said.

“And that's not good, is it?” Martha asked.
“Well. I was hoping that it was going to take him a little bit longer to work that out.” the Doctor answered.

“I don't want to hurry you, but...” Martha said.

“I know, I know. Nearly done!” the Doctor said.

“What are you doing?” Felicia asked.

“I'm trying to set the capsule to reflect energy rather than receive it.”

“Will that kill it?” Martha asked.

“When he transforms, he's three times his size. Cellular triplication. So he's spreading himself thin.”

“We're going to end up like him!” Martha said in panic.

“Just one more!”

Outside, the capsule reflected the energy, knocking the monster, that Lazarus had become, out.

The Doctor and his companions exited the capsule. “I thought we were going through the blender then,” Martha said.

“It was quite close,” Felicia added.

“Really shouldn't take that long just to reverse the polarity. I must be a bit out of practice,” the Doctor remonstrated.

“Here he is,” Felicia said as they came to the corpse of Richard Lazarus. Human again, but still young looking.

“Oh, he looks so human again. It looks kind of pitful,” Martha commented.

“Eliot saw that, too. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.”

Outside, as the paramedics loaded what was left of Lazarus into a waiting ambulance, Francine Jones confronted the Doctor.
“Ah, Mrs. Jones, still haven't finished our chat.”

Francine slapped him hard across the face. “Keep away from my daughter!”

Martha was scandalised. “Mum, what are you doing?”

“All of the mothers, every time,” the Doctor complained.

“You're not meeting mine,” Felicia murmured, uncertain what her mother would make of any of his incarnations she had met so far...

“He is dangerous. I've been told things,” Francine said.
“What are you talking about?” Martha asked.

“Look around you. Nothing but death and destruction,” Francine answered.

The Ambulance left.

“It would have been worse without him!” Felicia said.

“He saved all of us!” Martha said.

“And it was Tish who invited everyone to this thing in the first place. I'd say technically, it's her fault,” Leo said.

Tish elbowed her brother in the ribs.

The Doctor ran off as he heard the ambulance crash, Felicia right behind him.

“Leave him,” Francine directed.

Martha shook her head and followed.

“Martha?” Tish asked.

“Not you too!”

“Sorry,” Tish said.

The Doctor, Felicia, Martha and Tish soon found the ambulance, empty of life. Empty of Lazarus, but not of corpses...
“Lazarus, back from the dead. Should have known, really,” the Doctor said.

“Where's he gone?” Martha asked.

The Doctor's gaze followed the path of destruction that Lazarus had left behind. “That way, the church,” he said.

“Cathedral. It's Southwark Cathedral. He told me,” Tish said.

They soon entered the Cathedral.

“Do you think he's in here?” Martha asked.

“Where else would he be?” Felicia asked.

“He's looking for sanctuary, where else would he go?” the Doctor asked.

Carefully, they go deeper into the Cathedral...

They eventually find him up the nave to the altar.
“I came here before, a lifetime ago. I thought I was going to die then. In fact, I was sure of it. I sat here, just a child, the sound of planes and bombs outside.”

“The Blitz,” the Doctor said.

“You've read about it.”

“I was there.”

“You're too young.”

“So are you.”

Lazarus laughed. His body made cracking sounds. “In the morning, the fires had died, and I was still alive. I swore I'd never face death like that again. So defenseless. I would arm myself, fight back, defeat it.”

“That's what you were trying to do today?” the Doctor asked.

“That's what I did today.”

“What about the other people who died?”

“They were nothing. I changed the course of history.”

“Any of them might have done too. You think history's only made with equations? Facing death is part of being human. You can't change that.”

“No, Doctor. Avoiding death, that's being human. It's our strongest impulse, to cling to life with every fibre of being. I'm only doing what everyone before me has tried to do. I've simply been more successful.

“Look at yourself. You're mutating! You've no control over it. You call that a success?” the Doctor shot back.

“I call it progress. I'm more now than I was. More than just an ordinary human.”

“There is no such thing as an ordinary human.”

Lazarus convulsed!

“He's going to change again any minute,” Martha said quietly to the others.

“I know. If I can get him into the bell tower somehow, I've got an idea that might work,” the Doctor said.

“The bell tower?” Felicia asked/

“You're so sentimental, Doctor. Maybe you're older than you look.”

“I'm old enough to know that a longer life isn't always a better one. In the end, you just get tired. Tired of the struggle, tired of loosing everyone that matters to you, tired of watching everything turn to dust. If you live long enough, Lazarus, the only certainty left is that you'll end up alone.”

“That's a price worth paying,” Lazarus replied.

“Is it?” the Doctor asked.

“I will feed soon!”

“I'm not going to let that happen!”

“You've not been able to stop me so far.”

“Leave him, Lazarus! He's old and bitter. I thought you had a taste for fresher meat,” Martha taunted.

“Martha, no!”

Lazarus lunged at Martha. She ran, followed by Tish and Felicia.

“What are you doing?” Martha asked.

“Keeping you out of trouble,” Tish said.

“I'm not sure this is a good idea!” Felicia said. “But we have to stop him! Somehow.”

“Doctor! The Tower!”

“Take him to the top. The very top of the bell tower, do you hear me?” the Doctor called.

“Up to the top!”

The three young women managed to get to the top of the bell tower ahead of Lazarus in his mutated form.

“Great, we're bait!” Felicia said.

“Can we trust him?” Tish asked.

Felicia nodded.

“We have to,” Martha said.

“He knows what he is doing,” Felicia said.

The Doctor started playing the organ.

The Mutant attacked the trio, lashing out at Martha with his tail...

Ultimately, Lazarus fell from the bell tower.

“Martha? Tish? Felicia?”

“We're okay!” Tish said as Felicia helped Martha back onto the wooden walkway.

“Thanks,” Martha said to Felicia.

“You're welcome, but it's the Doctor who really defeated him,” Felicia said.

“Who is he?” Tish asked.

“He's,” Martha paused and looked at Felicia.

Felicia shrugged.

Martha turned back to her sister. “He's the Doctor.”

Back on the floor of the Cathedral. Lazarus had turned back into his older self upon death. Martha came up, as the Doctor closed his eyes. “I didn't know you could play?”

“Oh, well, you know, if you hang around with Beethoven, you're bound to pick a few things up,” the Doctor said.

“There we are, on our way,” the Doctor said to Martha and Felicia, as the TARDIS dematerialised from Martha's flat.

“I hope I didn't influence your decision,” Felicia asked Martha.

“No, no, I guess I wanted his invitation,” Martha said.


“And we're on our way, looking for your Doctor, Felicia.”


The Doctor flipped a switch on the console. “Allon-sy!
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

The Many Doctors – Chapter 18 – Thirteen Meets Eleven
The TARDIS (Thirteenth, with Daniel, Jia'hale, Sabrina, Sigrun and Tamsin)
It had been days, possibly over a week, since the Doctor and his companions had meet the previous Doctor and Tamsin had started travelling with them.

Tamsin and Sabrina entered the console room. “Jia'hale is still withdrawn. I still don't know why the absence of Felicia has affected her this way,” Tamsin said.

“I have no idea either,” Sabrina said. “She'll come around.”

“I hope so, she spends all her time in either, her room, the kitchen or the gymnasium, and she's still as bare as ever!” Tamsin shook her head.

“That is annoying. The Doctor should really talk to her about it.”

The Doctor was already there. “I already have. I even offered a holographic clothes capsule. She turned it down. As long as she remains in the TARDIS there is nothing I can do.”

“Surely she would require some Vitamin D eventually?” Tamsin asked.

“Good question. But there are places aboard where one can get the requiste radiation. In addition the milk stocks are low,” the Doctor said. A tone emanated from the console. “Ah! We're closer. Listen.”

... Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? ...

“What's that?” Tamsin asked.

“The Time Lords. Sending a message throughout time and space. Seeking the attention of my previous self.”

“Why?” Sabrina asked.

“The were trying to get back in the universe after the conclusion of the Time War,” the Doctor explained. “That is merely the translated version. Poor old Handles...”

“Handles?” Sabrina asked.

“The remnant of the cybernetic portion of a Cyberman's cranial unit. He expired part way through my stay on Trenzalore. Which is what that message lead to.” He manipulated the console again.

Soon the “... Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? ...” was replaced by a bell-like sound.

The Doctor could see that Tamsin was going to ask. “That's the untranslated version.”

“Ok then...” Sabrina said.

“Just trying to get to the right place in the probability waves of the universe,” the Doctor said.

“Huh?” Tamsin asked.
“It's timey-wimey, Tam.”

Tamsin sighed.

“And now. Let's find Clara and I. More likely to be with myself and Clara, rather than the complication that was myself and the Ponds...”

“The Ponds?” Sabrina asked.

“I don't know. Maybe we'll ask the Doctor, the Eleventh maybe.”

“We'll be there, in ten minutes, go and find Daniel and Sigrun. We may need them.”

26 August 2014
London, England, United Kingdom
The TARDIS landed in Totters Lane, outside the junkyard where the Doctor had originally landed with his granddaughter all those years ago. The door opened and the Doctor, Sigrun, Tamsin, Daniel and Sabrina emerged.

“Why are we here?” Daniel asked.

“Clara's a teacher at Coal Hill School, that's near here.”

“And you'll be there?” Tamsin asked as she closed the TARDIS doors.

“There were a few times. The school's a weirdness magnet. There was a time when my seventh self faught Daleks on the grounds...”

“That's not this time, is it?” Sabrina asked.

“Don't worry. It was the '80's.”

Coal Hill School
Clara Oswald re-entered her staffroom. The Doctor had fought off the intelligent mice invasion with his usual exuberance. “That's over, isn't it?” she asked him.

“Yes. They have retreated back to their haunts below London. They won't trouble the school again any time soon,” he said.

“It's going to take a while for the school to get back to normal,” Clara said.

The Doctor looked at her.

“You know what I mean, normal for the school.”

There was a knock on the door. Clara answered it. “Ms. Oswald?” A student asked.


“There's a Doctor asking for you.”

“Impossible, he's already here.”

“And yet someone is asking for you.”

Clara looked at the Doctor.

“Could be something important,” he said.

“Send him in.”

The Doctor, Tamsin, Daniel, Sabrina and Sigrun entered the room, crowding it. “Hello, Doctor,” the older Doctor said.

“Impossible!” the younger Doctor said.

“Does the name 'Felicia' mean anything to you?”

“Now I remember, but it's impossible.”


“Don't imitate River like that, it's infuriating.”

“You'll find out,” the older Doctor said, with a glance at Clara.

“So we're too late again?” Sabrina asked.

“Jia'hale won't like this,” Sigrun said.

“I don't know anyone named Felicia, apart from a student here by that name, but I don't think you mean her,” Clara said.

The younger Doctor sat down. “You are definitely too late. I met Felicia before I met Clara.” He looked at her. “This Clara I mean. I met her after I met the Victorian Clara. I don't know how I would have reacted if I had met her before that.”

“Yes, the post-Pond funk, that wasn't good,” the older Doctor said.

“Post-Pond funk?” Tamsin asked.

“You don't want to know,” the older Doctor said.

“I met Felicia, we went to Bisonville. Then to Babylon 5, and finally to Ilaran.”

“I found meeting Twelve that Felicia changed the timeline.”

“One of us travelled a lot longer with him than otherwise,” Daniel said, trying not to look at Tamsin.

“I don't think anything changed. Neither Kellie nor Grefrew Kra travelled with me away from Bisonville. They arrived with River and left with her.”

“That's right, but what about B5?”

“I doubt anything changed there, other than Felicia drawing Garibaldi's attention.”

“That could have changed a lot.”

“I guess you would have to go there and find out.”

“No, I could get further cought up in that War with those 'Shadows'.”

“Shadows?” Clara asked.

“I never found out much, other than that they were an ancient race that manipulated the younger races into attacking each other, so that they would adapt and evolve,” the younger Doctor said.

“I guess we are looking for number Ten?” Tamsin asked after a pause.

“Yes,” The older Doctor said.

“Nice meeting you,” Clara said. “I didn't see any later than him in the timestream.”

“Timey-Wimey, Clara.”

After a strained goodbye, the older Doctor and his companions made their way back to the TARDIS.
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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 19 - Twelve Searches Part 1

Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS
As soon as the the older Doctor and his companions (including Tamsin) had left the TARDIS, he set it in motion, leaving the Heights of Oranui behind.

He turned to Laranna. “I guess we should search for Felicia too. What do you think?”

Laranna responded with an exaggerated shrug, as if saying 'I don't know!'. She quietly left the console room.

The Doctor sighed. She was impossible.

Hours later, the TARDIS landed again.

Laranna was in the console room with the Doctor. “You want to help me search for Felicia?” the Doctor asked.

Laranna nodded.

“Good. Let's go.”

7 June 2614
Talliton, February, Brittannia II, Terran Empire of Planets
The TARDIS had materialised in a forest near a town.

Laranna emerged first. 'I'm going to miss Tamsin,' she thought. The Doctor understood her, but Tamsin did moreso. 'I hope Felicia understands when we find her.'

The Doctor didn't take long.

“We're on Britannia II,” he said.

Laranna looked at him.

“I know just said that, but listen. But this isn't the usual Britain derived colony,” the Doctor said.

Laranna shrugged her shoulders.

“There were many Non-Terran colonists here too,” the Doctor said.

Laranna nodded.

“Let's go,” the Doctor said. He clicked his fingers and the TARDIS doors closed.

It was many hours later, that the Doctor and Laranna returned to the TARDIS. They had solved some mysteries, but had come no closer to finding Felicia.

“Still, there is practically no chance on the first try,” the Doctor said as he opened the TARDIS.

Laranna ran up to the console and punched in some commands. A picture of the earlier Doctor came up.

“You want us to find my previous self.”

Laranna nodded and left the console room into the corridors.

“I guess so,” the Doctor mused as he set the TARDIS in motion.

8 June 1996
Leadworth, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The TARDIS materialised in the Pond's back garden. Amelia soon came running out, but the Doctor remained aboard. “It would be too confusing for her, if she sees me in this incarnation,” he said. The TARDIS printed out a picture of Felicia. He handed it to Laranna

She nodded and left the TARDIS.

Amelia Pond was surprised when the strangely clad woman exited the Raggedy Man's box. “Where's the Raggedy Man?”

The strangely clad woman pointed to the box.

“He's inside?” Amelia asked.

The woman nodded. She produced a picture of a young woman.

“Who is this?”

The woman pointed to the box again.

Amelia wasn't sure what to make of the woman. She hadn't said a word. “The Raggedy man wants something?” she asked.

The woman nodded. She pointed to the picture.

“Oh? I don't know who that is. Does he want me to know who she is?”

The woman pointed to the box again.

“Raggedy Man wants to know where she is?”

The woman nodded.


The woman waved goodbye, turned and went back to the box.

The Doctor turned to Laranna as she walked up to the console. “You handled that well. Now, Amelia, and therefore Amy, will look out for Felicia.”

20th June 2012
Leadworth, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The TARDIS materialised near the Pond's house again.

“Hold it, Laranna. We're too early. Let's try again...”

10 June 3295
Starship UK
The TARDIS materialised near Liz 10's throne room.

“You want to know about this place?” the Doctor asked Laranna.

Laranna nodded.

“This is a country on top of a space whale,” the Doctor said.

Laranna shrugged as if saying. 'OK...'

“Amy and I freed the Space Whale from being enslaved by the British. It turned out that that Space Whale had volunteered to carry them to a new home after Earth was roasted by Solar flares,” the Doctor answered.

“That's right,” Queen Elizabeth X said as she entered the room.

“Hi, Liz.”

“Doctor number twelve I presume,” she said.

“Yes. I am looking for someone. She may be here, or have been here.”

“Right, come to a computer terminal,” Liz 10 said.

The computer terminal scanned the picture.

A minute later information came up.

[FONT=Courier New, monospace]Felicia Sophia Barbara Belinda Lovell[/FONT]
[FONT=Courier New, monospace]Born 12 May 2002[/FONT]
[FONT=Courier New, monospace]Last seen 15 August 2025[/FONT]

“I should have asked my older self, or Felicia herself, about that. I don't know if that's correct or not.”

“The computer says that she hasn't been here,” Liz 10 said soon afterwards.

“It was worth a try,” the Doctor said.

When they returned to the TARDIS, they found Mandy Tanner waiting in front of the door. “You've regenerated,” she said.

“How do you know that?” the Doctor asked.

“After what happened, I released UNIT's records to the public. The information on your regenerative ability was part of it.”

“That was foolish,” the Doctor commented.

“That's right,” Mandy said in reply to the Queen's comment.

“Why are you here?” the Doctor asked.

“I'd like to travel with you,” Mandy said.

“It would be dangerous,” the Doctor said.
“I can take care of myself,” Mandy said.

The Doctor sighed. “Welcome aboard.”

“You can take her,” Liz 10 said.

The Doctor indicated Laranna “This is Laranna.” He indicated Mandy. “Laranna, Mandy.”

“Hi,” Mandy said.

Laranna waved back.

The Doctor gave Mandy the picture of Felicia. “We'll be looking for this person, for my next incarnation,” he said as he lead her to the TARDIS.

“Bye, Doctor,” Liz 10 said.

“Next incarnation?” Mandy asked as Laranna followed them into the TARDIS.

“Felicia normally travels with my next self. She has started travelling into earlier versions of the TARDIS. She may be with the version of myself that you're familiar with.” the Doctor said.

“Right,” Mandy said.

13 June 1941
London, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
It was day time when the TARDIS materialised in Whitechapel.

“Where are we, again?” Mandy asked.

“London, during the Second World War,” the Doctor said.

“Who are we looking for?”

“Winston Churchill. It may take some time...”

Two hours later, the Doctor, Mandy and Laranna returned to the TARDIS. Felicia hadn't been with the Doctor and Amy when they had run into the Daleks with Churchill. Nor had she been seen by the PM since. Still, Churchill would look for her....

“Let's try again...” the Doctor said as he set the TARDIS in motion.

15 June 1580
Venice, Most Serene Republic of Venice
The TARDIS landed on the bank of the Grand Canal.

Laranna and the Doctor looked at the data on the scanner. “We're a here a few days after Amy, Rory and I defeated the Fish Vampires,” the Doctor said.

“Fish Vampires?” Mandy asked, confused.

“They were fish from another world, who came to Venice to recover. They also turned locals into beings like themselves,” the Doctor answered.

Laranna shuddered.

“That's wrong!” Mandy said, also shuddering.

“We defeated them,” the Doctor said.

The trio searched the city, questioning various people. By nightfall, the Doctor was sure that Felicia hadn't been there.

When they returned to the TARDIS, Laranna hesitated.

“What is it?” the Doctor asked.

Laranna shrugged uncertainly.

“You're uncertain?”

Laranna nodded.

“Let's go,” the Doctor said.

Laranna reluctantly entered the TARDIS.

21 June 1890
Arles, France
The TARDIS materialised near Van Gogh's residence.

“Van Gogh?” Mandy asked.

“Yes,” the Doctor answered.

“Cool,” Mandy said. “I'll ask him about his earlier works!”

Laranna turned around in a silent huff.

Mandy turned to the silent woman. “What's up?”

Laranna just exited the console room.

Mandy turned to the Doctor. “What's up with her?”

“I have no idea.”

“I guess Vincent, and Felicia, can wait.”

“What?” the Doctor asked.

“Something is bothering her. It may have something to do with Vincent, or it may not,” Mandy considered.

“For a young girl you're very perceptive,” the Doctor said.

“Thanks.” Mandy thought for a moment. “It's been a few days since we left Starship UK. I haven't heard her speak.” She turned to the Doctor. “Have you?”

“No,” the Doctor said.

“She just snuck aboard?”

“No, she did ask me, just not verbally.”

“You mean, in writing?”


“She's very mysterious.”

“Yes. You'd have to talk to Tamsin, she got close to her.” the Doctor said. “That may be it. She's missing Tamsin.”

“Tamsin?” Mandy asked.

“She was travelling with me when Felicia arrived. She continued travelling afterwards, until we met my next incarnation, with whom she is now travelling, looking for Felicia,” the Doctor explained.

“Right,” Mandy said.

The Doctor thought for a moment. “I'm going to find her. If Vincent comes, let him in.”

“Sure,” Mandy said. She watched the Doctor go into the corridors.

The Doctor quickly found Laranna, in the library. She was reading a Gallifreyian encyclopedia. He came up to her, and sat down, just to let her know that he was there. It was up to her to make a move.

Fifteen seconds later, Laranna looked up. She pushed the encyclopedia aside. She knew what the Doctor would ask.

She grabbed another copy of the encyclopedia and opened it to the article on Van Gogh. She pointed to a subsection that dealt with his mental issues.

'Right,' the Doctor thought. 'She's worried about that, so am I, but his fate is fixed.' He grabbed one of her hands. The glove was warm to the touch. “Don't worry. He handled the situation last time. As for his fate, Amy tried to change it. She failed, but she did.”

That didn't seem to inspire Laranna with confidence. But she seemed to brighten.

“Do you miss Tamsin?”

Laranna nodded.

“We may meet her again. Time will tell.”

Unknown to the Doctor, Laranna rolled her eyes. (Later, she would inform someone of that fact...)

At the same time, Mandy saw Vincent Van Gogh approach the TARDIS. When he came up to the door, Mandy opened it.

“Oh, I'm looking for the Doctor,” Van Gogh said.

“The Doctor is here, in the TARDIS, he will be back soon,” Mandy said. She stepped aside, allowing Vincent into the console room.

“He has made a lot of changes,” Vincent said as he approached the console.

“That he has,” Mandy said, still not sure what to make of the famous painter.

“Is Amy here?”

“She isn't here.”

“Oh,” Vincent said sadly.

“The Doctor can explain,” Mandy said. “There is something else. He is... different.”

“Different? How?”

“When he is near death, something happens...” Mandy said as she began to explain regeneration to him.
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