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Old October 26 2014, 10:37 AM   #1
USS Fardell
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Non Trek Fic: Doctor Who: Legacy of the Doctor

Note: follows on from: The End of the Doctor

Legacy of the Doctor: 1x01 Deep Breath Part 1
Scene 1
Ext. Victorian London
A female Tyrannosaurus Rex is walking in the Thames near Westminster. Police Officers are holding back the crowds.

Police Officer (Gregson): Madame Vastra, Thank goodness. Iíd wager you havenít seen anything like this before.

Madame Vastra: Takes off veil. Well, not since I was a little girl.

Jenny Flint: Big fellow, isnít he?

Vastra: Dinosaurs were mostly this size. I do believe it is a she.

Jenny: No, they werenít. Iíve seen fossils.

Vastra: I was there.

Gregson: Well, that is all well and good, but whatís this dinosaur fellow doing in the Thames?

SFX: Crowd Screems.

Vastra: It must have time travelled.

Jenny begins to scan the giant T-Rex with a scanning device in her glove.

Gregson: Time Travelled?

The T-Rex makes a sound as if it is choking

Jenny: Is it choking?

Vastra: I donít know. Perhaps it was something it ate.

The T-Rex coughs up the TARDIS, which lands on the riverbank.

Gregson: Stand back, stand back, Stand back

He pushes his way to a better vantage point

Gregson: Well, itís just laid an egg.

Vastra: Looks at him askance. Itís dropped a blue box marked Police out of its mouth. Your grasp of Biology, it troubles me.

Jenny: Itís the TARDIS.

Vastra: It would seem so.
Vastra: Weíll take care of this, Inspector.

Gregson: But what if that thing goes on the rampage?

Vastra hands him some devices

Vasta: Place these lanterns on the embankment and the bridges, encircling the creature at twenty foot intervals.

Gregson: What will they do?

Vastra: They will emit a signal that will incline it to remain within their circumference. She turns to her fellow investigators. Jenny, Strax, with me.

Scene 2:
Jenny: So, itís him then, the Doctor?

Vastra: A giant dinosaur from the past has just vomited up a blue box from outer space. This is not a day for jumping to conclusions.

She turns to Strax.

Vastra: Strax, if you wouldnít mind.

Strax knocks on the TARDIS doors.

Strax: Hello? Exit the box and surrender to the glory of the Sontarran Empire.

A young brunette woman in a hospital gown opens the door, letting out smoke.

Woman: Oi! Be Quiet!

She closes the door again.

Strax: Boy?

The door opens again.

Woman: I was being chased by a giant dinosaur, but I think I gave it the slip.

She closes the door, and opens it

Woman (Quietly): Sleepy?

Strax: Sir?

Woman: Thatís not right. Who are you?

She exits the TARDIS.

Woman: Who are you?

Another woman who looks very similar to the first, but wearing a black fitted jacket and tartan mini-kilt, exits the TARDIS.

First Woman: This is, pauses Clara?

Clara Oswald: Hi. You know me, Clara.

The Dinosaur roars.

First Woman (Excitedly): Oh, you have a dinosaur too...

Clara: Susan! You need to calm down.

Susan: Oh, weíre back in London? How disappointing. Faints.

Jenny: I donít understand. Whoís she? Whereís the Doctor.

Clara (teary): The Doctor perished, on Trenzalore. This is his granddaughter, Susan.

Vastra: Well, here we go again...

Scene 3
Int. Paternoster Row Bedroom
Clara: Susan, you need to lie down, since we arrived here youíve been falling asleep.

Susan: Sleep! How can I, when thereís a dinosaur in Victorian London.

Vastra: You canít help with it if you keep fainting.

Susan: But Iím awake again fairly quickly.

Vastra: I can fix that. Puts her hands on Susanís temples

Susan: You want to link with me? Iíd hit you like a harpsichord!

Vastra: Then be gentle.

Susan: Here it is, the harpischord. Falls asleep.

Vastra: There. Sheíll get a good rest. Tuck her in, Jenny.

Jenny: Yes, Maíam.

Vastra leaves the bedroom

Scene 4
Int. Vastraís Chamber
Vastra is interrogating Clara, wearing her veil

Vastra: And then.

Clara: And then I managed to get the TARDIS to leave Trenzalore. You know how.

Vastra: Assume that I donít.

Clara: Echoes from those other meís! One of them was a Time Lady.

Vastra: I see.

Clara: Why are you wearing a veil?

Vastra: And then?

Clara: And then I met Susan. We got introduced and we re-entered the TARDIS. Which is when she did the same thing the Doctor could and changed.

Clara pauses.

Vastra: Go on.

Clara: She changed to look and sound like me! Itís more than a bit creepy. Then we were crashing and ran into the dinosaur.

Vastra: You miss the Doctor.

Clara (teary): Of course I do.

Vastra: How do you that heís dead?

Clara: The timestream was there!

Vastra: The timestream was also there for you to jump into. Was he dead then?

Clara: No!

Vastra: Then how do you know that heís dead?

Clara: Tasha said that we had arrived too late. The Daleks were also Ďmaking goodí on their conquest of Trenzalore.

Vastra (sadly): You certainly believe he is dead. Back to Susan. You asked her why she regenerated to look like you?

Clara: I asked her. She simply said that Time Ladies have the ability and that she choose to use it with me.
Vastra: And you donít like that she did?

Clara: More than a bit creepy.

Vastra: Maybe she didnít do it consciously?

Clara: What?

Vastra: It could have been a reflex.

Clara: Thatís some reflex.

Vastra: Clarify

Clara: I donít think it would be a reflex.

Vastra: Tell me again about how you met her.

Clara: Why?

Vastra: It may be important.

Clara: I had managed to leave Trenzalore and landed in a hospital room in the early 24th Century. Susan was a patient there. It seemed that she had been for some time.

Vastra: She must have been lonely. Who knows how long she would have been there before you arrived.

Clara: I have no idea.

Vastra: She regenerated to look like you for a reason. I guess it has to do with familiarity.

Clara: Familiarity?

Vastra: Giving a familiar face. What is more familiar than your own? Are you judging her based on her choice?

Clara: No!

Vastra: Think about it.

Clara takes a few moments to think.

Clara: She didnít need to look like me to be accepted by me!

Vastra: True, but she choose to look like you regardless.

Clara: Are you saying I need to accept that she now looks like me?

Vastra: Are you putting words in my mouth?
Clara: Is that what youíre saying?

Vastra: Yes.

Clara: How dare, you how dare you!

Scene 5
Int. Bedroom
Susan is awake, writing on the floorboards.

SFX: Dinosaur roars.

Susan hears. She goes to the door.

Susan: Not this way. Itíd be boring.

Susan goes to the window.

Susan: Across the rooftops of London. Is there any other way?

Susan exits through the window.

Scene 6
Int. Vastraís Chamber
Clara: Iím not afraid because of Susan looking like me!

Jenny claps her hands.

Jenny: Whoo. Whoo. Notices Clara and Vastra looking at her. Sorry.

Vastra: Well, goodness me. The lake is ruffled at last. I often wondered what youíd be like when you lost your temper.

Jenny: Oi. Married.

Vastra: Susan needs us, you more than anyone. Sheís lost in the ruin of herself, and we must bring her home.

Clara: When did you stop wearing your veil?

Vastra: When you stopped seeing it.

Scene 7
Ext. London Rooftops
Susan is making her way from Paternoster Row towards the river. Effortlessly leaping across the streets...

Sheís close.

Susan: Rexxie? I may call you Rexxie, right? Sorry. Itís all my fault. My time machine got stuck in your throat. It happens. You were brought along by accident. I will get you home.

Suddenly the Dinosaur bursts into flames...

Susan: What! No!
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Re: Non Trek Fic: Doctor Who: Legacy of the Doctor

Thank you to FltCpt. Bossco at STPMA for my avatar. He is one of the best. This is Tolen, a Horrusi captain in Starfleet, who commands the Sovereign class starship U.S.S. Sangamon.
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USS Fardell
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Re: Non Trek Fic: Doctor Who: Legacy of the Doctor

Part 2

Scene 8
Int. Vastraís Chamber
The death throes of the dinosaur are heard.

Vastra: That came from the river.

Jenny: The Dinosaur

Vastra: Strax! Bring the carriage, now!

Scene 9
Ext. London Rooftops
Susan climbs across a street through a couple of trees.

Once on the other side of the street, she continues towards the river.

Scene 10
Int. Vastraís Carriage
Jenny: What do you thinkís happened?

Vastra: I donít know, but I fear devilment.

Clara: Should we not have told Susan?

Jenny: Sheís not ready to leave her bed.

Scene 11
Ext. Westminster Bridge
Susan arrives at the river. She looks at the burning remains of the Dinosaur mournfully.

Susan: Iím very sorry!

Vastraís carriage pulls up behind her. The ladies get out.

Strax: Woah!

Jenny: Susan!

Clara: Whatís she doing here?

Vastra secures the carriage with a remote control.

Vastra: It seems that sheís inherited her sense for trouble from her grandfather. Where else would she be?

Susan: She was scared. She was scared and alone. I brought her here and look at what they did.

Vastra: Who or what could have done this thing?

Susan: I donít think that is how we start.

Strax: The question is how. The flesh itself has been combusted.

Susan: Thatís still not the question!

Clara: Then, what is the question, Susan?

Susan: A dinosaur, burning in the heart of London. All that is left is smoke and flame. The question is: have there been any similar murders?

Vastra: Yes, yes, by the goddess, there have.

Splash! Susan has jumped into the river.

Clara: Sheíll drown!

Vastra: I very much doubt it.

Clara: Why?

Vastra: There has been a murder. Susan has taken up the case. If we are to see her again, we must do the same.

Scene 12
Int. Claraís Room
It is the next day. Clara has awoken. She goes to the window after hearing Strax in the courtyard.

Clara: Strax!

Scene 13
Ext. Paternoster Row Courtyard
Strax: Ah! Morning. Miss Clara. Youíre awake at last.

Clara has noticed that Strax has the TARDIS on a box cart.

Clara: You got the TARDIS then?

Strax: Military Tactics. Susan is still missing, but she will come back for her grandfatherís box. By bringing it here, sheíll be lured from the dangers of London to this place of safety. And then weíll melt her with acid!

Clara: Okay, that last part?

Strax: And we will not melt her with acid. Old habit. Lifts the paper. The Times. Shall I send it up?

Clara: Yeah, why not?

Strax: Hah! Throws the paper, hitting Clara between the eyes...

Int. Paternoster Row Staircase
Clara: Jenny.

Jenny: Ah, good morning, Clara.

Clara: Morning. Er, so what are we going to do? Are we going to look for Susan?

Jenny: Weíve got the Paternoster irregulars out in force. If anyone can find her, they can. Madame Vastra is slightly occupied by the Conk-Singleton forgery case, and is having the Camberwell child poisoner for dinner.

Clara (uncertain): For dinner?

Jenny: After sheís finished interrogating him. Possibly best to stay out of the larder. Itíll get a little noisy in there later.

Clara: Oh.

Scene 14
Int. Vastraís Chamber
Clara enters, holding the Times.

Vastra: Clara, excellent, pop your clothes on the chair over there.

Clara: Look.

Vastra: Advertisements, yes. Itís a distressing modern trend.
Clara: No, look, look.

Advert says: Impossible Girl. Lunch on the other side.

Vastra looks

Jenny: Maíam?

Vastra: The game is afoot, weíre going to need a lot of tea.

Scene 15
Strax is pouring the tea.

Vastra: There appears to be nothing of significance in the rest of the newspaper. Not even in the agony column.

Clara: The thing is, I havenít told Susan about the incident with the Timestream.

Vastra: I see.

Clara: So, it canít be her...

Vastra (pondering): Unless...

Clara: (slightly apprehensive): Unless, what?

Vastra: She has found out about it elsewhere in London.

Clara: Maybe. She ponders the paper. On a hunch she turns the page with the ĎImpossible Girlí ad over.

Jenny: Youíve found something?

Clara: A restaurant. On the page opposite the ĎImpossible Girlí ad is ĎManciniís Family Restaurant, best Dinner in Londoní.

Vastra: It could be a trap.

Clara: Itís worth the risk.

Vastra: It certainly is. Which is why, weíll cover out front while you go in.

Clara nods.

Scene 16
Int. Manciniís
Clara enters the restaurant. She looks around and finds Susan near the back. She sits with her. She sniffs.

Susan: Whatís wrong?

Clara: I donít know, maybe the smell?

Susan: Itís everywhere.

Clara notices the coat that Susan is wearing.

Clara: Where did you get that coat?

Susan: I bought it.

Clara: From where?

Susan: From a tramp, I exchanged my hospital id card for it. The holographics should keep him entertained for a while.

Clara: Are you sure thatís wise?

Susan: What?

Clara: Giving a tramp a piece of advanced technology from the future.

Susan: Itíll be harmless. It worse itíll just confuse some archaeologists.

Clara: Right.

There is an uneasy pause.

Susan: How did you know I would be here?

Clara: How did you know I am the Impossible Girl?

Susan: Answer mine first.

Clara: Sure, I guessed from the ad in the paper.

Susan: What ad? And what does impossibility have to do with it?

Clara: You placed an ad in the Times for the Impossible Girl to meet here at this restaurant.

Susan: I havenít placed an ad. I havenít had time to place an ad in todayís Times. And what do you mean ĎImpossible Girlí?

Clara: Iíll explain later, but first, why are you here at this restaurant, if not to meet me?

Susan: I noticed something very strange. Look around.

Clara looks around, trying to be discrete about it.

Clara: Doesnít seem unusual.

Susan plucks a hair from her head.

Clara: Why did you do that for.

Susan: You wouldnít want me to take one of yours.

Clara: I guess not.

Susan: Iím trying to measure the air disturbance in this room.

Clara: Explain.

Susan holds the hair at table level and lets it go. It falls slowly downwards.

Susan: Something is very wrong with everyone else in this room.

Clara: They look fine. They are all eating.

Susan: Are they?

Clara looks again. A soup spoon is repeatedly brought up to the mouth and lowered again, still full. Knives and forks rise and fall over plates.

Clara: Okay, no. Theyíre not eating.

Susan: There is something else theyíre not doing!

Clara: What?

Susan: Breathing.

Clara: So what do we do?

Susan: How long can you hold your breath?

Clara: We could just casually stroll out of here, like we changed our minds.

Susan: Iím sure it happens all the time.

Clara: Of course it does.

They stand up. The robotic diners also stand up!

Susan: That may not work.

They take a step. The robots move towards them.

Clara: We could have another look at the menu.

They sit down again. The diners return to their tables.

Clara: What are they?

Susan: I have no idea. But thatís not the question. The real question is, what is this restaurant?

Clara: Okay, what is this restaurant?

Susan: I have no idea!

A waiter arrives at the table.

Susan: No sauerkraut! Do you have some? There arenít any pictures! Is there a childrenís menu?

The waiter shines a green light at Susan from the end of his pencil.

Susan: You have specials, donít you?

Waiter: Liver

Susan: Liver. I donít think I like it.

Waiter: Spleen, Brain Stem, Eyes.

Clara: Hmm, Is there a lot of demand for those?

Susan: Iím sure thatís not what is on the menu. We are what is on the menu!

Waiter: Lungs, Skin

Susan reaches up and rips skin from the waiterís face, revealing a metal mesh with a frame behind it.

Clara: Okay. Robot in a mask.

Susan: Itís a face.

Clara: Yeah,Itís very convincing

Susan: Look, closer. Clara looks closer. Itís an actual face.

Clara: Oh! She throws it down.

Waiter: Yes

Susan: Yes, what?

Waiter: Yes, we have a childrenís menu.

Arms come out the bench and grab onto them. The bench then descends to a lower level.

Susan: This is admirable efficiency.

Clara: I donít admire it.
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alternate universe, doctor who, fanfic

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