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Old January 2 2006, 01:48 AM   #76
nx1701g's Avatar
Location: Aboard the Executor...
A New Year, A New Dawn, The Rebirth of a Friend

It is my honor to announce that on Sunday, January 1, 2006 at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Alpha Fleet Simulations Group, a Role Playing Organization that has been in operation for almost 5 years, it reopening it’s doors to the online community. With this reimagining comes many changes that have been brought about to help you have a more pleasurable experience while simming with us.

One of the major changes involves the emergence of a new Representative Council that has been designed to better see to the needs of the people making up our group. Open to any player in our group, the Representative Council will be utilized to give the players of the game a voice in the decisions of the fleet and to allow them a better say in what will happen in the Fleet’s Future. Any questions, comments, or problems with the fleet will be posted to this group and a solution can be worked out by the players here. This will be a truly democratic group, having a leader who will be selected from the applicants through a poll to be conducted by the Representative Council. Two assistants will also be initiated based upon the results as well (the first and second runners up). It is our sincere hope that this group will be able to better serve the players and ensure the continued success of the fleet.

Another new grouping in Alpha Fleet Simulation Group’s is the new Genre based Role-playing Division. An idea that has been toyed around with for quite some time, Alpha Fleet’s Genre Group will be designed for Non Star Trek Based Simulations looking for support from a larger group, but the important thing is that these groups will be considered sovereign - meaning they control their own activities without fear of interference. This will provide a support structure in the event of problems that may occur during the course of the simulations, and will provide an additional avenue to recruit new players. Since the initial announcement of our rebirth we have already welcomed City of the Living Dead and Star Wars: The Lost Era with three additional games under review. It is our sincerest hope that you will consider becoming a part of this new voyage into simulation alongside us.

One important aspect about Alpha Fleet Simulations has already been mentioned: all groups working alongside us and their players are paramount to us. That means that you, as a player of a game manager, don’t have to worry about someone coming into your group and making changes without your permission. We feel that the best person to lead a group is the person that designed it in the beginning, and we would be causing harm by interfering in any way other than to provide support. This means that Alpha Fleet will assist with recruitment, handling problems, and serving as a sounding board; but we won’t cause any changes to your group nor will we force you to do something against your will. In short, the games and those that participate have their own free will and can make choices on their own of what they want to see. We will not interfere or cause problems with our members. Presently, Alpha Fleet is the home of seven Star Trek simulations that serve alongside us in our adventures; but there is always room for more! As we continue exploring strange new worlds, we hope that you will consider being a part of the adventure.

A recent addition to our group is the added bonus of our helping to launch Fan Fiction series. Written by small groups of people (1 to 4), Alpha Fleet will be happy to help your fan fiction series get noticed. Those joining or interested in joining will have a large support structure to help you get started with your adventures. We accept fan fiction from any series at the moment, so please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in learning more.

So you’re probably asking why should you join Alpha Fleet Simulations. You should join Alpha Fleet if you’re a person interested in Role Playing Games and you want to participate in a group filled with other people that are just like you. Alpha Fleet is a place where the people are our true concern, and we’ll do what it takes to make sure that you have a good time while gaming with us. We’re a close knit group, and we’re always welcoming to new people that want to experience the adventure and world that is Star Trek. We’re a place where you can come to relax and unwind after a hard day of work, and we’re a place where you don’t have to worry about what other people think. We understand the complexities of life and we understand that sometimes you have to go away for a while - and that is fine. We’re always welcoming of one more, and we hope that you’ll be one of those new people to come with us into a new adventure. If you come experienced or if this is your first time playing in an online game that’s no problem, we’ll welcome you no matter what.

It is my sincerest hope that I get the opportunity to play in an RPG game alongside you. I also hope that this letter finds you well and in good spirits at the beginning of the new year.

I hope that you will join us at the unveiling of our new site on Geocities (it’s temporary as our new webpage is already under development) tonight at 8:00 pm EDT at - which features an easier to use layout and new features that will be added daily over the next week.

May you have clear horizons my friends,

William E. Teagarden
Commander In Chief
Alpha Fleet Simulations Group
Gods Not Dead
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Old January 14 2006, 01:56 AM   #77
Memo from the USS Halcyon | Winter Brood Division


This is captain Devol Gray, in command of the USS Halcyon. We are part of the Winter Brood division of Star Fleet. It is my privilege to reach out to you this day with an announcement and an invitation.

The USS Halcyon is currently undergoing the final stages of construction at the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards. Concurrently, as its captain, I have the opportunity to reach to the talent of the entire federation. I have also been empowered to offer positions to select federation officers that show interest and have the skills needed to staff the Halcyon.

I invite you all to peruse our ship data, and, if interested, submit a transfer application. Upon review and agreement of your superior officers, you can begin your service and training aboard the USS Halcyon in the near future.

I wish to allow you all the opportunity to communicate with me and existing members of my crew. Feel free to do so here, or on our web hub:

We are a multi-game online community that has been in existence for years. We pride ourselves on the maturity and good nature of our members. Our heaviest presence has been in the Matrix Online and Star Wars Galaxies, with members playing diverse games across a wide spectrum of genres. Our main goal is to enhance the online gaming experiences of our members. There is no drama and we value fun and camaraderie above levels and fleeting gain (“leet loot”, etc).

Visit our website at and learn more about us. Participate in the forums, if you wish. You can do so without registering. Once you are ready register at this location:
This acts as your application to join the crew (guild). You will be required to confirm your email address, and once your application is reviews, I look forward to welcoming you to the family.

Complete ship details are found here:
Class - Prometheus
Launch - 2377
Length - 387m
Height - 47m
Number of Decks - 17
Officer Crew - TBD
Enlisted Crew - TBD
Civilians/Families - TBD
Type XII Phasers
Photon Torpedoes
Quantum Torpedoes
Multi-Vector Assault

Sustainable Cruising Speed - Warp 9.9

Ablative Hull Armor
Regenerative Shields
Multi-Vector Assault Mode

Thank you for your attention. Captain Gray out.
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Old January 15 2006, 11:58 PM   #78
Ascension: The Phoenix Project

Bored of the same old Trek sims?

If your answer is yes why not visit Ascension: The Phoenix Project.

But what makes Ascension: The Phoenix Project different from the usual run of the mill Trek sims?

We are a totally independent sim group set in the year 2385

We don't have ships filled with positions nobody wants, how many of you really want to sim as a Transporter Chief or an Exobiologist? not many i'd guess which is why we at Ascension: The Phoenix Project only offer the positions people want to play.

We don’t have dozens of ships with one or two crew, we have a few ships which we fill with crew and new ships only get commissioned when we have the crew to fill them, we see no point in having a multitude of ships with just the CO and his pet Tribble, simmers want to sim, not hang about waiting for a crew to show up! So no matter which ship in Ascension: The Phoenix Project you choose to serve on you’ll be simming from day one.

We don’t have one single person in charge, all decisions regarding the group are made by and voted upon by a council of members.

We provide a full and extensive training service for all newcomers to the group, we don’t believe in throwing you in at the deep end.

So if you fancy a sim where you’ll get full training, a position where you’ll actually be doing something, a sim where no one person has the rule of law and where the number of ships is sensible and not wasteful then visit

Ascension: The Phoenix Project

Our academy can be found at


Some of our ships

Galen Station

USS Epsilon

Vasparken Space Dock
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Old January 16 2006, 06:41 AM   #79
Capt. Lee Jacob
U.S.S. NEMESIS - Currently Accepting Crew

Hello Everyone, I am Captain Lee Jacob.

I am currently seeking new crew for the Starship Nemesis. She is an Extreme Combat Vessel and a member of Star Trek Legions. So if you want to join my ship then please follow the link below.


Here is a short discripton of her specs, if anyone is wondering.


Type: Extreme Combat Vessel [War Horse]
Registration: NCC - 72976 - A
Classification: Titan Class [Second of her class]
Commissioned: 64574.91
Original Commanding Officer: Capt. Darren Murphy [U.S.S. NEMESIS]
Present Commanding Officer: Capt. Lee Jacob [U.S.S. NEMESIS - A]
Primary Mission: War Defense / Search and Rescue
Secondary Mission: Deep Space Explorer / Diplomatic / Ambassadorial


Time between Re-Supply: 4.5 yrs
Schedule Refit [minor]: 6 yrs
Schedule Refit [major]: 30 yrs
Expected Service Life: 90 yrs


Length: 1,025
Width: 750
Height: 341
Decks: 60 [5 meters high per deck]
Crew Compliment: 2,020
Max Compliment: 2,500
Emergency Compliment: 2,890
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Old January 18 2006, 05:32 PM   #80
Location: USS Patriot - Alpha Quadrant
USS Patriot - Getting Desperate...

I am in great need of players for the USS Patriot. The Patriot is a Star Trek play by email role play simulation, set in the year 2381 (After the events of Star Trek Nemesis). We welcome new members and gladly answer any questions.

We have many of the “prime” positions still open, including:
First Officer,
Chief Medical Officer,
Chief Engineer,
Chief Security Officer,
Chief Diplomatic Officer,
and many Jr. Officer positions for new players – or less frequent players.

We will be starting a new mission soon, and hope to have you aboard.

If you're interested – or have any questions, feel free to contact me:

MSN Messenger:
Yahoo! Messenger: cozayac

Thanks again,
"She was a computer - you could tell from the way the light glowed in her eyes, and the never ending stream of thoughts poured out of her ears and fingertips" - Cognoscenti
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Old January 20 2006, 01:03 AM   #81
Captain Untouchable
Location: East Mids, UK
Strategic Security Directorate

The Federation was an ideal, a beacon in the raging storm that had become of local space. Years of rivalry were put aside, old conflicts burried, and as the dust settled from the Romulan Wars, the Federation emerged. For a time, there was peace. Then the wars came.

Klingons. Romulans. Tzinkethi. Cardassians. Dominion. Breen. Son'a. Hur'q. Remans. Borg. Every major power, from every major corner, has tried, more than once, to unbalance the fragile ideals the Federation holds dear. These conflicts spawn more dangers: rebels extremists, splinter factions, warlords, pirates; the Federation is under attack from every side. Unchecked, these forces will slowly tear her apart. I don't intend to let them.

I represent the Strategic Security Directorate, a branch of Starfleet Intelligence assigned to missions of counter-intelligence, counter-piracy, and counter-terrorism. We secure the borders, seek out the threats, maintain the peace, and do what must be done to protect the future of the Federation, and of our children.

Two vessels are badly in need of crew - the USS Daedalus, and the USS Horizon. These vessels are crucial to our continued operations, and must be manned as quickly as possible. Supplimentary vessels will be deployed when additional resources and personnel are made availiable.

Our major vacancies:

USS Daedalus - Saber-class (refit) Special Ops Cruiser
- Chief CONN Officer
- Master-at-Arms (NCO)
- Squadron Leader
- Chief Medical Officer

USS Horizon - Typhon-class Command Carrier
- Commander, Air Group
- Chief Tactical Officer (Air Traffic Control)
- Chief Engineering Officer
- Chief Science Officer
- Marine Commander

Plus other (junior) positions. For full listings, access our database.

Our recruitment is not limited just to Starfleet. We take the best personnel availiable, drawn from not only Starfleet and the Federation's civilian body, but also from other (allied) militaries - Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, Cardassians, and Bajorans. Applicants from across the Federation Alliance are welcome: stability for the Federation means stability for the Alliance, after all.

Your help is needed. Will you answer the call?

Vice Admiral Valtane Zoran
Commander-in-Chief: Strategic Security

- - -

Strategic Security is a PBEM RPG. Set a few years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and the Titan series (Game Year = 2381/2), we currently have two active sims:

USS Daedalus
The USS Daedalus is about to begin her second mission, set during the tail end of 2381, and featuring a voyage to investigate a mysterious threat causing the disappearences of many starships out in deep space, close to the Cardassian border. She is classified as a "Special Ops Cruiser", loosely similar to the USS Incursion from Star Trek: Away Team in operation - our personnel are highly trained, and often have skills outside of their standard service perameters, providing the Daedalus with an adaptive, multi-talented force that can, in theory, perform almost any mission.

USS Horizon
The USS Horizon, due to launch early in February this year, is a Typhon-class "Command Carrier", as featured in the Star Trek: Invasion video game. Her first mission (set in 2382) will see her deployed to help settle one of the numerous diplomatic crises springing up in what is rapidly becoming known as the Disputed Teritories - regions of the Gamma Quadrant settled by nations from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

The Horizon carries a fighter force, a sizable Marine force, several Special Operations and Support teams, and the facilities and firepower of a small outpost, all wrapped up in a warp-capable package. We're a "Starbase on wheels", as someone put it, and will be doing anything from diplomacy and peacekeeping to combat and defense, and all manner of fun things in between.

Our website is still under construction, but it is being constantly updated, with new sections being added to the Database and other areas of the site on a regular basis.

The website can be found at Any questions or queries about Strategic Security should be directed to myself, the sim owner, at

Thanks for reading - I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Captain Untouchable
Astrophysics, Science Faction & Treknology
Jaystrom Institute

"Despite what some of you may think, I am not Superman!"
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Old January 21 2006, 05:48 PM   #82
Looking for a sim where YOU are most important?

I know you hear it every day.. These positions are open, these ships are available, and this fleet is looking for ships and players..

Well, I'm here to try and break those boundries..
I'm Rear Admiral JadziaLorraine from Serenity Fleet ( and I'm Task Force Commander of Task Force Firefly ( and I have some wonderful opertunities for someone who's just getting started, experienced or looking for some fun!

USS Venture - an invite only sim.. think you've got what it takes?? Contact me at for more information!

USS Atlantis - A slightly different sim.. mostly non-player charachters that everyone gets to play!

USS Thumbtack - If you're looking for fun you've found your stop! The USS Thumbtack is a Spoof sim.. nothing serious here except having fun! (CAUTION: this sim is rated R with some x rated postings no one under 18 may join.)New and experienced players are welcome!

USS Star - Great sim looking for good people! Check them out at:

The last two sims are NEW and need all types of people!!
USS Valkyrie
Starbase Valhalla

And as always we're looking for ships that want to join our mission.. if you'd like more details Email me at or Y! IM Jadzialorraine

Thanks for your attention, feel free to contact me at any time.. about anything!!
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Old January 26 2006, 05:19 AM   #83
Location: Surrey (Vancouver) B.C. Canada
=^=Star Trek: Pathfinder Alliance=^=

Indri Prime, Headquarters of The Pathfinder Alliance.

We Need Players!
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Old January 30 2006, 12:24 AM   #84
Location: Surrey (Vancouver) B.C. Canada
Re: =^=Star Trek: Pathfinder Alliance=^=

New "Pathfinder Alliance" website, players required for all areas.
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Old February 14 2006, 04:08 AM   #85
Fleet Captain
Location: Truro, Cornwall
Greetings from the USS Piran

Deleted by request of pposter
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Old February 15 2006, 11:00 AM   #86
Starship Independence

The final frontier is a mysterious place.
You explore strange new worlds.
You discover new lifeforms and befriend new civilizations.
And sometimes, it's just plain weird.

Join the mission now aboard .

An online Star Trek role-playing simulation
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Old February 17 2006, 08:43 PM   #87
Starbase: New Hope

The United Federation of Planets accepted a new member, the New Hopian Confederation. While a colony of eugenic refugees 250 years ago, they have survived and prospered. Today the home world of New Hope and affiliated worlds under her control encompass 80 systems (41 Inhabitated) and nearly 200 billion people. Not only is New Hope a great boost in an area of space that has seen troubled times on the outskirts of the Romulan/Klingon borders, but New Hope also has a great deal to gain from membership with the United Federation of Planets.
Queen Abrianna of the New Hopian Confederacy along with her younger brother, Prince Raphael, were recently reunited with a long time estranged sister, namely Commander Mercedes McVey of the Federation Starship USS Courage. In a surprise move by Starfleet, they named the Commander as the sole liaison to
Queen Abrianna and New Hope in a bid to gain favor - it seems to have worked spectacularly for the UFP. Because of the deepening of the Federation’s relationship with the New Hopian Confederacy, a radical group of terrorists loyal to the disposed King kidnapped Commander McVey. Fortunately she was later rescued by her then fiancé Commander Andrew Anderson, and the USS Courage.
This was a major turning point in the membership process between the UFP and New Hope. The peace process strained because of the kidnapping, the presence of Genetic Camps, and because of the injuries sustained by Commander McVey and Captain Anderson during the rescue attempt, a full scale investigation was initiated. Eventually, from the information that the Captain and crew of the Courage gathered, countless people were freed from prison
However the USS Courage and crew have endeared themselves to the peoples of the New Hopian Confederacy. After the kidnapping when the fate of Captain Anderson and Commander McVey was still in jeopardy, Commander Lungbarrow ordered the Courage to
homeport at Utopia Planitia with all possible speed. Indeed, putting themselves at risk it was only by the extreme vigilance and care of the crew, that the engines of the Courage did not destroy themselves.
Once the valiant ship came to rest, Commander Lungbarrow thru family connections called for an emergency meeting of the Federation Council. It was only through his intervention that the Federation Council reversed it's rejection of the New Hopian Confederacy membership proposal, and by an impassioned plea for understanding and time on behalf of Queen Abrianna and her recently established rule was a postponement granted. However it was the truely stunning surprise appearance by an injured Captain Anderson, speaking on her own behalf to explain the real situation on New Hope, that the Membership accords were pushed forward.
After that in another holo-novel moment, Commander McVey explained her actions in the proceeding events and revealed her genetic and biological enhancements, which are still tightly
controlled within the UFP. This almost lead to her dismissal as a Starfleet Officer, and of her citizen status within the Federation. Fortunately her adoptive father, himself an Ex-Fleeter, stepped forward and explained Commander McVey was genetically and physically changed without her permission- as a political prisoner while still a small child.
While this was debated heavily within the Council, and indeed the entire Federation, her new adoptive son Thomas provided all the proof the Councilors needed to decide that Commander McVey, the Courage and Queen Abrianna of New Hope were telling the truth about
the situation on New Hope - namely a small band of rebels loyal to the disposed King were intent on killing the rest of the ruling family. The heirs of an tyrannical and sadistic father.
After a brief respite where Captain Kathryn Anderson, her husband Captain Michael Anderson, along with his brother Andrew Anderson fiancé Commander Mercedes McVey vacationed and rested from their
ordeals, did the details of the New Hopian Membership Accords become clear. On behalf of New Hope Queen Abrianna offered the hand of the heir apparent Princess Mercedes McVey (aka - Commander McVey) in marriage along with a dowry of five New Hopian Command Warships in exchange for membership.
The United Federation of Planets offered in exchange all the
resources of the UFP and Starfleet, and training of New Hope officers, for the son of Admiral Matthew Anderson to enter into marriage with Princess Mercedes.
While this might seem to be against the principals of the UFP both were more than willing to play the parts requested of them. So on a beautiful clear morning on New Hope Prime with a massive roaring waterfall as a backdrop Commander Andrew Anderson and Commander Mercedes McVey were wedded, to the delight of their respective families and to the entire quadrant.
Commander Anderson officially adopted Thomas the refugee as his son and the new Princess Anderson requested that Thomas should be recognized officially by the New Hopian people and government to be a legitimate son of her union with the new Prince Anderson. This was however merely a formality, as the blue eyed blond headed boy had already been considered part of the family.
It has been a relatively peaceful transition into Federation life for the New Hopian Confederacy thus far. Shortly after New Hope’s introduction into
the Federation, the Anderson Captains received promotions to the rank of Admiral. Michael Anderson was named the head of Security for the New Hopian Systems. Captain Kathryn Anderson reluctantly took the promotion to Fleet Admiral of the entire sector and is following her father's benchmark and is the Task Force Commanding Officer of the powerful New Hopian fleet.
With the promotion the husband and wife uprooted themselves and their 4 year old twins Daniel and Maggie, leaving behind successful careers of guest teaching at Starfleet Academy to move to the new Starbase being constructed over New Hope Prime. The couple prefers to root their family directly on the planet in order to give their children as much of a normal life as possible. Prince Anderson was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral and helps his brother with
Fleet Security. Princess Anderson like the others was promoted to the rank of Admiral.
Princess Mercedes is the official representative of New Hope and also serves as her homeland’s Liaison/Ambassador on the Federation Council. Together Andrew, Mercedes, Thomas, and infant Emily reside on New Hope in order to
better understand the country and people they faithfully serve.

We are now recruiting for all positions in this Deep Space Nine-like simulation. For more information please to go: or send an email to:
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Old February 24 2006, 09:07 PM   #88
James Pike
Pen and paper RPGers?

Hi, new to the site. I'm part of a small group that has been playing a pen and paper and dice Star Trek RPG for close to a decade. We are looking for new players in the Dallas, Texas area. Feel free to email me at We are currently putting together a website that will chronical the history of the main characters of the group.
You can see the very beginings of the site at Star Trekarkness
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Old February 25 2006, 02:32 AM   #89
Fleet Captain
Location: Truro, Cornwall
USS Piran

Deleted by request of poster
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Old March 8 2006, 06:37 PM   #90
Fleet Captain
Location: Truro, Cornwall
Re: USS Piran

The USS Piran, NCC 42127 - A is a cornwall class starship and the second to bear the name. Construction on the vessel started in 2378 and she was the 121st cornwall class ship put into production. In 2382, construction was finished and she sat in dry dock at Utopia planitia, Mars awaiting her offical designation.

However, in early 2382, the USS Piran, NCC 42127 (an Excelsior class starship) was lost after answering a distress call from sb 232. SB 232 was under attack from the Tholian alliance as yet another bold move during a course of the recent offensives against the Federation. The Piran was able to take 1 Tholian Battleship out before being destroyed by the remaining three by a Tholian weapon created when the ships joined at one of the three points on each ships hull.

The surviving crew were ferried onboard various freighters and starships that were able to clear the vicinity of SB 232 due to the diversion cause by the Piran. 245 crew members were killed when the Piran's warp core breached and exploded however, countless thousands more lives were lost whilst trapped on the Starbase.

Two days after leaving the scxene of the battle Captain Phillips and his crew along with the refugees from SB 232 arrived at Starbase T'Plana Hath to see a horde of freighters and ships of various classes sporting various amounts of damage. They had arrived at the HQ of Thunderfleet.

The adventures of the crew of the USS Piran begin at this point. The start of the defence of SB T'plana Hath in a joint mission with the captains of the variious ships of Thunderfleet. Communications were lost with Earth recently and it is unknown how much damage has been done. Things dont look good for the Federation with foreign powers possibly plotting and schemeing against them, even old allies. These are trying times ahead for all involved.

Come join the USS Piran as she boldly patrols the Higways of hell, going where most men have gone before in the roll of defence rather than exploration. It wont always be plain sailing but with a sturdy ship and a strong crew, who knows what problems can be over come and what adventures may be faced....

The USS Piran is simming circa 2382 at the moment. Each mission will vary in length from 5 days to 6 months dependent on the current situation and what is required of her. As with most Roleplays the start of the story is set in stone but everything after that is affected by each and every action of the players. There is never a definitive end to each story arc, only an ending that the players themselves have managed to work towards and create.

As with most sims in AQSG, i only expect a minimum of 1-2 posts a week per crew member. More would be appreciated but as is taught in the accademy RL takes prescidence. If for any reason a player feels that he/she cannot reach the minimum posting requirements or needs to take a little time out then we can work around him/her and find ways to temporarily write him/her out of the sim for as long as needs be.

I like the idea of encouraging players through the use of the AQSG awards that are avaliable and will generally award them as I see fit (within reason and fairly) at the end of each mission. The same goes for reprimands both IC and OOC (though i will rarely ever give ooc reprimands unless they are absolutly nesicary). I like to encourage players to build on character development so, if they feel that there character isnt doing anything important they can post some character material. I will always try to find something for a department head and his/her section to do and will rarely ever leave them out. If for any reason do forget about them then they should feel that they can approach me OCC and express their feelings about it.

The most important thing i feel is that i want this sim to be fun and each story to be something different or introduce new ideas. If the engineer wants to work on a new piece of technology that can be encorporated its fine by me as long as its realistic to the trek world. The most important thing about the Sim is to have fun. If anybody isnt then I feel that I, as the GM will have failed.

head on over to here to take a look around
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