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Old October 23 2005, 02:52 AM   #61
Location: Surrey (Vancouver) B.C. Canada
Re: Star Trek: USS Seafarer

In what era/year is the Seafarer's mission supposed to take place? The Captain is Romulan, but is the ship a rogue Maquis, Orion Pirate, or Starfleet Intelligence vessel? A decomissioned Firefly-like cargo vessel plying the spacelanes looking for opportunity?
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Old October 24 2005, 04:50 AM   #62
Location: Out there, thataway
Send a message via Yahoo to mthompson1701

Near the Romulan Border,

An attack on a decades old Federation protectorate . . .

A world in crisis . . .

A Queen forced to abicate her throne . . .

A cry for help . . .

These are the voyages of the Starship Galaxy NX-70637, the first of her class. After being in Spacedock for 10 years, the Galaxy has been refitted for active duty. While most of the other Galaxy-class ships have either been destroyed or ends up missing in action the Galaxy has stood the test of time to serve Starfleet throughout the difficulties.We are a fun, relaxed sim set in the year 2416.

The following positions are available:
Executive Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Counselor
Chief Flight Control Officer (Helm)
Chief of Operations
Hazard Team Leader
Chief Communications Officer
Asst. Chief Medical Officer
Asst. Chief of Security
Captain's Yeoman

To apply send a bio along with your simming experience to Captain Bartlet at: or apply at our group site: Click Here for the Groups Site

Feel free to visit our new website: Galaxy Website

Join the U.S.S. Galaxy where adventure awaits for those who show up.

A proud member of Alpha Fleet Simulations Group.
J: "You do know Elvis is dead right?"
K: "Elvis is not dead he just went home."
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Old October 24 2005, 07:46 PM   #63
Re: Star Trek: USS Seafarer

I apologize for the lack of information.
Please have a look at the new website! It has more info...
BTW, the Seafarer is a TNG-era-based PBEm, and the ship is a Federation exploration ship.
Thank you for your remarks.

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Old October 25 2005, 01:13 AM   #64
Far Point Fleet

Far Point Fleet

“We are alone…We stand unafraid, staring into the darkness of the unknown and find in our hearts courage instead of fear. We are the men and women of Far Point Fleet. We are charged with establishing a strong Federation presence here, so far from Sector 001…And we will succeed.” ~ Fleet Admiral James “Rook” Mirtoh

Based out of Starbase 25, precariously positioned far from known space, Far Point Fleet stands ready to meet the challenges that come from being so far from home.

Assignment to Far Point Fleet is considered the most dangerous and exciting post that Starfleet has to offer since the potential for excitement is greater here than anywhere else in the known universe.

Do you have what it takes to explore the great unknown? Do you have what it takes to work so far from support and protection? If you do, then come and join us. We are FAR POINT FLEET. (
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Old October 29 2005, 11:52 PM   #65
Re: Far Point Fleet

The USS pilgrim is a Starship on a 7 year mission just launched from deep space nine. As they explore the surrounding areas there's no way to tell what advetures await them, from the badlads to maybe even the mirror universe!

This is a classic forum style RPG, We Just finished beta testing and we have many ship staff positions open and are ready for new members! click on the link below to go to our forum, and click the forum titled "join the RPG." just fill out the character building sheet and within a day or two we will e-mail you back and most likely accept you.

(you also have to join the forum itself, but I'm sure you all know how to do this)

click here to join!
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Old October 30 2005, 01:04 AM   #66
Location: Surrey (Vancouver) B.C. Canada
Re: Far Point Fleet

proboards link doesn't work
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Old October 30 2005, 07:27 AM   #67
Re: Far Point Fleet

sorry about that!

click here!
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Old November 13 2005, 02:03 AM   #68
TOS Trek

Do you like to read TOS Trek? Ever considered writing TOS Trek? Now you can do both with PbEM at!

Come experience Star Trek adventures in their most primal form! Klingons, Romulans, Merchants, and the Federation characters are all possible. Come read about the daring exploits of the many ships from differing races or even the board-wide Mirror Universe episode currently in play. Tell them Captain Suril sent you.

The USS Hannibal, a Saladin-class destroyer, is actively seeking players for upper-rank and department head positions while the other ships always welcome new faces. Come on by and take a look!

Captain Suril
USS Hannibal
NCC 512
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Old November 15 2005, 01:56 AM   #69
Commander Lenslow
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread


The U.S.S. Wyvern is a Star Trek "Play by Email" Role Playing game, set in the popular Star Trek universe originally created by Gene Roddenberry in 1966. The U.S.S. Wyvern is placed in the "Next Generation" era of Star Trek, and is following the events after the War between the Dominion and the Alpha Quadrant came to a close at the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and a few years after the U.S.S. Voyager returned to the Alpha Quadrant at the end of Star Trek: Voyager.

The Wyvern is an Intrepid-class Starship, under the command of Captain Arinea Kadiri. The Wyvern is stationed near Starbase 185, exploring a region beyond Federation space populated by cultures who are not necessarily on friendly terms with the Federation. The Wyvern's primary mission is peaceful exploration and the protection of Federation interests in the sector.

Current Game Status (as of 14 Nov 2005)

While exploring an uncharted region of space, the crew of the U.S.S. Wyvern has encountered an asteroid displaying unusual properties.

Positions open (as of 14 Nov 2005)

Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Medical Officers
Engineering Officers

Department head positions are required to post at least once per week.

For more information about the U.S.S. Wyvern, please visit .
Commander Stephanie Lenslow, Chief Engineer
U.S.S. Wyvern "Play by Email" Role Playing Group
NCC-78241 - Intrepid Class
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Old December 2 2005, 07:48 PM   #70
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

To get to this site Click Here

hey, new here so not sure really where to post this. Ive created a Star Trek forum based RPG called Galactic Threshold - each user controls a planet / system / race / civilisation and can determine its fate, declare wars, make peace among other things - its also a good chat forum. I have a history of making forums that work so do not be put off by the "only 9 registered members" because we only opened 2 days ago. Please visit us PM me on here or reply to this to tell me what you think and sign up if you want to - there are lots of good places left - im also looking for capable staff - I need to get this forum running so please sign up and if you have any knowledge of Star Trek it could be really useful

to get to the site Click Here


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Old December 3 2005, 08:01 PM   #71
Blade Runner
Vice Admiral
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

^ I have recently joined the Galactic Threshold RPG. We need lots more members and there is loads of species still to be allocated. If we can get the numbers it should be good fun. :thumbsup:

Make it so!!
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Old December 9 2005, 12:34 PM   #72
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Answer Starfleet's call to duty and join the USS Falocn of Raptor Fleet today. Please visit for more information.
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Old December 9 2005, 05:19 PM   #73
nx1701g's Avatar
Location: Aboard the Executor...
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

This is just an announcement that we're in the development phase of relauching RPG Want Ads
Thank the Maker...
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Old December 18 2005, 02:23 AM   #74
nx1701g's Avatar
Location: Aboard the Executor...
Rebirth of a Dream

Alpha Fleet is being reborn and we would like to invite you to be a part of it. Set in the early 25th Century, in our new adventures the Worlds of the Federation have seen peace since the end of the horrific Dominion Wars. Exploration has continued and we've pushed the boundaries of our existence. Sadly though an old enemy is returning, and who knows what will come next.

Alpha Fleet - The Next Generation
Thank the Maker...
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Old December 19 2005, 01:13 AM   #75
Location: Surrey (Vancouver) B.C. Canada
Re: Rebirth of a Dream

What kinds of things do you see in the new "Alpha Fleet"?

* The S.C.E. (ie: U.S.S. Da Vinci - Saber-Class)?
* The Ships+Bases of Reg Barclay & Admiral Paris' "Project: Voyager"?
* Beta / Delta / Gamma Quadrant Exploration?
* Starfleet Academy training vessel's adventures?

* Temporal Affairs.

* "What If" Alternate Universes?
(ie: The Return Of The Maquis.)

{Mirror Spock's followers have been quietly moving between dimensions. They've been carefully interacting with disgruntled Federation colonists & "conscientious objectors" among some Starfleet Personnel throughout the Cardassian Annexation, The Dominion War & the Baku Relocation scandal. Realizing Starfleet is caught between a rock & a hard place, the M.U. Spock has been asking the Maquis to volunteer to reconstitute the Terran Resistance & it's losses to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. For the time being, a certain status quo has been achieved. For now, it's all quiet in the M.U.; & so, the time has come to return home....}

* Future Joint Crews (Created in a timeline set between canon trek & the Wells-Class Relativity.)

I'd like to see non-canon kitbashed vessels used rather than white-knuckle gripping to the usual same-old, same-old. (Sovereign, Nebula, Miranda-Class, Intrepid-Class, etc.)
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cardassia, cardassian, ds9, maquis, pbem, richard evans, risus, role play, roleplay, rpg, rpg-x, section 31, simm, simulation, st:ng, star, star trek voyager, starbase, starship, tos, trek

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