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Old June 12 2005, 08:39 PM   #16
Location: Kingston, PA
Frontier Fleet

(USS Odyssey - Bridge - 2391.03.28, 1122)

Edward was simply sitting in the chair. *his* chair.. the Captain's Chair. From this chair, he could see everything that was happening. Even if he had to turn this chair a bit... He could see the OPS, working hard to make sure power was running where it was supposed to be running. He could see the STC working on a way to improve the shields. The CONN was here too, making sure they stayed on their course. And of course, there was the CSO, working on a way to enhance the sensors. The CMO and the COUNS weren't here... they were doing their jobs in Sickbay, and the counselling office.

Right next to Edward, sat the First Officer. "I would have expected more from this trip.." he said to Edward.

The CO smiled. "Well, we know for a fact of course, that..."

Edward couldn't finish his sentence. He was interrupted... by all the lights on the bridge diminishing, and eventually, the bridge was dark. Totally dark. "Emergency lights!" Edward shouted.

He didn't have to wait long for those lights to come online. When everything could finally be seen again, Edward turned towards the viewscreen... and was surprised by what he saw there. The screen was filled with what seemed like a nebula. "Science?" Edward asked immediately. "What is that on screen?"

(Reply YOU!)

"I see." Edward said, scratching his head. "OPS, where are we, actually? What happened? The last thing I know, we weren't going towards a nebula, were we?"

(Reply YOU!)

"Helm, get us out of here." Edward now said, sitting back in the Captain's chair. "Maximum warp... Tactical, see if you can get the shields up..."

(Reply YOU!)

(Reply YOU, any)
(Posted by Rob Versteegt)

Yes, we want you to reply! Does this seem interesting to you? Do you feel that you can add something to the story? If that's the case, then join ST Frontier Fleet! Go to, and have a look around!

I hope to see you soon!
Rob Versteegt, Chief of PR.
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Old June 14 2005, 10:07 AM   #17
Cadet = original series RPG

"It is illegal and extremely dangerous to take on board a Starfleet shuttlecraft, transporter beam or starship any hazardous materials or life-forms.

Specific instructions for shipping these materials safely can be obtained from your regional cargo office.

Samples of each of the main hazardous materials categories follow:

Biological life-forms: tribbles, horta.

Poisons and Etiological Agents: Scalosian water, tetralubisol.

Corrosives: acids, cleaners, trimagnesite, diburinium.

Radioactives: tritium, radiopharmaceuticals, or any delta ray emitting device.

Each violation can result in a civil penalty or a criminal penalty and/or imprisonment for the individual.

Starfleet is a division of the United Federation of Planets.

A complete list of items may be obtained by contacting Starfleet Command."

>>The notice accompanies your assignment as a crew member on board one of the ships of Classic Trek

Classic Trek is your home for the finest 'Original Series' era role playing on the web. Our message boards chronicle the adventures of Starfleet's finest crews as they 'boldly go' during the heyday of manned space exploration. You'll seek out new life and visit all those strangenew worlds you've always dreamed about.

Our adventures are played out on a message board based RPG. Set in the Star Trek original series (TOS) timeline, our main emphasis is on strong, well written character driven stories.

If you have a new TOS era character in mind that you'd like to add to our forums or if you're ready to bring your character to the finest consortium of Trek Gamers in the galaxy, join today.

If you've got the right stuff for a command post and are interested in launching a new ship within our stellar fleet; fill out our captain's aplication.

We gladly accept any of the canon TOS ships of the line, the multitude of FASA ships as well as other variants. Help us form our fleet with finest ships and the best crews in TOS roleplay.

We cordially invite you to join us at Classic Trek. Create a character so you can get in on the fun and contact one of our site administrators with questions or concerns. Feel free to send our link to anyone who you think might be interested in fine, free TOS role playing.
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Old June 17 2005, 04:56 AM   #18
Under New Management! Everything must go!

A New Command, Coming Soon! All empty positions MUST be filled!

The USS Brisbane, a 14th Fleet pbem simulation will soon be receiving a new command team and with their arrival, every vacant position must be filled! If you enjoy Trek and you enjoy simming, then check out our website today!

ALtCmdr Aaliyah James
Executive Officer (newly appointed)
USS Brisbane
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Old June 20 2005, 09:22 PM   #19
Lieutenant Commander
Starpaul20's Avatar
Location: New Jersey
View Starpaul20's Twitter Profile
Re: The Final Frontier RPG


I currently help run a RPG called The Final Frontier.

This RPG takes place in 2385, five years after Star Trek: Nemesis. It chronicles the Federation's attempt at returning to the early days of exploration. We are also launching an upcoming storyline dealing with the reformation of the Romulan government and possible turmoil within the Federation. We look at it as yet another leap into the future of Star Trek.

Our current flagship is the U.S.S. Intrepid NCC-97747. *After the U.S.S. Intrepid of the Intrepid-class is decommissioned, Starfleet commissions the NCC-97747. *This new ship is part of a class designed to return to the roots of discovery and exploration. *It combines the excellent scientific capabilities of the Galaxy class and the tactical superiority of the Sovereign, Defiant, and Prometheus classes. *

We are also launching a second ship, the U.S.S. Farragut. The Farragut is a re-fitted Sovereign Class vessel.

The Farragut currently has the following opening postions: -Counselor
-Senior Helmsman
-Chief Medical Officer
-Chief Engineer

Officers aboard the Intrepid will be transferring to the Farragut. *Their positions will be vacated and opened to new members. *Open positions on the Intrepid:
-Chief Engineer
-Second Officer

We are always looking for new members. Take a look!

The Final Frotier RPG

Our board is completely Ad-free.
Sorry, no matter how much you try, you can not ignore yourself.
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Old June 21 2005, 04:34 AM   #20
USS Adriatic...Looking For Some Fresh Faces

Have you ever had the desire to fly among the stars? Well I'm sure since you're in this thread you have. On board the USS Adriatic your dreams can become reality.

I'm Commander Kadilyn O'Compar, the Executive Officer of the Adriatic and I can tell you without pause that we have a crew of some of the best writers on our ship. We are a member of The 14th Fleet that operates out of Star Base 517.

If you love SIMing, or for that matter just love writing check out our website then drop me a line, my email address can be found at our website. I'd love to chat with you about filling one of our vacancies. As well if you're interested we have a chat room on the Starchat server of IRC #uss-adriatic. Come join us there, we'd love to talk.

(A)Commander Kadilyn O'Compar
Executive Officer
USS Adriatic NCC-75007
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Old June 23 2005, 07:37 PM   #21
StarfleetUK2K1's Avatar
Location: South Coast UK
U.S.S Alliance

Greetings from the U.S.S Alliance

The Alliance if a simmwhich has been around for just over a year and is currently looking for new players/writers to join the team.

The format is a fairly liberal style PBEM where the story and characters evolve as the mission prgresses, and new ideas and twists are always welcome.

The setting is the edge of federation space, where new friends, and enemies await to be discovered, and where nothing is taken for granted.

The Alliance herself is an Akira class starship, and various positions are free at the moment

We have positions available in


as well as position in the ships Fighter Squadrons and Marine detachment.

Though any other positions are also accepted (weapons specialist, strategic operations, barman,)

So have a look and if you're interested let me know.

CO of the Alliance

U.S.S Alliance
Niners aren't linear; We're everywhere.
We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.....
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Old June 24 2005, 10:46 AM   #22
Location: Surrey (Vancouver) B.C. Canada
Re: U.S.S Alliance

I was thinking of a couple of ideas for a new R.P.G.

"Star Trek: Rebel Fleet"

Concept One:

Having successfully evaded capture by either the Jem Hadar or Starfleet & extradition, these former guests of The Coalition of Non Aligned Worlds, have returned & they are P----d.

Having laid low to recover & rebuild just beneath the nose of the Syndicate, the Maquis have emmerged from exile to preserve the sovereignty of all liberated worlds from ever having to reconcile with any of the major powers.

"Star Trek: Rebel Fleet"

Concept Two:

A small battle group traveling back to Utopia Planetia for repairs gets caught up in a snafu of the Temporal Cold War.

Three ships are nudged a handful of years into one of many possible futures with no way "home", by a shockwave ripple from a destroyed [classified] research facility whom had been building & testing a "Gemini Device" for a prototype Premonition-Class starship.

The accident that destroyed the testing facility echoed the one that cloned Captain Will Riker of the U.S.S. Titan.

The shockwave shifted three unsuspecting vessels a handful of years ahead into a future both familiar & utterly alien to the crew of these lonely vessels.

In example, The Borg are no longer Starfleet's sworn enemy...they're charter-members of The United Federation of Planets.

Which would you rather see:

Concept One or Concept Two?

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Old July 4 2005, 02:04 AM   #23
nx1701g's Avatar
Location: Aboard the Executor...
The Continuing Voyages

Chief Medical Officer and Chief Science Officer needed urgently.
Gods Not Dead
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Old July 7 2005, 09:06 AM   #24
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Endevour. So much can be said with one word. On a Concorde Class starship, named Endevour, we Endevour for a cure to a disease that could devastate the entire Federation, on a mission we must not fail at.

We head off into the semi-unknown, the Delta quadrant, where friends and enemies have already been made. We will likely do the same.

This is still the strange old Endevour, with it's odd happenings and strange relationships. As always, if it is strange and it blindsides you on 'some idle afternoon', you know the Endevour is quite near.

Come join us on our quest of Deliverance….not from enslavement or that type of thing, but deliverance from a disease that befuddles the best minds of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

- FSF Storm
"Ultima Passus Frequente Prima"
"The last step is often the First one."

Open Positions: Eng, Marines, Fighter Pilots, Many Assts, Civilians
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Old July 17 2005, 05:39 AM   #25

"After the Dominion War, and the return of the USS Voyager, Starfleet sees reason to begin building up their military forces once more. The successful Prometheus Project yields hope for the Federation as more of the class is put into service. Among these, the USS Sequoyah, sent abroad throughout the Federation, keeping the peace, whether it be relieving colonies from natural disaster, studying the newest discovery or averting galactic war, the Sequoyah and her crew are always on the front lines. Will they survive all that the Milky Way can throw at them? Find out in the evergoing mission, Star Trek: Sequoyah."

The USS Sequoyah is a newly commissioned Prometheus Class vessel. We're a new RPG, just starting out, and have had a little trouble finding crew. We have detailed specs and a well-treknology versed command team to make for good, detailed posts to really get into the finer workings of the ship.

We also have a varied crew for exciting player interaction and character devlopment, although very small, our members are currently playing multiple characters. We have a large, specific manifest, and a detailed training to get you prepared for Play-By-Email RPGs.

We're detailed and specific enough to seem like a large fleet, but small enough to take tender care of every member, and see our crew through exciting missions and detailed posts.

We include our own version of the Academy, complete with a list of in-game majors to choose from (strictly in-game, for enhancement of the detail, and to help the command team better place you onboard.)

Novel format is prefered, but script is also welcome. Check out our site.

We also have a reference site complete with an Academy Enrollment Form.

Join the Sequoyah Today!
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Old July 21 2005, 07:33 PM   #26
USS Titan: Crew Needed

Have you ever looked at the Constitution Refit Class and loved the design?

Do you love the dynamic and the interaction, and friendship between the characters in the TMP era?

Do you love the TOS characters in their movie roles?

Do you love the Red Jacket Uniforms frm this era?

If you answereed yes to any or all of these questions, then the Titan is for you. The Titan is a Constitution Refit Class, in the year 2290, which is the year that Capt. Sulu took command of the USS Excelsior. This is in between Star Trek V and Star Trek VI. The Titan is a Play By Email simm, which uses a Yahoo Groups board as our IC list.

Enough about that,

The Titan has many positions open that need to be filled, hopefully one of them is for you.

Chief Helm Officer
Chief Navigations/Tactical Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Infiltration Specialist

and Chief of the Boat, the Senior Most enlisted Person on the ship.

Or If you'd like to take a Civilian route, you're options are but not limited to, Bartender and Civilian Journalist for the Federation News Service.

What are you doing still reading? go to USS Titan right now which is located at: USS Titan to join, any questions you can email me at
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Old July 24 2005, 08:41 PM   #27

Cast your minds back to that first ship you ever served on as a roleplayer/writer. I sure you can all remember it. I know I can, and I'm hoping to create as many fond memories for players, as that first ship ever gave me.

Hi. My name is Zack, and I've been playing in rpg's for several years. I've always been either at the helm of the ship, or deep in it's mechanical bowels, but for a long time, I have longed to captain my own vessel, in an era that has not yet been covered by trek lore.

Thus the USS Echo was born. I'm looking for players interested in crewing a ship 13 years forward from Trek cannon in the year 2392. Most positions are available, with only Captain (myself) and our CMO position taken. Civilian characters as well as Starfleet personell are more than welcome, and I'm also hoping to recruit some decent flyboys to command Alpha, beta, gamma and delta flights, our fighter wings.

What follows is the blurb for the game. If you're interested, check out the website at:

or alternatively, drop me an email at:

Here's the blurb....

The year is 2392. Three years ago, the Klingons launched an unprovoked attack on the Romulan Empire, breaking five years of peace in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Federation, who had a peace treaty with both civilisations, sided with the besieged Romulans. Ater a year of bloody conflict, the Klingon people rose up and deposed their Chancellor, Kre'tash. When a new Chancellor, Worf Son Of Mogh, was elected, it was discovered that Kre'tash had in fact been a puppet of a seperatist movement seeking a return to the glorious days of the Romulan Empire. The Federation were quick to switch sides once the truth was revealed, and aided the Klingons in driving the Romulans back.

Now, an uneasy peace has returned to the quadrants. The neutral zone has been refomed, and Federation ships once again patrol its borders.

The USS Echo NCC-76678, an Akira class starship sits in a cradle at the Utopia Planetia ship yards. Her battle damage has been repaired and she has just undergone a major refit. Now she has been assigned a new crew and a new captain. What awaits her in the future is yet to be discovered. The story of The USS Echo and her crew is yet to be written in the stars that lie ahead.
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Old July 25 2005, 03:44 AM   #28
Location: Out there, thataway
Send a message via Yahoo to mthompson1701
In uncharted territory, adventure awaits!!

The Gamma Quadrant, a sector that has not been explored. A bold new frontier where adventure is just around the corner. When a Starfleet ship and crew is taken hostage by the Zantharians, a race which we know little about, it's up to the bold crew of the U.S.S. Galaxy to assist in the rescue of Starfleet's finest.

It is a dark time for the Federation. Starfleet is spread thin due to the threat presented by both the T'saz & the Zantharians. In order to get more ships into the fleet, Starfleet has re-commmissioned several older vessels. The U.S.S. Galaxy NX-70637 the prototype of her class, now under the command of Captain J.D. Bartlet.

Open Positions:
Second Officer (may serve in another position)
Chief Helm Officer
Chief of Operations
Chief of Strategic Operations
Hazard Team Leader
Asst. Chief Science Officer
Asst. Chief Engineer
Asst. Chief Medical Officer
Asst. Chief of Security/Tactical

Join the U.S.S. Galaxy where adventure awaits for those who show up.

To apply send a bio along with your simming experience to Captain Bartlet at: or apply at our group site:

A proud member of Alpha Fleet Simulations Group.
J: "You do know Elvis is dead right?"
K: "Elvis is not dead he just went home."
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Old August 3 2005, 06:11 PM   #29
Distant Horizons

You have heard it all. You have seen it all. So I will not annoy you with more of the same.

Star Trek: Distant Horizons has been going strong for over a year and we are about to open a new ship, so lots of positions open. Even if you are not interested, at least check out our new website so that our WebMaster (Mistress actually) doesn't think she did all of the work for nothing.
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Old August 5 2005, 02:01 AM   #30
XO Position Posting

Position: Executive Officer

Vessel: USS Washington – Sovereign Class starship under the command of Captain Danen Lrunin. Vessel is based out of Starbase 25, Far Point Fleet.

Position Details: Duties of the XO include but are not limited to:
• Support of the ship’s captain in all matters pertaining to the smooth running of the vessel.
• Acting as a liaison between the ship’s crew and the captain.
• Maintaining the ship’s website in the form of crew updates and upkeep of website news sections.
• Guiding the ship’s storyline whether or not the captain is absent.
• Encouraging other crew members to post.
• Assisting the captain in the composition of the ship’s monthly posting totals and/or newsletter for inclusion in the fleet’s newsletter.
• Assisting the captain in recruitment.

Position Requirements: All candidates applying for this position should have/will be:

• Excellent mechanical (grammar, spelling) and compositional (overall writing ability) writing skills.
• Minimum of 3 months simming experience (preferably in FPF but not necessary).
• Able to answer email and IMs from crew members on a regular basis.
• Able to write mission kickoffs and conclusions in the captain’s absence.
• Able to step in and assume command for extended periods in the captain’s absence.
• Able to make a commitment of at least 6 months to the position to which they are applying.
• Able to make decisions to resolve crew disputes without input from the ship’s captain (whether or not the captain grants this authority).
• Able to serve as a clear example of what other crew members should aspire to.
• Candidate must have approval from his or her commanding officer.

Contact Information: Interested applicants should include all of the following in their

• Captain Danen Lrunin (
• Fleet Admiral James “Rook” Mirtoh (
• Captain Shyloe Townsend (
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