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Old September 23 2007, 05:34 PM   #196
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Location: North Carolina
Dark Frontiers is recruiting

Hello. I would like to welcome everyone to join Dark Frontiers.

We are a bulletin board based RP that was just conceived. Right now we only have one game going but have lots of spots to fill.

The USS Eclipse is an Akira Class ship, but is a bit different from your normal Starfleet tug. We are not exactly a Canon game, on Dark Frontiers you can choose to play as several different characters. For example, I pulled a few things from some of the different RPs and a few of the books and decided we needed Marines on board, we will also have a SCE team. Our missions will be varied. We will do everything from exploring and escort duty to direct action on hard objectives. We are big on character development and character interaction.

Below is a partial list of the billets that are yet to be filled.


Chief Flight Control Officer


Chief Operations Officer

Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Communications Officer


Assistant Chief Security/Tactical


Chief Medical Officer - Lt/LtCmdr

Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Ship's Counselor


Assistant Chief Science Officer

Marine Detachment



SCE Team Ldr

Cultural Specialist

There are enlisted spots as well.

Stop on by for more details. Or contact myself at


Captain Reia Taren
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse NCC 25734-D
Capt Reia Taren
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse, NCC 25734-D
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Old September 25 2007, 03:58 AM   #197
Location: Escaping form Rura Penthe
Re: Dark Frontiers is recruiting

(This is what I was looking for. Sorry about the breach of regulation.)

The USS Repulse is an Excelsior class starship in the year 2311. The ship is shouded in mystery. The ship had been found drifting in the Typhon Expanse after being lost for three years, it's crew vanished without a trace.

Now, as the new crew attempts to uncover the mystery surrounding the fate of their predecessors, they will spark a chain reaction that will eventually lead to the deaths of thousands of Federation citizens and nearly ignite a war with the most fearsome enemy in the Quadrant: the Romulans.

In an era of exploration and peace, there is also a dark side where the shadow of war is ever-present. The Romulans want to start a war and the Klingons are suspicious of the Federation's attempts to help them evacuate Q'onoS. Danger lurks around every corner and the fate of the Federation may just hang on one starship. Ready to make some history?

If you like intrigue and story archs, then the USS Repulse is the ship for you. All the major unknowns of the Lost Era (c.2294-2363) will be explored, including the shadowy events surrounding the Tomed Incident and the signing of the Treaty of Algeron, the Romulan Empire's withdrawl from interstellar affairs, and what actually happened to Q'onoS after the Khitomer Accords.


Executive Officer
Chief Engineer
Communications Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Deputy Chief of Security

Sound like fun? Join today our PBF simm at USS Repulse Homepage
USS Repulse

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Old September 28 2007, 07:25 AM   #198
Alpha Fleet Recruiting

Starbase Poseidon

In the far reaches of cold darkness of space, Federation Scientists found what appeared to be a strategic windfall – a rogue planet hurdling through space aimed not just at Cardassia Prime but the Dominion as well. The Starbase Poseidon was towed in to position to be captured in the rogue planet’s gravity well and the planet and station were hit with a refined warp wave to help speed it along. The technology still experimental at the time ended up sending the planet and the Poseidon past Cardassia altogether. Hurdling in space somewhere near to the Gamma Quadrant the Poseidon realizes there are worse enemies there than just the Dominion.

XO, CTO, CSO, COO, CMO, CEO, and more

USS Diamond

From the remains of a Wells-class ship that was sent back to the 24th century comes Starfleet’s latest technological marvel: the USS Diamond, a New Orleans class ship, comes complete with the temporal equipment to save and protect our timeline. Join the exciting birth of the Temporal Division aboard the USS Diamond.

COO, CTO, CEO, CSO, and more

USS Crusader

The USS Crusader is Alpha Fleet’s Fast Response Ship – responsible for coming at the beck and call of whatever disaster may come about. This Akira Class vessel is specifically outfitted to handle all manners of emergency situations from hostile threats to medical outbreaks – the Crusader is all about saving lives. Are you ready to make a difference?

CFO, COO, CTO, CIO, CAT CO, and more

USS Akagi

The Akagi, a Defiant class vessel, has been charged with the responsibility of exploring uncharted space, visiting new worlds and encountering new life forms and civilizations. When called upon the Akagi can quickly change roles into that of the stern defender, defending Federation interests throughout the galaxy. The Akagi's crew is more than capable of rising to the occasion and meets whatever challenge is yet to come. Think you can do that too?

CTO, COO, CMO, and more

USS Cambria

The USS Cambria is an Exaclibur class ship that originated in an alternate time line in the year of 2396, where the Federation and StarFleet exist no longer after having been wiped out by Species 99875. Only 12 starships survived the assault and managed to setup The Last Guard. The Last Guard sent the Cambria was sent to check on an anomaly in the hopes of learning more of Species 99875 travel technology. Instead the anomaly ended up sending the ship to our own timeline. After much debate among the fleet brass the Cambria was attached to Task Force 739 of Alpha Fleet and allowed to maintain their traditions and ways of the ancient earth US Army that they had readopted. Can you handle being a part of the Last Guard?

XO, CTO, COO, CSO, CEO, CMO, and more

USS Ethos

The USS Ethos was on a routine technological evaluation mission when the ship was forced to enter a black hole that transported them over 2 million lightyears away to the Andromeda Galaxy. Stranded far far away from home, Captained by a man with ties to the Orion Syndicate, and with any form of real laws and rules hinging on the edge of being toppled - how will they fair? How long will the Prime Directive hold up with no one to enforce it?

COO, CTO, CCO and more
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Old September 29 2007, 11:08 PM   #199
Location: NC
Star Trek Horizons

Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you all to the best forum based Trek RPG out there. We currently have 2 ships, the Intrepid class, Valiant and the Nebula class Endeavor and a fully functioning Federation space station, Deep Space 12. We focus on exploration and try to stay as canon as is humanly possible. Ie, you will never find some supership made up by fans or a shuttle capable of warp 15 or some such nonsense. Also, we are active, no posting and waiting 2 weeks for someone else. Some of our players post up to 8-10 posts a day!!

So, if your looking for an active, fun, exciting Trek RPG (that has excellent graphics by the way, LCARS, Ship pics, great Character pics, etc.), please visit us at:

web page

Click on the forums link for the simm, or the website for background and information.

Any question feel free to contact me at


joe911nc is offline   Reply With Quote
Old September 30 2007, 08:24 PM   #200
Location: Orlando, FL
Re: Star Trek Horizons

Deep Space 12 is where the Hidden Frontier shows are based out of.
"You have been, and always shall friend"
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Old October 4 2007, 07:51 PM   #201
Lieutenant Commander
Location: Durham, NC
Star Trek: Vengeance

Star Trek: Vengeance , a long-running Play By E-mail group, is currently looking for a slew of new characters and players. Vengeance takes place in the year 2390 and is set on the Starship Demeckery and it's five-year mission of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant. We're looking for a Chief Engineer, Chief of Security, Conn Officer, Chief Science Officer and many more critical roles to our plot. If you're interested, join today and get in the action! JOIN VENGEANCE!

Below is an excerpt from our episode titled "All Is Full Of Love"

"How was work?"

He forced himself to smile as he stood in the middle of the kitchen and
looked at her with a grin. She stared back, playfully finishing the dishes
before turning to him and crossing her arms over her apron. "Cristano
Hunter, I know that expression."

"Well we have reason to celebrate." He said, practiced, even he felt his
enthusiasm suddenly die the moment he looked at her weary eyes. "Hey, you
guys, hey!" He screamed. Arianna turned and gave him a roll of her eyes and
Nic didn't even hear him. He walked around the counter and removed the ear
buds from Nic's ears and gestured to the monitor as he drew a line
underneath his neck.

"Tonya, let me call you back. My father has something to say." She
switched the monitor off and sat down at the table beside her twin brother
Nic who looked disinterested as he pulled a magazine across the table.
Cristano put his hand over the magazine.

"Give me a few minutes, okay?" The request got an annoyed expression from
his son and pained his father. He remembered little Nic, the boy who looked
up to his father. This boy thought he was a man and looked forward to moving out and being independent. He also thought his father wasn't worthy of his attention or consideration.

"I have some news. A few days ago I got word that I was being considered
for a promotion. It means more responsibility and a lot of changes for us
all. We'd also have to move."

Keren tensed as Arianna and Nic both seemed to express everything from
excitement to fear of losing touch with their friends and having to adjust
to a new city. "Are we moving to San Francisco? That would be awesome. I can
see myself as a California girl."

"San Francisco? Cris, tell me you didn't accept."

He looked to Keren, surprised that she didn't even bother to congratulate
him. "We're not moving to San Francisco. I was offered a command. I'm
Captain Cristano Hunter of the Starship Demeckery."

"Demeckery? Sounds like a piece of-"

"You stop right there, young man." Cristano warned.

"I don't want to move to a ship. Mom, you aren't going to let him do this
are you?" Arianna asked with disgust and hatred lacing each word.

"Cris, did you accept?"

He looked to her and lied. He hadn't, he was going to do so in the
morning. "Yes," He said, never removing his eyes from her. "I did."

Keren removed her apron and shook her head, stalking out of the room.
"Oh sh*t, mom's pissed!" Nic exclaimed as if he was watching a movie.
Cristano turned red as he stalked after her. "What is wrong with you? Why
aren't you happy for me? After all the work and years I've put into my

"That's exactly why I'm mad! Your career. You don't bother to think about
your family, your children, me. Oh no, you get an offer from Starfleet and
you take it. Did you even once stop and think about us?"

"The kids will get used to it. This is my chance to really do something
with my life instead of slumming around some junky lab all damn day reading
about people who are out there living their life. I'm tired, Keren. I'm
tired of doing nothing."

"I'm tired too, Cris. I'm tired of you doing things like this. Making
decisions about our lives. Doing what you want to do."

Cristano's chest grew large as he fought the anger in him. "I prayed
about this long and hard and God-"

"Don't you even bring God or your faith into this. That's always your
excuse for doing things. Own up to your own mistakes for once and stop
hiding behind your religion." She pointed her finger at him, jabbing her
finger at him as if she were going to physically strike him at any moment.

"I've stood around here for far too many years trying to make you happy.
I've given you a home, a secure life, all the love that I can possibly exude
and I'm tired, Keren. I'm tired!" He saw the hurt in her expression as she
turned away. He walked in front of her. "You're so selfish, always thinking
about you. I'm taking the promotion and the ship because there's a reason
it's been offered to me. Remember, I was offered the chief engineer post on
that ship a year ago and I turned it down. Now I'm being given a chance to
be that ship's captain. This is for a reason. God's giving me a second
chance and I'm taking it."

"Then you'll have to take it without me because I'm done with this." She
said through gritted teeth.

"Oh now honey, I don't think so." He said with anger as he grabbed her
fist, squeezing it hard as he stared her down. "You took a vow and you said
'til death do us part' and I'm a man of faith. I won't break my vow and I
won't let you do it either."

"You can't force me to do anything I don't want to." Keren replied.

"Oh, and so you're willing to give up on Nic and Arianna?" His question
softened Keren as a sadness came over her. He knew he had her. "If you leave
me you'll be leaving them. You know you can't take care of them on your own. You know without me you'll be living on borrowed time. Want to see how deep your faith runs? Try to leave. I promise you, you'll live to regret that

She raised her head in defiance and jerked her hand away, tears streaming
down her cheeks, her jaw set and trembling in anger. "Marrying you was the
biggest mistake of my life."

"Loving you was the biggest mistake of mine." He countered, leaning
against the wall. "We'll need to pack tonight. We have to catch the next
transport to Deep Space Nine in the morning. You'd better prepare your
"The almighty Prime Directive. Take my advice. It's less of a headache if you just ignore it." --Admiral Janeway, Endgame
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Old October 5 2007, 10:47 PM   #202
The Federation: Join the Fight for Survival


Come and check out the Federation, a completely member-run group of simmers who write in a dystopian future for Star Trek. After defeating a sinister alliance of Gorn, Breen and others, the remaining Starfleet officers work to pick up the pieces.

Our group of a half dozen ships are full of closely-knit, involved writers who enjoy posting for fun. Unique features include:
**A member-comprised command board, with a rotating staff, who make policy decisions for the group
**A brief training Academy to introduce new members to our posting style
**The Federation News Service, where any members may write interest and news articles.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Hope to see you there!
whiteschwoch is offline   Reply With Quote
Old October 6 2007, 02:19 AM   #203
USS Orion: Join the Ones Who Live!

The Orion, along with her veteran crew, has lived her life to the fullest. Fought off Klingon rebels, dealt with a Cardassian tyrant who cloned former Bajoran Occupation prisoners and slaves, even cured two colonies of the same plague.

In it's 4th year of life, the Orion, commanded by the notorious Captain Alexandra Cooper, has rescued one of their own after a lengthy imprisonment. Now comes the time to save a planet of annihilation.

It is time to live as if every day were your last. Will you live with us?

USS Orion NCC-83224
kalyka is offline   Reply With Quote
Old October 7 2007, 06:52 PM   #204
USS Grantium

The USS Grantium is a Military Steamrunner class starship set in the year 2405. The second year of the all out Romulan-Federation war has taken it's toll on both sides but the fighting must go on!
This is a new simm and every position is open, why don't you take a look:
Continue the fight!

Brigadier General Raul Betan.
Davey is offline   Reply With Quote
Old October 7 2007, 09:06 PM   #205
Courageous Deep Space 12

Do you like the ST:Ent era of simming. Well the USS Courageous is an NX Class starship circa 2161 with a mission to make sure that the xindi empire gets the right leader and not cause so much trouble or war to the federation. Want to help make sure that we succeed; then come join us at

Deep Space 12 is a Nor class station with plans of expansion to include a fighter contingent, off-base.....but towable or manoeuvrable. Anyway, black ops, a marine ship and a merger of the USS Michealangelo to the DS is also on it's way. Four ships and lots to do. Come join us at
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Old October 10 2007, 06:11 AM   #206
nx1701g's Avatar
Location: Aboard the Executor...
Reed, Yar, Odo, You - Security Chief needed URGENTLY

NAME: Continuing Voyages
ACTIVE: 200 - 500 posts a month
AGE: 7 Years
WEBSITE: USS Enterprise NX-1701-G Website
Y!GROUP: USS Enterprise NX-1701-G Yahoo Group


Rank: Lieutenant Commander (Minimum)
Experience Required: NONE
Position Description: Responsible for maintaining security onboard the Enterprise, the Chief Security/Tactical Officer is in charge of all Starfleet security personnel aboard the Enterprise as well as the starship's defensive weapons. The Security/Tactical Officer also serves as a liaison to the Commanding Officer and an Advisor to the Senior Staff.
Gods Not Dead
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Old October 11 2007, 12:01 AM   #207
Location: Florida
Where do you want to go today?

That is the only question. We go everywhere. From across the quadrants to time itself, not intentionally, we just have that luck.

With 13 Type X phaser arrays and 4 torpedo tubes, we are a formidable match for enemies just as the Akira and Galaxy class ships. We even have 13 shuttlecraft; 2 of which are dedicated fighters with an impressive armament, most of which are the pilots who fly them. We also have a Delta Flyer, and the Tarawa's own Aerowing Shuttle. All of that is great, but useless if well, you can't cover it. The Tarawa sports a Multi Layered Shielding System (MLSS) and has even been outfitted with Ablative Hull Armor technology. The USS Voyager taught us well how to equip a ship like this, and we make every effort to act on those suggestions.

We're light, we're fast, we're tough and we have a great crew. We are always on the look out for new crewmembers from Department Heads, down to the cook who keeps us fed and the bartender who helps make the day go away. I encourage you to look around the site and see all that we have to offer.

Do you like battles? Intruder alerts? What about some temporal mix? What can you do for us? Better question is what can we do for you? We have many many openings all over the ship. We hide, we seek, we fight, and we even play. We don't get much rest, but we are always up to the call. If you need protection, the Tarawa is who provides it.

No Rest for the Weary is our game, and we play it well.

Check us out. You won't be disappointed.

if you like Starfleet's Advanced Tactics, we are your ship.
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Old October 14 2007, 06:34 AM   #208
Bravo Fleet: USS Hercules

The USS Hercules has been reinitialized and is ready for a new crew. Anyone interested in a professional, high-quality simulation are urged to visit

Major Viktor Voronokov
Commanding Officer
USS Hercules
Task Force 9, Bravo Fleet
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Old October 17 2007, 10:35 PM   #209
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Location: North Carolina
RE: Dark Frontiers

Well The Eclipse has rolled into her first mission and all is going well. We are still looking for several key players like the the Chief Flight Control Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Ship's Counselor, MARDET XO, SCE Team Ldr. There are also several Assistant spots open, as well as numerious enlisted spots incase you are not able to keep up with the 600+ posts IC per month. We are a fast paced well written RP and hope to see a few solid RPers join to fill our TO.

Stop on by for more details. Or contact myself at


Remember there are areas of the board that guests can not view. Thank you and I hope to see you there.

Captain Reia Taren
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse NCC 25734-D
Capt Reia Taren
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse, NCC 25734-D
ntypical is offline   Reply With Quote
Old October 22 2007, 07:40 PM   #210
Gateway Station - The Gamma Quadrant Awaits!


Ever since it’s discovery the Bajoran Wormhole has been a subject of great debate throughout the galaxy. Questions plague us about it’s origins, it’s nature, and who truly controls the mystical wonders inside. It has served as a gateway between realms of exploration and discovery in far off lands, and it has given rise to new beliefs and thoughts thanks to the mysteries locked inside the tunnel between the stars. Thanks to it thousands of star systems once beyond our reach now rest at our fingertips. The Bajoran Wormhole has given us a chance to go boldly where none have gone before.

Since being uncovered the Wormhole has belonged to the Republic of Bajor and has been defended by the mammoth Starbase known as Deep Space Nine. Since it's activation the Federation has had a defensive role and limited abilities to explore this uncharted space. Our probes into this uncharted space at one time led to conflict and disaster, but that has changed. With the support of the Dominion, the Federation is launching it's first return trip to this far off area in almost a generation.

Hosted from the newly constructed Gateway Station – a rebuilding of Deep Space Nine duranium beam by beam – the purpose of this new group is to see to the continued defense of the wormhole and to continue the voyages already begun by the generation before them. Their mission is clear: to continue seeking out new worlds and new civilizations in the wilds of the far off Gamma Quadrant. They will continue to go boldly where no one has gone before.


While on assignment to rechart the distant Idran System, the DS9 away team aboard the USS Constellation received a distress call from an unidentified starship. An away team is sent aboard where they discover that the crew has murdered one another in the most brutal and savage ways. The question is why did they kill one another?

Shortly afterward a gravitic mine explodes near to the ship and unleashes a strange radioactivity toward the ship. The neural impulses of the crew begin to flucutuate and they begin transforming into savages. With primative forces driving the crews every move, it is up to the Away Team to return to the ship and try to reverse the effects before the ship and crew are destroyed.

Meanwhile, aboard Gateway Station, culture clashes come to a head between the multiple cultures assigned to this new embassy among the stars. Can peace be maintained on the station or will this first joint venture between the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant end in failure before it even begins?

TheImperial is offline   Reply With Quote


cardassia, cardassian, ds9, maquis, pbem, richard evans, risus, role play, roleplay, rpg, rpg-x, section 31, simm, simulation, st:ng, star, star trek voyager, starbase, starship, tos, trek

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