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Old March 29 2014, 01:15 AM   #1
The Imperious Leader
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Quick question: Thor v. Hulk

Could Thor immobilize the Hulk by placing his hammer on Hulk's chest should hulk be flat on his back, of course. Or again if Thor caught Hulk laying on the ground could he set the hammer across Hulks throat and pin him that way?
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Old March 29 2014, 01:44 AM   #2
Guy Gardener
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Re: Quick question: Thor v. Hulk

Beings can't pick the hammer up.

It can still be moved by forces?

When Hulk claps his hands together hard enough, that action usually creates a concussive force more than powerful enough to move the hammer and any nearby cars without their parking breaks on.

Deadpool can survive 10 minutes without his head, but I think (in the future) that the Maestro (evil future Hulk) was decapitated by Captain America's shield... So don't cut Hulk's head off, thinking you can staple it back on after the fact.

You can however make a hammer sized hole in the Hulks stomach and let the hammer fall all the way through that cavity and he should heal up and heal over in a couple minutes.

If you catch Thor, skin him, and make gloves out of his skin, you should be able to pick up Mjolnir when you are wearing those thorskin gloves.

If above is true, then any clone of Thor, or any clone of any other person who can pick up Thor's Hammer (The Red Skull spent a couple years walking around with his soul driving a clone of Steve Rogers, and since Steve can pick up Mjolnir, then logically so should Johann.)

There's an alternate version of Thor in Avengers at the moment called Thorr who is an evil asshole. The enchantment on the side of his hammer is that only whosoever is UNWORTHY can lift it up and gain the power of Thorr.

Which is probably the other extreme of the spectrum which means that the Hulk would probably have just as much difficulty moving that mallet because he's too worthy to level up by picking it up.

Although the splintered psychology of the Hulk makes you wonder if he was balls to the wall, could Bruce spontaneously develop a new personality that is worthy enough?

By the way, after Stark's recent drinky adventures in Asgard, I wouldn't be surprised if he was "worthy" in Odin's eyes, because Odin is the yard stick by which all this worthiness is measured, and despite that he usually thinks that worthy (for his son) means super decent moral, chivalrous and heroic... Imagine getting pissed with Tony Stark.

The next morning, worthy doesn't even come close to describing what Odin would think of the man.
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