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Trek Tech Pass me the quantum flux regulator, will you?

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Old March 17 2014, 05:44 AM   #16
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Re: Reset... Energize...

WarpFactorZ wrote: View Post
HIjol wrote: View Post
If I remember correctly from TMP, the Enterprise was not getting enough signal on its pads, and when the signal tried to reintegrate at Star Fleet, what managed to reform was not your case above, I think they were lost...
In short: the Enterprise only had one bar and dropped calls.... Time to switch to Sprint-Transportability.
The gods forgiving me for laughing...sooooooo f*cking funny, WarpFactorZ...!!!!

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Old March 19 2014, 01:39 AM   #17
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Re: Reset... Energize...

In TMP, there's no anti-matter explosion, but the failure is due to defective equipment.

[Enterprise engineering]
VOICES (OC): Check. Cleary on number six.
Space matrix restoration coils. Dilithium crystals.
I knew it. The transporter sensor was not activated.
Faulty modules.
SCOTT (OC): Cleary! Put a new backup sensor into the unit.
CLEARY (OC): Aye sir.
To show how badly thought out all this is, if you look at Wise's annotated copy of the script as shown in THE MAKING OF ST-TMP, the word 'new' is something he added on the day. I guess the original inference was the backup sensor is a supplement to what they'd normally have (maybe the equivalent of keeping your system hooked up to an oscilloscope or wave-form monitor to note status), whereas the filmed version indicates it is a regular component.
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Old March 19 2014, 05:31 AM   #18
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Re: Reset... Energize...

Timo wrote: View Post
The TOS transporter no doubt features some redundancies somewhere, but those aren't evident from the technobabble. Save for the fact that there appear to be multiple transporter rooms aboard the ship, represented by a number of dissimilar sets, yet if one is down for reason X, generally all the transporters of the ship are considered to be down - but that was how it worked in TNG as well. It's just that TNG had an actual Tech Manual, plus dialogue stating the existence of multiple transporter rooms even when there was just one set that very seldom was altered in any way.

I'd suppose that if TNG has quadruple redundancy, the rough and ready TOS has at most a single level of it. Then again, some episodes seem to feature a six-person maximum for a single transport sortie, while others do not, perhaps because redundancies in the system are sometimes utilized for safety, sometimes for capacity?

Timo Saloniemi
Here's an interesting idea...

[Transporter room]

(Spock and Scott are at the controls with McCoy watching.)

SPOCK: Reset. Energize.

(As Scott re-engages the transporter, we hear the P.A. system whistle.)

CHEKOV [OC]: All decks, stand by! Shock waves!

(The ship is shaken, and still nothing appears on the transporter pad.)

MCCOY: Do something!

SPOCK: We are, Doctor. Cross-circuiting to A.

SCOTT: Got them. A piece of them, anyway.

SPOCK: Cross-circuiting to B...

MCCOY: Crazy way to travel, spreading a man's molecules all over the universe!

(Finally the swirly bits solidify into two men.)

SCOTT: Captain, thank heaven!

SPOCK: Mister Scott, there was no deity involved. It was my cross-circuiting to B that recovered them.

MCCOY: Well then, thank pitchforks and pointed ears. As long as it worked, Jim.
Could it be that "cross-circuiting" meant that a means has been developed to combine the transporter mechanisms of more than one room in the process in order to accentuate said process, canceling out whatever disruption was causing the "materializer" to be responding so weakly after the explosion?

If so, Spock could've been experimenting with a new technique because the task was too much for a single mechanism to handle. (And presumably this process was not useful in preventing the problems encountered in "The Enemy Within" and "Mirror, Mirror"; perhaps it was not invented yet.)

This would also mean that cross-circuiting transporter rooms ("A" and "B") was not applicable to save Sonak, possibly because Cleary's accident skewed the beam itself, making recovery of Sonak impossible.
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Old March 19 2014, 11:43 AM   #19
Re: Reset... Energize...

That's a cool idea. I do hope Scotty was being less than literal about that "A piece of them, anyway" thing, and that the two were in the buffer the whole time. Probably Scotty was saying "This light here shows that they are in the buffer. Of course, it would light up even if only part of them was, but here's hoping..."

Incidentally, the terminology would mean our TOS heroes prefer Transporter Room C, much like Picard had a thing for Transporter Room 3. Is there a naval superstition against using the first two transporter rooms, perhaps?

Timo Saloniemi
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Old March 23 2014, 01:34 AM   #20
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Re: Reset... Energize...

Maybe C is just quicker to get to...
"The way that you wander is the way that you choose. / The day that you tarry is the day that you lose. / Sunshine or thunder, a man will always wonder / Where the fair wind blows ..."
-- Lyrics, Jeremiah Johnson's theme.
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