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Old February 15 2014, 10:55 AM   #46
C.E. Evans
Vice Admiral
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Re: Are monocultures actually the rule?

I don't think it's so much a case of monoculture as it is unified cultures. I think various planets still have many different belief systems, but their unity may come from the elimination of extremist views (the need to hate, if not eliminate, others). By the time of Trek, you can still have people who disagree with one another's culture but can look beyond their differences and work together (regardless if they are Human or Vulcan, gay or straight, black or white, etc.).
"Don't sweat the small stuff--it makes you small-minded..."
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Old February 15 2014, 02:48 PM   #47
Re: Are monocultures actually the rule?

Shik wrote: View Post
They wouldn't be looking at out clothes, hair, or any of that. Those are little local regional subcultural differences. They'd look at how we conduct our lives and the operating forces behind them. Looking at it that way, we HAVE a global monoculture.

Every day, no matter where you live--NYC, Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Mogadishu, Nuuk, Astana--people live in exactly the same way. They all get up, go to a designated job, toil hard and for long hours to get a symbol, take that symbol and exchange it for food. Everywhere. WITHOUT FAIL. The food is locked up everywhere, thus causing the control.
1/ you don't know what they would be looking at in real life. They might not even be able to "look" anyway.

2/ This thread was about the likeliness of Monocultures as they're seen in Star Trek: many planets, especially if we accept that somehow they're inhabited by humanoids who look and function pretty much like humans, have unlikely monocultures. Everyone looks the same, dresses the same, has the same culture, view on life, etc.

If you look on Earth, you have cultures that are so different we already have trouble understanding each other. Indians see time as a circle, a cycle, instead of a chronological line as Westerners do. Some cultures believe in reincarnation while others believe in a all-or-nothing life after death. A Swedish woman working in advertising in Stockholm has a life, ideas, views and looks that are radically different from that of a poor male farmer in Kazakhstan, are they not? Yet in "planets of hats", everybody seems to look exactly the same, do the same things, believe in the same things, dress the same way and seem pretty much interchangeable.

Any way, If we imagine a human-like humanoid culture, I do find many of ST monocultures improbable yes. And it's not like ST writers sat down and tried to imagine a monoculture - it's purely out of lack of time and budget to imagine and portray realistically diverse societies.
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Old February 18 2014, 02:08 PM   #48
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Re: Are monocultures actually the rule?

My viewpoint is that those as subvariants of a larger culture, like how some people talk about the Avenger variants of the Miranda-class & such. At any rate, we feel that they're improbable...because we look at ourselves with such difference. But when we look at ourselves with similarities, a very real case can be made for them actually being the norm.

JD5000 wrote: View Post
Shik, I get the impression you're trying to use fictional references to support a view you've already decided on despite any basis in fact.

I was under the impression we were gonna discuss some shit about human cultural development and how it applies to our imagination regarding how we might interact with alien cultures (which I assume we both believe exist despite any truth). So I'll bow out of the thread, good luck with the diatribe.
Not diatribing, believe me; if I were, you'd know. Putting aside the "basis in fact" part (which would start a diatribe), yes, this is my viewpoint that I've based much of my life on; see supra. That doesn't automatically negate the question, though. From what I've seen, I appear to be the only person who thinks that my premise is possible based on what I have learned & experienced. (again, see supra) What I'm asking people to do is to put aside what they know or think they know, & turn it around. LOOK at it. Yes, what I personally hold to be true is controversial on a multitude of levels, but that doesn't make it invalid because it's been tested out. That's the foundation for the idea.

Now don't go thinking I'm saying all this out of spite; I'm simply explaining. When you thought we were "gonna discuss some shit about human cultural development", so did I, & we have...but what I'm seeing is a very narrow, limited, "corporate line" view; everyone's starting around telling Khaleesi "it is known." Maybe things don't really go the way we think they do.
Be the chaos you wish to see in the world.
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Old February 19 2014, 04:14 AM   #49
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Location: Jackson, WY
Re: Are monocultures actually the rule?

I do apologize for that response, I was waiting for a reason to apologize, I guess. I was transferring a little RL frustration on to the anonymity of the internet. We're all guilty of that on occasion. Please, carry on.
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