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Old January 18 2014, 02:06 AM   #31
Nerys Myk
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Re: Action hero Picard

Timewalker wrote: View Post
Armored Saint wrote: View Post
Or perhaps Riker could have joined them and let the ship's command to Geordi, who as an experimented officer could have a deeper role than just saying that engineering is on fire.

Might you have meant "experienced"?
Have you ever been experimented? - Jimmy Hendricks, Are You Experimented.*

*All misspellings are a deliberate and for humorous effect.
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Armored Saint
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Re: Action hero Picard

2takesfrakes wrote: View Post
Sir Patrick Stewart always kept himself in great shape - partly because he likes young(er) women
May I have some Gatorade? I'm afraid I left all my electrolytes with your daughter.
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Old January 18 2014, 07:57 AM   #33
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Re: Action hero Picard

Sounds like a win-win to me.
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Old January 18 2014, 10:46 AM   #34
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Re: Action hero Picard

Cyke101 wrote: View Post
2takesfrakes wrote: View Post
Seeing him scratching his itch to dog the Argo on the rough terrain of an alien landscape was but one notable expression of this ...
In blatant disregard of the Prime Directive, with even less concern for the indigenous population than NuKirk, too. That's one thing about latter-movie Action Picard -- his sense of logic really seemed to decrease to that of an adrenaline junkie, taking plenty of unnecessary risks when even earlier examples of Action Picard still balanced out wit and the physical.
I have to admit, when I first watched FIRST CONTACT and saw Picard shooting the Borg in the Holodeck - like he was in THE EXPENDABLES and even giving that "Arggggghhhhhhh....!!!!" yell all these 8O's actions stars love to howl out when they deliver swift justice - I was like "what the balls?" I also expected him to have put the past away, with regard to The Borg, but apparently he's got quite the obsession about it.

But ... I watched it, again. Then, again. When - somehow - it started to seem so right! GENERATIONS had shown Picard lose his entire family and the movie series, as when Kirk had lost his son, was going to alter Picard's outlook to reflect that experience.

The "Hell Bent for Leather" mentality of his youth, may have even made him feel more vital and empowered and I don't doubt that kick-started more aggressive tendencies in the character. It all started to fit in place and seem quite logical, really. Unlike most Action Heroes, though, he only got The Girl in just one of the TNG movies ... gotta get The Girl, if you're an Action Hero!
— It Takes Two.™
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