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Old January 17 2014, 11:13 PM   #31
Morpheus 02
Location: Chicago IL
Re: Fringe - A Review

Any thoughts on the final scene with Astrid & Walter?
Morpheus 02
JP Paulus jp [at] paulus . com
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Old January 18 2014, 12:37 AM   #32
Agent Richard07
Re: Fringe - A Review

I've been thinking about the white tulip that Peter received at the very end of the final episode and I still don't know what it meant. I know what it means for Walter but what did it mean here?


The Verdict

I'm glad that I've now seen Fringe. Weak fanciful science but mostly decent arcs and stand-alone episodes with great characters that grow on you. The world-building and attention to detail was incredible but it did drop a few things that were set up. In the end, its strengths out weigh its weaknesses and I'd call it a good show.

Here are some questions posed in this article
  • If the Observers have been wiped from existence, why is Peter still in our universe? Walternate should have been able to cure him Over There (because he wasn’t distracted by September) and none of the series should have happened.

  • What on earth was up with Nina and Broyles snogging way back in the season two premiere?

NCC1701MF wrote: View Post
Check this link for the glyph's translations
Thanks, and wow! I didn't know the glyphs revealed anything like that. I see that one of my favorite episodes, "Making Angels", says EMPATH. Gotta think more on what that means.

Takeru wrote: View Post
I hated [Season 5], it was a waste of time, it wasn't Fringe anymore.
The ending annoyed me because of Walter's "sacrifice". So Walter's gone, big deal, we all know that if there's ever a continuation, in comic books maybe, he'll just show up at the end of the first issue,

I was already pissed off when season 4 dumped the blue universe and the original characters, except for Peter they were no longer the same characters we saw for the first few seasons. Giving new Olivia memories of Peter didn't make her the original Olivia, it was a cheat to bring back the relationship but I thought it was awful, she's in a relationship with Peter because she remembers the live of another woman.
Then it got worse, they got rid of the red universe (which also stopped being the real red universe in season 4), Lincoln Lee and everything that made the show great for me, until then I still had hope they would restore the blue universe but they didn't, they did some dystopian future crap.
Apparently the show runners wanted to change the character dynamics at the end of season 3 and came up with a scenario where Peter never existed. The cast wasn't sold on it but came around eventually and as I outlined above, so did I. Thinking back, I share some of your feelings in that it wasn't ideal, but I think it worked out, more or less.

ManOnTheWave wrote: View Post
When season five was far from a sure thing, people behind the show released a statement that if the show wasn't picked up, they'd wrap everything up in a graphic novel. When it was picked up, they said they were basically making a thirteen hour movie. So, yes, it's one story stretched out and it feels a little thin in the first half. I am however, happy to have an ending. I think at some point John Noble said a movie wasn't out of the question, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
A lot of shows end and then movies are promised that never materialize. Then again some do, so I'd say it's about 50/50 for Fringe but like you I still have some doubts.

ManOnTheWave wrote: View Post
Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
Now onto "Black Blotter" and my one-icon review... Click here to see what I'm talking about.
One of the best scenes of the entire season. Maybe, show.
And it's yet another way they kind of emulated The X-Files. Then there's Supernatural, a similarly themed show with FBI agents, albeit fake ones.

ManOnTheWave wrote: View Post
The physical nature of the Observers is apparently genetically engineered. However, all of their "super powers" come from implanted devices.
From what I gathered, the implant causes the user to become more like an emotionless drone. Then we learn that feeling was engineered out of them. Seems like a change of explanation there.

ManOnTheWave wrote: View Post
One thing that irritated me was the mystery of the Observers powers. The Peter captures one and it turns out he already knows they come from implants. Um, how?
Don't know. Oversight? Editing?

ManOnTheWave wrote: View Post
Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
Fauxlivia colors her hair, yet still has some gray streaks?
No kidding.
They seem to have some pretty good anti-aging technology too. If they can reverse 3rd degree burns, why not aging too. By the way, when Lincoln was burned and undergoing treatment over several episodes, I thought something was going to happen that would reverse his healing but that didn't happen. I was glad to see that.

ManOnTheWave wrote: View Post
Here's another gripe: When Peter sends bombs into the future, he says it has no effect. And yet, all of the empty walls of the streets now have posters of his daughter. I thought it was going to mean something to the plot. It didn't.
Good catch. I saw all the posters but didn't think much about how they got there. The lack of an explanation is either an oversight or something we're meant to interpret for ourselves.

Morpheus 02 wrote: View Post
Any thoughts on the final scene with Astrid & Walter?
This scene? Funnily enough, what stood out for me the most was seeing that the cow was alright. I didn't pay much attention to anything else. Listening to what she said though, she's right. They will be back in the lab sipping strawberry shakes. She meant that the mission will go alright, but I'm looking at the bigger picture. Things didn't ultimately go their way but the mission was a success none the less and everything will be back to normal. Like I said in my review above. It's that kind of show.

Walter also called her Astrid. That's the other thing I remember.
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Old January 18 2014, 02:32 PM   #33
Dirty Old Man
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Location: Lost in time
Re: Fringe - A Review

I just loved seasons one thru four. Season five was a waste of time. I may have to go back and watch the first four seasons after reading all this. IMO you can just skip all of season five and watch the ending if you are that interested.

I just loved the alternate universe cross over character stories.
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Old January 18 2014, 02:58 PM   #34
Re: Fringe - A Review

The episode "Peter" has to rank as one of the best hours of televised SF ever.
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anna torv, fringe, j.j. abrams, tv reviews

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