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Old November 22 2013, 06:11 PM   #1
Tiny Trek


So LONG time Trek fan, My father made sure to expose me to copious doses of Trek during my childhood. And as a game designer, I have never been able to find a "Trek" like game that gave me what I wanted, that feeling I was playing a episode, So between projects a year ago I set out to do that with Tiny Trek. It's finally in a state I feel I can share it. So I figured I should "Seek out" and "Explore" places where folks might appreciate the game, Hence my post here. I hope the following information on Tiny Trek is ok to place here. Ask any questions please, I love feedback.

Best Regards,


Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!

Youtube link | Pop Up

What is Tiny Trek

So I long time ago I played a game called Starflight, in fact it was my first game I ever owned. It was on two 5 1/4 floppies and ran on my Tandy 1000 PC. I loved this game and it inspired me in many ways. in the back of my mind I have since then wanted to build a game like that. So in my free time (What's that?) I have been plugging away and today I can announce to you as "Tiny Trek"

This game features a endless galaxy to explore and procedurally generated almost everything. It is most certainly a labor of love and I am excited that it is being to take shape and take on a life of it's own. We do have a few challenges left to over come but overall Tiny Trek is nearing completion, You can find more information on the game at it's Kickstarter page.

About the Game

From the creators of Vincere Totus Astrum comes for a universe of exploration and adventure. As the Captain of your own Starship begin your trek of literally endless worlds by first selecting your randomly generated race and ship, then set out for the stars.

Encounter alien races and exotic locations as you travel in an endlessly procedurally generated galaxy. No two game are the same. As you explore, randomly generated “Episodes” will have you fighting hostile ships, helping aliens and exploring the surface of new planets.

How long can you survive the deep of space? How far can you travel? Who knows what is waiting for you! Your trek begins now!


-Galaxy is big: And when I say big I mean really big like a never ending Galaxy with stars, planets, nebula and other space phenomenon.

-Do you have that ship in a different color? Yes we can do that with our procedural generation algorithms. Everything from the planets and stars to ships and races is created on the fly. And then to take it step further we provide you tools to edit your Ship and your race.

-Lets fire blue particle cannons full... Engage in battles of one on up to three enemy vessels. Cool thing is with the Mission Matrix, a ship might jump out of battle and you may get the option to chase them, once you catch up you may finish them off or two of his friends might be waiting for you.

-You think they have apples on an alien planet? I don't know if apples will be there, but the idea is that you can explore endless alien worlds and conduct various away missions. Planets will contain unique items that your science officer can scan, and your engineer can collect to bring back to the ship for trade.

-Making Friends will be important: Talk, trade and assisting other spacefarers will benefit you as each race you encounter will store an enemy, neutral or friend status. That will effect how your next encounter with them will be.

-Episodes for everyone! In Tiny Trek we have worked on creating a generator that creates randomized missions or as we call it, episodes. Each episode last around 3-8 minutes on average and include everything from search and rescue, transport, battles and more. Imagine receiving a distress signal, then approaching a ship to discover it's a trap. After defeating them and searching the ship discover that the stranded crew is on a nearby planet. The unique Mission Matrix generates over a 100 different "episode" types and puts them together.

-Stuff is cool... Player will be able to collect and store unique plants, materials and relics you discover on your journey. And trade them for other resources or information.

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Old November 30 2013, 10:05 PM   #2
Re: Tiny Trek

So the recent backer build I posted over at Kickstarter included the ship editor allowing for the first time users other then me the design a chance to play with the editor. I added the function to screen capture and save a image of the editor to the app. I have alot more to do on it, but today I received a image of our first user made ship!

If you a backer and have tried the tool feel free to send me a pic of your ship, Want to see how users are crafting their vessels. Might give me ideas for editor improvements!

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Old November 30 2013, 10:12 PM   #3
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Re: Tiny Trek

Neat! I'll have to take a look at it.
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Old November 30 2013, 10:35 PM   #4
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Re: Tiny Trek

Yeah, this is a really neat concept and you can tell a lot of love has gone into it.
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Old December 5 2013, 04:50 AM   #5
Re: Tiny Trek

Vice Admiral Kestra and Captain Kruezerman, I appreciate the positive comments! Here i our latest update...

Stretch Goal 1 Complete

Thank you my friends, We have reached the first stretch goal, Now I can assure you get better editors and deeper control over your ship design, weapon systems, race stats and looks. It's quite exciting. I will post more information on that this weekend as well as more detail on what we plan on doing with the internets and sharing your creations across players games should we reach the next stretch goal of $8,000. The campaign so far as been amazing and that is due to you guys and gals, I deeply appreciate it. Help me continue to push this out the world so we can assure the best possible quality game I could muster by the end of May. Any suggestions on how to reach more media is more then welcome. Now that's out of the way let's talk about legs.

Crew Members v2 - Now with Walking!

So I wanted to share this recent development concerning the Away Team graphics, specifically the team themselves. As you can see in the above image we have the old static blocky crew member representation I am came up with. But my good friend and game developer colleague D.Czanik chipped in with hopes of solving my walking dilemma with the two animations you see next to mine. So I ask you the mighty 451 (Backers as of this update) what do you think. Do you like them? Do they fit in the game? These little guys are important cause you going to be doing a lot of adventuring together so we want them to look just right.

Speaking of away teams I have been asked recently "What do you do on a Away Mission anyhoo?". It's a fair question, so to give a bit more detail, the away mission engine will be capable of delivering interesting fun and excitement a couple of ways. One is when you just decide to visit the surface of planet for no reason, on the surface you will be able to scan items, collect samples, conducting mining, And conduct trade and conversation with sentient species you might meet. During this you may trigger "Episodes" which provide more structured gameplay through the mission matrix. A trigger on the surface of planet or on board another ship could be requests from other sentient beings, discovery of a artifact or even running into so pirate smuggler types. The idea is I have gone through and attempted to figure out what kind of things one would do on a Mission and distill that into triggers, and mission components. What kind of triggers and planet surface mission components would you like to see?


Steam Page:
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Old December 7 2013, 12:08 AM   #6
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Re: Tiny Trek

That looks rather nice!
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Old December 10 2013, 07:22 AM   #7
Re: Tiny Trek

Did a interview on DJ Grandpa. You can enjoy my sultry (insert sarcasm here) voice at http://bedrockcommunications.blogspo...en-voyage.html
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Old December 14 2013, 07:49 PM   #8
Re: Tiny Trek

Stretch Goal #2!

So we are working towards the second stretch goal with seven days to go and I thought I would talk more about what we have planned for this. Basically all the generated content that you create during a game is stored in strings. We can send these strings across the net from PC's, tablets, phones and other devices to a central server. So what we would we do with that you ask. Well here we are have several ideas i'd like to share...

Historical Records: In game you can dock at Space Stations and the idea is one of the station function options would be to review historical records. View other players races, You would be able to see their ship, race avatar, planet, Captain name and a record of the exploits. Kinda of a cool way to see what other people are doing in the pixelverse.

Encounters: We could with the server make it so some of the races you encounter in your current game could be other players races. So I generate a race play my game and have a certain ship design and weapons layout, you might play your game and encounter my race as a NPC or enemy. We can extend this idea and track in your historical documents what races you have battled or made friends with from other players.

Melee Combat: Search online records and select other player created races to do combat with in a separate melee mode. And we can then store the success rate of downloaded races in the historical record how they fared against other players.

Web Viewer: We would also create a web based interface to review all the race historical records using HTML5, You could search out your own races and see their stats, or search other peoples submissions.


I also today I finally got the ship editor to behave bug free, and include not only symmetrical editing but also the most requested asymmetrical editing mode. So I decided to craft a few ships for fun.


It might not look like much but it's got it where it counts...

We are Pixlingons!

I'm sorry Dave I am afraid I can't do that.

Trekking along!
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Old December 17 2013, 05:27 AM   #9
Re: Tiny Trek

Tiny Trek on Kickstarter:

Today I was able to rig load and save to the editor. Now you can save your ship design and then load it again later. I will expand on this over the next day or two. In addition I began designing a space dock from where the ship is edited. So you can make multiple saves. Here some up to date images of the editor...

In other news I have been work with Mr Czanik to figure out how to create lifeforms on planet surfaces. And I think we have come up with a idea. We are going to have several body part types, for instance movement may be achieved with wings, fins, two legs, eight legs, etc. So we will have these parts available, and the engine will stitch them together based on the planet. Here is a concept image below.

(Snip - Solicitation)

Tomorrow I hope to post a new build for Backers to edit their ships and do combat again, but this one will have the load and save functions in and I am attempting to code some method for e-mailing each other our ships for fun in-till we can get the server up.

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Old December 17 2013, 10:22 PM   #10
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Re: Tiny Trek

Kisguri - This looks like a neat project but solicitation isn't allowed at TrekBBS and it looks like you're trying to raise some cash for development. Project updates from time to time are cool though. A brief snippet of what you've done with a link will work. Thanks.
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