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Old November 4 2013, 01:08 PM   #16
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Re: Ideas for star trek 3

I want Aisha Hinds (Darwin in STID) to have a great big fat role.

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Old November 4 2013, 05:47 PM   #17
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Re: Ideas for star trek 3

sonak wrote: View Post
I'd like to see a quieter Star Trek movie where the stakes aren't about Earth, with the action toned down a little.
I figure the only way they leave Earth is if they're going to the edge of the cosmos or the core of the Galaxy.

(Admittedly it would be a hella gutsy play to do it as a remake of The Final Frontier. In the culminating encounter with "God," have Him initially be a huge dick played by Dave Chappelle playing Rick James. "Hey, mortal. What'd the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!" Until the crew help Him calm down and realize that He only thinks He's Rick James... He's really Morgan Freeman. )
"The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war." - Emerson
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Old November 4 2013, 09:39 PM   #18
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Re: Ideas for star trek 3

STAR TREK II is obviously considered one of the greats of STAR TREK, so of course the writers of STID looked to that to do their own spin on it. That seems to be the case with most remakes/re-imaginings/rebootquels,ect. Most things successful in the first place will get that kind of attention, but rarely anything that was considered a failure. For example, maybe there's a bad film out there that you want to remake yourself, because you see the potential in it and know ways in how to improve it greatly. Studios would just laugh at you and say they're only interested in remaking movies that were successful, because of brand recognition. I guess remaking STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER will never happen, because I have ideas for that. If we're to continue with STID's idea of looking back at older stuff and giving it a new spin rather than do something entirely original, then here's my proposal.

If I had the creative powers I would actually look back at TFF and take a couple of elements that worked and even some that didn't. This is my own premise:

Sybok's background is for the most part the same. A renegade Vulcan who was banished from his homeworld for promoting his ideas that went against the teachings of Surak. He looks to emotion as self-knowledge. The finding God angle would be dropped. I would still cast Sybok with a very charismatic actor because that to me is one of the most vital aspects of the character. Laurence Luckinbill was one of the best castings in that film and was very believable as a man who would leave a movement with the charisma he carried. My story would basically pick up on a thread that began on the 2009 film with the destruction of Vulcan. After Nero's destruction, a great number of Vulcans had a very difficult time recovering from the trauma, that their logical upbringing isn't helping them suppress the boiling emotions within. Many of them are all emotionally lost, some committing suicide, being sent to mental facilities, ect.

Enter Sybok. He blames the teachings of Surak for not preparing the Vulcans for the trauma they went through and decides to take a great number of them under his wing to help guide them emotionally. Using logic and emotion, he gives them all a focus: Romulus. Despite the Romulan government denying Nero had nothing to do with them, Sybok believes it was a lie and that Nero was secretly working for them to destroy Vulcan and the Federation. With this propaganda, he is building up his followers into becoming his own soldiers to fight the Romulans as a way for avenging the homeworld that was destroyed, and believing that if they take down the Romulans that their quadrant of the galaxy would be saved from further destruction. That is what Sybok labels as true logic, and with the Vulcans being emotional they begin to believe in that flawed logic, making them more determined and dangerous. The movie begins with Romulan colonies being attacked by Sybok's terrorists.

Back at Starfleet, Kirk and Spock are called into a briefing with an admiral. The admiral informs them that the Romulan government asked for assistance in capturing Sybok and his followers. If the Federation does not take any action on the renegade Vulcans, the Romulans will believe that they are actually condoning Sybok's attacks thus regard it as an act of war. Kirk is given carte blanche to capture Sybok dead or alive to avert the first war with Romulans in a hundred years. Through this film, Spock comes to truly realize the importance of Surak's teachings, that when Vulcans are driven by emotion they become more unstable than most species and are very destructive. That is why the logical upbringing is most paramount for Vulcans. Kirk comes to respect Spock's logic more. This understanding strengthens their friendship.

When confronting Sybok, he defends his actions because he not only believes in his conspiracies but that he also gave these emotionally lost Vulcans a purpose and goal to strive for. He admits to not liking the killing, but believes that it is the logical thing to do to not only ensure the safety of their quadrant but also give the emotionally scarred Vulcans some closure whether it's through dying for what they believe in or succeeding. Despite his leadership, many of the Vulcans begin to question whether Sybok should lead them. Spock uses this as an example of why emotions cloud the judgement of Vulcans. Even though Sybok has mastered his emotions, not all his followers have that capacity and will eventually turn against him as their emotions supersede logic.

I think this would make a good entry for the new crew with Pine and Quinto. The idea of logic vs emotion, finding the balance is very Roddenberry and with the right talent I think it could make a very good story that both compliments both the original Star Trek and the direction the current series is trying to take.
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Old November 5 2013, 04:09 PM   #19
Mike Farley
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Re: Ideas for star trek 3

Ovation wrote: View Post
I would like another "mid-mission" opening, like the Nibiru opening, and have that be the "nod" to the original series. Pick an original episode that has a reasonably action-filled ending, put a bit of twist on it for the new universe and them move on to something else.
Once I came up with the idea that ST2 should open with the end of "The Deadly Years" with Shatner as aged Kirk and Nimoy as aged Spock, both of whom would morph into their younger Pine/Quinto selves when given the antidote.
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Old November 6 2013, 01:30 AM   #20
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Re: Ideas for star trek 3

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
I'd like to see the Borg given a big budget re-imagining. No more Uncle Fester make-up and rubber costumes, but CG used to replace body parts with steampunk-ish machinery. Perhaps the Federation is caught in the middle of an epic Klingon/Borg war?

BillJ wrote: View Post
GameOn wrote: View Post
After the events of Into Darkness I'm in favour of a complete reboot of the franchise again but I know that's not going to happen. The last thing they should be do is anything that calls back to the original series or movies, they really need to do something new that stands on its own.
One of the fun things about doing a reboot is getting a new spin on the classics.
Yep - just look at Man of Steel, which going by the "Into Darkness is a Wrath of Khan rip-off" mentality is pretty much a rip-off of Superman I and II.

Being Trek's 50th anniversary, callbacks are a guarantee.
Into Darkness was not a rip-off of The Wrath of Khan. Yes, it used the same characters, but it was a completely different story.

Superman is different, there is only so many times you can re-tell a story, but it was still a movie on its own. It was sitll nice to see the Man of Steel back on the big screen anyways
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Old November 6 2013, 05:01 AM   #21
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Re: Ideas for star trek 3

Ovation wrote: View Post
I would like another "mid-mission" opening, like the Nibiru opening, and have that be the "nod" to the original series. Pick an original episode that has a reasonably action-filled ending, put a bit of twist on it for the new universe and them move on to something else. That something else should involve a self-contained threat or challenge--to the Enterprise and crew and not require a return to Earth. Other than that, I leave it to the professionals (and given I've thoroughly enjoyed what the current team has given me so far, I have few worries about what they're planning next).
I really like this idea. basically getting the "nods" to tos out of the way in the beginning scene, then on to something new. and seriously, something new.
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Old November 6 2013, 05:09 AM   #22
R. Star
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Re: Ideas for star trek 3

Something original we haven't seen before would be nice, maybe a bit more focus on characterization so we can elevate the reboot beyond a teenage novel.
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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Old November 6 2013, 09:37 PM   #23
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Re: Ideas for star trek 3

I had a dream last night were, instead of the Borg, it was the "Conspiracy" aliens.

The dream was really about the release of the teaser. Remmick is played by Ralph Fiennes. He's been put on trail by the Klingons. The court is much more grandiose than it was in TUC--more like stadium sized. Remmick is standing at the center and the Klingon prosecutor is yelling at him. Remmick acts basically like Fiennes's character in In Bruges. Klingon guy gets pissed and whips out his bat'leth and puts it to Remmick's throat. He doesn't like that, so one of his hands transforms into a giant pincer and crushes the Klingon's head.
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