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Old January 7 2015, 02:24 AM   #1
Lieutenant Commander
Space Dream 2015

I had this dream on the third day of the new year.

If you can fit it into one your stories, that is based in Star trek lore, feel free to use the environmental scenes. Just please not the source of where you used the environment in.

The dream started off in what appeared to be large cargo hold where we were talking about salvaging command module from the lunar exploration craft from the Apollo Mission. But the crew said they didn't want to because they said that there was a space borne disease on board.
I remote viewed through the cargo bay doors and see the command module slowly coming towards us and then un remote back into the cargo bay hold.
The cargo hold was a flat black color that had lighter back in color cargo hold bay door that was also a wall when closed. The decking was the same color of black as the cargo hold doors but looked to have a glass shine to like Gorilla Glass was overlaid on it. To the left of the cargo bay doors were several rows of plush seats similar to what you would find on an airplane. The left of the seats is what appears to be another wall. The seats are facing in the same direction that the cargo bay door is facing.
The next scene is where I am walking along a round like bulkhead where every step I take there is thud against the bulkhead. I assume that it is the command module from the lunar lander bouncing off of the side of the outside of the hull but it is most likely associated with the loud ticking of the mechanical clock that I use.
I then find myself in a rather large habit module that looks similar to the Hab module for the I.S.S. I begin doing somersaults rather quickly with each somersault forming the number 6 where I tuck and role the round part of the six and the emerge into the tail of the six. Perhaps another reference to the article that I had read about Neptune possibly aligning with Saturn for a new discovery this year. Seeing as how 2015 when divided by 3 gives us 6,6,6 repeating and 1+5 = 6 that does not repeat.
I then turn my attention to the seats where a female is shaking with her face down and intertwined with the seat to decking attachment components. It looks like there is a pool of black liquid formed around her head that her face is consumed in.
I open the leveler like blinds that are black in color in color and move as If they were leaves on branch being moved up and down. This is most likely associated with a recent article I had read about Paper Solar Panels with regards to placing trees on Mars. Thinking that I was in space I first imagined I would see stars which the back drop changes from an outer space scene with several stars in the background to the scene of being on a planet.
There was rain, lots of rain fall. Slightly angled and looking like the stars that you would see in the windows of a starship from Star Trek traveling at warp speed. Tall trees with branches and leaves that didn't start until about ten feet off of the ground.
Fern like plants were between the Pod and the dense forest. The ferns seemed to be rather large in their leafy spread and covered the entire ground. The leaves had a slight sway to them either from the rain of wind. At the far left field of vision there seemed to be what looked like and old stump and a fallen tree beside it. In front of the stump there was what looked to be an upturned flower closed up like they do for the night but more of an egg shape. The color of the flower was a light orange color.
I go to look outside and a female arm emerges with what looks to be a chicken leg that has been fried. The image looks like a fried chicken wing but is different colored and with different textures.
The female says "Let's ask the Dragon Wing." I look to where she is pointing to for the location of the Dragon Wing and there appears to be a section where he wing had been broken off. The lump looks like a Dragon with one wing but is more lumpy in appearance. Then a large muscular and old white hand similar to how white sculpty would look if mixed with grey and blended appears at the corner of the container similar to how a hand from a creeper show or movie comes around the corner of two walls. A tall male or female with white greyed skin appears from the side of the container. It's eyes are completely black except for a slight yellowish brown ring outlining the eye.
I would have to think that this vision is associated with the essence of an article that I read relating to Neptune having a new Moon found in its rings a few years ago.
The next scene is of me walking through what appears to be a facility that is the color black and has a gloss to certain sections. I walk down a ramped hallway with a large window at its long end. Outside seems to be a large similar to a modern day Mayan temple made of metal. Dull and un brushed or un polished aluminum color. Trees encircle the temple which rises very high above the trees almost meeting the lowest bottom layer of clouds. Two rows of trees run parallel to the window from the circle of trees. The temple seems to be maybe 50 miles away. Ferns line the avenue between the rows of trees up to the circle of trees.
In the background I can hear people muttering where the only word I hear is NASA. I have a sense that I am there to inform NASA about the failure of a future mission which comes as a subconscious thought as I am listening to the other people talk. Maybe something went wrong at the beginning of the dream that I have gone to the facility now to change the course of events so that the mishap doesn't occur.
I come into a room off the right hand side of the ramped hallway where a group of younger adults maybe ten and different races and skin color are sitting around a table not saying anything. I enter and they all suddenly come alive with excitement after I flip the covering on my mission patch up where it says Merller. The mission patch covering is similar to Kim Ung's hair where he has two pieces of hair hanging down like legs from his head.
Maybe something about North Korea wanting to be involved with NASA and space exploration.
They are all in their early to mid 20's. One female sitting closest to the door at the head of the round table who is maybe 5'8" not heavy but not skinny and with white blonde like hair begins to talk me as the others begin to laugh and talk at the same time as well. She is wearing a black uniform the same as everyone else. Possibly cadets of some type.
She asks about the mission and wants to know in depth about the anthropology of the mission rather sternly and arrogantly. I am shocked by her feistiness and ask her if she said that she also wanted it alphabetized. She looked at me and gave me a look as if I should have already have known the answer and replied "Yes."
I laugh slightly and begin to remove the angled pieces from my head gear. A yellow piece at first that goes into another piece of head gear that is charcoal black in color.
I wake up shortly afterwards.
The uniform hat I was wearing was flimsy like that of a leaf to keep the rain off of my body. I can remember complaining about how the hat really didn't keep the water off in an earlier part of the dream. The sleeves were angled at the seams to make the water run off better so my uniform wouldn't get soaked. In fact all of the seams were angled in the shape of a triangle.
Key sequences to the dream - I had read an article about the new moon being found in orbit around Neptune.
-Thought about the Monolith from Space Odyssey, probably the reason why everything was black in color.
-Read an article about the 'coffin' being found on Mars
-Before drifting off to sleep I imaged beating up the face of God as envisioned from the movie Star Trek V. I was using punch phrases such as "Where was God Created, How was God Created, etc." as my punches. I was giving God the dickens for the problems on Earth. The face just laughed a little with each punch and gave a "Okay, Okay, Okay" nod. The face of God after I tell it that everyone has been wronged for some reason or another then mumbles and chuckling to itself dissipates into warp like tunnel with God musing to itself as God is stretched to infinity and comes to focal point where the Monolith standing upright on a mound appears. The warp ends turning black where the dream then begins.

New stories...have fun with them.

....I still can't believe that my dream got smart with me...that's a hell of a thing for certain.
I was going to donate but the people are being jerks so I didn't and so I won't until they stop being jerks.
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