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Old January 26 2014, 07:58 PM   #76
Sector 7
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Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

Chris3123 wrote: View Post
For me, it's definitely the last scene of "The Inner Light".
Zod wrote: View Post
The Inner Light!!!!!

I get goosebumps just thinking about that flute!
Ditto for me.
Mario de Monti wrote: View Post
ENT´s "Similitude", when Sim pleads for his life - especially his line "How am I not Trip?!" - always brings tears to my eyes. It´s such a powerful scene, IMO, so well acted and you can imagine what he must be feeling.
I, too, love this scene. I still have conflicting views about the episode.

Spock's death and funeral, as mentioned, tear me up each time. I thought the death scene in STiD was well done. Spock's "Khan!" was just as moving as Kirk's, IMO.
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Old January 27 2014, 02:30 AM   #77
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

Cyke101 wrote: View Post
I'm glad that Lal and "The Offspring" get mentioned, but I think Haftel plays a good role there. For a chunk of the episode he's at odds with Data and the crew, insistent that Lal be removed in your classical overreaching bureaucratic kind of way. But when Haftel and Data join forces to try and save Lal, and then Haftel reports to the crew trying to explain Data's almost emotional efforts to try and save his daughter, THAT got to me. A nice twist on the overbearing Starfleet authority figure.
Yes! I did get misty-eyed over his stepping out of Sick Bay and reporting that Data's "hands were moving fast than I could see" to stay ahead of the cascading breakdowns. The simple fact of what he's reporting, the implications of it and his personal reaction - along with the actor's great delivery, here - hit all the marks. Maybe that little scene, and speech, are just there to manipulate the audience into feeling bad about this situation, I don't know. But having a third party, especially one who's an asshole, come out emotionally shaken ... it added so much more weight, I thought, rather than actually showing what happened in there.
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Old January 31 2014, 01:59 AM   #78
Agent Richard07
Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

"Let him dream."
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Old January 31 2014, 11:13 AM   #79
I am not Spock
Location: Australia
Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

-'The Offspring'
-'The Inner Light' with the flute at the end. I'm a guy, and it makes me tear up
-'The Visitor'
-the moment when Voyager establishes contact with Starfleet in 'Pathfinder'
-The death of baby Elizabeth in 'Terra Prime'. A very well acted scene by Connor Trineer and Jolene Blalock
-The death of Kirk in 'Generations'
- the final poker game in 'All Good Things'
-Data crying at the end of 'Generations' makes me cry
Senator Vreenak- In the Pale Moonlight
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Old January 31 2014, 12:30 PM   #80
Lieutenant Commander
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Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

Spock's death, of course. I didn't cry, because I don't cry. I get sad when seeing sad stuff, but I don't cry. But nevertheless, that scene touched me all right.
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Old February 1 2014, 03:28 AM   #81
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Location: USA
Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

The epath {sp} is the McCoy's dying scene I was talking about. I was pretty much trying to keep myself from bawling like a baby.
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Old February 3 2014, 10:21 PM   #82
Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

No one's mentioned this one yet, Edith Keeler's speech at the mission always brings a tear to my eye.
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