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Old October 2 2014, 05:39 PM   #1
Into Darkness
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Location: The United Republic
Star Trek: The Fringe

It's the mid 25th century and a group calling themselves 'The Fringe' is gaining notoriety in the Alpha Quadrant. Throughout Federation space there is an internet system not dissimilar to that found on Earth in the 21st century, this internet can be accessed throughout all Federation worlds and The Fringe has been using social media to obtain a loyal following of people.
The goal of The Fringe is to find people who are not happy with the way the Federation functions, not happy with continuous expansion and not happy with how the Federation deals with external threats, so they want to build a community and leave the area in search of a new world to settle far away and begin a new community. By the mid 25th century The Fringe has thousands of followers and has even been funded by a few rich individuals who would like the see their plan come to fruition.

The Fringe has successfully obtained a derelict latter end of the 24th century Cardassian Galor Warship which was discovered adrift following the Dominion war 50+ years prior and using salvaged materials from ship graveyards throughout the Quadrant and using funding money to buy new and used parts have managed to not only fix the warship but also improved it using Federation and Klingon and others races technologies. They have also given it a new paint job (Black/Silver) and upgraded it's weapons systems by purchasing advanced weapons systems on the Ferengi black market.

The new series catalogues the journey of this Galor class ship and the Fringe group onboard as they leave their part of the Alpha Quadrant. There is also a colony ship housing thousands of people who have joined the Fringe in hopes of finding a new home and a new start. The Galor class ship is both an exploration vessel trying to discover a new world and also the protector of the colony ship.

Extra Note: I'm thinking that maybe their wont be a colony ship, the Galor might simply be sent to find a world first and so is on an exploration mission. The main Fringe base of operations will be in Federation space and will be in constant communication with the ship as it's exploring so we have a series set onboard the ship but also we can have episodes back in the Federation as we see the Fringe at work trying to recruit more people to the cause.

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Old October 2 2014, 06:20 PM   #2
Into Darkness
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Location: The United Republic
Re: Star Trek: The Fringe

EPISODE 1: We're introduced to some main characters and The Fringe. We get a good introduction to the 25th century Federation and social media and the extent of the influence the Fringe is making. At the end of the pilot episode The Fringe hears word from one of it's salvage groups that they've found a derelict Galor ship and are bring it in.

EPISODE 2: Operation begins to mend the ship and fix it. We're introduced to the Ferengi black market to obtain weapons and hardware and resources.

EPISODE 3: The ship sets sail to search for a new planet.
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Old October 3 2014, 02:16 AM   #3
Shatinator's Avatar
Location: Virginia
Re: Star Trek: The Fringe

Hmmm, my first thought was Fringe as in J.J.'s Fox series?

Upon reading, however it seems a lot like Nu BSG, which isn't a slam - I like that show very much. I think it needs more fleshing out though (i.e. characters, archs, motivation, big plan etc.)

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Old October 5 2014, 01:30 AM   #4
Lieutenant Commander
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Re: Star Trek: The Fringe

I'd like some more idea of the characters and the types of stories.
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Old October 6 2014, 04:06 AM   #5
Re: Star Trek: The Fringe

Is this a fan series you plan on making?
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Old October 7 2014, 06:19 AM   #6
Location: California
Re: Star Trek: The Fringe

I too thought Fringe/Star Trek crossover.

The Observers were kind of a precursor to the Borg, so Captain Dunham--make it so.
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Old October 7 2014, 01:15 PM   #7
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Location: Tactical withdrawl along the Klingon border
Re: Star Trek: The Fringe

Borgminister wrote: View Post
I too thought Fringe/Star Trek crossover.

The Observers were kind of a precursor to the Borg, so Captain Dunham--make it so.
With First Officer Peter Bishop, Science Officer Walter Bishop and Ops Manager Farnsworth by her side

The concept is interesting but as others have said, information on the characters would be far more useful.
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