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Old August 23 2013, 11:06 PM   #1
Location: Spain
Damar fanfiction

Hi all. Thought this was a good place to post a new fanfiction I have started about Damar. I figured I should share my ramblings with other people who might also be interested. (Started watching DS9 anew and of course my obsession ignited again.) I am also posting this on if anyone wants to check it out there.

So anyway.
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Old August 23 2013, 11:35 PM   #2
Location: Spain
Re: Damar fanfiction

Niala twisted the fabric of her shirt with her fingers nervously as she waited for the turbo lift to come to a

halt at the entrance to the command room. She knew it was standard procedure for any outside personnel to

report to the appropriate surperior officer of the ship but in her case it was a bit different.

A medical student, just two more years away from completing her studies, she was on her obligatory year long

assignment to serve onboard a warship. The senior doctor onboard, Dr. Genek, had already approved her.

Now she just needed the permission of the Gul. If she didnīt make a good impression then….to say that it

would be an embarrassment would be an understatement.

Act confident, act confident, she repeated to herself over and over again in an effort to control the feeling of

dread when the turbo lift halted and the doors opened with their customary “whoof”. In an attempt to look

older and taller she straightened up and squared her shoulders and chimed the door of the command room.

“What?” Barked an angry voice.

Niala stood still, unsure of what to do or even if she should answer from her side. She could feel the seconds

tick by painfully before the door eventually opened and she was confronted by an officer, Glinn by his

insignia, who looked at her in annoyance and confusion.

“Who are you?” He demanded. Niala looked into his eyes and was shocked to see that she had met him

before. A long buried, and painful memory began to force itīs way to the surface of her mind. The Glinn

stared at her in confusion for a couple of seconds before Niala came to her wits and responded.

“Niala Enettu, student physician.” She said to the rather fat Gul who was planted in front of a stellar chart. He

looked at her in disbelief. “For your approval Gul Vedar.”

“You canīt be serious.” He spat. Niala felt her heart beat rapidly. This was so not going well. “I have more

pressing things to worry about than entertaining student nurses. Fuck off.” He turned his back to her and

studied the star chart anew.

“Glinn Damar.” Another man in the room spoke, the Dal it seemed. “Escort Miss Enettu to the sick bay area

then report back here. Make it quick.” He nodded to her, it seemed, with a bit of compassion. Niala nodded

back and stepped out of the room and let out a deep breath she never knew she was holding in.

She followed Glinn Damar to the turbo lift and as soon as they got inside he spoke. His voice was deep, hard.

“That was a really stupid time to announce your presence Student Physician Enettu.”

“I donīt have the gift of telepathy Glinn Damar. Besides, I was scheduled to come at that time.” She found

herself snapping back at him. Was it really him? Did he recognize her? She was only a child back then but

still….she had never thought she would be meeting him again. Not like this anyway….

“You have made a bad impression on Gul Vedar. He is the type of man who remembers first encounters. Yours

didnīt go so well.” He was sneering at her, enjoying her embarrassment. He really didnīt remember her, did


Niala didnīt respond. She just kept her eyes locked on the doors of the turbo lift in a stubborn silence. Who

cares anyway? The Gul wasnīt the man she was to impress. It was Dr. Genek. But still, her father was in the

military, off fighting in the border wars at the moment. She didnīt want to bring any disgrace upon him.

Corat entered his quarters and kicked off his boots and removed his outer armour. Sitting at his desk he took

out the holo picture of Veja he had kept all these years. Looking at it always filled him with remorse and

regret, pain and sadness. What would his life be like now if the accident never happened? How many children

would he have? He knew that he should marry but she was the only woman he could ever love. She was the

only woman for him.

Putting the picture back in the drawer he accessed the ships personnel files and searched for Niala Enettuīs.

He knew he had met her before. He had seen those eyes some place. So dark that they were almost jet. A

very uncommon eye color on Cardassia. For some men they were a desirable feature in a woman. But that

wasnīt pressing on Corat. Where the hell did he know her from? Had he taken her drunkenly before? When he

was on the surface on leave? No…that wasnīt it. He would have remembered that. She wasnīt as beautiful

as Veja but she was still a fine specimen of a woman. And also she was too young.

Accessing her file he read. Family history. Father a Dal onboard Gul Evekīs ship. That surprised Corat quite a

bit. Brothers. Four. Two Gils on active duty on the boarders. Sisters. One. Married and living on Prime.

Place of birth. Prime. Pelmek city. 2345.

Father stationed on Bajor. 2347-2358. Family joined. Tohzat province.

Corat sat still for a while. The Tohzat massacre. He had been there. He had helped in the clean up.

Enettu…..Niala…those dark eyes….

It all came back to him now. He had rescued a young terrified girl from being blown to pieces with one of

those Bajoran spike bombs. She had been filthy, but she had clung to him and refused to leave his side until

she was reunited with her family who had miracusly survived intact. Her name was Niala.

And now she was here. She had recognized him. She had searched for his recognition as well.

Damar felt an odd feeling coming to life within him. If he had only saved Veja like he had her.

Should he mention it to her? Or wait for her to bring it up? Did it even matter anyway? If only he had saved Veja.

Well he had saved her but….

He stared at Enettuīs personel picture for a long time. He reflected that a young woman as attractive as she was would have a very difficult time onboard this ship.

There were not many females present. There were two nurses and two female soldiers. But she was a different creature.

He turned off his computer and sat thinking for a while. He was hungry and didnīt really feel like eating alone tonight.

It would leave him too much time to sit and brood over Veja and the life they could have had.

He was starting to drink too much Kanar alone as well.

That scared him a little.

He made the decision to have dinner with his comrades in the mess hall.

Niala sat on her small, narrow bed with a sense of sadness.

She had never felt so alone in all her life.
Here on this massive ship, with so many people, she knew no-one. And the prospect of making any friends seemed few and far between.

The two nurses, it seemed, had taken an instant dislike to her.

The more attractive one looked at her in disdain while Dr. Genek explained to them that they would be taking orders from her.

Not that it troubled Niala too much.

To let jealousy rule oneself was a weakness.

And it would reflect badly on Nurse Jankak and not on herself.

Feeling the small space of the room a bit stifling she decided to take her dinner and then when she felt exhausted enough, go to bed.

She took along a couple of her work pads, containing her upcoming duties here as well as one containing her medical texts from university to study.

This was the real world she was living in now. She had to be on top of her game.

Corat saw her enter before his comrades did. He watched as she deliberately did not scan the room and headed towards the replicators.

“I plan on getting sick a lot if that is our new nurse.” Glinn Tarnik said, as he spotted Niala Enettu take her plate of food from the replicator and then look for a place to sit.

“She is our new student Doctor.” Corat corrected him. A bit unsettled that the infamous womanizer, Glinn Tarnik, had taken an interest in her.

“Iīm inviting her to sit with us.” He said gleefully. Corat could almost picture him rubbing the palms of his hands together as the prospect of having such a pretty young woman to seduce. “Whatīs her name?”

“Find out on your own.” Corat snapped at him.

“I will then.” Tarnik jumped out of his seat and snuck up behind Niala Enettu.

“Heīs trying to scare her on purpose.” Glinn Ulen said. Watching them.

“She doesnīt seem like the type to fall for his type of shit.” Corat surprised himself by saying.

She didnīt need a man like Tarnik praying on her on her first assignment.

He watched her refusing him politely before he took her tray from her and headed back towards them.

She followed him in shock a couple of seconds later.

“What are you doing?” She said in anger.

“Extending an invitation to sit with us, as is only proper.” Tarnik said in innocence.

Corat stood up and Ulen followed his lead.

He wanted to shield this young woman from Tarnikīs foolish game.

“Please Miss Enettu, join us.” Corat took the tray that Tarnik was holding and placed it beside his own. He pulled out the chair for her.

She hesitated for a couple of seconds.

“Thank you…for the invitation.” He saw that the skin on her face turned a little darker in embarrassment.

Tarnik looked put out.

“Our pleasure Miss Enettu.” Tarnik told her in a voice as smooth as silk.

She responded with a forced smile.

And so they ate.

Tarnik bombarded her with questions which she answered with monosyllables.

Corat could sense her discomfort.

Realizing that she could rather be sitting on her own, getting accoustomed to life here on this ship at her own pace, rather than having Tarnikīs obvious advances shoved down her throat.

“Miss Enettu?” Corat asked her.

“Yes, Glinn Damar?” She turned her head slightly and made eye contact. Again Corat was struck with that uneasy feeling.

“If you are finished I wish to discuss some matters with you. About earlier today.” She eyes read confusion but she nodded anyway.

“I am done now but if you wish for me to wait then…” She seemed eager to be away from Tarnik.

“No. I am done. We can leave now.” They stood up. Tarnik and Ulen did as well. Tarnik looked at Corat with knowing eyes.

“I hope to have dinner with you again Miss Enettu. You are such pleasant company.” He bowed slightly and Corat rolled his eyes.

“Yes…well…thank you for inviting me.” She smiled at Tarnik and then at Ulen before gathering up her pads and heading for the door.

Corat wished his comrades goodnight before following her out.

“I will walk you to your quarters.” He told her. She nodded and waited for him to talk.

“A word of advice Miss Enettu. You would be wise to limit your contact with Glinn Tarnik if you want your reputation to remain intact.”

Corat didnīt regret the bluntness and forwardness of his wording.

She was surprised but nodded anyway.

“Thank you for your advice Glinn Damar but it is not needed. I may be young but I am not stupid.”

“I never said that you were.”

“Glinn Damar…you know…we met before.” So she was the one to bring up Tozat. Corat nodded and stopped in the empty hallway.

“I know. On Bajor. It took me a while to figure it out.” He didnīt smile and she didnīt say anything more.

She seemed again to be searching his eyes for something.

“I was only eleven but I could never forget the face of the man that saved my life you know. I didnīt even know your name, but thank you.”

“You do now.” Corat was taken aback by her unaffected honesty. There was nothing flowery about her gratitude. Corat felt odd again.

“I do. And thank you. For saving me ten years ago as well as saving me tonight.”

“Just donīt make it a habit of me having to come to your rescue all the time Miss Enettu.”

“I wonīt.” She looked down the corridor. “You can leave me here. Goodnight Glinn Damar.”

“Goodnight Miss Enettu. Or is it Doctor?”

“Not for another two years.”



He watched her figure retreat down the hall.
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Old August 24 2013, 02:41 AM   #3
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Location: USA
Re: Damar fanfiction

Interesting start. Not the setting I normally follow, but your characters thus far seem likeable. I think I'll read the next chapter or two to see how it goes. I do hope you figure out the formatting for this BBS board. It took me four or five tries before I figure out the process.
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