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Old September 4 2013, 05:54 AM   #1
Warp Rider
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Doctor Who: The Last Time Lord (Series 1)

Didn't see a thread for trailers, but though what the heck, going to be posting the first episode eventually. This is about a new Doctor though, not a current one. Thought it'd give me a little more leeway with the character, or I should say, a little more creative license with him. There will only be 13 Episodes to this by the way

Now here's the trailer for Ep 1:
* * *

~Somewhere in Space.. and Time...~

The familiar sound that seems like heavy breathing echoes in the vastness of darkness, littered with pin holes of light.

A long, bulky, gun-metal grey and silver starship cruises along the vacuum of black.

Inside a large broom closet, filled with supplies fades a small, deep blue 1960's Police Telephone Box. The doors open and a large CLOUD of smoke comes rushing out followed by a man in a ragged tux topples out with it, coughing to high heaven. He tries to gather his bearings but starts tripping over brooms nad boxes until the door opens nad he comes out with a barrel in his face.

"Hold it, who are you?" asked a tall, slender, toned woman with shoulder length, brown hair. She's clad in black military attire as well.

The ragged man looks up and points to himself, "Oh me?"

Several yellow, beady lights dance and fly across the back of the massive ship.

Cut to Explosions erupting all over the hull.

Cut to several space suited Soldiers firing at winged creatures along the top of hull of the ship. They are fiercely attached while being pushed back towards the front. One is holding a glowing device. A panel is flipped up and SMASHES a creature in the face.

The ragged tuxedo wearing man holds the unconscious female soldier in his arms as everything is exploding around him. The TARDIS behind him.

"Where do you think you're going Doctor?" asks a voice. The Doctor reacts, looking forward.

Cut to a man in black military garb, and black trench coat with a SMG strapped around him, hand wrapped around the grip loosely. Everything is also exploding around him too. "Time's up."


The Last Time Lord

Coming Soon

We hear the sound of the Tardis as it slowly fades away in the distance.
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