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Old August 5 2013, 07:21 PM   #46
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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

I became a fan as a 10 year old in 73. It has been a life changer for me. I really got interested in science, astronomy because of Star Trek.

Before the movies and before the other shows and way before the internet it was fun hunting down other fans and trying to find any information you can.
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Old August 5 2013, 09:44 PM   #47
Shaka Zulu
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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

Became a fan at the age of four of five in the early '70's, loved the show, had the Mego toys as a kid, saw the animated show and movies, have gone to the local conventions, and joined the local clubs...and am still a fan.
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Old August 12 2013, 04:43 AM   #48
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Became a fan through the books, really.

I became a fan at age 10, in 1978. I had seen the reruns before, remembered the cartoons, and even taped the audio from one Season 3 episode, but it had been out of syndication in my area for a couple of years when I actually became a fan. Needless to say, I subsequently wore the heck out of that one audio cassette and still have it committed to memory.

It was just a chance occurrence in 1978; I bought one of the Alan Dean Foster books at a school book fair. (Log Four it was.) From there I was hooked, devouring all the Blish books, the Foster stuff, and the few Bantam novels and "New Voyages" collections that had been coming out at that time.

Quite frustrating that I wouldn't be able to see the show on TV for another couple of years. The Mandala Fotonovels, Power Records, Gold Key comics, and even Mego action figures were invaluable consolations during that time. Naturally I saw the flick and bought the soundtrack LP; subscribed to the Marvel mag. When the show finally came back on the air where I lived (albeit at 1:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings), I could at last breathe the pure air of "proper" Star Trek.

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Old August 12 2013, 06:30 AM   #49
Lieutenant Commander
Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

Born in 1962, I was aware of Star Trek during its original run, but Lost in Space was the preferred show at the time. I became a fan of Star Trek in the fall of 1973 when one of our local television stations began airing the program weekday afternoons after school. At around the same time, James Blish began writing his adaptations and I would eagerly wait to buy each book as it was released. I can also remember buying the Franz Joseph blueprints of the Enterprise around this time as well. I still have on my book shelves the Blish books, the blueprints, The Making of Star Trek, The World of Star Trek. David Gerrold's book on the making of The Trouble with Tribbles, the Alan Dean Foster books and other Star Trek books that were published in the mid to late '70's. I also remember discovering Starlog magazine in the summer of 1976 and subsequently subscribing to the magazine for several years.
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Old August 13 2013, 02:57 AM   #50
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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

September 1966, my mom (an excited Outer Limits/Twilight Zone fan) plunked down my 5 year old butt next to her and scared me sh*tless watching "The Man Trap". It wasn't her favorite show (she liked the anthologies much better) But it became MY show and I tried desperately to be good so I could see each and every episode (didn't get to see them all first run..sometimes I was a little hoodlum)

On Christmas 1967 I received my first "Enterprise" model kit..and I, with help from my dad, built it and it survived for the better part of a year of hard play (with many repairs along the way)

By 1968 (when the 3rd season aired) I was allowed to say up VERY late on Fridays to see Star Trek..I felt almost like an adult being allowed to stay up so late. In 1971 I started reading the James Blish adaptations..and followed them all the way until his death..

In the 70s, when the re-runs became popular, I found more and more
that my favorite show was even better than I remembered (even if the only station running it where we lived had a picture quality like the following..)

In 1975 I was immersing myself into the local fan scene with a membership in the Sacramento Star Trek Association for Revival or S.T.A.R. and became a part of the local amateur conventions held at Sacramento City College and the big 1976 con at Cal Expo.

I bought Starlog magazine and kept my inner fan happy with "The Booklet of General Plans" and the "Starfleet Technical Manual" modifying several AMT kits to match the ships in the manual..and studying electronics in school (Good old Scotty was my favorite character and in a small way I wanted to emulate him)

I built all the model kits I could get my hands on.. then heard about Star Trek Phase II which became a movie that re-started the franchise for a new era.. TMP, though a slight disappointment, was still New Trek and I went many times after seeing it at it's local premiere.

As a young adult, I played the "Starfleet Battles" boardgame but the USAF took up most of my fandom didn't wain but became more individual in nature with all the movement a military career required. I still built any new kits (based on the movies) and saw each film several times after catching them on the first night..

In the 80s, the Cons became more and more commercialized. After TNG it seemed that everyone was a Star Trek fan.. but I continued following my individual path..
getting my sons exposed to Star Trek in all it's forms..

but the best damn time to be a Star Trek fan was the mid to late 70s..when we the fans "owned" it in our small way..Before it became the corporate juggernaut it is today..
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Old August 13 2013, 03:14 AM   #51
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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

MANT! wrote: View Post
...but the best damn time to be a Star Trek fan was the mid to late 70s..when we the fans "owned" it in our small way..Before it became the corporate juggernaut it is today..
There's a lot to be said for this.
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