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Old June 20 2013, 05:47 AM   #1
Seeking Enterprise-H

If this is in the wrong place my apologies, just didn't really seem legit in the "Future of Trek" forum.

I started a 25th century RPG campaign and they are the crew of the Enterprise H. I went looking for possible ships and was mostly unhappy with the designs I saw, though I did find this one that I liked a lot;

Though I like the round primary hull more than the angular one. In campaign I said it was a throw back to a more classic design since with Intrepid and Sovereign onwards the design was heading towards angular primary hulls.

This model was never finished, which makes me sad, but was wondering;

Does anyone have any other suggestions for a Enterprise H?

I look forward to your replies!

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Old June 20 2013, 04:49 PM   #2
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Re: Seeking Enterprise-H

How 'bout this:
USS Galileo Galilei, NCC-8888
Prima Inter Pares
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Old June 20 2013, 05:15 PM   #3
Re: Seeking Enterprise-H

Very interesting! Thanks for the link
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Old June 20 2013, 06:23 PM   #4
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Re: Seeking Enterprise-H

Good work on the design would make a fine sucessor to the Reliant/Nebula with a mission pod/roll bar on top, but it is not worthy of being an Enterprise.

I guess this may sound a bit inflexible, But, an Enterprise should follow the design linage of the Constitution - Sovereign classes. One of the reasons I am quite happy with the Odyssey class in STO! It follows the spirit of what being an Enterprise is! On the opposite note the J does not come anywhere near the spirit of an Enterprise and whoever picked that should be ashamed of themselves.. It angers me that that silly pancake is canon.. There is plenty of spots in starfleet for odd and or average looking ships of course, need all the designs we can get. But an Enterprise should be something special!

An Enterprise should be Majestic, yet look strong, it should command respect yet look pleasing to the eye. Another reason I was quite displeased the Enterprise B was just a gussied up Excelsior class. It is a fine cargo/errand vessel, but it is no Enterprise, there is no aura of prestige to an Excelsior class, especially not fitting of its own class name..

The model from the op in the 30's group is a good start and with refining could be a great Enterprise. Need to ditch the fins on the back of the nacelles, the hump on the back of the neck, smooth out the lines in general and I think it would work quite nicely. If I had worthy 3d software I would love to take that one on!
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Old June 21 2013, 12:40 AM   #5
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Re: Seeking Enterprise-H

Since this seems to be about developing an RPG campaign, I think this is better suited to Trek Gaming.

Moving now.
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