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Old June 28 2014, 03:49 PM   #31
Big Tom
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Location: Watertown, NY
Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor

By T.M. Flavin

Book One – The Monarch

Chapter Twenty five - Be’nen’s dilemma.

Be’nen sat in the shuttle’s pilot seat going through her routine preflight checklist while trying to wrestle with all her conflicting emotions buzzing around in her head.

Things had not been going well for her lately.

Too much disorder, no workable plans for anything since her well thought out plan to be employed by this salvage mission, to escape her exile to Vulcan .

The man she was supposed to seduce ends up being her mate.

Her daughter who always acted so bland and meek in her presence, is now always seen smiling and happy, and in love, whatever that means.

Then there is Michael, who she can never figure out, he’s as predictable as a feather in a wind storm.

How did she get into this mess, on a stinky ship, with stinky Klingons; one of them being “Captain” Kahlest, who is nothing but a pirate!

She could sense his resentment as soon as he appeared on the bridge this morning; resenting a paint job, and a private place for her to take a shower, how irksome.

The preflight check being over, she called the bridge and asked permission to leave and have the shuttle bay de-pressurized for departure.

Permission was granted, the bay was de-pressurized and Be’nen backed the shuttle out into space.

A piece of cake the humans would say.

She could practically operate this shuttle in her sleep.

As she cleared the Monarch she sighted the Ferengi shuttle waiting to enter the shuttle bay.

It looked almost exactly like the four man Ferengi shuttle found on the Monarch, that Og wants to pilot, only larger, a lot larger.

It would take up the whole shuttle bay and it was probably full of greedy, nosey, Ferengi.

‘Enjoy yourself, Kahlest.’ She thought with a little hint of glee.

Getting to Luna port only took about thirty minutes.

Making calls to the port, getting landing instructions, kept her busy refocusing her concentration.

The nice and orderly routine landing procedures had a calming effect on her.

There were no emergency procedures, and no deviation from the flight path.

She probably could have done the whole operation by computer only, but she liked to fly it manually.

She would say that it gave her satisfaction; anything else, would not enter her mind as a Vulcan.

After letting her passengers disembark, and reminding them that she would be back to pick them up at 1800HRS.

She made her departure servicing preparations with Luna port authorities, and headed for the transit lodge.

There she rented a room for the day.

No matter what Kahlest had said, she had things to do and she needed to prepare herself.

Once inside the room she took of all her clothing, put a blanket on the floor, and sat down in a meditating position, she first had to clear her thoughts.

She knew she over reacted to Michael’s suggestion that she make contact with the Vulcan Embassy.

But the thought that her efforts to solve her urges under pon farr, being thwarted by a separation from her mate, made her see red.

She needed to meditate; she hadn’t done it routinely in years.

Not since she arrived on Earth.

Her public relations job on Earth was so easy, her job inside and outside routine tasks for the embassy were if nothing but amusing.

All she had to do was manipulate other people, mostly men.

It was so easy, except when it came to Admiral Broderick, and Michael.

The admiral was a senior intelligence officer for Star Fleet and how he found out about her little family intelligence operation, on behalf of the Vulcan Intelligence Agency, she didn’t know.

He must have known enough to blackmail the agency to lend her out on specific missions.

Michael was the other mystery in the way he had almost perfectly surmised her predicament.

It surely was the order from the Admiral that she presented, for her to join his crew that must have really alerted him.

What a fool she felt like.

He was probably right about one thing, about joining Star Fleet as a crewman; she would have been drafted back into Star Fleet, to be directly under Admiral Broderick’s control.

No wonder the Vulcan’s were bent on recalling her.

She would be an embarrassment to them.

But Michael outsmarted the Admiral, to meet his own needs and solved the Vulcan’s’ problem of sending her into exile.

She felt like an innocent.

Now Michael wanted her to ask for reinstatement as a Vulcan representative, and to Bajor of all places.

A posting in the universe that’s was in the opposite direction from Vulcan, and almost four times as far away from Earth.

She doubted the Vulcans even had an interest of any kind of post at that far side of the galaxy.

‘Is it logical she asked herself?’

Michael said for her to think with her Vulcan half on the subject.

She was shocked more with his explanation to her; the need for a home that was not on a space freighter; his last hurrah, his age, her age and the possible effect on their children.

He was warning her as to his prospects for the future, which were scant.

They were both the same age, but he was entering middle age as an earthling; she on the other hand could expect to outlive him by at least one hundred years.

It was no wonder that Vulcan females on earth took lovers, but rarely married.

They didn’t want to see them age, and die, while they themselves were relatively still young.

She accepted the fact that she would outlive both her mate and her daughter.

Now she felt uncomfortable with the realization that Michael also accepted it, and wanted to make preparations for it.

He wanted her with him, but he didn’t want her to lose the contacts, that would enable her to continue her career without him.

He knew Bajor was the wilderness for a Vulcan.

If she wanted to be with Staunn and him, Bajor would be the end of the line for her.

She would be eventually forgotten.

A posting, even a minor one would keep her embassy, and Vulcan, contacts alive.

Be’nen smiled to herself; Michael was looking out for himself too.

He said that after three years he would work for her and he meant it.

He would have me work my way up through the Vulcan foreign service and be my chauffer, a consort in residence, and as they say on Earth, the kept man.

‘The kept man,’ she thought, ‘I’d make him work for his keep.

She suddenly felt a feeling of warmth and clarity flow over her.

Yes, she would make him work, my servant, my toy, my lover.

He mentioned that his mission would not be a continuous tour, but a series of tours to and from Bajor, with salvage.

‘I could live with that, and after three years on Bajor anything could happen.’

‘I will do as he says, and put my best diplomatic face on it’, she thought.

Be’nen got up from the floor and went directly to the shower.
She indulged herself in the warmth in the shower that felt like a baptism.

She must prepare herself for a new life, the life of a diplomat.

Even though she had been a member of various Vulcan embassies on Earth, she never dressed the part.

She was a public relations specialist and had to present a more Earth contemporary figure.

Now she must present the more serious side of Vulcan diplomacy, even to the Vulcans.

Would they really take her serious?

After getting dressed she took the walk way to the shop that Staunn had purchased Michaels' “Commodore” jacket.

She knew there would be no Vulcan style clothing on display, except for under garments.

Almost all Vulcan clothing was specially tailored to meet the demands of family and status symbols.

Finding material she wanted would be hard, and getting something together in her allotted time during shore leave, would also be difficult.

Like Michael had said, she had to work fast.

At the used clothing store, run by a fawning Ferengi, she shopped for something that she would feel comfortable with.
On one of the walls was an illustration of an oriental woman dressed in an ancient flowing red garment, trimmed with gold.

Her dress had a Chinese style collar with loose flowing sleeves that almost touched the water of a small pond where she was feeding fish.

The woman had a beautiful serene face and loose jet black hair that seemed to be trimmed in a series of straight cuts, not done up with pins and combs.

When she asked the owner what the language said of the woman in the print.

He said it was supposed to be a wife of a warlord in old Japan, who was a witch.

Be’nen arched her eye brow, and started to grin a little; ‘stop that’, she reminded herself.

No smiling on duty.

So the lady was a witch was she, and married to a warlord too.

She probably bewitched him too.

Look how unconventional she looks.

‘I can be that way too,’ she thought.

“Do you have anything that looks like that, in that color?” she asked as she pointed to the picture.

The Ferengi went up to the print and squinted at it and said, “Give me a minute my lady, I think I have something similar.

While he rooted around in his shop, Be’nen took down the print and decided that she would keep it to remind her of her present status, of trying to live by her wits, not just taking orders.

When the owner came back he had a box that contained a beautiful red silk Kimono.

It was trimmed in gold in the shape of a five pedaled flowers that she did not recognize.

It was gorgeous.

When she tried it on it was a little short, about 30mm to short, but it had a large bundle of sash material.

She started firing off instructions.

She wanted the hem extended for her height using the sash.

The material left over would be made into a smaller belt type sash that would gird the kimono.

The sleeves must have been made purposely long, because they came to her wrist.

That was fine.

She needed a white blouse with a Chinese style collar.

“I need something with a hood, and some pumps to go with white stockings, preferably a pair that didn’t require a garter.”

Then she thought, I wonder if Michael would like to see me in garters.

They say that some men go for that sort of thing.

No keep your mind on business.

Finding a hood was a problem too.

Most were fleece warm up jackets.

He finally came up with a cape like garment.

It was light and black.

It looked like a theater costume accessory, but she couldn’t be fussy.

At least the material matched the silk of the kimono.

She directed that the cape be trimmed to fit her shoulder width, and have it embossed with the Vulcan triad and sewed in such a manner as to be thrown over her head like a poncho.

She decided that that was enough for the clothing.

After directing the owner that she wanted all alterations done within an hour, much to his consternation, she paid for the print, put it under her arm and left the store.

Be’nen was looking for a hair salon; she wanted to change her look to be a little more Vulcan in taste.

Not too much, because she liked her hair fairly long for her formal occasions on Earth, and later she rolled it up into a tight curl like a lot of business women do.

When she wore her shuttle pilots fanciful uniform, she had a pony tail formed with her baseball style cap; like what she was wearing now.

She stepped off the moving walk way at the first fairly large Salon.

When she asked the proprietress if she normally styled hair of Vulcans, she said that; “No, she didn’t".

The Vulcans seemed to get that accomplished within the Vulcan compound, but she thought that she might have a solution for her.

“Androma, please come over here and meet, who shall I say you are Ma'am,” the proprietress asked?

“Be’nen Tash, I’m a shuttle pilot for the Monarch merchantman, now in Lunar orbit,” Be’nen answered.

“Ms. Tash,” the proprietress exclaimed, “I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you; and on the moon no less.”

“I welcome you to our salon. I do hope we can be of service.”

“Would you like a facial, a spa treatment, we offer many other services that I know you will really enjoy.”

“Androma, please hurry and meet Ms. Tash (it was loud enough so that all the clients could hear the summons, and the name drop.”

“I just need my hair trimmed and shaped,” Be’nen quipped.

When Androma introduced herself Be’nen could not help but notice that she was a Vulcan and a black one at that.

It was rare for Be’nen to even see a black Vulcan, let along meet one.

As far as she knew there were little, or no, blacks in the diplomatic service.

The most that she ever met were Star fleet Officers at that, not Vulcan attachés.

Androma made the traditional sign of peace, and greeting, which Be’nen answered in kind.

“Can you style my hair like this,” she said holding out the print?

“Yes ma'am I am sure I can, but this is an unusual style for a Vulcan”, Androma affirmed.

“This lady looks to be an Earth Oriental, Japanese I gather?”

“You are right Androma, and she’s a witch too”, Be’nen replied.

“I have some bewitching to do, so if you can help me, it would be of great service to me.”

Androma looked at Be’nen, arched her eyebrow and started to crack a smile.

Like a fellow conspirator Be’nen felt.

“Yes Milady, please take a seat in my booth. The gods will guide my hands.”

The Gods! Be’nen thought. She truly must be from an ancient tribal sect on Vulcan.

The gods she learned about were only discussed as a historical myth, from before the time of the logic teachings, of Sarak.

While Androma trimmed Be’nen’s hair she learned that she was married to a Vulcan officer in Star Fleet and that she had worked her way to Earth to be closer to him.

At one time her husband was stationed at Luna port, but was now on patrol on the Cardasian border areas, based at Deep Space Nine, and Bajor.

“By the way Androma have you always been a hair dresser,” Be’nen asked?

“Oh no, Milady,” She replied.

“I am trained as an administrative assistant. But the positions at the Legation here on the moon are small, and there was little possibility of being hired, so I applied for work as a hair dresser.”

“I assure you I’m am fully trained and qualified.”

“I’m sure you are Androma; it just seems to be a rare profession to be in, as a Vulcan.”

“I know Milady, but I like it now.”

“My parents might not approve for they had to sacrifice much to get me an education and a proper husband.”

“I have traveled far from my parent’s village.”

“I understand,” Be’nen replied.

An idea was forming in her head.

When Androma finished Be’nen stood up looked into the mirror and thought. “That’s better”.

“Thank you Androma, I feel better all ready.”

“You have beautiful hair milady,” replied Androma.

“I’m glad you liked it. Please come back and see us again.”

As Be’nen was paying her bill she asked Androma;

“Would you be willing to take a position closer to your husband, Androma?”

“Why, yes certainly, milady.”

“Do you know of one that would be available?”

“I do not think Star Fleet could guarantee me that type of position if I joined them, and Bajor is far enough away as it is now.”

“Well Androma, if what I have planned works out I may give you a call, but no guarantees yet.”

“I understand milady. Thank you for your consideration."

"Until we meet again, live long and prosper.”

“And to you the same Androma,” Be’nen replied.

She picked up her print and left the Salon on to the walk way traveling until she spied a public com booth and made a few calls.

One call was to Commander Hayes with a request for a meeting, possibly for coffee.

He accepted and told her that he would have a light lunch brought p to his office for their discussion.

The next call was for an appointment with the Vulcan Counsel, which was schedule for 1400HRS.

Another was a codex to Admiral Broderick’s office requesting that he be able to receive video conference with him at around 1530HRS, from the Vulcan counsel’s office.

She then proceeded to the clothing store to make sure her clothing was ready, made her purchase and then returned to her room at the transit lodge for her change.

It was now the time, to put her plan of action to work.
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Big Tom
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Location: Watertown, NY
Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor

By T.M. Flavin

Book One – The Monarch

Chapter Twenty six - Staunns’ story, with love and drugs.

Heading for Staunn’s quarters, to catch some sleep time after my shift, I passed directly in front of her little infirmary when she said to me;

"What happened between you, and mother?"

“I ran into a bulkhead, that all,” I replied.

“I bet, go to my quarters and lay down; I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

“I want to check out some of these new crewmen, especially the children.”

“Maybe you can explain to me what they are doing here".

I said, ”okay”, and ambled into her quarters.

It was nice how it had been finished it off.

Staunn had made up her bed, so I just took off my shoes and laid down on top of it to wait for her.

I assumed the videos from the Ferengi were important to her.

She really wanted me to share the viewing of them with her.
I wish we had some pop corn.

I had a feeling it was going to be the most entertainment we would have together in the foreseeable future.

I must have dozed off for about an hour.

When I awoke it was with Staunn’s face looking me in the eye.

“You have quite a bruise there Michael”, she started off.

“Let me use this dermal regenerator on you for a minute to take the swelling down.”

“Are you going to tell me now what really happened?”

“It’s all over the ship that my mother knocked you on your ass”.

“I knew she was getting upset with all that had been going on lately.”

“Mother is used to being in control, and since we met you, she has been in quite a tizzy.”

“Things are moving too fast for my logical Vulcan mother.”

“Boy you must have really set her off”.

I started to explain;

“She thought I was trying to get rid of her when I asked her about getting off this ship and no longer being my Administrative Assistant.”

“I wanted her to check with the Vulcan Ambassador about a re-instatement, and to request a posting to Bajor.”

“I guess I jumped the gun by not discussing it with her prior to our meeting with Kahlest”.

“Well she sure did a number on you,” Staunn commented.

“An inch lower and I think she would have broken your jaw; then we would have a real family feud on our hands".

“I’m sorry Staunn; I just didn't want to see us being stuck on this freighter, or on some other ship for that matter, for the rest of our lives.”

“I tried to explain to her that I want you and her to have a home.”

“Some place permanent so you can raise the family I know that you both want.”

“Bajor is not a bad place, just a little banged up. But it would be a place to come home to.”

“To be honest with you Staunn, your mother can start making a good home for you, I can’t.”

“As if I care you big dummy, I told you I will go anywhere with you.” She exclaimed as she was taking off her clothes.

“As far as having kids on a ship, what do you think is going on now?”

“It’s not permanent Staunn, it’s only until we get to Bajor,” I replied.

“I don’t want to live forever on a family ship.”

“I want us to have a home on solid ground; anything wrong with that?”

“We’ll talk it over with mother when she gets back from Luna port.” Staunn interjected.

“Now let’s say we watch these Ferengi videos.”

“I want to know if I have to chew your food for you to show you how much I love you.”

“Don’t worry about Mom; I’ll talk to her first, especially about beating up my fiancé, even if she is your fiancée too.”

“It doesn’t give her the right to go banging him up.”

“I need you strong and healthy, lover man. So take those clothes off.”

“You are in the presence of an extremely desirable Ferengi female, so be prepared for the consequences,” she giggled.

She then bounce over to the pers-comp, inserted the book chips, and when the video came on she ran back to the bed, cuddled up next to me, and made sure I paid attention.”

“She had one hand on my groin, and the other next to my face.
She was playfully trying to stick her finger in my ear.

I could only be pleased with my sweet, intense and adorable doctor.

Watching the Ferengi videos was like watching a very high quality 3D animation movie.

There were no actual live characters in any of the videos.

The Ferengi facts of life video was as boring as any video produced on Earth for your average high school students.

Boring, clinical, and as the Ferengi were humanoid, the biology was very similar to human.

I must have dozed off during most of it, because Staunn had to jerk me awake, literally.

“That was interesting”, Staunn observed.

“We're similar to humans, but everything seems to be in quadruple.”

“Four brain lobes, four lung lobes, four small kidneys, and four testicles for the males.”

“No wonder the males seemed to be over sexed. It’s a wonder they only have one penis.”

“I always wondered why I had four ovaries.”

“Except for my hair and ears, I seem to be mostly Ferengi.”

“Even my blood type doesn’t match my mothers’, it’s more human like than Vulcan.”

“Our doctors on Earth told me that when I grew into puberty, that if a male sneezed in my direction I would probably get pregnant.”

“I have been on strict birth control since I was thirteen. Momma made sure of that.”

“It didn’t stop my sex drive much. I drove her crazy until I was eighteen or so.”

“I had to smarten up a bit, or I would have never made it through med school.”

“It was probably a good thing that I was so short and rather odd looking.”

“Not too many of the taller good looking men wanted to go out with me”.

“I find that hard to believe, Staunn," I commented.

"I found you very cute the first time I saw you.”

“Oh there was a few, but I seemed to attract all the weird ones.”

“I think most of them had a dwarf, or midget fetish."

"I guess I was a real novelty.”

“Then again they might have been intimidated by the security detail mother assigned to me.”

“You’re the first one who ever looked at my diploma first.”

“I bet you thought I was a kid at first didn’t you?”

“Yeah I guess I did at first, but it didn’t take you long to straighten me out”.

“You mean like now”, she laughed, “look at you and we haven’t got to good parts yet”.

“Yes, now I can’t adopt you because there’s got to be some law somewhere that says I can’t sleep with my daughter.”

“But you will, you pervert, once you marry us I’ll be you wife and daughter. Isn’t that exciting?”

“Staunn, you are a bad girl”, I shot back.

“I know it, but lover you seem to bring the worst out of me, or rather you put the wurst in me”, she laughed at the play on words.

”Pay attention to my house keeping video.” She pointed out.

“I want to see what kind of food I have to chew for you”.

The house keeping video was a bit of an eye opener.

For one thing the females wore no clothes and the males were clothed in rainbow hues.

The good little wife seemed to wait on her lord and master on hand and foot.

Ferengi women weren’t allowed to appear in public, wear clothes, or conduct any type of business outside the home.

At home the man of the house was certainly a king, but he didn’t have much to say.

Ninety-nine percent of the dialogue in the video was listening to the wife talk.

She talked about everything, explained everything to her mate, and seemed to coach him through any, and all, movements he made in the house.

All the meal preparations, recipes, child care, were explained in the same continuous wifely monolog.

I got the distinct idea that the male Ferengi was really tuning her out.

The only time she got his real attention was when she massaged his ears.

Then she had all his attention.

When it came to the sexual relationship between husband and wife; I was completely surprised.

It was the female that drove the reproductive process.

In fact the male was practically obligated to keep his wife under lock and key, because it seemed to me that when she was ready, she would mate with just about any male that came her way.

The male was just interested in getting his ears massaged; it seemed to be almost orgasmic.

If the female was ready for breeding it was hands off the ears.

Watching her antics, and manipulations, that the female performed on her consort to get him interested in intercourse, caused Staunn to keep a running commentary like;

‘I could do that, we did that, will you look at that, you want me to do that to you?’

I was getting a little nervous when I saw the female nibbling the male’s genitals to keep him interested.

Staunn had teeth like needles.

When the female finally got the male to get an erection, she mounted him facing his feet and held on to his testicles.

There was a lot of keening and screaming that was really making me squeamish

For Staunn it seemed to get her excited.

She did have a grip on my balls by that time.

That did it for the videos.

Staunn didn’t want to watch the “Omage for fun and Profit” video.

She hopped out of bed, turned off the pers-comp and screen and ran back into bed.

“Oooh Michael, what do you think?”

“Do you think I can get you interested in breeding now?”

“I’m going to nibble you all over until I hear you screem like that fellow in the video”.

“Staunn have mercy on me.” I cried. “I’m already interested, see”.

The residue of the aphrodisiac that Be’nen had given me must have still in my system because I was already up for the running.

Staunn went into model Ferengi house wife foreplay role of grasping, squeezing, licking and cooing.

She almost bit me once, I had to deflect her.

Finally she couldn’t wait any longer with all her foreplay; she lay on my chest and tried to mount me.

She grunted a little and found it difficult, she could only move slowly.

After about a minute she cried out “Michael, I’m sorry, I’m going to come”. And then she shuddered.

“I’m sorry Michael I just got too excited,”

“I’ll take care of you. Don’t let go of me”.

She tried working slowly again, she didn’t know that the aphrodisiac made me a little numb.

Her slight action just didn’t get the reaction she wanted from me.

She let out a small moan and shuddered again and collapsed on my chest, sobbing a little saying;

“I’m sorry Michael; it’s so big I can’t control myself”.

I had to get out from under her.

I had the urge to plunge my tool into her as far as I could thrust, but I didn’t want to hurt her.

I jumped out of bed, grabbed her ankle and swung her to the edge of the bed.

“What the hell are you doing” she said?

“I’m getting myself off baby”. I replied.

I swung her legs up and put the old Tom Tom on her belly and wrapped her legs around it and held her while I thrust myself silly.

Staunn started laughing. “Oh look we’re playing peek-a-boo now”.

I must have got her tickle spot because she was laughing up a storm when I hosed her.

I must have come a quart.

When I did it felt like someone had kicked me in the balls at a barroom fight.

I fell forward on the bed beside Staunn.

Staunn was screeching, "Oh my God, look at me; you came all over me; what a mess.”

“Michael, are you all right? I don’t think you are supposed to react like that”.

All I could do is groan; I sure as hell strained something because it hurt like hell.

Staunn jumped out of bed and went to get a towel to wipe herself off.

She then went for her medical kit and tri-corder.

“Michael you blood pressure is out of sight, dam you must be in real pain.”

“I’m going to give you a hypo. Sweet dreams lover.”

Staunn zapped me with the hypo and the pain was gone, the same with the lights.

It seems to happen to me a lot in this family.
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Big Tom
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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor

By T.M. Flavin

Book One – The Monarch

Chapter Twenty Seven - Be’nen’s solution to her dilemma.

Be’nen was working on trying to solve her dilemma, while I was snoring away under the effects of the Hypo Staunn had administered to me.

At Luna port, Be’nen had changed her wardrobe and was making her way to the space port headquarters to see Commander Hayes.

When she was let into his office, she noticed that he had a tray of tea, and small sandwiches, cucumber slices on light whole wheat bed.

He had entertained Vulcan’s before she thought, strictly vegetarian.

One thing about being raised in a Romulan confinement camp and living with a Ferengi trader, she could still enjoy the taste of fish, and poultry.

‘Commander Hayes,’ she thought, ‘was being very considerate of her Vulcan nature.’

When Cmdr. Hayes poured the tea and place the small tray of sandwiches be for her he asked;

“What can I do for you Ms. Tash?”

“I would first like to apologize for my actions when we last met the Vulcan Counsel; I placed you in a very uncomfortable position.”

“It must have been embarrassing to you. Please accept my sincere apology.”

“I am a little surprised, Ms. Tash, It isn’t often Vulcan’s apologize for anything in my experience.”

“Maybe it’s because they have so little to apologize for, their logic seldom fails them. But anyway I graciously accept your apology.”

“In this job there are few "thank you’s”; and almost no apologies.”

“I thank you for the courtesy."

"Is that all you came to see me about, ma’am?”

“No sir,” Be’nen replied.

“Quite frankly I would like to discuss my future consort, Michael Thomas.”

“Chief Thomas?”

“Ms. Tash, I really don’t feel comfortable talking about Mike behind his back.”

“What makes you think I will?”

“I'm asking because Michael is asking me to leave the Monarch and pursue a position on Bajor; as a Vulcan member of the diplomatic corps,” she answered.

“Frankly I am a little dismayed; especially after I resigned my original position to be assigned to his team, for the recovery mission.”

“I am greatly conflicted personally as to what his motivation is.”

“Believe me Ms. Tash; if Michael asked you to request a re-appointment to the Vulcan embassy staff, he has a plan.”

“It may not even be fully worked out in his mind yet, but he has a plan.”

“You see Ms. Tash, Michael was always an idea man.”

“He would plan out a dozen strategies to get a job done, but get it done he did.”

“Maybe not in the same way he told me originally, but get things done, he did.”

“Maybe you should tell me what he said to you.”

“Maybe I can give you a little insight as to what he is talking about.”

Be'nen started off.

“He told me this mission was his last hurrah.”

“He said he would never be able to get back into Star Fleet.

“He said that I should make a home for him, and of course for my daughter, Staunn, because he can’t.”

“He said that his only future was on the Monarch, and he didn’t want me to raise a family out in space, which I found strange because Star Fleet has many families on its ships.”

“I can only conclude he doesn’t even want me to be on the ship for its three year mission.”

“Quite frankly I am perplexed as to why he wants to abandon me right after we are to be married soon.”

“You are really serious about this aren’t you Ms. Tash,” he asked.

“Don’t you know who you are marring?”

“Apparently not; but he is my mate,” she replied.

“My relationship with Michael has opened doors within my psyche, and no one else has ever done that.”

“He mystifies me, and he is a human that seems to have no logical thread that I can follow.”

“I guess I’m in turmoil because, yes I really don’t know him."

"I only know that I need him.”

“Well Ms. Tash you certainly put me on a spot.”

“I’m no marriage counselor, but I’ll give you my insight for what it’s worth, then you’ll have to work it out for yourself.”

“As to this mission being his last hurrah, he’s probably right.”

“You know he retired right after he spent time in Huston Medical center for post traumatic stress.”

“It was after we finished the recovery mission a Wolf 359."

"That mission changed a lot of people.”

“It’s probably why I’ve remained posted here instead of out wandering the galaxy.”

“He was one my crew chiefs of the three repair tenders I commanded.”

“You notice I said commanded, not worked.”

“The tenders picked up the pieces."

"In fact most of the crew you have on the Monarch now was working for me at that time one way, or another.”

“At Wolf 359 we lost 39 of the forty ships that fought the Borg."

"There were over 11000 personnel killed, or missing.”

“The Borg weapons cut through our ship like a hot knife through butter.

“Some ships salvaged were in just two big slices, but a lot were hit right on the mater-anti-mater chambers and were blown to smithereens.”

“When the Borg ship was defeated, it blew itself up, blowing Borg bodies and our damaged and destroyed ships all over space.”

“We had to pick up the pieces.”

“We saved some of the personnel who made it to escape pods.”

“But a lot of them froze to death in their section of the exploded shell of a ship.”

“After Mike spent time in the hospital I’m sure that he was to be stuck in a desk job for the rest of his career.”

“I think that’s the reason why he retired.”

“He married his second wife who was a nurse there.”

“Of course she left him after he volunteered to come out of retirement during the Dominion War.”

“He could only work as an instructor, so when the peace treaty was signed with the shape shifters, he retired again.”

“Before he took this mission he was piloting lunar supply shuttles."

"It's a job for the brain dead.”

“You make a twenty four hour trip out with only having to watch dials and monitor landing and docking procedure.”

“We kept in touch here on the moon.”

“He was essentially going nowhere.”

“When the Bajor mission popped up, nobody, and I mean nobody, volunteered for it from Star Fleet.”

“It wasn’t until they decided to recruit private contractors to assist the Bajorans that his name came up.”

“I myself mentioned Mike for the job; we all know each other, the rest is history.

“But why must I leave him,” Be’nen pleaded.

“Why doesn’t he want me on a ship with him? I’m willing stay with him.”

“Miss Tash, have you ever heard the expression “The Orphans fleet”.

“No, never; what does it mean?”

“When Admiral Hansen assembled the fleet to meet the Borg, it was done in haste and a lot of the ships’ families were unable to evacuate all their children, and non-combatants, off at a star base, or a habitable federation planet.”

“So they were all put in shuttle craft and told to stand by for the results of the battle, or a Star Fleet rescue.”

“It’s a wonder they weren’t assimilated by the Borg. But they saw the whole battle transpire.”

“Many, if not all, lost their parents or loved ones that day.”

“We came on the scene much later, but can you imagine the pain that the rescue ships saw.”

“I’m glad I wasn’t there.”

“I’m afraid, Ms. Tash, that Michael has thrown you a tether, and he wants you to anchor him down.”

Be’nen didn’t’ say anything.

As Commander Hayes watched her she picked up her tea and drank it, it was cold.

She picked up a quarter of a cucumber sandwich and took a small bite.

When she finished chewing and swallowed. She said to Commander Hayes;

“Thank you for the luncheon and the conversation Commander.”

"I must excuse myself, for I have a meeting with the Vulcan Counsel.”

“You have been very helpful.”

Be’nen stood up and said goodbye again with a Vulcan traditional greeting, “Live long and Prosper, Commander.”

Commander Hayes held out his hand, and she shook it;

“You’re welcome anytime Ms. Tash”.

‘And good luck’, he said to himself, ‘they’re going to need it’.
As Be’nen left Commander Hayes’ office and got on the walkway to the Vulcan consulate, certain facts started to click into place in her mind.

Figuring out what drove her consorts' thought process became a little less fuzzy.

Humans could be so complicated at times.

Manipulating their sex drives was easy; she never had any problems with that.

She knew that males of many species were attracted to her; it was the basis for her intelligence work.

But having to deal with all these human emotions was like trying to separate spaghetti after it has been cooked, messy and never really straight.

The one thing that struck to her most was Hayes statement that Michael always had a plan.

His plans never ran in a straight line either.

It was more like a beginning and an end, with a scramble for results in between.

No wonder he kept her off balance.

Trying to figure him out logically was like pushing a wet noodle.

‘Dam’, she thought. ‘I should have eaten more of Hayes’ sandwiches; all I can think of is food now.’

When she stepped off the walk way in front of the Vulcan counsel, she had to pause to get her thought processes working in a Vulcan manner.

The Vulcan unemotional thought processes never really did get under control with her, and her daughter.

Arriving semi-literate in Vulcan, when she arrived on Vulcan, it was a constant game of catch up with her, and almost impossible with Staunn.

The position on Earth as a public affairs official was a gift that fit her temperament and allowed them both to live in an environment that was less ridged than on Vulcan.

They logically figured that they would never really fit in to “normal” Vulcan society; they were too sloppy in their thought processes.

All Be’nen had to do was follow orders, do what no self respecting Vulcan female would do, and be what most Vulcan’s could not normally be, personable.

She was good at it to, she thought to herself.

‘I could smile, be witty at times and make myself attractive in public.

'Now I have to change my approach and be a Vulcan.’

It wasn’t going to be easy to do because they had figured out her predatory nature in the way she gathered intelligence.

Her sense of accomplishment must have been too obvious.

Her work on Earth was her isolation from Vulcan society.

Well so be it.

Upon entering the counsels’ office and exchanging the traditional greeting, she came directly to the point.

“Ambassador Mar’Rela, I am requesting reassignment back to the diplomatic service, with a posting to Bajor.”

“Ms. Tash this is quite sudden, were not the arrangements made to improve your living conditions on the ship you are on, satisfactory,” the ambassador asked?

“The arrangements were satisfactory Mr. Ambassador, but I have been directed by my consort to leave the ship.”

“It was strongly suggested that I request an assignment to Bajor, to be close to my daughter, and that is my intention.”

“Extraordinary, I must say, Ms. Tash,” he replied.

“I will forward your request immediately.”

“Do you wish to arrange for living quarters here on the moon?”

“You can stay at the embassy compound if you wish.”

“No sir, I plan to stay on board the Monarch until it reaches Bajor, whatever happens with my personal status,” she replied.

“I intend to stay as close to my daughter as possible.”

“I assure you that if I am re-instated I will make sure that appropriate measures are taken to insure my transportation to Bajor is befitting a Vulcan ambassador.”

The right eyebrow on Ambassador Mar’Rela’s face arched in astonishment.

“I see,” he said, “believe me Ms. Tash this request will be dealt with as expeditiously as possible, but I must warn you I fear we have very few dealing with the Bajorans.”

“Most of our present dealings are through the Bajoran Federation representative on Earth, but I assure you the service will do it’s best to meet you request.”

“I am personally aware of your past service with the Earth ligation, Ms Tash, and I am sure they will do their best to honor your request.”

“That’s all I need to know Mr. Ambassador, Thank you for your time, and until I hear from you, or a service representative, live long and prosper.”

She then got out of her chair, left the room and the embassy, without a further word.

‘Very Vulcan of you Be’nen’, she thought.

‘They may think Michael is a real bastard, but I didn’t lie to the Ambassador’

‘It may have been a little innuendo, but no lie.'

'Vulcan’s don’t lie, and they can catch just about anyone trying to.’

She allowed herself a small amused smile.

‘My Romulan father would be proud of me, if he knew; the prick.’

She then made her way back to her transit lodging.

In her quarters she changed back into her pilot’s “uniform”.

It was close to three o’clock so she placed her call to Admiral Broderick, on Earth.

When the kindly face of the Admiral appeared on her view screen and asked her what was on her mind.

She too came to the point again with him.

“I am leaving the ship, that Star Fleet is leasing from the Klingons, Admiral, and I have requested re-assignment back into the Vulcan Foreign Service."

“I expect to be assigned a position on Bajor.”

“That is very interesting Be’nen, is that the only reason you called?”

“I am going to be married shortly, to my present team leader, Michael Thomas.

“I expect the Monarch will be returning to Space Dock soon for a refit.”

“I am sure he would like to meet you then if you like.”

“I see,” he said. “I guess congratulations are in order then.”

“I will make an effort to see you at your reception then.”

“Yes that will be fine Admiral, until then goodbye.”

“Goodbye. Ms. Tash” and the Admiral signed off.

‘That was short and sweet, as they say on Earth’. Be’nen thought.

‘Well Michael I’ve done my part.’

She remembered an Earth colloquialism that seemed to fit their situation, ‘we just through an idea against a wall and see what sticks’.

It was time to put her pilots’ hat on and round up the crew.

She grabbed up her bundles and headed for the Luna port launch pad.

She wasn’t completely satisfied with her efforts, but for her daughters sake she would do her best.

One opinion seemed to crystallize in her mind; Michael could at times be a real pain in the ass.
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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor

By T.M. Flavin

Book One – The Monarch

Chapter Twenty Eight - Be’nens’ new assignment, as my new boss!

When Be’nen docked the shuttle back on the Monarch, Staunn was waiting for her.

When all the crewmen exited, Staunn motioned Be’nen back into the shuttle and closed the door behind her.

“We have to talk mother,” Staunn started off.

“Is it about the fight I had with Michael,” Be’nen asked?

“Yes mother, among other things,” Staunn replied.

“What other things? I know I struck him; I couldn’t have hurt him that much.”

“He spoke to me and was definitely on his feet when I left.”

“What has happened since I was away?”

“He’s up in my quarters sedated; he suffered a severe groin strain while he was making love to me.”

“The aphrodisiac we gave him lasted longer than I expected, and really severely affected his reproductive system.”

“He literally hosed me with ejaculate that had very little sperm, but contained massive amounts of body fluids.”

Tears started rolling down Staunn’s cheeks.

“We can’t give him any more drugs mama."

"His swelling was so bad I was afraid he would be sterile.”

“I did the best I could with the equipment I have on board.”

“I gave him pain and vitamin supplement hypos, and a quarter liter of fluids intravenously.”

“He’s sleeping soundly now, you can hear him snoring through the bulk head now.”

“It really scared me mama, we almost made our man a eunuch”.

Be’nen was shocked.

“Did I also hurt him badly when I struck him”, was the only thing she could say?

“I took care of that with the dermal re-juvenator, prior to us watching my videos; but if you had hit him an inch lower I think you would have broken his jaw”.

Then Staunn started keening.

‘What a mess, some diplomat I’m going to be,’ Be’nen thought.

‘When word of this gets out I’ll be the bitch of the galaxy.'

'I’ll have a reputation as a husband beater, and a ball smasher.’

‘They'll probably call me ball smash Tash, or Smack Tash.'

'How did I ever get mixed up with a human anyway?’

‘Well husband to be,’ she thought, ‘you will just have to talk our way out of this situation, like you talked me into it.’

Be’nen felt embarrassed and flustered; “think with your Vulcan half”, he had said.

“Staunn calm down,” she quipped.

“What did he say happened when you fixed his bruise?”

Staunn hiccupped a few times and said, “He told me he hit himself on a bulk head,” she replied.

“Does anyone know about his groin strain?”

“I don’t think so, I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, and he’s been under sedation since it happened.’

“He really needs to rest.”

“Well no one has to know any different then."

"It’s his story and we’ll stick to that for the time being.”

“Staunn what we do in our own bed room is no one’s business, but our own anyway.”

“They probably already think he’s oversexed anyway, by having two potential wives on board.”

Staunn blinked a few times and said, “Jeepers mama you sure have a funny perspective on things.”

“It’s okay if you say so, but no more drugs mama or I’ll bring a goat on board to scratch your libido for you”.

“Don’t be so crude Staunn; it’s unseemly”.

“I mean what I say mama.”

“We agree right now to keep Michael healthy.”

“After we’ve had about a half dozen kids, then we can discuss about having him fixed”.

“Okay you little minx," Be'nen huffed.

"Go wash you face, we have a public to meet, and a future husband to treat.”

“If we keep our stories straight it’ll be just like old times.”

“How long has he been sleeping,” Be’nen asked?

“About six hours,” Staunn replied.

“I was afraid to wake him for dinner until you arrived.”

“Well in that case I’ll go see him now.”

“You get us some dinner and we’ll have a nice little family dinner get together.”

“If anyone asks, everything is fine, got it.”

“Yes Mama, but everyone is leering at me now as it is, and you are the talk of the ship.”

“Just remind them that I sometimes have a Romulan temper, which should satisfy them.”

“Let’s go see our lord and master.”

“Here give me your hand. Show them we are still mother and daughter.”

“Yes Mother,” replied Staunn.

They then walked hand and hand, up to the common room where Staunn went to get the dinner supplies, and Be’nen went to Staunn’s quarters to see her ailing consort.

· * * * * * * * * * * * *

When Be’nen entered Staunn’s quarters, I was laid sprawled out on Staunn's bed sound to sleep.

When she shook me awake she asked me how I was feeling.

“I feel okay I guess, a little sore, but I’ll survive."

"I think I scared Staunn though, what time is it anyway?”

“It’s 1800HRS."

"Staunn is getting us some dinner and that way I can discuss my day with you.”

“Good, I’m thirsty though, could you get me a glass of water, and I’m a little cramped yet.”

“Then you can sit on the bed and tell me everything."

"I hope everything went well?”

Be’nen brought me the water and sat on the head of the bed.
I drank the water, then laid my head in her lap, put my arms around her back side and buried my face in her lap.

“I’m sorry Be’nen, I’m glad you came back.”

“It would have served me right that you would have left the ship after the way I acted.”

“It won’t happen again, no more surprises. I love you Be’nen.”

I think Be’nen was a little unprepared for this kind of reaction from me.

She was a prepared to apologize for the way she re-acted, and for striking me.

“I’m sorry too Michael”, was all she would say.

“Can I tell you now, what I did today,” Be’nen asked?

“Yes Be’nen, I just didn’t want to see you jeopardize your talents by being stuck on this ship for the next three years.”

“Because of my actions you would be forgotten, I don’t think I could take that.”

“As far as I can see there is no future for us here Be’nen, unless you want your home to be a ship like this, for the rest of our married life.”

“It’s no place for Kids Be’nen.”

“Don’t worry Michael,” she said, “nobody has done anything yet.”

“Well get by, we’ve done fairly well considering the circumstances."

"Let me tell you what I did today.”

Be’nen proceeded to tell me of her visit to the Ferengi bargain store; her purchase of more Vulcan appropriate clothing and a print that she bought.

The visit to the hair salon was also interesting about the fact of meeting a black Vulcan; I had yet to meet one in the Corps of Engineers.

She explained her visit to Commander Hayes to apologize for her action the last time she was there to secure more livable conditions in the Monarch.

I agreed that Commander Hayes was a nice man.

When she told me that she told the Vulcan consulate that I had strongly suggested that she leave the ship, I felt a little uncomfortable.

I could see now that my intentions, good as I thought them to be, were a little off base.

I still didn’t want them to be on the ship during the recovery mission.

Being an advisor was close enough.

“You did good Be’nen,” I said when she finished her narrative.

“I’m sure something good, will come of it.”

“Bajor can be a good place for us to settle and I can look forward to being the chauffer for Ambassador Tash, as well as her kept man.”

“You will do no such thing Michael Thomas, you will earn your keep, or I will throw you out on your ear or make Staunn put you in charge of the twelve children she plans to have”.

“That would keep you busy as a Grandpa.”

“Whoa,” I said, “Staunn makes me work hard enough as it is, can’t you see that I’m a sick man, have mercy.”

Be’nen harrumphed and smiled a little; “I think you just want to lie in my lap and have me feel sorry for you.”

“Yes I do”, I replied.

About that time Staunn and the Captain came in.

“What’s up Captain, I can still perform my night watch if you need me.”

“I just had a little accident and my doctor recommended a little bed rest."

"I’ll be up and around shortly.”

“I’m sure of that Commodore." Kahlest replied.

"I just wanted to give you a progress report on some of the activities that were working on today.”

“The holding tank is being cleared, but it’s taking time.”

“Everything is being accomplished at a rate of about one quarter ton per eight hours.”

“And as we estimated the soil at two tons we should be done in about two full days, working around the clock.”

“The Ferengi brought up the paper recycler along with twenty five assistants.”

“They were into everything.”

“I must have been through a catalog of their products at the rate of one per hour."

"They just don’t want to let up.”

“But we got even, I had a little talk with Mr. Og before they boarded.”

“He had asked permission to perform personal services for the Ferengi.”

“Og knew what the rates were for Ferengi grooming at Tycho city, so I let him set up shop, for half of the take.”

“He set up a dental sharpening and omage parlor in the old Type-15 shuttle for the two Dabo women.”

“He even had Dr. Teck, and my daughter, doing ear wax cleaning.”

“You know the handsome woman you have in engineering, even she was making twenty credits a photo shoot.”

“You mean Mona Freeman?” I asked.

“Yes that’s her; I guess the Ferengi were quite taken with her when she wears a T-shirt.”

“I think we made almost half the cost of the recycler back.”

“Plus I think they must have taken about fifty to seventy ponds of the debris each; of what was lying around.”

“They could hardly walk when I finally shooed them of the ship.”

“I think Mr. Og knew they didn’t have any money left when he suggested that it was time for them to leave.”

Kahlest started to laugh with his harsh Klingon bellow.

“I think I can enjoy this kind of commerce,” he said.

‘It’s a good thing he wasn’t running a casino, instead of a ship. He’d probably rob every one blind,’ I thought.

Kahlest got up chuckling to himself and headed back to his bridge, and the three on us started our dinner.

Staunn kept fussing over me, it was a wonder she didn’t try to spoon feed me.

Be’nen just smiled and kept quiet.

I was too busy feeding my face to talk, and boy was I thirsty.

About fifteen minutes later Kahlest came back in.

He had a PADD with him.

“It’s a message for Ms. Tash, it’s in a diplomatic code Ms. Tash.”

“That was fast Be’nen,” I quipped.

“Please excuse me,” said Be’nen, “I have to get my translator from my quarters.”

“As soon as I get this translated I will be right back.”

Kahlest didn’t budge and Staunn and I just looked at each other, wondering if it was good news or bad news that would affect our relationships.

When Be’nen came back in she handed me the PADD and said,” I have been re-instated back into the Vulcan Interplanetary Service.”

“If I accept this position as the Vulcan representative on the Federation Mission on Bajor; I am to assume the duties as Chief Administrator of the Joint Services Agency.”

“I must give my answer immediately and report to Federation Headquarters at San Francisco with in forty eight hours, for my initial brief and portfolio.”

I was agog. “Are you going to accept it,” I asked?

“I will do as you requested, of course I will accept it,” she replied.

“God damm it Be’nen it’s not what I want that we're talking about here, It’s what you want that counts.”

“Do you know what this appointments means?”

“This is the big time Be’nen, you won’t be just working for a diplomat, like in your last job; you will be the boss.”

“This is only the beginning of the mission and I will make no bones about it, it will get tougher as we go along.”

“You’ll have to work your ass off.”

“What are you talking about Michael,” asked Staunn, “I’m confused."

"Just what are they asking my mother to do?”

“Captain, can you get that pers-com, and screen, turned on, and get me a schematic map of the Bajor system, specifically the border areas with Cardassia?”

Kahlest hurried over to the pers-comp and punched in his command code and had the schematic map put on the screen.

“Be’nen here is how I see it.”

“This team is going to operate in the sector that runs from Cardassia Prime, to almost up to the Deep Space Nine station.”

“You see how large an area that Cardassia used to control with an iron fist.”

“Well that area is now almost wide open after they were decimated by the Dominion.”

“You see the Breen area; you know the bastards that tried to destroy the Earth and crippled Beta Zed, and the Beta Zeds were almost defenseless to begin with.”

“Well they were never harmed at all during the war with the dominion, except for a few lost ships.”

“The peace treaty was signed before any of their home planets were even gotten near to.”

“Now you see who is on the front line of the Federation, it's Bajor.”

“Bajor; a planet that has been ravaged by fifty years of Cardasian occupation and still finding out new political paths, and only has a Militia that is equipped with mostly sub light fighters in system patrol craft.”

“They have absolutely nothing to match even an old Constitution class Star ship.”

“That’s where we come in Be’nen.”

“I should have guessed it when you told me what our designation was, Star Fleet Advisory and Assistance Team- Bajor.”

“I think we are the first of many Be’nen.”

“I can guess that since Ben Cisco is now out of the picture on DS-9, there is still a Federation advisory team working with the Bajoran commander.”

“We are a recovery team, but how are they going to repair the ships we recover?”

“They don’t have any facilities for that kind of work, they will have to build one, because all the facilities the Federation has are still tied up repairing the damage done from the last war.”

“They’ll need a team for that too.”

“Then they will have to have teams to help them train the people to crew the craft, they build."

"It will probably go on from there."

"Do you get the picture Be’nen?”

“I think so; please explain the Joint Service Agency.”

“The Joint Service Agency is the civilian support agency for the teams.”

“Are you getting this Kahlest?"

"The JSA handles the administrative functions and coordinates supplies and contracts in support of the Advisor Teams.”

“My team will probably have to answer to a Star Fleet Officer; but I’m not sure because we are all civilians.”

“Captain Kahlest will, I’m sure, be under your indirect supervision as the contract holder.”

“I’m sure this will all have to be worked out once you meet with the Federation Ambassador, and the Chief Star Fleet Advisor.”

“So my job would be administrative and logistical, supporting the Star Fleet Advisors, on Bajor,” Be’nen asked?

“Yes,” I answered, “somebody thinks you’re qualified to do this mission, Be’nen.”

“It’s on the ground floor of the mission, but I can see what it will grow into.”

“I told you I thought it would be nice to work for you, well her it is, and it’s honestly a lot more that I expected.”

“I promised Captain Kahlest I would try my best to get him a ship so he can get of this freighter off his hands.”

“Well Be’nen when you accept this JSA appointment, I'm sure we will have to go through you to make it happen.”

“We would be on Bajor together,” she asked?

“More or less, you are familiar with my general plan of action of ninety day work cycles.”

“I can take back Staunn, as my personal physician if she wants to come?” was her other question.

“I don’t have a problem with that, but that’s up to Staunn."

"I will need her until we reach Bajor though.”

“Okay, but I want you home with me every ninety days, No extra time out in space.” Be’nen demanded.

"No dangerous jobs either; if you get yourself killed I will be furious.”

“I will have Staunn specially embalm you so I can beat you with a stick.”

“Yes Dear.” I answered.

“Now help me up, and get me dressed.”

“Captain, would you please call a meeting in the common room in fifteen minutes for all available crew, including yours.”

“Be’nen has to send in her answer and I want to see some things done for her before she leaves.”

“Staunn, have you got any slippers that I can wear?"

"I don’t think I can reach down to tie my shoes.”
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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor

By T.M. Flavin

Book One – The Monarch

Chapter Twenty Nine - Preparations for Be’nens’ new position.

I had to lean on Kahlest’s shoulder to walk to the common room.

It was kind of hard for me to stand up straight, still.

I told Kahlest that he didn’t need to ask the new workers, they wouldn’t know what we were talking about anyway.

I sat down gingerly at one of the mess tables, while Staunn brought me my drink that I hadn’t finished yet.

By the time Be'nen came in, with Mr. Comet, after making her replies to Star Fleet Headquarters, and the Vulcan Affairs office in San Francisco, the room was filled with about forty people.

All of my crew was present, with about fifteen of Kahlest's senior staff crew.

I started off with; “I have an announcement to make. Ms. Be’nen Tash has just been appointed Senior Administrator for the Joint Services Administration, for the Star Fleet Assistance Group on Bajor.”

There was a round of applause and Be’nen said thank you.

“What this means to us is that Ms. Tash will be the chief of logistical support for this team, and I’m sure there will more teams in the future.”

“Personally I am very proud of her and I’m also glad that Star Fleet and the Vulcans have recognized Be’nen, for the very talented, and industrious, person she really is.”

“For the short time she has been with us she has been a great help to me personally and for the ship and crew.”

“She liked you best, Chief,” someone shouted out.

It got a little laugh.

Be’nen just smiled a little and nodded yes.

“All kidding aside, Ms. Tash is new at this aspect of working with Star Fleet.”

“She will be new, and I know they will expect her to hit the ground running.”

“I would like to make some suggestions to her that would involve the members of this crew, that’s the main reason I called you in here."

"I am asking you to hear me out.”

“Would you care to listen to some of my recommendations Madam Tash?”

“Yes, Commodore, please continue.”

“First of all Madam Tash is going to need a chief of staff, someone who really knows Star Fleet and its politics.”

“Mr. Comet I would like you to consider that position.”

“I know of no person better qualified.”

“Of course you will have to give up your low paying job as a computer tech, and all the adventures that go with it, for a real job.”

That got a bigger laugh from the crew. And Larry being the gentleman that he is said;

“I would be honored Madam Ambassador, I will certainly do my best.”

Be’nen replied, “Until I am given reasons otherwise Mr. Comet, consider yourself hired.”

He said, “Thank you, Ma’am,” and sat back down.

“Ms. Tash,” I continued, Mr. Comet is a former Commander in Star Fleet, and I think a reappointment would be in order, especially with his future dealings with Star Fleet Chain of Command.”

“So noted, Commodore, I will take under advisement.”

“The next thing I want to do is give you Shuttle Number one.”

That let out a few groans from the crew.

“You will need it Ms. Tash, because you are so new on the job your chances of getting any official transportation would be slim to none.”

“The argument will be stated that your transportation will be furnished by the Bajorans."

"Don’t you believe it!”

“Also be aware some will try to pull rank and steal it from you, that’s why you will have to make arrangements that the shuttle, on paper, remains as one that belongs to this teams operation.”

“With your permission, Madam Tash; you will also need a crew to operate it and escort you where ever you duties take you.”

“Officer Fleming would you and your crew, like to go back to being real Marines?”

“Sir,” came the surprised answer?

“You heard me. Ms. Tash is going to need a shuttle crew.”

“She will also need security.”

“If you take the job, you will most likely be the first Marines on Bajor, for embassy duty.”

“I’m almost positive she will also have to acquire her own work place and lodging facilities when she gets there, and the security there will be nonexistent.”

The trio was standing up yelling and hugging each other.

“I take that as a yes, Sergeant?”

“Yes sir,” they all replied!

“Good, as soon as this meeting is over I want you to start preparing the shuttle for Ms. Tash departure at 0800HRS tomorrow.”

“Please remove Dr. Tehk’s, and any of my stuff, and pack your own bags on board.”

“I’m sorry I don’t have uniforms for you."

"You will have to use your Luna port security uniforms until Ms. Tash gets your assignment confirmed.”

“As of now you are released from this ship and are responsible to Ms. Tash, Good luck.”

"Semper Fi", was the reply, with a salute.

“Captain Kahlest; I promised I would try to get you another ship more befitting a Klingon life style; Ms. Tash is now in the position to most likely make it happen.

“Right now as functionaries of the Star Fleet Assistance Group we will have limited diplomatic immunity.”

“Whatever problems you have with the Klingon High Command will most likely be put on hold.”

“When you leave the program, you are on your own.”

“I think we can arrange for a new ship, but it will most likely be unarmed.”

“Most likely it will be a former Dominion fighter that holds up to fifty personnel."

"It will haul as much freight as the Monarch does.”

“If you want a more militant life style, make arrangements with either the Bajoran Militia, or with certain Star Fleet elements that would be introduced to you.”

“You could pull security patrols for the team work areas in preventing theft, I’m sure it would be approved.”

“There is also smuggling prevention, or you could do long range patrolling up to the Breen controlled areas.”

“I want you to give it some thought, but be mindful, I’m sure there will be no children allowed on board if you go tactical.”

“Which brings me to the Rhino; believe it or not Ms. Tash, the Rhino may be the only defense we have if we run into trouble on our mission.”

“The Monarch’s only real defense is to run. It has no armament what so ever.”

“This thing will probably only do warp four on a good day, and the only gun it has on the Rhino, and it can’t get out of its own way.”

“Right now it has only impulse power; isn’t that right Mr. Barkley.”

“I’m afraid so Chief, but were working on it.”

“Madam Ambassador, the Grayson is not much better."

"I have no idea how much armament the Grayson has.”

“A lot of its class had some protection, but a lot more didn’t."

"They also were to run away from difficulties. But these ships are old.”

“It is my idea to up armor from salvage, but that’s not my decision to make when we get to Bajor."

"It will be the Bajoran commander’s decision.”

“We need the Rhino capable of warp speed to catch up with us if they have to do a delaying action, while we run.”

“You will have to push it, Madam Ambassador, like Mr. Barkly said on his last visit to Space Dock; they essentially wanted to disassemble it to see how it ran.”

“The Rhino may not look pretty, but it’s our flying tank."

"I want Mr. Barkly and the Rhino crew given the means to hook up all those loose ends that the Rhino has, and get her warp capable."

"I think he can do it.”

“I understand Commodore, anything else?”

“Just a few more suggestions, Madam Ambassador.”

“I would like you to make arrangements for the transfer, and purchase, of the Ferengi Shuttle to the Grayson, for Dr.Tehk’s use.”

“And the reason is,” asked Be’nen.

“First, Captain Kahlest do you still have the refugee proposal, and the refit requirements.”

“Yes Commodore I do.”

“Please give a copy to The Ambassador; she is going to use it.”

“Use it, how, it's only a proposal?” asked Be’nen.

“Be’nen, I mean madam ambassador, keep in mind where we are, and where we are going.”

“We are four days away from Vulcan, in a first class star ship."

"It would take this ship at least a week.”

“Bajor is four times the distance away, more or less at the end of our supply line.”

“If these two ships, these two old ships, are to get any type of top notch service, or refit, you will have to do it now, before we get out there, where you would have your hat in your hand, begging for spare parts.”

“This is your mission now too, Be’nen."

"If these ships fall apart out there a parsec from Bajor, you’re stuck.”

“You’re the newbie Be’nen."

"Push the plan, push the refit; and don’t allow them to ship you off to Bajor on a cruiser before hand.”

“Then you would have to wait for us to get there, why’ll you get stuck fielding all the complaints, for all the delays we are sure to have.”

“You’re the Ambassador; make the Grayson fit for you to travel in."

"Make it known that you are serious about having a successful mission, or they will run all over you.

“Am I wrong Larry?”

“He’s right ma’am. There is an old Earth sating. ‘Everyone owns success, but failure is an orphan’.”

“I agree that if you don’t get a proper refit here, the chances of equipment failure out on the rim go up exponentially.”

“Better to get it done here where proper facilities are available.”

“I see, thank you Commander, anything else Commodore?”

“Just a few administrative things, I don’t have an administrative assistant for you."

"You took the only one I have.”

“That’s all right I have someone in mind, I will make the call when the meeting is over.”

“Well I still need an administrative assistant, any volunteers.”

Nobody shot their hands up right away.

Then in the back, “All right I’ll try it Chief”.

It was Mona Freeman, the Ferengi photo star.

“I’ll take it on one condition that I get to wear the same outfit the ambassador wore when she was your shuttle pilot.”

“It’s okay with me Mona, it’s on your own dime and as long as it causes no distractions.”

“Distraction! Why would anyone be distracted by little ole’ me?"

"Hardly any on board here ever notices me.”

That brought on all kind of hoots, and cat calls, and dagger stares from Be’nen and Staunn.

“Okay that’s enough everyone. Thanks Mona.”

“You’ll have to get briefed by the ambassador as to what she was working on with Mrs. Kahlest.”

“Okay Commodore sure thing,” she answered.

“Mr. Og I don’t want to leave you out."

"I would like you to start working on a parts list for the Rhino, and your shuttle.”

“You need to cross reference as much as you can, to use federation supplies.”

“I’m also going to need a replacement for Mr. Comet, as communications chief."

"Nichelle I’d like you to take the position if you feel up to it.”

“Sure chief, I’ll give it a try, but I’m going to miss Larry. He’s been with me a long time.”

“I know Nichele, but he’s not going very far.”

“He will be with us until we reach Bajor, then it will be every ninety days, if our work schedule works out right.”

“If you could persuade someone to be your assistant, I would appreciate it.”

“After all I expect to be in Space Dock for about a month, do some recruiting.”

“I’ll need security replacements too, Sergeant Fleming.”

“We’ll try chief,” was the reply.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their co-operation on these matters."

"I know things have been happening fast, and furiously, these past weeks, so please bear with us.”

“I expect more of the same until we get to Bajor.”

“That’s all I have for now."

"I’m sure Ambassador Tash has some further remarks. After her remarks, you’re dismissed.”

“Madam Ambassador?”

“Thank you Commodore,” remarked Be’nen.

“I would like to personally thank you for all the support and cooperation shown here."

"I promise I will do my best to see that you have a safe and productive mission.”

“I admit that I am new to this type of diplomatic service, but with the guidance, and assistance, from this crew, I know we will succeed.”

“I would also like to mention, if you haven’t already guessed; I am to be married, along with my daughter Staunn to Commodore Thomas.”

That brought on applause and various comments like” I told you so”, “we knew something was going on” to “two wives? It looks as if he can’t even handle one”.

“Yes it’s true,” Be’nen said with a smile, “and now he can’t back out of his commitment.”

“I expect you to get him to the altar on time, and in one piece, please.”

“I would also like my new staff to remain for a few minutes.”

“I would also ask that Miss Freeman attend, also the Commodore and Dr. Tehk."

"I would like to start making some plans and arrangements."
“Captain Kahlest, if you wish, is also invited."

“Thank you Madam Ambassador, I think I will,” Kahlest replied.

When crowd left the common room, Ambassador Tash started her meeting with her staff.

“First of all please make arrangements to move all your personal goods to the shuttle.”

“Think of it as a permanent change of station, until my situation is stabilized.”

“Mr. Comet, please make arrangements for secure diplomatic communications on the shuttle."

"I will bring my personal translator it should make the hookup simpler.”

“The shuttle is to be my temporary office, until other arrangements can be made.”

“It will be my intention to stay with the Grayson, and the Monarch, until we reach Bajor, but business starts now.”

“Miss Freeman, I would like you to act as my temporary administrative assistant.”

“I will have to notify The Federation Ambassador to Bajor, of my present staff arrangements, my preparations to travel to Bajor, and an outline of my scope, and vision, of the position I am to fill.”

“I would also ask you to do some research of the computer records of past assistance programs.”

“It doesn’t have to be very specific, just a listing of former, and current actions, that I can use as a quick reference.”

“If we have time we can discuss the administrative duties that I performed for the Commodore.”

“Do we get time to sleep Ma’am,” asked Mona.

“All operations are to cease at 2200HRS."

"I plan to leave promptly at 0800HRS tomorrow and I want every one rested.”

“I want to inform you that I do not take the Commodore’s advice lightly.”

“I expect a whirl wind of activity coming with this appointment.”

“In many ways we will be “hitting the ground running”, as they say on Earth.”

“I will trust your judgment, as the Commodore has trusted yours.”

“If difficulties arise in the performance of you duties, talk to me.”

“Believe me when I say that as a public relations specialist for many years, I can smile my way through just about any situation to get the results we need, for the successful accomplishment of our mission; even if it hurts them.”

That gave the team a smile, but I guessed they really didn’t know how tough Be’nen could really be.

“I am now going to gather up my things and I’ll meet all of you at the shuttle in about one half hour.”

“We can move the Commodore’s luggage to my former quarters.”

“He can stay with me Mother,” Staunn interjected.

“I know he can Staunn,” replied Be’nen, “but he needs an office, and my quarters are available.”

“We will be together tonight at my close of business. I promise you.”

Be’nen then took her daughter’s hand and said, “Come Staunn help me move my stuff.”

With that the meeting broke up with everyone heading to where they needed to go and Mona grumbling, “What did I get myself into?”

I told Kahlest that I was moving myself into Benen’s quarters, and could he be kind enough to give me a hand, I needed to lie down a bit.
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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor

By T.M. Flavin

Book One – The Monarch

Chapter Thirty - The Ambassadors’ ‘goodbye’

Be’nen was right; the whirlwind had started almost as soon as she accepted her post.

The reports I was getting from Staunn, who came up to check on me periodically, from Nichelle who was upgrading my com links, from Larry who needed to take a break, to Mona who said she need a place to hide for fifteen minutes, confirmed that Be’nen was up to her ears in work.

I was right about Star Fleet wanting to ship her immediately to Bajor, alone on the next Cruiser leaving for the Cardasian border areas, on patrol.

Larry said she had fielded at least twenty different questions, and directives, from the Vulcan’s, to Star Fleet, to Federation bureaucrats.

All were replied to with professional Vulcan courtesy, logic and stubbornness.

Larry said he was glad he was on her side during an argument.

He could imagine the people on the other end pulling their hair out in exasperation.

T’Androma, the Vulcan hair dresser at Luna Port had agreed to be Be’nen’s administrative assistant, with the agreement that she was allowed to bring her six year old son.

Be’nen agreed.

Be’nen had informed them all of her staff appointments, including the request for Larry’s re-appointment and the Marines duty assignments.

She also requested a myriad of information on who was in charge of what, and on Larry suggestion, a clear mission statement of her duties, and her immediate job requirements.

That temporarily stopped the flow of questions to her, but established a flood of information that they all had to sort out.

Larry laughingly figured he was generating about one isolinear chip worth of information per hour, for all the information she was receiving.

Be’nen’s capacity for the requesting of facts was equal to any person he had ever dealt with.

He estimated that by the time he got to Bajor, she will have a logical explanation for anything the mission came up against.

“I think I love her, Michael,” he said.

We both laughed.

We both had been around awhile, and when you impress and old dog like Commander Larry Comet, you’ve really done something.

I was beginning to relax a little.

Be’nen was truly in her element.

She had stopped running from circumstances she felt were beyond her control, and was pushing back, big time.

At about 2000HRS, Staunn came up to be with me.

“Mother doesn’t need me now”, she said as she lay down beside me.

“She has everyone running full speed now, even the Marines.”

“Whenever a question had to be generated, or answered, she would assign someone to generate a preliminary reply based on her recommendations.”

“Then it would go through Mona for edit and background research; then to Mr. Comet for final edit, and comment, before Benin signed off for transmission.”

"She was always very efficient that way.”

“I wonder why the Vulcan’s never noticed that, or maybe she hid it so we could be together more."

"I miss her already.”

“Staunn don’t worry,” I said.

“We’re not splitting up; your mother will make sure of that.”

“When we get to Bajor you’ll be able to come and go as you please.”

“You can take a ninety day tour with me through the debris field, then return back to the lap of luxury as you mother’s personal physician again.”

“She might not let me take you anyway, remember she’s going to be one of my bosses”.

“No she won’t, I’ll stow away and be your love slave.” Staunn retorted.

“I need you Michael, I love my mother but I need you to love me.”

I realized then that Staunn was being really torn.

She always was at her mother’s side, now things were changing.
“I love you too baby,” I replied.

“We’ll get through this, together.”

At 2130HRS, Be’nen called Staunn and requested that she get some food from the re-sequencer.

“For some reason I’m very hungry,” Be’nen stated.

“We are just about ready to wrap things up for the night and I need something to eat.”

Staunn put her smock and slippers back on, and went to the common room to get a tray for her mother.

When she came back she had a steaming bowl of vegetable rice style soup, and a plate of green, yellow and orange vegetable circles with her.

A cup of coffee for me, some honey flavored grasshopper thoraxes (?), that someone had programmed for her and Og, as a snack, that looked like cheese puffs.

A cup of hot herb tea and two vegetable drinks for her and Be’nen, finished off the tray.

We were both nibbling on the artificial grasshoppers when Be’nen came in.

“I see you are feeling better Michael,” Be’nen said as she came over and gave me a little kiss.

“Has Staunn been taking good care of you?”

“Yes, and yes,” I said.

“Sit down and eat, and tell me how you made out, Madame Ambassador extraordinaire.”

Be’nen harrumphed a little as she drank her juice.

“I’m glad you warned me Michael.”

“You were right about them wanting to send me right away to Bajor, on the first star cruiser out.”

“I was supposed to go with Admiral Fletcher, who is by the way the new chief advisor.”

“I found out he was leaving with fifteen or so staff; and I assume a few other advisors.”

“Everyone assumed I would be learning my job from them on Bajor.”

“I guess I was expected to recruit staff from Bajor, incredible as it may seem.”

“Mr. Comet, or rather now newly reinstated, Commander Comet, and the rest of my staff you gave me, are incredible."

“The Admiral was a little put off that I would not be on Bajor immediately to facilitate the billeting, and the set up of services for his advisory team.”

“I told him the main reason for my delay was that there would be little for them to do if he didn’t have these two ships performing their recovery operations”

“It was essential in my opinion that these ships be properly prepared to function, and perform as they are supposed to.”

“I gently reminded him that neither ship will be doing the job they were designed for.”

“The Admiral finally agreed with my, or rather our, assessment.”

“He grumbled a little over the fact that I gave him a two month time table, for me to reach Bajor.”

“But he agreed with the technical reason with dealing with two ships, each over seventy five years old, and with my personal reasons of providing direct guidance for my consort, to keep him on schedule.”

“I have a question for you Michael, why would the Admiral laugh at the fact that we are getting married?”

“He seemed to be amused that I was marring a Commodore chieftain, whatever that means?”

“It means, my dear; that he will never forget how I always kept my recovery ships operational by using spare parts from all the vessels we salvaged.”

“I don’t think he liked the armaments I had fitted on them either.”

“He never said anything, but I imagine I made him do a lot of explanations.”

“So you know him!”

“Yes, from way back, he signed the waiver, to allow then Lieutenant Hayes, to use me to command a repair tender as a Chief Warrant Officer, for the Wolf 359 recovery.”

“A lot of our Engineer Officers were transferred to Regular Star Fleet cruisers after the battle so that left the corps shorthanded.”

“He knows his stuff Be’nen, and he’s not easily impressed.”

“You must have made quite an impression.”

“I got the impression that this mission is new to him too.” Be’nen observed.

“Probably it was because he was recalled from retirement, similar to my case.” I noted.

“I told you the fleet has really taken a beating these last few years; and this is a low priority mission now.”

“Once we salvage enough for a Bajoran fleet, things will change and we’ll go back into retirement again.”

“Except for you of course; they’ll want you for the duration, my love.”

“Then you’ll be my chauffer, is that your plan, Mr. Commodore chieftain?” Be’nen exclaimed.

“I’m afraid so Be’nen; I’m the expendable one, it’s you they’ll want to keep.”

“You are not expendable Michael,” piped in Staunn. “Not to me you aren’t.”

“I know Staunn, but after our three year mission I’ll probably be replaced, along with the ships that we have now.”

“By that time Star Fleet will have enough newer ships to replace us along with new and fresher crews.”

“But we have an ace in the hole.”

“You mean Momma?”

“I most certainly do, sweets.”

“I’m sure your mother will keep us gainfully employed.”

“I’m sure she won’t want me lying around enjoying the sophisticated life style as the ambassadors’ kept man.”

“You can be sure of that Mr.,” Be’nen harrumphed.

“You can start right now if you’re well enough to stand.”

“I’m sure I can if the doctor says it’s all right.”

“He should be all right Mother, what do you want him to do?”

“I need to take a shower and I need him to scrub my back, if that is okay with you?”

“Yes mother, just make sure it’s just scrubbing and not run-a-dub-dubbing, if you know what I mean.”

“He has to lay off that for a few days.”

“You hear me Michael? No funny stuff, doctor’s orders.”

“Okay doctor; see I can probably tie my shoes now.”

I demonstrated that I could at least bend over and straighten up with no difficulty.

“Well Be’nen, are you going to take your clothes off yourself, or do you want me to rip them off you?”

“You are such a dreamer Michael.”

“Come on, lean on me until we get in the shower.”

We both took our own clothes off, and I went in the shower with Be’nen’s assistance.

Be’nen may have said she wanted a shower, but she just held on to me under the shower for at least five minutes.

She wanted me next to her.

There was no fooling around just soapy caresses, and kisses.
Things were changing for Be’nen too.

I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but she wasn’t smiling.

I must have told her that I loved her at least ten times when there was a small knock on the shower door, and Staunn squeezed in.

Three people in a one meter by one meter shower, makes for a tight place for the soap to get around.

“Staunn, must you always put your nose in someone else’s business?” lamented Be’nen.

“This was supposed to be private.”

“I can’t help it mother, I’m too short,” joked Staunn.

“My nose always seems to be in other people’s business, besides that you’ll probably use up all the hot water.”

So we soaped and washed each other again as best we could, this time with smiles and giggles.

When the water started to cool we got out, dried each other off, and went straight to bed.

My arms were around Staunn, and Be’nen embraced us both.

I wasn’t as tired as my partners, as I was resting most of the day.

Be’nen went out like a light.

Staunn shifted a few times and finally settled into her usual sleeping position.

Clinging to me like a new shirt.

Later on in the night I turned to face Be’nen, and she reflexively held me to her breast.

Staunn migrated to lie on top of me, and then slid down in between Be’nen and myself, curled up with both our arms around her.

We slept that way until the wake up alarm sounded at 0630HRS.

We stirred ourselves up, got some clothes on to go to the common room for breakfast.

Half of the crew was there eating and chatting it up.

We all said our good mornings and found our place in line.

Staunn had what looked like little sausages, and brown rice that I knew wasn’t, and spinach juice.

Be’nen had herb tea, an orange juice, two pieces of whole wheat bread roundels that she toasted, and topped off with apple jelly.

I had my regular coffee, two toasted whole wheat roundels, strawberry jelly, banana flavored slices, and apple juice.

Neither of us fielded any questions, but Be’nen got a lot of congratulations and good luck wishes.

When the Security team showed up, they were all in their Luna port uniforms.

They were all carrying side arms that looked like Klingon disruptors.

When I asked them what the hell they were doing with weapons and where did they get those disrupters, they’re reply was;

“Diplomatic protocol sir,” was Officer Flemings reply.

“It’s for Ms. Tash protection, until she is in her office or at a Star Fleet headquarters.”
“I’m sorry we didn’t inform you sir, but we had to get some spare parts from the Klingons to finish assembling these salvage items.”

“Captain Kahlest was kind enough to give us the holsters.”

“He gave us charged up batteries too.”

“They will last until we get to Earth Space dock, we will return them back to you when you show up.”

“It’s true Michael; that was one of the myriad of questions that were fielded last night.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” answered Be’nen.

“Damm Be’nen, the thought of you needing an armed guard gives me the willies.”

“What kind of a position have I put you in?”

“It’s all right Michael, they are Marines after all, it is what they have to do to be doing their job.”

“They are my assigned guards.”

“She’s right sir, we’ve done this many times on the old Centaur.”

“We guarded many things under arms, from away teams to important cargo.”

“We are just heading down to the shuttle to make preparations for departure.”

“It was just easier to be in full uniform now rather than wait for the last minute.”

“I see Sergeant, thank you, please carry on.”

The rest of the meal was in silence.

When we left the common room, Staunn was holding her mother’s hand.

Back at Be’nen’s quarters, soon to be mine; Be’nen took a quick shower, alone this time, and got dressed in what I saw was a formal Vulcan gown.

Be’nen was stunning in her beautiful crimson kimono that she had adapted, and her good looks with her new hair style, created a picture of grace elegance, and charm; that stays with me to this day.

She was beautiful.

The change from the Earth style business apparel, when she was in public relations was to say the least, dramatic.

Even Staunn was agog.

“You are beautiful Momma,” Staunn said. “I wish I could dress like you.”

“Stauun you are always beautiful to me, my child.”

“Remember that I am you mother, and I care for you very much. Come give me a hug.”

Be’nen packed the rest of her things into an overnight bag and gave it to me to carry.

“Come Staunn it’s time for me to go,” she remarked.

“Yes Momma,” replied Stauun, as she took her hand.

When we walked down to the shuttle most of the crew had lined up to say goodbye, or good luck, or thank her for some of the things she did for the crew.

At the shuttle stood Larry, and the security team, all standing at attention.

Larry had even put on his old cruise ship uniform.

They all looked sharp.

Before she stepped into the shuttle, she bent down to Staunn and kissed her face three times.

“I leave him in your hands, daughter, see that he does not escape.”

Staunn was smiling, but tears were starting to roll down her cheeks.

Still smiling Be’nen turned to me and we embraced.

She then gave me a big warm kiss.

“It is nice to see you find me so attractive Michael.”

“I want you to get well because I am still in ponn far and we must make up for lost time when we meet again.”

I don’t know why I felt a little woozy after her saying that.

“I will do my best to get you to Earth as soon as possible,” she continued.

“Besides that we have an appointment to meet your parents, among other things.”

“Take good care of my daughter.”

She gave me another kiss, turned and got in the shuttle.

Larry came over and shook my hand and said,

“Don’t worry she’ll get things done, I’m sure of it. We’ll see you later.”

Sergeant Fleming and his crew saluted, but I just reached out and shook all their hands and told them goodbye and good luck.

I then took Staunn’s hand and walked to the shuttle bay door to watch the decompression of the bay and the shuttle’s departure.

Staunn and I waved until the shuttle was out of the bay, and the doors were re-shut.

I knew they were headed for Luna port to pick up T’Androma, Be’nen’s new assistant, and her child.

Staunn held on to my hand while we went to her quarters.

Inside her quarters she practically collapsed in my arms.

I picked her up and carried her over to the bed.

It hurt like hell, but I held her in my lap while she cried like a baby.

Here I was a fifty year old man who had joined Star Fleet when I was eighteen, kicked around for over twenty years, going through two marriages and now here I was holding on to a woman child of thirty five, who essentially had never been away from her mother.

I was feeling like a cad who had just robbed the cradle.
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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor

By T.M. Flavin

Book One – The Monarch


When Be’nen reached Luna port to pick up T’Androma and her child, she was greeted by Commander Hayes, Ambassador Mar’Rela, of the Vulcan consulate, and even Pax the waste extraction entrepreneur from New Berlin.

It was a wonder how information from a request for permission to land and a flight plan could be passed around like a good rumor.

Congratulations, and thanks, were given and received.

Pax gave Be’nen a business card and asked to be reminded to his family members on DS-9, a Mr. Quark and a Mr. Rom.

She was assured that they would serve her, and her daughter Staunn well, or they would hear from him personally.

The trip to Earth was made smoothly, and at high impulse, was completed in less than eight hours.

Like at Luna port she was again met by a small delegation of representatives of, the Federation counsel, Star Fleet, that also included Admiral Broderick, and the Bajoran embassy.

Almost immediately she was to be whisked away to Star Fleet Headquarters for meetings with Admiral Fletcher, when she reminded her host that she had her own Shuttle and as soon as clearance was made she would fly directly there with her staff.

After about two days of a grueling schedule of meetings, according to Larry afterwards; the Monarch received clearance to leave moon space and dock at Earth Space dock for a refit.

In the mean time on the Monarch there were some noticeable changes.

With Staunn it was both a needful, and strong, concern for my health.

That first day she must have checked be out at least four times.

What I mean by that was, she directed me to her quarters to check me for hernias, strains or general urinary performance.

When I question her about her about her attentions that night in bed, she said that she had tried to warn me about Ferengi female drives.

That’s why she wanted me to watch the videos.

“You saw how the females were stimulated just by the presence of their mates,” she explained.

“I have been off suppression drugs since we agreed to be mated.”

“I am trying to hold back on my passions because I know you are not Ferengi, and you are so easily stimulated yourself.”

“I’m just a little upset over mother that’s all."

"Please bear with me.”

“I really need you to understand Michael; it is in my nature to be a little needy.”

When I held her and kissed her and told her I was sorry and that I would do my best for her, it released a torrent of passion that literally sucked my dry.

Sometime in our passion I fell to sleep.

In the morning she woke me saying that she would let me rest until tonight and to be sure and drink the restorative she left for me.

She went directly to her duty station while I made my way to the shower and then to breakfast to start another day without Be’nen.

Mona Freeman reported to my new office, in the quarters that Be’nen had vacated, in the outfit Be’nen had left her.

Now Be’nen was six feet tall, slim with a nice 36-24-36 figure.

Mona was five foot four with 38DD-24-34 figure that impressed all the Ferengi.

How she got into the blouse she wasn’t saying, but it sure was a close fit.

She was taking the shuttle to Luna port, with twelve day pass crewmen, and intended to get some shoes, that matched what Be’nen wore.

I think she was even trying to talk like Be’nen.

Be’nen must have made a real big impression on her, it was sure a change in Mona’s free and easygoing attitude she usually had.

Another surprise was Kahlest mother in law, who was working with Larry.

Onnak would come into my office area and just sit by my desk.

When I asked her what she wanted she just said, “I wait”.

Later Nichelle would come in and say, “Come with me Onnak, you can help me with some work I have to do”.

Onnak would then go with Nichelle and when they were finish she would come back and sit at my desk again, until Nichelle, Kahlest or her daughter would come looking for her.

I guess the widow missed Larry.

I got a call from Commander Hayes, telling me that he had three more security men volunteers.

I told him that Mona was taking the shuttle down and that they should report to her docking station and come up for an interview, and bring their gear if they wanted to save time.

The security personnel turned out to be a small team too; a Smith, Jones and Johnson.

Alvin Smith was way over two meters tall and must have weighted 300 kilos.

Patricia Jones was a well set up woman who although trained as a policeman had worked mostly in dispatch and records.

John Johnson, a black man about my size, was an amateur boxer.

All three were looking for a change.

Well a change from Luna port to the Monarch was certainly a change, certainly to lower living standards, but definitely a change.

The Bajoran refugees were almost three quarters done with the tank they were digging out, when Kahlest ordered a halt to all further salvage recycle operations on the ship.

With the authorization issued from Be’nen, and a provisional clearance from Luna port, Kahlest set the Monarch up for a short impulse burst, for a breakaway from lunar orbit, and for us to continue on, in a slow twenty four hour trip, to Earth Space dock.

I was heading back to my betrothed, Staunn was going back to her mother, Kahlest and his ex-pirate crew was not going to jail, so altogether I think things were going well.

When we reach Space dock, the Monarch will be spruced up, and modified to take on more Bajoran refugees.

Then I will have to take my crew to find another piece of work at Mars, The Grayson Buoy tender.

A doughty old ship that was to be our flagship for our recovery mission to Bajor.

End of book one
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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor

By T.M. Flavin

Book One – The Monarch

Notes and Credits

Star Trek S. C. E. is copyrighted by CBS Studios, Inc. This novel is strictly fan fiction.

Historical references, and time line, were exerted from data furnished by Ex Astris Scienta on line.

Cover illustration of Class II Freighter courtesy of Star Trek Wiki, on line.

The general specifications for the Cle Dan Class VI Repair Tender are taken from the Federation Ship Recognition Manual, as supplement for the Star Trek Role Playing Game.

The general specifications for the Monarch Class IX Deep Space Freighter are taken from the Federation Ship Recognition Manual II, as supplement for the Star Trek Role Playing Game.

The general specifications for the Grayson Class V Repair Tender are taken from the Federation Ship Recognition Manual II, as supplement for the Star Trek Role Playing Game.

The general specifications for the Chiokis Starship Construction Corporation shuttlecraft (Standard), are taken from the Star Trek Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise, published by Pocket Books, 1987.

The general specifications for all the other shuttle craft, work bees & etc are taken from the data furnished by Ex Astris Scienta and by the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, on line.

The name of the character Be’nen Tash means in Vulcan, ‘base control-female’.

The name of the character Staunn Tehk means in Vulcan, ‘star sprout’.

This series of novels of ‘The Mission to Bajor’, was inspired by the Army Historical Series; Military Advisors in Korea” KMAG in Peace and War by Major Robert K Sawyer, first printed 1962 CMH Pub 30-3, reprinted 1999.

This novel and the follow up series is dedicated to the men and women I served with in my thirty years of active and reserve duty in the United States Army.

The outline for the rosters and manning charts for the crews of the mission’s advisors was taken from the actual TOE of the HHC, 479th Engineer Battalion and the HHC, 332nd Ordnance Battalion, especially for the maintenance teams and the recovery section.

I scrambled the names of my fellow soldiers but if they recognize their character, I apologias.

My father, Thomas M. Flavin, served in WW2 as a mechanic, and a wrecker operator, in an Ordnance Maintenance Company during the battle for Okinawa in 1945.

One of his principle jobs was recovering damaged equipment and repairing bulldozers in the field, after they became bogged down in the mud, after a typhoon hit, while they were trying to deliver supplies to the front lines.

My uncle John Flavin was a Battalion Supply Sergeant, of an Engineer Unit during WW2.

His unit served through the Battle of the Bulge and was at work trying to salvage the bridge at Ramagan, for the crossing of the Rhine, when it collapsed.

A special salute belongs to two names that I did not scramble, James Gary West Jr. and Harold James Mathys

Sgt. James G. West was a precocious Sergeant when he was a member of HHC, 47th Engineer Battalion.

He was a Recovery Vehicle Operator of the 50 ton M88 Tank Recovery Vehicle.

He became notable for the fact of getting his M88 stuck in the mud on a training mission, when a photo of him in the stuck vehicle made the division news paper.

A reservist, he volunteered for active duty after 9/11 and was killed in Iraq. Essayons.

Sgt Harold J. Mathys was a power generator mechanic and a dedicated member of the unit.

If a detail was needed to be done by the First Sgt, usually Harold was on it.

Manys a time I saw him standing in a lonely vigil as a guard, or road guide, in all kinds of weather.

He mobilized with the 479th to Texas for the first Gulf War.

When the 479th mobilized for the second Gulf War, Harold couldn’t go.

He was too old and was within three months of his 60th birthday.

When his unit left, he wept. Essayons.

The opinions expressed by the author, of the relationships between the main characters living within the Star Trek universe, are strictly my own.


T. M. Flavin

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