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Old February 8 2013, 01:46 PM   #1
Admiral Archer
USS Ulysses NCC-45598

Hey guys, this is my first post on Trek BBS, so please don't tear me to shreds! LOL

This thread is all about a starship idea I've been toying around with (no pun intended). Also, I am aware the pic is of a toy ship, but just think of it as a model of the existing starship. Anyway, here goes nothing:

In the late 2360's, Galaxy-class starships were proving more and more successful in bringing peace to the Federation. One appealing aspect of the Galaxy-class assignments were the inclusion of extra space and facilities on board for families and civilians. As more and more families went into space, the need for other starships to be upgraded to meet the needs of civilian space travel grew more apparent. Thus, Starfleet ordered a number of older ship classes to be upgraded to be more "family friendly." This was the idea behind the USS Ulysses.

The Ulysses began life as a decommissioned Excelsior-class refit named the USS Midway, of the same sub-class as the Enterprise-B and the Lakota. After being renamed the Ulysses by Captain Victor Clark (named after Clark's former command, the doomed Miranda-class Starship which was famous for several successful missions until her entire crew sans the captain were killed) the vessel spent sixteen months in drydock, where she was literally rebuilt from the ground up, using existing materials to create what Starfleet termed "Experimental Configuration #3.

Here is a diagram of the Excelsior-class Experimental Configuration #3:

Feel free to post any comments, so long as they are polite!
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Old February 8 2013, 05:01 PM   #2
Cobalt Frost
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Re: USS Ulysses NCC-45598

I think eight torp tubes is twice as many as she needs; give her four tops.

Are you planning to have her feature in some stories? I would think that how Capt. Clark was the only survivor of the Miranda-class Ulysses would make good story fodder.
Damn the resonance cannons, full speed ahead!
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Old February 8 2013, 05:08 PM   #3
Admiral Archer
Re: USS Ulysses NCC-45598

I guess I just figured that if you put two double barrel tubes in the front, and two in the rear, it makes eight.

But you are right, maybe four is good. And as for story fodder (what with Captain Clark and the Miranda-class Ulysses) I did a short video about that with crappy special effects about a year ago. Did it in only two days, too! Here's the link:

UPDATE: I have discovered that there was a Nebula-class USS Ulysses around the same time that I had planned to launch this ship (DS9 Episode "The Adversary"). So this whole project is now in jeopardy.

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