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Old January 8 2014, 05:03 AM   #1
Lieutenant Commander
Any Star Trek fans who also play GalCiv2?

Hi, I'm new to the board. I'm an old fart who watched the original Star Trek growing up as a young person. As a result I read fanfiction, authorized books, the sparse material that was available like the early Starlog. Later that was followed by the many films and series...though the initial Star Trek the Motion Picture was pretty abysmal.

Anyway, I also am a GalCiv2 Twilight of the Arnor fan of many years. It came out in 2006 or so in Beta, and then was released as a space based game. Right away, the first thing that happened was mods for the game.

If anyone is a player of it, as well as a Star Trek fan, then I'm interested in creating an homage mod to Star Trek, but only using original materials and not breaking any copyrights whatsoever.That's tough because typically folks do screencaptures and then alter them in GIMP or some people love the mp3s from the shows and film. As a modder, I have to create things from scratch and be sensitive to people's creative process and their ownership of those ideas and creations.

I'm not encouraging you to get GalCiv2, but if you have it, and if you'd be interested in creating a universe where you could simulate the many races of Star Trek, then I'd love to hear your input.

If you're not into modding, what happens is that the game programmers (like GalCiv2 or games like Star Trek Armada II) make many of the programming files modifiable such that one can create practically any universe. It means though that icons, planetary terrain, species information about their history and abilities, cultural events that occur upon colonizing a planet (away missions) or at the end of a turn (like encounters in space) are times when ethical choices can be made to alter the culture of the species you're playing.

I'm a big fan of Memory Alpha, and I've been reading information from there because I want to create as authentic a galaxy as the one in Star Trek canon.

Because there are many sources for the star's location as well as some of the planets, their position in the quadrants, possible planets within those solar systems, ship types, weaponry and equipment on those ships, then Star Trek is one of those fictional sources that lends itself to being a mod.

If you're already a GalCiv2 player, then you know that at least three mods have been created that include Star Trek species and ships. However many don't take into account things like the Prime Directive. They often end up being conquest games solely, though there are many ways to win through diplomacy, cultural spread, or by the acquisition of certain relics.

I'm sure that several folks in the community might be not only be resources to help me model the Star Trek universe, but might correct ideas that I have or hone them into something much better.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. What I'd most like to hear from are others who have modded Star Trek in other game engines, lore of Star Trek, artists who have created fan graphics or sound effects or music or 3d models of the ships.

I have intentially not linked to my mod until I better understand the netiquette about doing such a thing. Again, I'm not encouraging anyone to purchase anything, because the GalCiv2 engine is so old, you'd probably like newer games out there instead.

Rather, if anyone is already a player and loves Star Trek, and wants to help me recreate a way for people to play, then please post within this topic.

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