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Doctor Who "Bigger on the inside..."

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Old January 8 2013, 03:47 AM   #46
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Re: Rank the Doctors

Pertwee has always been my favorite but to rank the actors would be doing the entire group a disservice. Each man brought something to the role.
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Re: Rank the Doctors

1) The Tenth Doctor
He was the one who really got me into who. Although Eccleston was my first, I never was very big on it until Tennant came in. Plus, I love the character, the writing was so much better then with RTD incharge than the mess we have with Moffat (although after that god awfull sixth series, I must admit Moffat's cleaning up his act now), and the end of time especialy was so emotional and brilliant. However, i didn't think Rose and Tennant worked together, they were too lovey dovey. I really liked him with Martha, he was brilliant with Donn, but I liked him on his own alot too.
2) The Eighth Doctor
Just love his style. Steampunk tardis, great tv movie, and the first doctor to show signs of having a sexuality! Unfortuneteley though, he only appeared in one episode, the TV movie. I know that if he did have his own series, i'd have grown tired of it because of all the retcons in place including replacing cybermen with cybs, and remaking old episodes, however I would have loved to have seen a glimpse of what 90s dr who TV series would have been like. One of the doctors who I know given the chance could have been my favourite.
3)The Ninth Doctor
Eccleston was so good. I really liked the darkness to the character, they showed that bitter side of the doctor alot better than they did with Hartnel, and unlike with Tennants relationship with Rose was too lovey dovey and soppy, Rose and Ecclestons relationship was bang on! Plus, loved the whole love triangle with Rose, the Doctor, and Mickey. I just wish he stayed on longer, and like with the 8th doctor, if he was around longer, he might have outranked Tennant.
4) The Sixth Doctor
Quite a contreversal choice, but none the less, Collin ranks at 4th place. The reason? I just enjoyed his adventures so much, and although the outfit was probably the one of the worst desisions dr who has ever done, I saw past that and liked the character, the storys which were fun, and Peri's huge nockers! Infact, she has to rate as my favourite companion seeing becuase she's the basic companion, just American with big nockers! Plus the trial of a timelord theme tune is my favourite dr who theme so far.
5)The Fourth Doctor
Although I'm not the biggest fan of seventies television, and did not like his early adventures much, I did like the character, and I really enjoyed his later seasons. Especiqaly the last one which other people don't seem to like much, however I do. Plus my favourite episdoe ever "Logopilis" is a late Tom Baker story.
6) The Second Doctor
I simply just love this guy! Although I found "The Invasion" too long and drawn out, I love Tomb of the Cybermen which is one of my favourites, and I really liked him in "The Two Doctors" He's just a great character and brilliant!
7) The Seventh Doctor
At number seven comes number seven! I do like Moccoy, I don't dislike him at all, I just rate him average becuase he was average. Liked the dark tone his storys had, and Ace is probably my favourite companion along with Peri.
8)The Eleventh Doctor
Over Rated. He is over rated as the doctor. While I do like the character, the plots in his episodes are poor. Really, my critisism lays with Moffat and the Ponds, but unfortuneteley, Matt suffers the conserquences too. Like #9 and #8 though, if given the chance he may have outranked Tennant too. Although now the Ponds have gone, a new companion is in, and Moffat seems to have pulled his socks up after the disaster we had with the sixth series, there may still be hope. But really though, I think dr who has gotten too childish recently, and Moffat has redesigned the tardis and changed the opening titles along with going back to the old daleks pretey much, so it just shows even Moffat may admit he's made some pretey stupid descisions in his time. But Smith is a good doctor, he's just not had the chance to appear in good episodes though. If only he was doctor in RTDs time.
9) The Third Doctor
Don't even get me started on this guy. As I said up there, I'm not a fan of seventies TV or doctor who, and they earthbound this poor dude. Shame, I don't mind his character, but everything around him was just awfull. Yes, we did get the Sontarans and Sea Devils from his era, but I just didn't enjoy his stuff at all. Just a load of boring old Earth bound storys, and he was working with UNIT, a military organisation for gods sake, in real life, the doctor wouldn't do that. Although I really enjoyed the later earth bound storys in nu who, the seventies didn't really pull it off well.
10) The Fith Doctor
Oh god, so booooooooooooooooooooooooring! Although I like Andric and Tegan, Davidson is one of the most boring doctors ever! He has no personality, he wears stupid clothes, has a boring absession with cricket, and his sensitivity was boring as opposed to Tennants and Ecclestons more interesting soft sides. I hate the third doctor alot too, but atleast he had personality. However, I didn't mind Davidsons adventures, Earthshock was great! I just wish Davidson and Pertwee swapped eras, then although Davidsons era would be unbarable, we'd have got a golden age with Pertwee.
11)The First Doctor
The most boring and deppressing doctor of the bunch. Davidson only just outranked him. Although I enjoy sixties sci-fi, I hate Hartnels era as the doctor. He was so boring, and apart from daleks and spider people, nothing really happened then. Plus in places, he was actualy the bad guy. He kidnapped two of his companions and stole the tardis for gods sake, sounds like a criminal to me, not a hero. At least Davidson didn't abduct people and steal things. He just stood there crying and staring at his cricket bat.
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