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Old March 25 2013, 05:30 PM   #46
Location: NC, USA
Re: What if Cumberbatch is not the "Villain"?

Based on the scant, available information, I'm willing to postulate that Harrison (whoever, or whatever he is) is acting on his own to correct/punish the unforgivable "crime" committed by "your commanders" (I'm assuming that Harrison speaks this line to Kirk). But that begs the question of what this crime is that Harrison "cannot forgive."

My gut feeling is that Admiral Marcus and others in the upper echelons of Starfleet were neck deep in some operation (probably covert, but definitely sinister) that resulted in the harm to Harrison that he, in his own mind, can only put right by bringing Starfleet (or the Federation) to its knees. I.E. he believes himself a hero, morally superior, executing his judgment on Starfleet Command.

That might make Harrison more sympathetic to the audience and simultaneously make Admiral Marcus a villain. But to pull this off the "crime" committed by Starfleet Command would have to be something so horrific that the audience is almost coerced into sympathy with Harrison.

What I'm saying is that something dumb like "Tribble Genocide" probably isn't going to make me sympathise with Harrison...

Maybe I'm expecting too much though...
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Old March 25 2013, 05:36 PM   #47
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Re: What if Cumberbatch is not the "Villain"?

I hope the 'crime' isn't something as simple as abandoning Harrison behind enemy lines or something like that.
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Old March 25 2013, 06:41 PM   #48
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Re: What if Cumberbatch is not the "Villain"?

Chemahkuu wrote: View Post
Maybe, but wanted to 'get their attention' by blowing up a mass public transit hub in the heart of London in the middle of the day, likely killing hundreds of commuters, across the Atlantic who had nothing to do with it all.
What if the trailer is purposefully misleading? Say, Harrison did not blow up the hub, and the attention quote refers to something else, say the helicopter offensive. The explosion in London could have been an attempt to frame him.

It could also be that it wasn't him in the helicopter and these scenes were also cut to be misleading, but that would be going too far, and I assume it contradicts something that's already released elsewhere.

It's unlikely, but I would not mind if the real plot strays from what appears to happen in the trailer. And as it is, there is a lot of room to make him a hero, or not make him the ultimate villain.

As for a more realistic option, it is possible that whatever he is going after is so unimaginably horrendous that his actions are close to being justified. Something on the scale of building Genesis-like devices for genocide against the Klingon empire and the Romulan empire. Yeah, something like that would make him redeemable.

yousirname wrote: View Post
I hope the 'crime' isn't something as simple as abandoning Harrison behind enemy lines or something like that.
Blowing people up because you're butthurt? I told you Cumberbatch is playing Charlie X.

I have my hopes that he's not as immature as me and Charlie. I am betting that he has his reasons, and they are good. Perhaps not good enough to justify what he has done, but good enough to not reduce him to such low level.
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