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Miscellaneous Discussion of non-Trek topics.

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Old November 16 2012, 08:23 AM   #1
Romulan Curmudgeon
T'Bonz's Avatar
Location: Across the Neutral Zone
Holiday Fun

Some big holidays in the US are coming up (and some are celebrated around the world as well). What are your favorite things to do for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or any holiday you celebrate from Thanksgiving through New Years?

I like to look at lights. A big part of my holiday enjoyment is seeing how people decorate with lights outside. Usually a few times in December I'll drive around at night just to look around and see what's out there.

Food is also a big part of the holiday (which blows when you're watching your weight. ) I make the same cookies which my mother made and have taught my girls how to make them too. If I'm inclined, I'll make chocolate rum balls.

I like to go to a candlelight religious service on Christmas Eve, because it settles me. The run up to Christmas is nuts and when I'm sitting in church, I feel the peace, and I love Christmas songs and the candlelight ceremony is just awesome.

Lots more, but that's enough. What do you like to do during holidays you celebrate?
Live long and suffer! - Ancient Romulan greeting.

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Old November 16 2012, 12:07 PM   #2
Deranged Nasat
Vice Admiral
Deranged Nasat's Avatar
Location: ...But it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete, when I wore a younger man's clothes.
Re: Holiday Fun

I like going for walks, just taking in the lights and other decorations, feeling part of the general festive atmosphere. It relaxes me. I don't need to participate in anything as such, I just feel comforted by the cheer around me.
We are all the sum of our tears. Too little and the ground is not fertile, and nothing can grow there. Too much, and the best of us is washed away.
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Old November 16 2012, 12:43 PM   #3
Rear Admiral
Naira's Avatar
Location: Greece
Re: Holiday Fun

Like you, I like the lights the most. I enjoy staring at the lights on the Christmas tree and the streets. I don't care much for Santas, deer and other decorations.

I also enjoy listening to carols, especially the traditional ones of my homecountry.
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Old November 16 2012, 12:47 PM   #4
Skywalker's Avatar
Location: Skywalker
Re: Holiday Fun

I love Christmas lights, too, even though they're a pain in the ass to put up.

There's someone here in town who puts up an absolutely gorgeous set of lights around his house and has them synchronized to flash on and off, change colors, etc., all while he has Christmas music broadcasting short-range so people can pick it up on their radios. There's a small parking lot right across the street from his house, so a lot of people will park their cars, listen to the music, and enjoy the show.
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Old November 16 2012, 04:00 PM   #5
bbailey861's Avatar
Location: bbailey861 in Kingston, ON
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Re: Holiday Fun

Naira wrote: View Post
Like you, I like the lights the most. I enjoy staring at the lights on the Christmas tree and the streets. I don't care much for Santas, deer and other decorations.

I also enjoy listening to carols, especially the traditional ones of my homecountry.
This is a big one in our house, too. A well lit tree, some spruce 'smellies' for aroma therapy, listening to carols, and having a glass of wine. Wonderful, peaceful, joyful.
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Old November 16 2012, 05:25 PM   #6
Vice Admiral
teya's Avatar
Location: 2 mi S of Capt Braxton's shopping cart
Re: Holiday Fun

My favorite thing--which I don't get to do in LA--is strapping on the snowshoes & taking a walk in the woods & fields to collect branches & berries & such for decorations.

5 years & I'll be back in snowshoe country.
Akoochimoya, my indigenous ass.
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Old November 16 2012, 06:38 PM   #7
Vice Admiral
SmoothieX's Avatar
Location: Massachusetts
Re: Holiday Fun

^I'm an avid hiker in the summer time, which translates to snowshoeing in the winter, which is a lot harder work.

I got a new pair last Xmas, but we never got any snow by me, so they're still brand new.

My Thanksgiving plans involve going to see the Patriots play at the Jets.
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Old November 16 2012, 07:18 PM   #8
Warp Coil
Rear Admiral
Warp Coil's Avatar
Location: MD, USA
Re: Holiday Fun

I like hanging out with my friends (my family? not so much....). On Thanksgiving I spend most of the afternoon at a close friend's house, celebrating with her and her family, who are way cooler than mine. We eat, get a little drunk and just have a good time. Then, around 5 or 6pm, I have to be sober enough to drive five minutes to my Grandma's house and have dinner with them. I spend the absolute minimum time required, then quietly excuse myself.

A group of friends always gets together around Christmas to celebrate. Food, drink and probably board games. A good time is had by all.
"I managed to find Uno and Checkers, and also parts of Battleship and most of the pieces of Candy Land, which I figure, I can mix together to create a fabulous new game, CandyShipBattleLand. War never tasted so good." - Lorelai Gilmore
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Old November 16 2012, 08:15 PM   #9
Vice Admiral
Gryffindorian's Avatar
Location: Bag End
Re: Holiday Fun

My family will be having the traditional Thanksgiving dinner at our house. It's a mostly quiet day spent stuffing our faces with food and watching a DVD movie or two. The number of relatives has dwindled over the years since some family members got into a fight, and celebrations were never the same after that. I kinda miss the karaoke singing we did. Also, one of my sisters recently got divorced and moved out of her house, and she and ex-hubby take turns having their two sons over.

I have no travel plans, and I try to avoid the malls during this time. As much as I like Thanksgiving, I hate being reminded of my upcoming holiday expenses that would put a mini-black hole in my pocket. I will probably go to the movies sometime during the four-day weekend.
"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
--Bilbo Baggins, LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
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Old November 16 2012, 08:37 PM   #10
Location: QC, IL, USA
Re: Holiday Fun

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of the year for a few reasons.

For one, I get to go home and see my family. I'm the only one in my family that actually moved somewhat far away, and because of my work schedule, I very fairly get to go home and visit. As such, I have been forced to create my own little traditions for Thanksgiving.

1) Blackout Wednesday. I don't actually get crazy drunk or anything, but I do make a point to go downtown and visit the bars the night before Thanksgiving. It's like a mini high school reunion every time I go. I get to see people that I probably haven't seen since the previous Thanksgiving, and it's always a really good time.

2) Black Friday Brunch. My friends and I have no interest in shopping on Black Friday. Instead, we get up early and go out for brunch at a local diner (which isn't very good, but the nostalgia is delicious). We usually end up sitting at our table for hours and hours. By the time we leave, it's almost time for dinner.
I am the Quintessential Admiral.
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Old November 16 2012, 10:08 PM   #11
BobTheSkutter's wife
RevdKathy's Avatar
Location: being the perfect housewife
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Re: Holiday Fun

I work through the holidays. Usually my sister comes for a meal on Christmas afternoon, but she's moved away now, so I shall probably work the entire day. I hope to take Boxing day off to spend with my Aunt and Uncle, but that's about it. Hoping to do something a bit more interesting for New Year.
"So, Mulder, this supposed clandestine source who's contacted you how do we know that he's not just another crackpot whose encyclopedic knowledge of extraterrestrial life isn't derived exclusively from reruns of Star Trek?"

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Old November 17 2012, 01:00 AM   #12
ladyheather69's Avatar
Location: Florida, US
Re: Holiday Fun

This year Thanksgiving will be at my mom's house consisiting of my family of 4, my brother, and my inlaws...always a treat(heavy sarcasm). I just got a job in retail so will be working the midnight to 6am shift on Black Friday, so no real holiday time off. The best part will be my daughter is coming home from college for Thanksgiving!! Woo Hoo. Don't have any traditions other than eating and watching football and making sure that we watch Christmas Vacation before the weekend is over

Christmas is always my favorite time of year, although the last few years has been stressful with dwindling finances, job loss, etc. However, although the finances and such haven't changed much, I have made the decision that 'stuff' isn't as important as being with family. And I have also decided to make a bunch of gifts this year so I am looking forward to that

I love looking at Christmas lights, but my hubs not so much, so sometimes I will drive the long way home from somewhere just to take in a few.
"Broke into the wrong Goddamn rec room didn't you, you bastard!?!"---Burt Gummer, Tremors
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Old November 17 2012, 01:15 AM   #13
Mr. Laser Beam
Fleet Admiral
Mr. Laser Beam's Avatar
Location: running from Evil Cheese
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Re: Holiday Fun

I used to go to the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas concert every year. I haven't gone in the last couple of years but I think I might go again this time.

"If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be." - Yogi Berra
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Old November 18 2012, 09:03 PM   #14
Vice Admiral
Aurian's Avatar
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Re: Holiday Fun

Holidays for me has a lot to do with food and family.. I start baking early on in december and just revelling in what makes other people go ooh and aahh.. I dont eat much of it at all (although I am currently looking for lowcarb recepies for myself). And I love decorating the house for christmas.
For christmas eve my girlfriends usually meet up for breakfast (next year will make it the 20th celebration) followed by the traditional christmas with the rest of my family. But this year we have chosen to go to Angry Angels family in Holland for the christmas week. Will be different but lovely in so many ways .
the benevolent bitch..
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Old November 18 2012, 09:25 PM   #15
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Re: Holiday Fun

the holidays are depressing.
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