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Old October 11 2012, 04:17 PM   #31
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Re: Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

In "Balance of Terror", Styles says that the wings are "painted like a bird of prey", which is a simile, not a designation. But in VOY "Drone", a picture of one with the designation "BIRD-OF-PREY" did appear on one of the screens. (See here, near the bottom under "Designation query".)
B.J. ---
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Old October 11 2012, 06:50 PM   #32
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Re: Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

Points well taken; I stand corrected.
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Old October 23 2012, 08:08 PM   #33
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Re: Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

Undead wrote: View Post
To answer some of the basic points (that haven't already been covered ), Gene Roddenberry was only responsible one specific "rule" which is that there couldn't be an odd number of nacelles. They had to be even to make a balanced warp field, and he seemed to think that having one nacelle was like building a helicopter with only one big rotor, and without the means to counter the rotor's torque so it could fly. Since he wasn't an actual engineer and we've seen designs that either break this rule or ignore other elements, I just ignore it myself. Andrew Probert came up with the rule about nacelles ideally having LoS between them, as with the warbird.
Its funny, most of my favorite ship designs (the canon Niagra class and Freedom class, and the FJ destroyer [Saladin class]) have odd number nacelles. While the rule kind of makes sense, the fact that it seems to have been done more to screw with FJ than to make the universe better/more realistic makes me glad that TNG and later ignored the rule.

As for the BoP, I've never had a problem with there being different sizes. I've always thought it made sense, using a proven design but modifying it for different roles (in this case, increasing the size, probably to make it tougher in a fight). It would have been cool to see different ships than the BoP all the time, but having a bunch of mass produced ships makes sense for a warrior race like the klingons. Producing the same design a lot is easier and faster to build than having a lot of different types of ships.
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Old October 24 2012, 01:10 AM   #34
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Re: Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

I'm not entirely convinced of the story that Gene was deliberately trying to screw FJ, as I'm tempted to say the "even numbers" rule may have preceded the publication of the TM and may even have originated while TOS was still in production. But I could be wrong on that as well. Personally I agree with you, and I think one could easily say even pairs is a more optimal arrangement for making a balanced field or achieving better speed. But I see no reason why odd numbers couldn't be useful.

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Old October 27 2012, 08:58 PM   #35
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Re: Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

I think someone said the petals of the deflector grid move up as flaperons.

The BoP has it all. Impulse, warp drive as the wing baffles/joints (I suppose) retro-thrusters--and if all else fails--wings.
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Old November 3 2012, 02:31 AM   #36
Location: Ottawa, Canada
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Re: Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

Incidentally, the Haynes book is now in certain stores in Canada...and if you don't see it in your favourite bookstore, you should still be able to special-order it.

Dwight Williams
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Old November 4 2012, 08:18 AM   #37
Boris Skrbic
Re: Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

I might get the digital edition if it has a search function.
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Old November 11 2012, 09:57 PM   #38
Rear Admiral
Re: Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

Dukhat wrote: View Post
Mister_Atoz wrote: View Post
It was only because they didn't have the budget to build several different models; that is, until the Vor'cha model was built
Though I generally don't like tampering, part of me wishes the new TNG-R versions of these episodes will swap the oversized BOPs with Vorchas or Negh'Vars or something.
For "Yesterday's Enterprise," they couldn't use Vor'chas or Negh'Vars because the dialog explicitly stated that the attacking ships were K'Vort class. Therefore if any CGI updating were to be done, a new ship type would have to be created.

And for "The Defector," they couldn't use Negh'Vars (a ship comparable to the warbirds in size) because the Negh'Var class hadn't been created at that time.

However, I don't think we're going to see anything except the original footage of either episode.
That's why they need to pay REL a visit, and have his ship also seen in Way of the Warrior off in the distance.
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