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Old October 6 2012, 09:15 PM   #31
The Janitor
Location: Oxfordshire UK
Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

1. TMP
2. TVH
5. TUC
6. FC
7. TFF
9. NEM
10. INS
11. GEN

..Not much love for TNG movies I'm afraid.
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Old October 6 2012, 11:26 PM   #32
Admiral James Kirk
Admiral James Kirk's Avatar
Location: Tucson, AZ
Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Shatner's best turn as Kirk. Montalban was a Trek villain that has been often imitated and completely unequaled. The themes of friendship and sacrifice are poignant and resonate to this day. The battle scenes are tight and exciting. James Horner's score was a beautiful surprise and it's no surprise that he rips it off to this day. Easily the best of the Classic Trek films.

2. Star Trek - The Classic Trek characters with a twist. A new cast. A new production crew. A new beginning. I took everything I loved about Classic Trek and amped it up to a ten. The movie that brought me back to the Trek fold after Voyager, Enterprise and Insurrection soured me on my beloved franchise.

3. Star Trek: First Contact - Proof that the TNG crew could make it on the big screen. This movie has it all! A implacable villain in the Borg. A unique setting for Star Trek: a post-apocalyptic 21st Century. A bold hero succumbing to deep emotional wounds. It had all the fun and adventure of the Classic Trek films and proved again that Star Trek really loves Moby Dick!

4. The Final Frontier

5. The Motion Picture

6. The Voyage Home

7. Generations

8. Nemesis

9. The Search for Spock

10. The Undiscovered Country

I won't include Insurrection on this list because it's shit. Pure shit.
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Old October 9 2012, 10:17 PM   #33
Location: Staten Island, NY
Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
xortex wrote: View Post
Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Okay, I'll bite . . . again.

1. Khan.
2. "The one with the whales."
3. The Undiscovered Country
4. Star Trek (2009)
5. First Contact
6. The Search for Spock
7. Generations
8. ST: TMP
9. Insurrection
10. Nemesis
11. The Final Frontier

Those bottom ratings are a little iffy, just because I haven't watched any of them for so long. Heck, I think I've only seen NEMESIS and INSURRECTION once each. I have them both on DVD, but have never been motivated to watch them again!
Wierd, but if I had to answer it, it would be this in reverse order. I find Khan the most unwatchable for some reason and even slower than TMP which was more full of ideas and possibilities than the one note fluffy revenge motif. Insurrection was a beautiful movie I'll gladly see again. I liked the Picard singing to Data scene. Nemesis was cool and creepy. The Final Frontier was the God Thing told in reverse where Shatner was the god kind of thing. Generations wasn't bad. It had ideas.
Trek 2009 was craptacular - an excellent example of well written crap.
And that's what makes it a horse race. I doubt any two fans would agree completely on what the best Trek movies are.
Unless they were working for JJ. Greg, did you write a nu-trek book or want to?
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Old October 9 2012, 11:47 PM   #34
NrobbieC's Avatar
Location: Burton, UK
Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

If I had to order all of them:

1. First Contact (also my 3rd all-time favourite film)
2. Generations
3. Insurrection
4. Nemesis
Barely Watchable (but probably wouldn't bother):
5. TVH
6. TUC (Flashback is far, far superior)
7. XI
8. TWoK
9. TSfS
10. TMP
11. TFF
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Old October 10 2012, 12:06 AM   #35
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Location: the village of glenfinnan on the shores of loch shiel
Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

first contact ,search for spock, and star trek 2009 and nemesis(underated in my opinion)
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Old October 10 2012, 03:44 AM   #36
Greg Cox
Location: Oxford, PA
Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

xortex wrote: View Post
Greg, did you write a nu-trek book or want to?
I had a great time writing a nuTrek book a few years back. It ended up getting shelved along with the other nuTrek books, but I got paid in full so I can't complain.

In the meantime, I'm concentrating on TOS these days.
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Old October 11 2012, 09:48 PM   #37
Vice Admiral
6079SmithW's Avatar
Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

My top three trek films are Wrath of Kahn, First Contact, and Star Trek (2009). Out of all the films I've watched these the most amount of times. At the moment I'd say 2009 is my favorite but Into Darkness could change that this May.
Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son-of-a-bitch in space.
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Old October 12 2012, 07:05 PM   #38
Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

1. The Wrath of Khan has always been my favourite and always well. It's got great characters and great dynamics between them and still holds up superbly IMO.
2. The Voyage Home is a close second. It was necessary to have a lighter theme to the film after the dark TWOK and TSFS but TVH is not inferior for it.
3. The Undiscovered Country is a very good piece of work and I never cease to end up in some nostalgia fit at the end.
4. First Contact is a pretty brilliant piece of film and entertainment. Great writing. I really enjoy it but I don't find the TNG cast to be as interesting or engaging as the TOS cast, which is why it's 4th. Stewart and Spiner are mint though, it has to be said.
5. The Search for Spock. In hindsight it was probably a mistake bringing Spock back into the fold, I'm sure Nicholas Meyer said similar. But purely in terms of characters and personal gratification, I'm glad they did. Good stuff.
6. The Final Frontier. It's fine. It's decent entertainment but there are obvious flaws
in the story and it doesn't look particularly great.
7. The Motion Picture. I can appreciate films with substance and a bit of patient build up but this was excessive. Needs a good quick cut and more importantly a new story. I rarely pick it up to watch as it's not really that interesting or that entertaining.
8. Generations. Quite a good watch and has some really good moments in it with the TNG crew. Kirk's death was very poorly done and I choose to erase it from my personal canon.
9. Insurrection. It's very simple which is its undoing. It would probably have been a good two parter in the series run of TNG. As a film it has little going for it though and you have to wonder what the production team saw in this in terms of potential for viewing on the big screen.
10. Star Trek 2009. In a way it's possibly a good thing that Star Trek is back and a part of the public perception but it didn't do much for me. A bit too distant from the Star Trek I love.
11. Nemesis. Can't think of any redeeming qualities. I've only watched it twice and don't intend to again.
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