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Old September 1 2012, 12:42 AM   #1
James Adama
TNG Season 1 Admiral insignia prop for sale anywhere

Hi i would like to know if there was a toy or prop of the triangular admirals insignia from the first season of TNG (it was later used as a coat badge in "the ensigns of command") and if it is possible to get one of these.

It is easy to find these rectangular ones used in later seasons as well as in DS9 and voyager but i have never seen the ones Quinn and Jameson wore.

Or were they part of something else (like the vulcan phaser that was originally the leg of a toy robot)
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Old September 1 2012, 12:51 AM   #2
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Re: TNG Season 1 Admiral insignia prop for sale anywhere

you mean the curved one with the gold 'stars' on a black background?

No... i've not seen it for sale, or reproduced anywhere actually... the only admiral's 'pips' i've ever seen were the standard pips in a gold / black rectangle

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Old September 1 2012, 01:07 AM   #3
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Re: TNG Season 1 Admiral insignia prop for sale anywhere

Interestingly enough, the actual insignia seemed to have pips below the triangle, which looks more like a sort of mesh. Admiral Aaron had two pips in "Conspiracy" while Savar had one, and Quinn and Admiral Jameson from "Two Short a Season" had no pips and just the triangle. One could infer that this is the lowest admiral rank since they were both consistently referred to as such, or it's also been speculated that this insignia could have been an early TNG equivalent of a commodore (assuming that Aaron and Savar's insignia follows the later TNG scheme, in which case Aaron would be a two-star rear admiral).

FASA's TNG supplement altered the description of the insignia a bit, likely because the orientation of the pips wasn't clearly visible on screen. Their version actually has a triangular patch with pips inside it, with six pips representing a senior flag/full admiral and five pips a rear admiral. According to FASA, the distinction between these grades was that a rear admiral would command a specific sector or jurisdiction, or even oversee a specific department such as intelligence or ship construction, while a higher admiral would be a staff officer in HQ or administration.

FASA also created the rank of branch admiral, for specialists such as the Starfleet Surgeon General. This rank was below rear admiral and had its own unique insignia, a white shoulder board with a color-coded triangle surrounded by silver oak leaves. Department colors included silver (Inspector General), green (medical), gold (security), and red (engineering).

Edit: Checked Memory Alpha, which confirms that Quinn and Jameson were essentially "lower half" rear admirals which would have been commodore equivalents. Savar was an "upper half" rear admiral, and the naval rank was no longer being used then. Notes for the rank pattern suggest that three pips would have been a full admiral, and four pips a fleet admiral.

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Old September 1 2012, 11:14 AM   #4
James Adama
Re: TNG Season 1 Admiral insignia prop for sale anywhere

Yes aaron was A vice Admiral. the Season one ranks show the equivalent of todays sleeve rank (one broad and two normal gold stripes= one curved insignia two pips) and not like later seasons the shoulder insignia (three Stars= three pips in golden frame)

So there are no props then?
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