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Old September 17 2012, 12:26 AM   #1
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Reman Warbird Scimitar=Heavy Dom Battleship?

I have read speculation in extra-DS9 material that the Remans captured one of the Dominion super ships (Valiant) and converted it into the Scimitar. Buy/Sell?
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Old September 17 2012, 02:30 AM   #2
Rear Admiral
Re: Reman Warbird Scimitar=Heavy Dom Battleship?

Nothing more than speculation born of the fact that the Scimitar looks more Dominion than Romulan. I'd just chalk it up to laziness on the part of whoever made the ship.
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Old September 17 2012, 02:46 AM   #3
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Re: Reman Warbird Scimitar=Heavy Dom Battleship?

I liked the look of the Scimitar, it wasn't that it didn't look Romulan, it's the Romulan Ships had only been the Original Bird of Prey, the Klingon Battle cruiser, the Warbird and the Scout ship. If we had seen more types of ships, the connection would be clearer.
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Old September 19 2012, 05:44 PM   #4
Re: Reman Warbird Scimitar=Heavy Dom Battleship?

The idea that the Scimitar could be captured or otherwise adapted Dominion tech is certainly intriguing. There are obvious commonalities in these John Eaves designs.

However, the main features appear unrelated in terms of the plot. The great wings of the Scimitar are part of a unique weapons system, and thus unlikely to be functionally derived from their similarly drooping and forward-angled Dominion counterparts. And the characteristic Dominion engine nacelles with the glowing bits are missing (although every other Romulan ship actually has engine nacelles, making the Scimitar stand out somewhat from the Romulan norm, too - even the Valdore has cigars with glowing bits to denote classic warp engines).

Admittedly, though, the big nacelle things atop the Scimitar are very similar to the things above and below the big Dominion battleship. We never quite learn where all the weapons fire from the Scimitar is coming from, exactly; perhaps Dominion disruptor systems were indeed adopted or adapted? (Although to be sure, the Dominion uses phased polaron beams which look nothing like the green bolts of the Romulans!)

Timo Saloniemi
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