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Old September 7 2012, 09:14 PM   #31
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Re: Worf's "child's uniform"

Gowron is essentially insulting him for being in Starfleet vs. the Defense Force. I think he says it twice, once on TNG and once on DS9.

Myko wrote: View Post
Kor disagrees with you.
Yep. His 1st season gold baldric was the same one Kor wore in TOS. No official reason for switching him to the metal one, other than maybe the gold blended in with his new gold uniform too much.
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Old September 18 2012, 07:26 PM   #32
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Re: Worf's "child's uniform"

Yeah i didnt realize until watching the episdoe in season 3 with Klang last night that Worf wasn't really wearing a childs uniform!
I hadn't seen The Original Star Trek until recently so growing up as a child of the 90s i really thought Worf's gold sash was because he didn't know enough Klingon culture to be dressed right. Someone stuck that one on his when he was a boy, and he kept wearing it. I thought that was the reason that line was there- he knows nothing of his own kind- look at him in a child's uniform!

Man I really thought that was why from when i was 7 til last night!
I wasn't trying to be an ass or funny i just double posted and just stuck smiles in there because it wouldnt delete!

I love smiles because i am trying to be happy. (Block out gf turning into a crack whore junkie living on the street and all the sad things in life. thats all!) My medicine made me happy that day doctor gave me to cope.

Didnt mean to make Star Trek board poster angry sorry pallie! I was always wondering about Worf's uniform. My Dad hated Star Trek told me I was "O'd on trek and turn that off! I should be studying" So I was excited thinking wow someone else has the same question in my head as me!

Anyways, after watching that show last night on the Dvds i got for 20 dollars at Suncoast in the summer- that totally blew my theory out the airlock when Klang had his GOLD sash on while fighting Kirk with the sword the glow sparkly ball alien made.
So why (in the epidose when Kirk and Klang were fighting each other because of the sparley thing) did he blow up the kingon ship? Why not capture it, anyalze it? It was awesome to see his ship go poof and rocks fly out! so far all the other TOS ships usually sort of vaporize or there is a wierd crumby explosion but this was cool!

And second why did Worf change from gold to silver. Did he not want to wear yellow on yellow. Or did Hurley and Berman not want him to wear yellow on yellow! I bet that was it!

I had this more deatail/explanation of why i had never seen TOS gold sashes and some other stuff then i went to post and was logged off and lost the whole thing. I hate computers! GRRR

So anyway point is I wansnt trying to be funny i always thought thats what they meant since i was 9 and always wondered that I was really excited to see someone post something about that! Please dont be angry beacause of my smily face on Star trek board! My dad used to make me cry for watching it when i was little (which i why i never watched TOS- bad memories and hard for a kid of the late 80s and 90s to get hands on it, unless u want to stay up to 3 am and fuck with the antenna to get Washingtons Paramount 20! So I like star trek and wanted to know that is all!

Life is SO short and i try to be nothing but show love to everyone so i am sorry i upset u by putting smiley faces I just was much happier last week!

So why did Worf switch colors? When he was in Deep Space I was where's his yellow sash when he put on the purple collared suit with the red shoulder pads. But he kept the silver one! Another reason I thought gold sashes were like for the younger ones. Happy Tuesday
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Last edited by TenLubak; September 18 2012 at 07:36 PM. Reason: sorry for making star trek guy angry at me
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