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Old August 28 2012, 12:20 PM   #1
The Castellan
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Super Force

This is a series that I enjoyed as an 11 year old in the fall of 1990.
It was sorta like Ironman meets Batman.
The story takes place in 2020, and it is about Zachary Stone, who was an astronaught who became famous for his Mars landing mission. His older brother, a cop, was murdered while on a case to bring down Satori, a philantrophist who is actually planning to take over the city both politically and corporately. Zack returns to Earth and is not too thrilled at seeing how things are going, by both his brother's death, and the increasing crime rates. He joins the police force in pursuit of his brother's killer. To avoid spoiling the rest, the jist is, he soon meets up with a scientist who works for the company that made the Mars mission possible, and has his space suit modified for street use and crime fighting. The suit, along with the bitchin' motorcyle he gets, looks pretty fearsome.....a mix between Darth Vader, Samus Aran and a little bit of Halo.
I loved this series, but sadly, it's not on video or DVD. Only the pilot, that I know of, was released on VHS and until about 7 years ago, the tape would go for up to $90.00 a copy! Something about demo tapes for video rentals or something was the reason for the insane price. Luckily, I managed to get a copy off evilbay for under $20.00. It's great to have this, but I sure wish this comes to DVD one day, and the entire series at that.

Here's both a wiki for it
Openings to both seasons:
and the pilot episode, enjoy!
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Old August 28 2012, 02:36 PM   #2
Re: Super Force

"The year is 2020, and the times are tough... but this man is tougher."

Yeah, I (barely) remember this. Seemed to be heavily influenced by Cyberpunk, since it was a set in a dystopian and futuristic urban sprawl plagued by high crime rate. And overall it seemed like a rather cheesy show with low production values.
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Old August 28 2012, 07:25 PM   #3
Dick Whitman
Fleet Captain
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Re: Super Force

Other than the Star Trek series and Babylon 5 all made for syndication genre shows had low production values at that time. Also basic cable shows.
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Old August 28 2012, 09:19 PM   #4
ClayinCA's Avatar
Location: New New Jersey
Re: Super Force

This show had the exquisite Musetta Vander in it. For that reason alone it should be on DVD.
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Old August 28 2012, 09:39 PM   #5
Christopher's Avatar
Re: Super Force

I vaguely remember this show, and that it was part of the same syndication package as the Superboy series from the same time. I was an intermittent viewer of both, but I remember this one being okay -- not brilliant, but decent for what it was. And yeah, I think it was the first or primary show that made me aware of Musetta Vander, although I'd completely forgotten she was in it.

I do remember that I once had a weird dream that was influenced by this show, except that in my dream, the lead character fighting crime in the supersuit was played by, of all people, Matt Frewer, and he'd come to me because he'd gotten stuck doing this show (maybe just a pilot?) that was terribly written and stupid and cliched (i.e. a lot worse than the real show) and he wanted me to revamp it. After I woke up, I remembered the dream, thought it was an interesting creative challenge, and came up with a whole series premise that I thought could maybe be done as a comic book. (This was back when indie comics companies were all over the place and I had a friend who had ambitions of founding one, though ultimately it all turned out to be just talk. So I came up with a number of comic-book series ideas back then.)
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Old August 28 2012, 10:31 PM   #6
Vice Admiral
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Re: Super Force

yeah, i remember this show, needs a dvd release simply for all the WTF moments
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