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Old October 19 2014, 12:29 PM   #1
daedalus5's Avatar
Location: Derbyshire, UK
Does anyone have experience in resin model kits (Oberth Class)?

I've long been a fan of the Oberth Class, so I bought the Warp model:

I have sanded it down (took forever to do the bit in the long secondary hull where the warp engine pylons fit in!).

However, I would like some advice on painting and gluing it together.

My questions are:

1. I have used warm soapy water. Do I really need to wip it with acetone?

2. Do I need to use primer? If so, can I use the same acylic primer as normal plastic kits?

3. Can I use normal Tamiya spray paints?

4. Whats the best way to glue the 4 main parts together, i.e the saucer section, 2 warp drive pylons and secondary hull? I can see no easy way to clamp all 4 bits together. I am thinking of making some "chocks" up to balance it as best I can and to then hold in position with my hands for 15minutes. I sense great frustration will occur and it will all crumble away though.

5. What glue to use? Can I use this stuff:

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Old October 19 2014, 06:30 PM   #2
Albertese's Avatar
Location: Portland, OR
Re: Does anyone have experience in resin model kits (Oberth Class)?

I've only done a little bit of work with resin, so hopefully someone will chime in with more info, but in my small experience, you can paint it like any model, but I don't think that plastic cement you linked to will work. I imagine it's for bonding styrene? But I can't tell for certain. I've always just used conventional CA on resin and it's worked out fine.

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Old October 20 2014, 01:13 AM   #3
137th Gebirg
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Location: Who is John Galt?
Re: Does anyone have experience in resin model kits (Oberth Class)?

You need special glue. Here's an excerpt from my 1/2 studio scale build on the topic:
The engine box was relatively easy to put together. Using the rectangular resin pieces included in the kit, I was able to put it together in rather quick order. Since resin isn't styrene and normal model glue won't work, I had to get glue specially made for resin work. Chemistry folks know them as Cyanoacrylate (CA) glues. After doing a quick search online, I found Bob Smith Industries ( who has exactly the type of glue required for this model. Keep in mind, while using this stuff, it is like CrazyGlue on crack! It bonds instantly and it is a real pain in the butt if it gets on your hands. The less-viscous version (Insta-Cure) has a tendency to work its way outside of the area you want to glue and get into areas you don't want it to. Be very careful when using it. It can be a mess, but it is absolutely fantastic for this application.
As for painting, I've only ever run it under water to rinse off the separation residue. Never needed primer. Paints easily, in general.
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