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Old July 14 2012, 04:38 AM   #31
Christmas Caroler
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Re: Type one/type two phasers

blssdwlf wrote: View Post
But while looking, we have this gem in the 3rd image on the top row:

(direct link below)

We can see Kirk's Phaser-1 attachment on his Phaser-2 is in the "pop-up" sight position as he fires on Crater
Excellent find, blssdwlf. This thread is giving me a geek rush!
Perhaps the reason why a Phaser-1 is required for the Phaser-2 is that the Phaser-1 is the most expensive and difficult to manufacture part? The "smart" electronics and targeting and phaser energy generator reside in the Phaser-1. The Phaser-2 is just a frame that expands heat dissipation and has a large removable power pack. It would be inline with the idea that the TOS movie phasers also continue use a "core" Phaser-1 in the Phaser-2 units IMHO...
Yeah, I was thinking something like this, too. There must be an expensive component in the type-1 of some kind, or several even. But in an age of replicators, "expensive" would mean something like "impossible to replicate with ordinary replicators". So, I don't know if the targeting mechanism alone would qualify, but it might if, say, there's some kind of amazing sensor as a part of it.
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Old July 14 2012, 08:25 AM   #32
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Re: Type one/type two phasers

It contains a core made of gold pressed latinum to channel the high energy plasma.
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Old July 14 2012, 08:27 AM   #33
Lieutenant Commander
Re: Type one/type two phasers

There was one, solid laser pistol in the beginning. It became someone's idea later to break it into type 1/type 2. The idea was that on diplomatic missions, the crew would have a type 1--a small, easily concealed, non-aggressive looking weapon for use on planets where the native inhabitants might become frightened/offended by the sight of a recognizable sidearm (the type 2). If anyone complained, Kirk could pretend to shave himself with it! lol
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Old July 14 2012, 11:49 AM   #34
Re: Type one/type two phasers

There was one, solid laser pistol in the beginning.
Or three pistols in one body, at any rate. A cool idea as such, but the modular approach of the regular episodes was much more dramatic and gave much-needed character to the show. As did the transporter; without those two, plus perhaps the colorful uniforms, the show would have had real difficulty being remembered, let alone becoming iconic.

So, I don't know if the targeting mechanism alone would qualify, but it might if, say, there's some kind of amazing sensor as a part of it.
The mechanism that produces the actual beam might well sit in Type 1, too. The beam is the most magical part of the weapon, after all, and might rely on a rare substance much like warp drive relies on dilithium.

Timo Saloniemi
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Old July 14 2012, 06:11 PM   #35
Fleet Captain
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Re: Type one/type two phasers

Nice, now things are making more sense, seeing how the sight was up when Kirk was firing at Crater.
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Old July 14 2012, 08:11 PM   #36
J.T.B.'s Avatar
Re: Type one/type two phasers

Rulius wrote: View Post
But still why do you need to have them both locked together?
Makes sense to me. Say the heart of the phaser is a brilliant little gadget that turns the energy from the power source into the phaser beam; for discussion let's call it the "beam generator." The generated beam is then focused and projected to the target.

The desirability of an unobtrusive, easily-concealed weapon that won't offend new acquaintances seems obvious, so the beam generator is built into the smallest package available, Phaser I. But its range and power duration is relatively limited, so for more outright firepower a larger model is called for. Instead of building a different model with its own integral beam generator, why not just use the one from Phaser I? The same basic gadget gets piggybacked on the bigger power supply and more powerful beam emitter of a larger weapon and, voilà, Phaser II.

The difference in range and/or accuracy might be compared to the old snub-nosed .38 and the four- or six-inch-barreled service revolver of last century's US police officers. Same basic technology and ammunition; the little one is good to conceal and for close-up self-defense work, but in a real gunfight the bigger one is a lot better suited.

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Old July 14 2012, 09:46 PM   #37
Lord Manitou
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Location: Michigan
Re: Type one/type two phasers

Imagine Kirk would answer:
Your just about got-it right. Besides holding a battery pack the add-on would provide a carrier medium for a stronger and far lasting beam. Technology has been known to grow very fast, so most everything else is inside Phasor I.
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