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Old July 20 2012, 06:46 PM   #1
Artemis // A little teaser

On the edge of explored space above a frozen planet in the Lorelei system, the USS Augustus discovers a mysterious artefact that is thousands of years old. Constructed from a kind of organic metal unknown to current science, the artefact is centuries more advanced than anything created by humanity. On Earth, Starfleet Command is putting together an expedition to investigate the Lorelei artefact, led by Captain Paul Weller and the new USS Artemis, the first in a new fleet of advanced exploration vessels.


"The Vulcans have been spoon feeding us information for the best part of a decade," Petrov said.

Ennis shrugged. "That information is allowing mankind to make huge technological leaps forward," she countered. "Particularly in the area of spaceflight."

"If they wanted us to make huge leaps they'd actually give us examples of their technology to study," Petrov told her. "Or even better let us aboard that ship that's been sitting in orbit over Earth for fifty years. It's not like they actually use the damned thing anyway, they all live in San Francisco."

"Other than the two that always remain onboard," Ennis added. "Besides, they use its communications system to contact their home world."

"Ah, yes," Petrov began theatrically, "The famous Vulcan home world. If the Vulcans are such good friends of ours why the hell don't they tell us where they live? And why haven't they been home in half a century? Or been visited by any of their people?"

"I don't have all the answers for you, Petrov," Ennis stated flatly, beginning to tire of the conversation.

"You know Starfleet has been out looking for it don't you?" he told her.

She looked up. "What?"

"The Vulcan home world," Petrov continued. "Starfleet has sent ships on secret missions looking for it."

"But Earth has agreed to respect their wishes not to be found," Ennis said.

"Perhaps Starfleet Command isn't as trusting as you are," Petrov said. "The Vulcans are present throughout both Earth's government and its military and science divisions. They're standing in the shadows guiding everything we've done in the last ten years, gently prodding us in different directions."


"But the discovery of this space station could change everything," Foyle said. "Whatever technology built that place is beyond anything either Earth or the Vulcans have access to. If we can master the technology of the station, we won't need the Vulcans' help anymore."

Weller appeared unconvinced. "Or give us the means to destroy us all."

Foyle shrugged. "We've had that ability for over a hundred years," he countered. "Even as we speak Starfleet is putting together an expedition to go out there and investigate the station. I'd like you to lead it."

Weller considered the proposal for long moments.


Leaning forward in his command chair, Paul Weller paused to admire the glittering world that suddenly adorned the main view screen. The planet looked every inch the frozen wasteland that Foyle had described.

"Status," the captain said crisply.

"We're in geosynchronous orbit," Petrov reported. "Holding position fifty-thousand kilometres above the surface as planned."

Weller gave a short nod of approval, aware that the first officer's calculations had brought the Artemis from orbiting Earth to orbiting this icy world with a precision impossible to the Augustus. Not for the first time, Weller felt a sudden appreciation for the Vulcan-derived technology driving this new starship.

"I'm detecting the artefact two thousand kilometres beneath us," Curran announced over her shoulder. "Our sensors seem to be fairing a little better than those on the Augustus but the artefact’s hull is still reflecting a lot of our scans back towards us."

Weller pushed himself out of his command chair. Despite the ship's impressive systems he hadn't expected even the Artemis' improved sensors to fully overcome the sensor-inhibiting properties of the artefact. The disparity between even the Vulcans' level of technology and that which had built the artefact was still too great.


Hope this piques some interest!
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Old July 21 2012, 08:17 PM   #2
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Re: Artemis // A little teaser

Very interesting teaser. The era certainly is interesting. Wouldn't mind to read more.
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Old July 22 2012, 09:09 PM   #3
Fleet Captain
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The concept of a large alien ship arriving and not leaving puts me in mind of District 9, but I'll admit that this is a very interesting approach to first contact with the Vulcans.

I'd be keen to read more.
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