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Old March 25 2012, 11:24 PM   #1
Vice Admiral
Location: Bumpy's Former Lair
A project...

These are the voyages...

Wrong start. These are my first thoughts on a new story expanding on the Star Trek Reboot. The timeline is still in the embryonic stage. No significant change before 2290 means J.J. can mostly do what the heck he wants, it should not affect my story. And if it does... I'm pretty sure I can cope with that.

Any ideas? critics? additions?


This is 2412 in the new timeline. One radical change: Nero attracted the attention of the Borg on Romulus by bringing Future Borg technology to the pre-TOS era, and Romulus became a Borg colony in 2290. The Borg would rather assimilate the Beta Quadrant, which their probes had shown to be a lot more interesting than the Alpha Quadrant, technology-wise. Plus, it was closer to their homeworld anyway. The Klingons would rather get ready for them than fight the Federation.

There is no alliance between the Federation and the Klingons, just an uneasy peace that knew no battle of Narendra III and no intervention of the Enterprise-C. The Klingons stopped fighting on their own when the Borg seemed to be preparing for an expansion that fortunately did not happen in their direction. Oh! And no Worf in Starfleet of course.


2258 Star Trek XI
2290 The Borg assimilate Romulus, but find no trace of 24th Century Borg technology
2292 The Remans move in unoccupied Romulan space, close to the Klingons
2293 Surviving Romulans find Ch'Fvaihn [Romulus II] close to Bajoran space
2294 The Borg start assimilating the Beta Quadrant, more interesting than Alpha
2298 Surviving Romulans on Ch'Fvaihn (Of the Separated) create the Romulan Republic
2303 End of the Klingon-Reman war; both drained powers sign a peace treaty at Khitomer
2312 The Romulan Republic establishes a friendly relationship with Bajor
2316 The Romulans and the Bajorans sign a pact of mutual military assistance
2387 The Borg easily solve the Hobus problem and prevent the destruction of Romulus
Star Trek: The Heads of Janus
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Old March 26 2012, 03:26 PM   #2
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Re: A project...

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Old March 29 2012, 11:35 AM   #3
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Re: A project...

Danlav05 wrote: View Post
Thank you Danlav05 for what I choose to consider an encouragement and a mark of interest.

The writing has started, the timeline has been enhanced with something that will be told in the first part of what may become the prologue, unless I go for a different plan than the one I now have in mind.

Anyway, expect something to be published as soon as I come back from my travels through the 23rd, 24th and 25th centuries, which might be yesterday or later...
Star Trek: The Heads of Janus
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Old March 30 2012, 09:59 PM   #4
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Re: A project...

Oooh, aaah...
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