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Old April 1 2012, 04:08 AM   #16
Noname Given
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Re: Your Top Five Season 3 Episodes

In no particular order, I have 4 from the third season I find re-watchable at anytime:

The Enterprise Incident
The Tholian Web
Elaan Of Troyius
Day of The Dove

and if I have to pick a fifth, occassionaly:

That Which Survives

But overall, it has earned the fan nickname of 'the turd season'.
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Old April 1 2012, 04:11 AM   #17
Harvey's Avatar
Re: Your Top Five Season 3 Episodes

The best three are:

"Spectre of the Gun"
"The Tholian Web"
"Day of the Dove"

I'm not sure about my other two picks; it's been a while since I saw the third season.
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Old April 1 2012, 06:43 AM   #18
Location: Maryland
Re: Your Top Five Season 3 Episodes

The third-season episodes are the only ones I saw first-run (about half of them). My top five - assuming that I had to jettison the other 19 and never see them again - are these:

"Is There in Truth No Beauty?"
"The Empath"
"The Enterprise Incident"
"Elaan of Troyius"
"All Our Yesterdays"

The first four of these were produced relatively early in the season and I chose them mostly because I like their original music scores by, respectively, Duning, Duning, Courage, and Steiner.

The last one, I chose because of Mariette Hartley's last look into the camera as Zarabeth, in her furs, before she turns and walks back through the snow to her again-lonely cave. She conveys more with that look than Sabrina Scharf did in a whole episode's worth of dialogue as Miramanee.

Honorable mention: "The Way to Eden." As mentioned on other threads, I see this episode as nothing more or less than Star Trek's response to the musical Hair, and enjoyable to the extent that one enjoys the original cast recording of Hair (which I do).
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Old April 9 2012, 02:02 AM   #19
Location: I really do not know . . .
Re: Your Top Five Season 3 Episodes

I like quite a few of the third season episodes, and feel that even though there were budget cuts and creative abandonment, most of the season stands up well. My favorites . . .

The Enterprise Incident
The Tholian Web
All Our Yesterdays
Elaan Of Troyius
Is There In Truth No Beauty?

and a few more since I had a bit of trouble getting down to five - these in production order . . .

Spectre Of The Gun
Wink Of An Eye
That Which Survives
The Mark Of Gideon
Requiem For Methuselah
ME, what did I do?
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Old September 11 2012, 10:14 PM   #20
Lieutenant Commander
Re: Your Top Five Season 3 Episodes

Top list:

Turnabout Intruder
Cloud Minders
Enterprise Incident
Way to Eden
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (mostly for the ultra-awesome destruct sequence; also has some nice lounge scenes)

I'm one of the only people in the world who thinks Turnabout Intruder is excellent, I have it in or near my top ten.

Utter stinkers:

Savage Curtain
And the Children Shall Lead
Requiem for Methuselah
Wink of an Eye

All Our Yesterdays is quite frustrating to me, because of the absence of story. I want to condemn it utterly. But goddam Mariette Hartley is something.
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