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TrekToday Daily Star Trek news Sun, 02 Aug 2015 16:53:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Retro Review: Learning Curve Fri, 31 Jul 2015 21:16:02 +0000 Tuvok attempts to train four Maquis crewmembers who are having difficulty following Starfleet protocols.

Plot Summary: Lieutenant Dalby discovers a malfunctioning bio-neural gel pack and replaces it without getting authorization, which causes several systems ship-wide to stop working. Tuvok expresses concern to Janeway that Dalby and some other Maquis crewmembers are not trained or disciplined enough to work on a Starfleet vessel. Though Janeway is more worried about the possibility of multiple gel pack failures disabling Voyager’s systems, she recommends an on-the-job training course for the crewmembers having the greatest difficulties. Chakotay gives onetime Starfleet Academy instructor Tuvok a list of possible candidates, from which Tuvok selects four junior officers – impulsive Dalby, belligerent Henley, unfocused Chell, and bitter Gerron – who deeply resent being singled out for extra attention. The group complains when Tuvok insists that they remove all traces of their personal style from their professional demeanor and marches out after what they consider to be an unfair physical exercise. Neelix offers Tuvok some wisdom about plant stalks needing to be flexible, which Tuvok at first takes to mean that the young crewmembers are too rigid, then discovers that Neelix means to criticize himself and his teaching methods. He tries to get to know Dalby and realizes that some of the Maquis crewmembers suffered traumas that make it impossible for them to become contented, well-adjusted Starfleet officers overnight. Meanwhile, the Doctor discovers that Neelix’s attempt to make cheese has cultivated a bacteria that now infects the gel packs. The Doctor proposes raising the temperature to help the gel packs fight off the infection, but although the gel packs are saved, Tuvok and his unhappy team become trapped in a cargo bay where Gerron is injured. Dalby becomes irate when Tuvok orders him to get to safety with Henley and Chell, but when Tuvok himself violates procedure, risking his life to save Gerron, the Maquis officers are impressed and promise to work harder to obey the rules.

Analysis: I didn’t like “Learning Curve” when it first aired for its obnoxious attitude toward Maquis dissidents and indeed toward anyone who refused to assimilate entirely into Starfleet’s arbitrary regulations, which I thought at the time might just reflect my lack of understanding of how military protocols worked. But it rubs me the wrong way even more so now that we’ve seen some of the history of Vulcan intolerance in Enterprise, and now that we know the Maquis will be asked to give up their sense of belonging to their own cultures as well as their identities as members of an organization in conflict with Starfleet (the latter a demand that’s completely justified on a mission like Voyager’s, though I note that Worf was allowed to wear the accoutrements of a Klingon warrior on duty even when the Klingons were at war with the Federation). Of course it’s a problem that many of the Maquis have not had Starfleet training in teamwork, physical fitness, even self-protection, though I might note that Neelix and Kes haven’t either. It would seem both reasonable and fair for Tuvok to include them in a course to get underprepared crewmembers ready for life traveling through the Delta Quadrant, particularly since Kes had never left her village, let alone her homeworld, until just before Voyager arrived. The cheese incident that almost destroys the bio-neural gel packs is a far more heinous betrayal of safety protocols than the replacement of one of those gel packs, even if Dalby is rude when reprimanded while Neelix only stammers in embarrassment. And surely there are Starfleet crewmembers as well as Maquis who were unprepared to have a brief mission into the Badlands turn into a potentially lifelong journey? Couldn’t many of the junior officers use a refresher course in focus and teamwork? If Janeway and Chakotay’s goal is to get their two crews functioning as a single unit with the same ease with which Torres now works with Carey, they’d be well advised to include some Starfleet officers in the remedial class even just for show. Not so long ago, Tom Paris was a criminal and Torres was punching fellow officers, while now they’re fourth and fifth in the command chain; seems like a lot of people on that ship could use a bit of extra attention.

And although Tuvok may have been an Academy instructor for more than a decade, he seems like the wrong person to be leading an exercise in new-to-Starfleet teamwork. These angry, demoralized Maquis crewmembers need a counselor, not a disciplinarian; the morale officer might do them more good, and indeed does them more good when he lectures Tuvok, than a stern Vulcan whom they consider a traitor to their cause. I think it’s a mistake that we see the senior officers’ point of view rather than that of the recruits, since we don’t get to learn the positive independent-minded aspects of what Chakotay dismisses as “the Maquis way.” A strong left hook may get someone hauled before a disciplinary committee in Starfleet, but we’ve had such behavior by the Klingons rammed down our throats for years now as something we should admire, so it just doesn’t look particularly outrageous when a Maquis crewmember does precisely what a Klingon would do in a similar situation of being singled out for his temper. Apart from Dalby, who joined the Maquis because Cardassians brutalized his girlfriend, we never get to know the Maquis crewmembers, and the more Tuvok talks, the more arrogant he seems, like the obnoxious Vulcans of “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” rather than thoughtful, nuanced individuals like Spock and Sarek. Now that the US military and other such organizations have relaxed their rules about whether and when soldiers can wear yarmulkes, hijabs, and other items directly related to the practice of religion, I feel even more justified in my fury against Tuvok when he orders Gerron to take off his Bajoran earring – an accessory quite different from the headband that Tuvok forbids Henley to wear. The Bajoran earring is a symbol of faith. It’s also a mark of one’s family and social caste, two things that the young Gerron has lost being stranded 70,000 light years from home. Whether he had lost those already in a traumatic incident that led him to join the Maquis, as Dalby seems to believe, or whether he joined the Maquis out of sympathy for the settlers’ desire to protect their homes, like Kasidy Yates, Gerron is clearly clinging to this one meaningful relic of his former life, which Tuvok orders him to put away without any care for its significance.

Clearly, Tuvok is obsessed with the letter of the law rather than its spirit – he’s closer to being Javert from Les Miserables than was Sisko when Eddington mocked him with that sobriquet – but given the pettiness of the Vulcans we saw in many TNG and DS9 episodes, I gather we’re supposed to assume that it’s because Tuvok’s a Vulcan, for whom logic demands holding even to the most trivial of regulations. But I can’t understand why Chakotay agrees to let someone whom he thought served his own cause, then turned out to have been working behind his back all along, serve as corrections officer for other Maquis crewmembers. Chakotay’s facial tattoo would not be permitted even in the current US military, and I’d love to hear his response if Tuvok ordered him to remove it or cover it up. He’s usually a champion of diversity and broadmindedness, yet he seems amused at the thought of having four shipmates for whom he was once responsible, who are as troubled as they are troubling, put under Tuvok’s yoke. Of course ship-wide discipline is important in a crisis, as we see when it takes much of the crew working together to solve the problem with the gel packs, but a rigid dress code for people who will be working together for many years can hardly be the element that makes them see themselves as a team. It will be acknowledging, understanding, accepting, and taking advantage of their differences which will accomplish that. If the Starfleet uniform serves to bond Voyager’s crew in early days, it later serves to homogenize them; no wonder Sisko preferred spending his off-duty hours in African dress and Kira never stopped wearing her Bajoran earring even when in Starfleet uniform. “Learning Curve” fails in its effort to be “Lower Decks” because it fears to let us get to know and admire the quirks of the individual Maquis, erasing their distinct histories and grievances even as Janeway’s off playing traditional British governess in a traditional British novel knockoff. She needs to spend more time thinking about exactly which aspects of the Federation she plans to keep thriving on her ship as it creeps toward home.

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Star Trek: The Exhibition In Washington State Fri, 31 Jul 2015 19:00:37 +0000 Star Trek: The Exhibition will be arriving at the Washington State Fair in September.

The Washington State Fair will take place September 11-27 in Puyallup.

Star Trek: The Exhibition, under license by CBS Consumer Products, will run for seventeen days and gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy an interactive, museum-style experience of one of the largest collections of authentic Star Trek artifacts and information ever put on public display. This is a separate ticketed exhibit, and requires Fair admission. Exhibit tickets can be purchased in advance for $6.50 until Sept 10 here, or $8 at the State Fair. Children five years and under are free in the exhibit with a paid adult. Online orders are subject to standard processing fees.

The Exhibition brings visitors into the Star Trek universe and allows them to connect with iconic Star Trek moments. Throughout this experience, visitors, especially younger visitors and youth, will be inspired and motivated to seek out more education, and perhaps ignite a passion for lifelong learning and careers in science and technology.

Star Trek fans and novices alike will have a first-hand interactive experience to explore the worlds, wisdom, science, stories, cultures, characters, fashions and fantasies of the Star Trek universe. In the States, and around the world, Star Trek has become a sub-culture for many, supported by countless fan conventions and fan gatherings where many regularly gather and role-play in their favorite Star Trek characters.

“Among the main attractions of The Exhibition is the opportunity to sit in the legendary Captain’s chair where Captain Kirk and subsequently Captain Picard took command of the U.S.S. Enterprise; the opportunity to pose in front of a replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise; and one-of-a-kind displays, interactive kiosks and rare photo opportunities.”

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August-September 2015 Trek Conventions And Appearances Fri, 31 Jul 2015 18:53:51 +0000 There will be nineteen conventions, shows or appearances in August and September that will feature actors of interest to Star Trek fans.

This listing of conventions and shows features actors from all of the televised series and several of the Star Trek movies.

August begins with The Official Star Trek Convention will be held Aug. 6-9 at the Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. In attendance at The Official Star Trek Convention will be Marc Alaimo, Vaughn Armstrong, Richard Arnold, Rene Auberjonois, Robert Beltran, Casey Biggs, John Billingsley, Brannon Braga, Bobby Clark, Joan Collins, Jeffrey Combs, Denise Crosby, Olivia d’Abo, Michael Dante, James Darren, Roxanne Dawson, Nicole de Boer, John de Lancie, Elizabeth Dennehy (Commander Shelby), Chris Doohan, Michael Dorn, Doug Drexler, Aron Eisenberg, Terry Farrell, Jonathan Frakes, Bryan Fuller, Joseph Gatt, Max Grodenchik, Richard Herd, J.G. Hertzler, Jennifer Hetrick (Vash), Manu Intiraymi, Sherry Jackson, Salome Jens, Dominic Keating, Walter Koenig, Alice Krige, Cirroc Lofton, Don Marshall, Chase Masterson, Robert Duncan McNeill, Anthony Montgomery, Ronald B. Moore, Kate Mulgrew, Larry Nemecek, Adam Nimoy, Denise Okuda, Mike Okuda, Robert O’Reilly, Linda Park, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Andrew Robinson, Rod Roddenberry, David L. Ross (Lt. Galloway and Lt. Johnson), Saul Rubinek, Tim Russ, Jeri Ryan, Judson Scott (Joachim from The Wrath of Khan), William Shatner, Mark Allen Shepherd (Morn), William Morgan Sheppard, Armin Shimerman, Alexander Siddig, Marina Sirtis, Rick Sternbach, Sir Patrick Stewart, Kitty Swink, George Takei, Connor Trinneer, Karl Urban, Nana Visitor, Garrett Wang, and Michael Westmore.

Next up is Shore Leave, to be held Aug. 7-9 at the Baltimore Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, Maryland. In attendance at Shore Leave will be Daniel Davis (Professor James Moriarty).

The Steel City Con will be held Aug. 7-9 at the Monroeville Convention Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. In attendance at Steel City Con will be Nichelle Nichols.

The Dublin Comic Con will be held Aug. 8-9 at the Convention Centre Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. In attendance at Dublin Comic Con will be Gates McFadden.

The Windsor ComiCon will be held Aug. 15-16 at the Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In attendance at Windsor ComiCon will be Marina Sirtis.

Crypticon Kansas City will take place Aug. 21-23 at the Howard Johnson Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri. In attendance at Crypticon Kansas City will be Sid Haig, Chris Sarandon, and Tony Todd.

Walker Stalker Con will be held Aug. 22-23 at the Westin Waterfront in Boston, Massachusetts. In attendance at Walker Stalker Con will be Denise Crosby.

The Central Coast Comic Con will take place Aug. 28-30 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, California. In attendance at Central Coast Comic Con will be Sid Haig (Lawgiver in Return of the Archons) and Deep Roy.

Wrapping up August will be the Bournemouth Film & Comic Con, to be held Aug. 29-30 at the Bournemouth International Centre in Bournemouth, England. In attendance at the Bournemouth Film & Comic Con will be Max Grodenchik.

September begins with Fan Expo Canada, which will be held Sept. 3-6 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In attendance at Fan Expo Canada will be Jeffrey Combs, Malcolm McDowell, Jennifer Morrison, Kate Mulgrew, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, and Jeri Ryan.

Dragon*Con will take place Sept. 4-7 at several hotels in Atlanta, Georgia. In attendance at Dragon*Con will be Terry Farrell, Jonathan Frakes, Gary Lockwood, and Paul McGillion.

Wizard World Comic Con San Jose will be held Sept. 4-6 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. In attendance at Wizard World Comic Con San Jose will be Adrienne Barbeau.

The Alamo City Comic Con will be held Sept. 11-13 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. In attendance at Alamo City Comic Con will be Olivia d’Abo and Ron Perlman.

The Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh will be held Sept. 11-13 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Appearing at Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh will be Colm Meaney and William Shatner.

RocCon will be held Sept. 11-13 at the Kodak Event Center in Rochester, New York. In attendance at RocCon will be Nichelle Nichols and Marina Sirtis.

Wizard World Comic Con Columbus will be held Sept. 18-20 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Appearing at Wizard World Comic Con Columbus will be Brent Spiner.

The Rose City Comic Con will be held Sept. 19-20 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. In attendance at Rose City Comic Con will be Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, and Wil Wheaton.

The Salt Lake Comic Con will be held Sept. 24-26 at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. Walter Koenig will be appearing at the Salt Lake Comic Con.

September wraps up with the London Comic Con, to be held Sept. 25-27 at the Western Fair District in London, Ontario, Canada. In attendance at the London Comic Con will be Nicole de Boer and Ron Perlman.

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Shatner To Pen Book On Nimoy Fri, 31 Jul 2015 18:45:58 +0000 William Shatner is planning on writing a book about his friend Leonard Nimoy.

Shatner considered Nimoy to be a brother to him.

“I’m writing a book about Leonard,” said Shatner. “I had a brother, whose life arc was so much like mine that we understood each other completely. Our age, our birth, the same types of problems in our marriages – our careers arced in the same manner.

“We had a great deal in common, Leonard and I. And thusly we were able to understand each other. I’ve lost a dear friend.”

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Star Trek Beyond Building Continues Fri, 31 Jul 2015 18:42:43 +0000 More photographs from the Star Trek Beyond set have emerged.

Five new photos show the progress made in building the set which began back in May.


The first photo shows the bare bones of the set back in May.


The second photo shows what appeared to be a building with some broken trees on it.


In the third photo, it becomes clear that the second photo was not a building, but hills with broken trees. The plywood of the second photo has been covered with dirt.



In the last two photos, the “hills” set is being expanded.

Larger-sized photos are available at the referring site.

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Trinneer In Western Horror Thu, 30 Jul 2015 17:14:05 +0000 Fans of Connor Trinneer will be able to see the actor in a western horror movie set to release on DVD and VOD beginning August 4.

The movie is called A Good Day To Die.

In A Good Day To Die, “Baron Emerson uses his vast wealth to travel the world and hunt. He does not hunt animals, he hunts warriors. The Baron arrives at the American frontier and is looking for his next prey. An outlaw gunslinger named Chamberlin who is in jail and set to be hanged. The Baron arranges for Chamberlin to be freed so that he can hunt him like an animal in a bloody game of life and death in the Wild West.”

Trinneer portrays the hunted Chamberlin, while Robert Koroluck is the hunter Baron Emerson. Others included in A Good Day To Die include Nadia Lanfranconi, Jay Kown, and Leia Perez.

A Good Day To Die was written and directed by Rene Perez.

The movie has already made its European debut, where it was released under the title Prey For Death.

For US fans, to pre-order A Good Day To Die, which sells for $8.46, head to the link located here.


]]> 8
Beam Me Up Scotty Figurines Thu, 30 Jul 2015 17:10:46 +0000 Two new original series figures feature Kirk and Spock in the process of “beaming up.”

The figures will be available from Funko beginning next month.

Each poseable figure is 3 3/4″ in height and features a beaming effect (the bottom part of each character shows this effect). “Captain James T. Kirk [and Spock have five] points of articulation and features unique accessories and the 1980s style card back design.”

The Beaming Kirk and Spock ReAction figures will ship next month. Each sells for $12.99 and can be pre-ordered here for Kirk, and here for Spock.

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UK Auction To Feature Spock Costume Thu, 30 Jul 2015 17:08:35 +0000 TrekUKAuction073015

An auction to be held in the UK this autumn will feature a costume worn by Leonard Nimoy.

The Prop Store and Odeon Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction will take place September 23.

The catalog for the auction isn’t available yet, but at least two Star Trek items will be auctioned.

A costume worn by Nimoy during the second season (blue shirt and black trousers) will be up for auction, and is expected to fetch up to £70,000.

Also in the auction will be a model starship used in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

Other non-Trek items of interest include a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s jacket from Terminator 3, a Lord of the Rings Witch King’s dagger, and a set of claws worn by Hugh Jackman in X2:X-Men United.

In all, four-hundred-and-fifty items will be auctioned.

]]> 1
Pine To Star In Wonder Woman Wed, 29 Jul 2015 17:57:20 +0000 PineWonderWoman052815

Back in May, TrekToday reported that Chris Pine was in negotiations to star in Warner Bros. Wonder Woman; today comes word that Pine has signed on for the role.

Pine will be playing Steve Trevor, Diana Prince’s love interest.

In the Wonder Woman comics, Trevor “was an intelligence officer in the United States Army during World War II whose plane crashed on Paradise Island, the isolated homeland of the Amazons. He was nursed back to health by the Amazon princess Diana, who fell in love with him and followed him when he returned to the outside world. There she became Wonder Woman (and also his co-worker, Diana Prince).”

Pine’s deal reportedly includes sequel options.

Written by Jason Fuchs, Wonder Woman will be directed by Patty Jenkins. Pine will be starring with Gal Gadot, who will take on the role of Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman will be released June 23, 2017.

]]> 0
Pegg Teases Elba Character Wed, 29 Jul 2015 17:54:46 +0000 Elba072915

Simon Pegg spoke briefly about the character that Idris Elba will be playing in Star Trek Beyond.

The character that Elba will be playing will be unique, Pegg promised.

“It’s a really interesting, complex character,” said Pegg. “We shouldn’t expect to see anything like Benedict Cumberbatch‘s creepy genius Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness in Elba’s performance, however. His performance is all his own.”

There’s a good reason that Elba’s villain is different than Cumberbatch’s. “Only because it would be a retread,” said Pegg. “What we don’t want to do is have the same kind of villain with the same motivation.”

]]> 20

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DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"

Evening all! Previously, on DS9 Season 10:

Review threads:

Episodes 1 to 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14

Direct links to the PDFs of episodes 1 to 12:

10x01 - "Emancipation"
10x02 - "Brave New World"
10x03 - "Steppin' Out"
10x04 - "Easy Come, Easy Go"
10x05 - "Deep Down"
10x06 - "The Dream Box"
10x07 - "Instinct"
10x08 - "Property Values"
10x09 - "Blank Slate"
10x10 - "In Two Minds"
10x11 - "Harmony" (part 1 of 2)
10x12 - "Heresy" (part 2 of 2)
10x13 - "The Case of the Flamping Flurble"
10x14 - "Against the Odds"

All episodes are also available at the Ad Astra fan-fic archives, link here.

So here is episode 10x15 - "Inside Out."


TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

Read DS9 SEASON 10 and DS9 SEASON 11 !
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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"





A quiet, calm public park area on Bajor. Trees, flowerbeds, a central memorial created from one broken building girder set into a stone base. A public bench rests on one of the gentle flower-lined stone paths that wind through. It’s dark, a warm spring night that’s perfect for a clandestine meeting.

VAUGHN stands off the path on a grassy verge, adjusting the settings on a transporter enhancer module, like the ones we saw in 10x01 “Emancipation.” Once the settings are right, he switches it on, and the light on top bursts to life.

Looking around the area, he observes three other identical modules, set up in a rough square around the single bench. They bath the area in a gentle bluish glow – the only light source besides the multiple moons. The modules set up, he straightens his uniform, readies himself, and takes a calm, confident seat on the bench.

A few moments pass. Vaughn waits calmly, enjoying the peace of the area, the warm spring breeze. He’s in no rush. Finally there’s a tiny rustle, barely audible. This is what he was waiting for. Not worried - it’s entirely expected. A hand reaches out to pull a bush aside, leaving space for a body to step out onto the path. It’s RO LAREN.

She looks around the area, takes in the memorial, smiles slightly at it. Looking around further, she spots Vaughn sat on the bench, across the park from where she is, calm and relaxed in the bluish light. This is who she’s here to meet. She heads over to him. As she approaches, he politely stands to greet her.


Lieutenant. Thanks for coming.

He reaches out to shake her hand. She’s a little surprised by that, but takes his hand and shakes it. That done, he sits back on the bench and gestures for her to join him. She does, a little tentatively.

I imagine you’re somewhat
baffled as to why you’re here.

A private message, level seven
security clearance, asking me
to come alone and meet with an
unnamed person in a public area,
on Bajor, at night. Baffled
might not be the word I’d use.

You’re armed?

She pats her leg pocket. He nods, understanding.

A wise precaution. But I assure
you, you’re in no danger here.
And besides, these modules...

He gestures to the transporter enhancer modules...

VAUGHN (cont) well as sending out false
sensor readings to any listening
devices, and casting a transporter
scattering field over the entire
area, they also create a general
dampening field against energy
weapons. Your phaser is useless.

Worried, she quickly reaches into her pocket and pulls out the small hand phaser she’d secreted there. She tests it, checks the settings – only gets a dull squittering noise. Dead. Frustrated and confused, she puts it back away.

Alright, what the hell is going
on here, Commander? Why all the
cloak and dagger?

I need to have a very important
conversation with you, Lieutenant.
And I don’t want to be overheard.

Overheard by who?

That’ll become clear in time.
For the moment, I’m going to
have to ask you to be patient,
and trust me.

Not like I have a choice, is it?

Absolutely you do. That’s one
thing I want to make completely
clear from the start. If you
want, you can turn around and
walk away right now, and no
more will be said. I’ll be
disappointed, no question, but
I’ll understand and I won’t
hold it against you. Of course,
that also means you won’t find
out why I asked you here in
the first place.

I think you’ve been playing this
spy game too long, Commander.

Well, yes, I suppose I can’t
deny that.

But I’ll play along. For now.
What’s going on?

Not so fast. I need to ask you
to do something else first. I
need to ask you to make me an
absolute, solemn promise that
what we discuss tonight goes
no further. Between you and me.

Commander, you’re starting to
freak me out.

Promise me, Lieutenant. Or this
ends right now.

Ro is getting concerned – whatever this is, it’s obvious that Vaughn feels very strongly about it. She takes the moment it deserves, considers it seriously. This is not a time for jokes or snarky remarks.

Alright... I promise.

Good. Thank you. I apologise
for being so dramatic, but as
I say, the more we discuss
tonight, the more you’ll
realise why it’s necessary.

So tell me. Tell me what’s so
bad that we need to go through
all this mystery just to have
a conversation.

Vaughn smiles and takes a pause. He looks out across the park, tries to take comfort from the peace and tranquillity of the memorial and the gardens. He’s no more eager to do this than she is, but it has to be done.

I wouldn’t be so quick to dive
in the deep end if I were you,
Lieutenant. Because the fact
is, if I’ve made the right
choice – and I believe that I
have – then after what I tell
you tonight... your life will
never be the same.

On Ro’s disquieted response...



TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

Read DS9 SEASON 10 and DS9 SEASON 11 !
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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"





Vaughn sits on the bench. Ro crouches, reaching out to caress the gentle white flowers that edge the path and surround the memorial. There’s an air of quiet patience.

Esani blossoms. I’m quite fond
of them myself.

I remember.

She looks back up at him with a knowing smile – he’s thinking of Opaka. With a deep breath, she stands, creaking her delicate back with a wince of mild discomfort.

How is your back?

It’s fine.

Wanting to avoid the subject, she steps back over to the bench and sits beside Vaughn.

On that topic, how are things
between you and Taran’atar?

What’s that got to do with anything?

Be patient with me, Lieutenant.
We’ll get there. But we have a
lot to go through, and no-one is
served by pointless questions.

Well, excuse me.

Pointed questions are entirely
welcome. They show you’re paying
attention. But no melodramatic
gasps of disbelief, please.
So... how are things between
you and Taran’atar?

Ro pauses to consider the question.

Distant, if I’m being honest.
I thought we were doing okay,
until the L’Haan thing hit.
Then everything got tangled...

In what way?

You know... him going haywire
again. Just... reminded me.
Of things.

And since then?

Haven’t really spent much time
with him. Maybe I’ve been sub-
consciously avoiding him, I
don’t know... but then he’s not
been in the most cooperative
of moods lately, has he?

You’re referring to the Bajor-
Dominion alliance.

What alliance? He said he’d
rather die.

And how do you feel about that?

How do I feel? I feel surprised.
An alliance is exactly what Odo
wanted. So for Taran’atar to
say no is... uncharacteristic.

He’s not the only one who has a
problem with the idea.


Yes, Julian. But that’s not
who I was referring to. Surely
you’re aware of the protests
on Bajor. Once word of Kira’s
proposal leaked to the media,
the public made their feelings
on the matter quite plain.

Well, they don’t have to worry
about it now, do they?

Kira can be very persuasive
when she puts her mind to it.
But you’re quite right that
Taran’atar’s recent behaviour
runs rather contrary to his
role as Dominion Ambassador.
And there’s a reason for that.

He gave a reason, didn’t he?

He did. One that amounted to
throwing a tantrum just because
Bajor initially wanted to be
friendly with the Ascendants.
Even though by the time Kira
actually asked for the alliance,
that hope had been lost.

Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Precisely. And as I say...
there’s a reason for it.

Which is?

I’ll come to that in a moment.

Ro is annoyed with Vaughn’s evasion, but holds her tongue.

First – another question. How
much do you remember about the
Sindorin mission? Specifically
my involvement in it?

Ro blinks in confusion. That’s a bit of a curveball. She racks her brains a bit. Then, as the answer comes to her, she tenses. Pulls away from Vaughn, suspicious and wary.

I remember Bashir becoming
suspicious of you. Of your
odd lack of background.

He suspected I was a member of
Section 31.

Is that what this is about?
You’re trying to recruit me
into Section 31?

Oh, good lord no. Quite the
opposite. Who do you think
rescued the surviving Ingavi
from 31’s slaughter?

I know that was you. You told
me it was you at the time.
What’s your point?

Didn’t you ever wonder how I
was able to do that? How I had
access to the resources and
intelligence to pull that off?

I just assumed your old covert
ops contacts. Didn’t really
think about it. I was just
glad the Ingavi were okay.

That’s part of it. But mostly
it was because I happen to be
part of a secret group within
Starfleet myself.

So you are a spy.

A good spy. A small number of us
work together to oppose Section
31 and their activities. We have
done since the time of Kirk and
the original Enterprise.

You’re not that old.

No. But I’m not the first of us.
I only discovered 31’s existence
about thirty years ago. We don’t
have a name as such. No kind
of organizational structure.
We just do what we can. But
of course it helps to have
friends in the right places.

Like who?

Well, think back a few months.
To Starfleet’s review of our
activities after the incident
in the alternate universe.

Ro frowns, thinks back...


The scene in the docking ring corridor, as Kira and Ro received the four admirals. Ro is wearing the mechanised armature brace to support her back and legs.

Admiral Akaar has just handed his padd to Kira. He steps aside, and as he does so, he looks disdainfully down at Ro. She glowers back up at him, equally unimpressed.


Not that blowhard Akaar...

No, not Akaar. Not Nechayev.
Not Ross.

Well there’s only one left.


The last of the four admirals emerges from the airlock – the bland and bumbling bureaucrat Marta Batanides. She fumbles with her padds, reaches out to shake Kira’s hand.


(w/ disbelief)
Batanides? But she’s a nobody.
She couldn’t change a light
bulb without burning herself.

So you’d think. But in reality
she’s one of the keenest minds
I’ve ever known.


Vaughn’s secret meeting with Batanides. They stand in the empty quarters, lit only by the stars and the transporter modules. She hands him a data chip with a knowing smile.


She’s one of us. She maintains
her cover by working in a
department that has nothing to
do with intelligence or covert
activities. And by deliberately
cultivating an image as a dull,
colourless administrator. All
carefully constructed, however.

Does Kira know any of this?

She knows some things. She knows
about me. She knows there are
others, but not who they are.

And she lets you do whatever
you want?

We have an arrangement, ever
since Sindorin. She helps me
when I need it. Looks the other
way. She trusts me to let her
know what she needs to know to
keep herself and the station
safe. But no more.

Plausible deniability.

Quite right. I have complete
respect for Kira, but in matters
of Section 31, I report solely
to Admiral Batanides. In fact,
she pushed through my transfer
to DS-Nine in the first place,
over the significant objections
of some other admirals.

So all those reasons you gave
for coming here... about wanting
a new life away from war and
death... all that was a lie?

Not at all. I wanted to be here.
I’m only saying that the admiral
had her own reasons for allowing
me to be here. Placing an agent
on Deep Space Nine, where we
already knew Section 31 had a
vested interest, was too good an
opportunity for us to pass up.

A “vested interest?” You mean
Doctor Bashir.

They’ve been trying to recruit
the doctor for some years now.
A man with Bashir’s abilities,
not to mention as comparatively
normal in other ways... They
must want him a great deal,
either that or they’re awfully
confident of their ability to
eventually turn him to their
side. Otherwise they’d have had
him removed long before now.

They do that? Kill people who
turn them down?

Of course. They have to maintain
their secrecy at all costs.

Then how did you find out?

How do you think?

They killed someone.

My friend T’Prynn.

Your friend T’Prynn had an
interesting life, apparently.
What did they have against her?

Oh, T’Prynn was something special,
Lieutenant. A bona fide tactical
genius, even among Vulcans. She
was a sought-after intelligence
operative decades before I even
met her. She pulled the wool
over my eyes more times than
I’m comfortable admitting.

So they wanted her to join them.

Can you imagine a better agent?
The sheer intellect, the eidetic
memory, the emotional suppression
and compartmentalization. Vulcans
make the perfect infiltrators,
Lieutenant, if for no other
reason than no-one would ever
believe them capable of it. Just
one problem – she didn’t agree
with them any more than I do.

So they killed her.

Oh, not straight away. No, there
was a period of cajoling, of
sweet-talking... eventually of
threatening. Not that I knew
any of this at the time, you
understand. T’Prynn could keep
a secret like few others.


The even earlier flashback to Vaughn’s life as a covert operative with Ruriko and T’Prynn.

Vaughn works feverishly at the controls of a transporter. But there’s nothing he can do. The transport results only in a charred, burned corpse on the pad – T’Prynn.


It was only after her death
that my investigation led me
to her secret files, and the
answers that lay within.

And that’s when you started
fighting them.

Yes. Partly out of revenge, I
suppose. But the more I learned
about them, the more I despised
everything they stand for. And
gradually learned that I wasn’t
alone. There were others.

Alright, fine. You’re on an
anti-Section 31 crusade. I
have no problem with that.
Why are you telling me?

Again, think back. Connect the
dots. You said things started
changing ever since the L’Haan-
Taran’atar situation.

Yeah, so?

Remember what I said about
Vulcans making perfect spies?

She ponders, and realisation slowly dawns on her face...

Oh, Prophets...

(nods sadly)
Yes. We had a Jem’Hadar soldier
possessed by the undead spirit
of an “evil” Vulcan woman from
the alternate universe... and
who do we get to help us with
our problem...


L’Haan mind-melds with Taran’atar in the Infirmary...

VAUGHN (v.o.)
... but a member of Section 31.


On Ro’s dumbstruck reaction...



TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"





Vaughn sits on the bench. In a burst of frustration and fury, Ro is up and pacing the path in front of him.

Damn it, Vaughn! If you knew
she was Section 31, why the
hell did you call her in?

I didn’t know. At least not at
the time. Believe me, I’m not
proud of it. But either way,
we still needed her help with
Taran’atar. He was going insane
with the other L’Haan in his
head, and our L’Haan was the
only solution I could think
of. I’m fully aware this is
all my fault, Lieutenant.

Ro sees that he’s genuinely troubled by this. She softens, and comes back to the bench.

How did you figure it out?

Just a feeling something wasn’t
quite right. I was curious when
we couldn’t find L’Haan’s name
anywhere in the records at first.
And then suddenly there it was,
as if we’d simply overlooked
it the first time through.


Vaughn and Kira have just received the report from Cenn and Shar. Vaughn frowns, suspicious of something going on. But he keeps his own counsel for the moment...


That’s pretty slim evidence.

I know. And I could have been
wrong. It could have been just
what it seemed – an oversight.
Things like that happen every
day. It needn’t necessarily
have been someone waiting to
see what we were looking for,
before creating exactly the
profile we needed. So I had
to make sure.


With Doctor Bashir’s help.

Bashir? You mean the guy who
just walked out on us?

Yes, that guy.


Vaughn enters the Infirmary, straight to Bashir...

Doctor, are you busy?

Umm... well, I was in the
middle of getting ready for –

Your staff can handle that. I
need to speak with you, please.
In private.

Vaughn turns and walks away. Bashir follows.


The same set of empty quarters where Vaughn met Batanides. Now he walks into the room with BASHIR following. The transporter modules are already in place and functioning. Vaughn is controlled but clearly agitated and urgent.

Commander? What’s going on? I
have an important operation to
prepare for.

I know you do. And that’s why
I have to talk to you now.
Take a seat.

Baffled but intrigued, Bashir does as he’s told.


Where Vaughn and Ro share the bench, at night.

I told him my suspicions. He’d
been looking for a chance to
do something about Section 31
ever since Sindorin. It was
easy enough to convince him.

To do what?

Something completely unethical
and in violation of diplomatic
immunity all over the galaxy.
To implant a scanning device
inside Taran’atar.



After the mind-meld. Everyone leaves the infirmary, except for Bashir and Vaughn, who share a significant look.


He scanned Taran’atar during
the mind-meld, of course. But
what our L’Haan did to him was
much more subtle than what the
other L’Haan had done. Much
more difficult to detect.

How do you know she did anything?

Again, I didn’t. Not for sure.
If nothing happened, Bashir
could invent a reason to have
Taran’atar back in the Infirmary
– a follow-up scan, whatever –
and remove the device. But we’d
never know if we didn’t check.

So what did you find?

A hypnogogic suggestion. Not
unlike what Iliana Ghemor had
done to him last year.

Prophets... that poor guy. He
must be so confused. What did
she tell him to do?
Wait – she told him to block
the negotiations, didn’t she?

Good, you’re starting to put
things together. We didn’t
know what, until after our
encounter with the Ascendants
had gone so spectacularly
wrong, and Kira proposed the
alliance with the Dominion.


In the wardroom, Taran’atar looms at the far end of the table, with Kira, Vaughn and Sisko at the near end.

VAUGHN (v.o.)
Until he emphatically denied us
the alliance, despite it being
in his and our best interests...


Bashir is working in the Infirmary, alone. An alert goes off on one of his panels, and he goes to look...

VAUGHN (v.o.)
And Bashir’s scanner went into
overdrive at that exact moment.

Bashir reads the results of the scan with increasing dismay. It’s just what they were hoping it wouldn’t be.


Back to the bench...

Given that, it was a simple
matter of two plus two. Section
31 wants to keep Bajor from
allying with the Dominion.

Why would they want that?

You mean aside from the same
reasons that all of Bajor is
protesting about, and Bashir
himself resigned over?

Well, yeah.

Isn’t that enough?

Okay, now you’re confusing me.

My point is, it’s exactly the
same reasons. Or at least I
would guess it is. Keep Bajor
out of the fighting. Stop Kira
from putting Federation lives
at risk over a non-Federation
world. And keep the Dominion
fighting itself, so weakening
another potential enemy.

Well, you know what, I can
kinda see their point. Look at
Cardassia. They allied with the
Dominion, and it didn’t exactly
turn out too well for them.

Don’t you want to help the Eav’oq?

They don’t want our help.

Then what about yourself? The
Ascendants are coming for us,
Lieutenant. Once they’re done
with the Eav’oq, we’re next.

You don’t know that.

Unfortunately, yes I do. And as
things stand right now, we’re on
our own. The Federation already
refused to help any more than
they already have. Batanides
pushed for more. So did Akaar.
They were denied. We need the
Dominion. But Section 31 is
keeping that from us too.

Ro reluctantly accepts his reasoning – for the moment.

And there’s Taran’atar himself
to consider. 31 is using him
as their pawn. Taking the free
will of a sentient creature
for their own purposes.

Oh, come on. Are you seriously
asking me to feel sympathy for

You did just call him “that
poor guy.”

Ro blinks – yes she did. Her feelings are confused...

Listen, Lieutenant. Whatever
your feelings may be regarding


Ro talks to Taran’atar in the corridor...

I forgive you.


An invisible shape barrels Ro over in the corridor outside L’Haan’s quarters. Taran’atar unshrouds and hisses at her. A moment later, when he talks to the imaginary MU-L’Haan.

If I promise to go with you...
freely, of my own will... will
you spare them?

Ro is surprised, almost a little touched...


In Ro’s quarters, where with teary eyes, she knowingly and deliberately injects herself with the hypo of painkillers.


She remembers all this silently, while Vaughn continues...

VAUGHN (cont)
...what Section 31 did to him
is a violation of his rights.
It’s completely unethical.

Ro smirks smugly, knowing she just caught him out. Vaughn realizes he said the wrong thing. He grits his teeth.

I only asked Bashir to do that
to undo what 31 did. My goals
were noble. Theirs weren’t.

You’re not really selling your
case here, Commander. What I’m
hearing doesn’t paint you much
better than 31 themselves.

Vaughn is getting a bit indignant now. He doesn’t like being compared to his enemies.

I am nothing like Section 31.

They want to save Federation
lives, don’t they? You want
to put them in danger.

I’m trying to save the Eav’oq.
Putting our own lives in danger
to help innocents is exactly the
Starfleet way. And besides, it
wouldn’t even be Starfleet. It
would be Jem’Hadar. And they
love risking their lives.

For the Founders. Not for us.

If Odo orders them to do it,
they’ll do it. And Odo will
do whatever Kira wants him to.

Then why aren’t we talking to
Odo directly?

We tried. Kira begged Vannis to
talk to him. She refused. Her
orders are to follow Taran’atar’s
lead. Believe me, Lieutenant,
I’ve tried every angle. We need
the Dominion, and that means we
need Taran’atar in his right
mind. And that means we need
to find L’Haan and convince her
to fix what she did to him.

Can’t another Vulcan do it?

I have no doubt she’ll have
placed telepathic failsafes
around her handiwork to block
anyone else’s intrusion. It
has to be her.

Ro again reluctantly accepts his reasoning.

Okay, fine. It has to be L’Haan.
Now how exactly do you expect
to convince her to undo it?

By giving her exactly what she wants.

Off Ro’s curious and confused reaction to that...


As Bashir hands the padd to Kira in front of all of Ops.

This is my letter of resignation
as DS-Nine’s Chief Medical
Officer, effective immediately.


Ro’s jaw drops in amazement as she realizes...

Bashir? That’s why he quit? To
go join Section 31?

That’s why they think he quit.

But all those things he said
about refusing to go along
with Kira’s plan...

Well, of course. He had to be
convincing. I’d already tried
to track L’Haan myself...


In Kira’s office, during their first meeting with L’Haan. Vaughn hands her the padd with the rituals on it...

VAUGHN (v.o.)
...using the DNA sample I took
from the padd I gave her.


Ro smiles, impressed. Sneaky.

Naturally, she was too smart
for that. And the shuttle she
took from here back to Vulcan...
“Unexpectedly diverted” thanks
to a plasma storm. So I sent an
encoded message to Batanides...


As Vaughn and Nog receive the new crew transfers from the Aurora. Vaughn makes eye contact with one young ensign, just enough to convey that they are each other’s contacts.

VAUGHN (v.o.)
...and she sent a message back
that confirmed my suspicions.


Back at the bench...

That’s when I told Bashir that
his mission was a go.


Vaughn and Prynn are on the lower level of Quark’s, having lunch. They look up to the upper level, just in time to see Dax shoving her chair back from the table she had been sharing with Bashir and stomping away in disgust.

VAUGHN (v.o.)
He began deliberately starting
arguments with people.


On the bridge of the Defiant. Bashir has just told Kira and Sisko what he thinks of their plan.

VAUGHN (v.o.)
Expressing his dissatisfaction
and disdain for Kira’s plans.


The guest quarters of the Blackthorne, as Bashir records his message to Section 31.

VAUGHN (v.o.)
All the things I knew Section
31 would want to hear to make
them believe he’d finally come
around to their side.


Back to the bench. By now, Ro is up and pacing again, trying to process all of this.

Whereas in fact, he’s on a top-
secret mission from me to worm
his way into their good graces,
find L’Haan... and then bring
her back to us.

On Ro’s astonishment, and Vaughn’s determination...



TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"





Ro stands, absorbing everything Vaughns told her. Its hard work.

Alright. Why are you telling
me this? If youve got Bashir,
what do you want with me?

Well, the most immediate reason
is that the circumstances have
changed since I set that plan
in motion. I thought wed have
more time.

What do you mean?

I mean Prynn... Nog, Shar, Jake
and Rena. They went on a road
trip into the Gamma Quadrant.

(a what?)
A road trip?

A road trip. And in the course
of doing so, they found some
rather remarkable information...
information that forced me to
change my plans.

Vaughn remembers...


In the lounge area, KIRA and Vaughn sit together on one couch. Opposite are NOG and PRYNN.

Youve done amazing work, all of
you. I cant thank you enough.

Quite right. A reliable source
of information, straight from
the Ascendants themselves.
You should all be very proud.

We would be, sir, if we hadnt
had to watch an entire planet
destroyed to find it.

This information will help us
stop that from happening again,
Nog. Were a step ahead of them
now. We could set a trap...
...if we had anything to face
them with. As for the rest...
I said months ago Iliana was
still out there somewhere.
But with the Ascendants...

Not just with them, Captain.
Shes their equivalent of the
Emissary. Theyll do whatever
she wants them to do.

And what she wanted to do was
kill me.

Kira exchanges a worried glance with Vaughn. They share something silently, then turn back to the junior officers. Kiras earlier enthusiasm is rather dampened.

Keep this to yourselves for now,
Lieutenants. Ill discuss it
with Asarem, see how much she
wants to reveal. Till then...


Vaughn completes Kiras sentence...

...this is classified.

Ro nods her understanding, and slumps back onto the bench with weary wonder. Yet more revelations for her to handle.

Iliana Ghemor. She was enough
trouble with just a band of
random criminals under her
control. Now shes got her own
personal army to do whatever
she wants with? Hell...

Not only that. The Ascendants
are actively searching for Bajor.
The one Nog met, hed just found
out about the former New Bajor
colony in the Gamma Quadrant.

And Iliana knows exactly where
Bajor is... because she has all
of Kiras memories.

Not quite. She only has Kiras
memories up until the point she
was kidnapped by the Obsidian
Order. That was long before the
wormhole was discovered. Maybe
that explains why theyre not
already burning down our door.

Even so, it cant be much longer.
They could be here any minute.

Exactly. And thats why I need
to move up my plans as regards
Taranatar and LHaan.

But I still dont get what you
want with me. What can I do?

I dont have time to wait for
Bashir to wheedle his way into
Section 31 and find LHaan any
more. He doesnt have this new
information. So Im going to
have to take a chance... and
force the issue.

Ro slowly realizes what he means...

Youre going up against them yourself.

I am. And I want you with me.

Ros eyes flare in shock and surprise.

Me? But...

Youre my protg, Lieutenant.

First Im hearing of it.

I know. And thats partly my
own fault. Marta warned me not
to leave it too late to bring
someone new in. Of course, I did
exactly that. Stupid old fool.
Ive followed your career for
a long time, Laren. Ive been
impressed with you for a long
time. Since even before Garon
Two. Ive wanted it to be you
for a long time.

Wanted what to be me?

The one who replaces me.

Ro is dumbfounded for a moment. She gets up again, paces again. Vaughn lets her have a second its a tall order.

Im not going to last forever,
Laren. Ive already lived much
longer than I have any right to,
considering the kind of work
I do. My luck has to run out
sooner or later. And I need
someone I can trust to take
the reins when Im gone.

But me? Me of all people? The
biggest screw-up in Starfleet history?

Dont be so hard on yourself.
Weve all made our mistakes.
And we all have our scars.

But Garon Two... the Maquis...
Ive made a career out of
betraying everything Id sworn
an oath to.

No, youve made a career out of
choosing whats right over whats
expedient, regardless of what
your orders said. As a result,
Ive supported you wherever I
could. Argued on your behalf.
Even suggested to Kira that you
would make a suitable second
officer for the station.

So now youre telling me I
didnt even get the job on
my own merits?

Vaughn sighs, hangs his head. She can be such hard work.

You need to get past this idea
that things are either A or B,
with no overlap, Lieutenant.
Its entirely possible for me
to believe in you and promote
your career because you deserve
it, and to want you in a certain
position for my own purposes
at the same time. Theyre not
mutually exclusive.

Ro begrudgingly accepts that, with a mutter.

But youve got Bashir. Hes on
a mission for you right now. Hes
a genetically engineered super-
man, and hes obviously got the
motivation. Wouldnt he be the
better choice?

I thought so for a little while.
After the Sindorin mission...


Vaughn and Bashir meet on the darkened, abandoned Promenade of Empok Nor. As they talk...

VAUGHN (cont)
...we spoke at some length about
his joining me in the fight
against Section 31. But with
some further consideration...
I began to change my mind.


Back to the moonlit park...

Why? What did he do wrong?

Not wrong as such. Its just...
Julian would make a fine agent.
But the problem is, he thinks
he would too. Hes been playing
spy games on the holodeck for
years, learning at the feet of
Mister Garak. Im afraid he
thinks of it as... fun.

Is that a bad thing?

It could be. It might lead to
overconfidence. Treating it like
a game. And at the same time, he
has too much of a conscience. I
suppose that comes with being a
doctor. Im worried he wouldnt
be able to do what he needs to
without worrying it to death.

And you think I wouldnt? You
think I dont worry myself
into a coma about everything?

After the fact, maybe. But in
the moment, you just act. I need
that. You have the instincts.
You certainly have the tactical
training, I made sure of that.
Bashir was necessary for this
particular assignment. But hes
not right for the long-term mission.
(w/ feeling)
Youre the one, Lieutenant.

Im not sure I am.

Why not?

Havent you been listening to
me? Aside from the fact that
Ive been in and out of Star-
fleet more times than a Klingon
says the word honour, Im
recovering from a broken back

I thought you said it was fine.

Ro stops, caught out. She remembers...


Ro sits in her quarters, shivering and hugging herself on her bed. She looks across the room to where a hypospray sits on the table...


She covers again, blinking too fast...

It is. Im fine. But I cant
just... you know... go around
doing back-flips and pirouettes
all day long.

I should certainly hope thats
not part of the job description.

Ro smiles a little. She sits back down again.

Its not just that. Im not
the right person for the job,
Commander. Im just not.

Why? Explain it to me.

Hesitantly, she drags the admission out of herself.

When Bashir was talking about
wanting to stay out of the
Eavoq-Ascendant business...
about how it was none of our
concern... I agreed with him.


Ro talks to Dax outside Kiras office in Ops...

Maybe its just cause I dont
follow the Prophets or some-
thing... but I really dont
see why this is our problem.


On the bench, Ro is downcast, almost embarrassed...

You say Bashir was pretending.
Faking it. I wasnt.

Vaughn is not upset or offended. He sits and ponders.

Is that really how you feel?

Yeah. It is. So I guess this
conversation is over.

Whys that?

Because I agreed with Section
31. Stay out of it.

And what did you do about it?


Precisely. Whatever your own
misgivings, you trust Kira
enough to go along with her
plan. You didnt send someone
to brainwash an ambassador so
you could get your own way.
I know youre the right person
to help me fight Section 31,
Lieutenant. Shall I tell you
why I know that?

You can try.

Its because youve already
worked for Section 31 yourself.

Vaughn smiles at her calmly. As Ros eyes flare in alarm...



TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"





Ros eyes are wide with alarm. What on earth is he talking about? Does he suspect her of something? How could he? She hasnt done anything... has she?

Hes just smiling calmly back at her, unruffled, enigmatic.

Commander, I dont know what
youre talking about.

Its alright, Lieutenant. You
can relax. I know all about it.
In fact I probably know more
than you do.

She gets up yet again, begins to look around the park area anxiously. Is she in danger here?

Look, if youre talking about
what happened at Sindorin, you
know that wasnt on purpose.
Section 31 lied to us to get
us to do their dirty work...

Im not talking about Sindorin.

What the hell are you talking
about? Because if youre going
to accuse me of something, I
wish youd just get on with it
instead of sitting there all
smug and mysterious.

Do you remember what I said
to you the last time we sat
in this same spot together?


Ro and Vaughn sit together on this same bench, in this same park, but in bright sunlight, just after meeting Opaka. Vaughn looks around at the park, the memorial...


Back in the night time, Ro frowns, still wary...

Yes. You said you were glad
I was back in Starfleet.

Do you remember why I said it?

Frankly I never understood why.
But you did say you knew what
really happened on Garon Two.

Exactly. And thats why I know
youre the right person for the
job, whatever your self-image
tells you.

What happened on Garon Two was
that I killed my own commanding

I suppose, strictly speaking,
yes, you did do that. But the
thing is, I know why.

I told you why! Not everything
is some grand conspiracy.

Not everything, no. But this
was. And if youll just calm
down and take a seat, Ill
explain it all to you.


The usual starfield. The USS Wellington, a Niagara-class cruiser (like an Ambassador crossed with a Constellation), is just settling into orbit of a planet.

VAUGHN (v.o.)
Ten years ago, before I even
met Marta Batanides, there was
another man who was a part of
my little group. His name was
Commander Daniel Wade.

RO (v.o.)


The earlier flashback to Ros memories from Garon Two. Ro is a young Ensign, wearing an early TNG-era red uniform and her customary headband. She and her crewmates from the Wellington including Commander Wade and Lieutenant Caputo are hiding in their crumbling basecamp, under fire from the alien Seraphami. Focusing on Wade as he gives orders...


Back to the park...

Yes. He was a good friend and
a good agent. But he made a
fatal mistake. He let them
know he knew.

A lot of people know, dont
they? The entire senior staff
of DS-Nine, for example?

But they cant prove anything.
And if they wanted to tell, who
would believe them? The Council
would refuse to believe such a
thing was even possible.

But Section 31 didnt kill
Commander Wade.

Didnt they?



In the canyon, where the Seraphami appear to be in their healing trance, Wade is up on the rocks, about to shoot. Ro takes aim at him instead... and FIRES.


Ro is insistent on her version of events, on taking all the blame for herself...

I killed him. Well, actually
I only stunned him... but it
basically shone a spotlight on
his position so the Seraphami
could kill him.

All completely true, and yet
completely wrong at the same
time. I wasnt sure myself for
many years. I had my suspicions
of course, but nothing I could
prove. You helped me slot the
last piece of the puzzle into
place yourself, Lieutenant.
(off Ros look)
When you lost your memory.


Vaughn sits across the Ro on the couch in her quarters, while she relates the Garon Two tale to him...


On the bench...

I realise it wasnt the most
pleasant experience for you.
But I have to admit it proved
remarkably useful for me.

How so?

It was the tiniest thing.


Ro and Caputo are alone, laying down covering fire from their basecamp while Wade and the others head out...

Pretty fragile for terrorists,
if you ask me.

Ro reacts to Caputos use of the T word...


On the bench...

You mentioned how you flinched
at the Lieutenants use of the
word terrorist to describe
the Seraphami.

Yeah, so?

Well, that told me that you
were obviously still sensitive
to the issue of terrorism as
regards the Bajoran resistance.
And then it all made sense.

What did? Seriously Commander,
start giving me some straight
answers or Im gonna start
getting really annoyed.

Ah, the passion of the Bajoran
woman. Magnificent to behold.
Thats what they were counting
on, you know. Section 31. Your
passion for a cause. Heres
what Ive pieced together.


In the basecamp as the Wellington crew fire back at the Seraphami...

VAUGHN (v.o.)
Section 31 used their contacts
in the admiralty to have the
Wellington assigned to protect
the colonists in the Walepti
system. Now, that was an area
that had seen a marked rise in
activity by Seraphami so-called
freedom fighters. Thugs, really.
They had nothing for fight for
freedom from. Im sure 31 also
had access to your official
Starfleet record. Littered with
disciplinary notices, complaints
about a bad attitude, refusal to
follow orders, but best of all,
Bajoran. So they hatched a plan.

Out in the canyon, the Seraphami clamber down from the rocks and begin to advance on the Starfleet outpost...

VAUGHN (v.o.)
They leaked intelligence to the
Seraphami that a Starfleet team
was in their neighbourhood.
Undetectable back channels,
naturally. That all but guar-
anteed theyd come in firing.

The Starfleet team scrambles out of the line of fire...

Where did they come from? There
were no life signs!

As the rest of the scene continues...

VAUGHN (v.o.)
Obviously Commander Wade would
be down on the surface. He was
the Wellingtons First Officer,
thats just standard Starfleet
procedure. And as a rising star
in the tactical department, you
were very likely to be on his
team. So the stage was set.


Where Vaughn continues to explain...

As a Bajoran, you had a unique
sensitivity to the concept of
freedom fighters, whatever the
cause. So they forced you and
Wade and the Seraphami all into
a pressure cooker... and cooked
themselves up a nice massacre.

Ros face drops as she puts it all together...

They... made me do it?

I wouldnt say made you, so
much as... created a set of
circumstances in which your
actions were inevitable. You
sided with the Seraphami
over your sympathy for some
fellow terrorists, and the
result was eight dead officers,
including the one man they
actually wanted dead...

...Commander Wade.

Vaughn nods, and goes quiet. Gives Ro a chance to absorb. Shes sitting on the bench, almost fetal. Her hands are shaking. She lifts one, looks at it silently...


Having just been left in command of the station by Kira, Ro steps into Kiras office, her hands shaking in shock and withdrawal. She hides out of sight in the lounge area, sits down. Pulls a hypospray out of her boot and injects herself with the painkiller. The shaking slowly subsides.


Back at the bench, Ro is still shaking. She thinks of that hypospray. God, how she wants an injection right now.
She looks down at her boot theres a hypo stashed inside it. But of course she cant do it in front of Vaughn.

I went to prison for that.


They made me their patsy.


Used me to kill a good man.


Still shaking, she takes her fury and shock and forges it into determination. She looks back up at Vaughn...

Im in.

Vaughn doesnt respond at first. He gives her a moment to let her own decision sink in.

Are you certain?

(grit teeth)
I said Im in.

Take a moment here, Lieutenant.
Ive giving you the opportunity
to make this decision in full
knowledge of what youre getting
yourself into. You cant jump in
with both feet now out of sheer
fury, and then decide its too
deep for you later. If youre
in, youre in. For life.
Because if youre not, you can
turn around and walk away now.
I wont argue. I said that
before and I meant it.

Please. After everything youve
told me tonight? I pretty much
have to be in now, dont I?

Not at all. If you decide here
and now you dont want to be a
part of this, you can leave and
not say another word about it.

But... what about everything
youve told me? All the names?
All the secrets?

Oh, that wont be a problem.
You see, I drugged you with a
retroactive memory suppressant
the moment you arrived.

Ros eyes flare as she remembers...


The top of the episode. Ro has just arrived and she walks up to Vaughn... and he shakes her hand.


Ro realizes. Vaughn stares at her calmly...

If I dont give you the anti-
dote, youll go to bed tonight
and wake up tomorrow with no
recollection that you ever got
any message, that you ever came
to Bajor, or that you and I
ever had this conversation at
all. So... what do you say?

Off Ros astonished reaction...



TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"





Ro is staring at Vaughn with disbelief and something like betrayal. Did he really drug her? How could he do that?

You... drugged me?

Completely harmless. No side
effects past a mild headache.

Hes infuriatingly calm and assured about this. Shes still amazed he would actually do that to her. Then she gets a new idea, and she smiles wryly.

I get it. I get it. This is one
of those spy test things, isnt
it? You knew all along you could
get me to say yes. And once I
do, youll admit you never really
drugged me in the first place.

Vaughn gazes back at her, calm.

Isnt it?

I dont play that kind of game,
Lieutenant. I cant afford to.
The stakes are too high. Ive
told you nothing but the truth
all night. Why would I stop now?

Ro looks down at her hand the one Vaughn shook earlier. Looks at the skin of her palm, rubs it. It feels normal, no signs of drugs. She shows it to Vaughn, victorious, as if
it proves her case.

Theres nothing there.

Thats because I didnt put it
on your hand.


Before Ro arrived. With only two of the four transport inhibitor modules set up, Vaughn walks around the area, spraying the contents of a small aerosol can into the air.

VAUGHN (v.o.)
Its in the air.


Vaughn continues...

Odourless. Dissipates naturally
within a couple of hours. Never
shows up on any standard medical
scan. But one hundred per cent
effective. I took the antidote
myself before you arrived. I
have more for you if thats what
you decide you want. But if
youd rather forget all about it,
then walk away now, and live
your life.

I could tell the whole station
before I go to bed.

Well, lets see. First of all,
you gave me your word that this
would remain between us, and
I intend to hold you to that.
Second, youd be putting Doctor
Bashir, me, the entire mission,
and every person on the station
in danger.

Its a three-hour ride back to
the station from here. Plenty
of time to type it all up into
the computer.

Vaughn gives her a look of mild derision and pity, as if to say, Come on, dont be so nave.

But of course youd just delete
it. I bet theres no trace of any
message on my comm system
either, is there?

This isnt my first time, Laren.
I have to protect my interests
just as much as Section 31 do.
But, as Ive been attempting to
make clear to you all night,
in all the important ways I am
nothing like them. They killed
TPrynn. They killed Wade. Im
prepared to let you walk away
and live the rest of your life
in blissful ignorance. I dont
lie or threaten. You have the
choice of whether you want to
join this life or not. If you
want out, Ill let you out and
Ill go it alone. But if youre
in, its for good. This is the
night you decide the course of
the rest of your life. So take
your time and understand what
Im asking you to do.

Vaughn has been quite eloquent. Ro does think it over.

Im asking you to dedicate your
life to fighting an insidious
cancer within the very heart
of the Federation. To protect
the citizens of the Federation
and beyond from the immoral
actions of that disease. By my
side for as long as I am able,
and alone if need be once Im
gone. Which likely wont be
much longer now. And to do so
in such secrecy that no-one but
no-one can ever know the good
youve done for them.

Ro doesnt respond yet. Shes doing just what he told her thinking about every word.

Im sorry to be burdening you
with the kind of life Ive had
to live, Lieutenant. I dont do
it lightly. But its precisely
because of everything youve
already lived through, and come
out the other side, that I know
youre strong enough to handle
it. And Im sorry to be blunt,
but the fact that you have no
family, no significant romantic

Ro reacts to that thought...


In the Infirmary, after Ro has recovered all her memories. She steps up to Quark, thanks him, and places a tender but definitely meaningful kiss on his lips.


Vaughn finishes the thought...

VAUGHN (cont) long-term ties anywhere,
well, that just makes you the
ideal candidate for the job.

Good for me.

I suppose I cant say that you
and I have ever been friends,
exactly. And maybe well never
be friends. My impression is that
you deliberately keep people at
arms length to avoid getting
hurt any more than necessary.
Thats certainly understandable,
given your history. But whether
were friends or not, I respect
you. A great deal. I believe in
you, even if you dont believe
in yourself. Im proud of what
youve achieved in your life.
Im honoured to think youd be
the one to carry on my legacy.
But I dont want you to do
anything you dont want to do.
So it has to be your choice.

He finally goes quiet. Hes said everything he can say to try to convince her. Its up to her now.

She takes a deep breath. Slowly stands, steps onto the path. She looks up at the memorial, the broken girder in its stone base. She orders her thoughts.

Finally she turns back to Vaughn. Entirely calm and sober.

Im in.

Why? Tell me your reasons.

Theres a bit of retribution in
there, I wont deny that. You
already told me you felt the
same. If its good enough for
you, its good enough for me.

Vaughn nods simply, accepting that.

And Ive seen first hand what
Section 31 are prepared to do.
Even if I agreed with their
reasons, which I freely admit
I occasionally have done, Im
never going to agree with their
methods. Ive made my mistakes,
and Ive paid for them every
time. They never pay for any-
thing. They have no oversight.
They answer to no-one. Thats
a recipe for dictatorship.

The road to hell...

RO paved with good intentions.
But it doesnt matter what their
intentions are. It matters what
they do about them. And what
they do deserves to be punished.
I always was.

Anything else?

Ro pauses, considering it. Yes, theres something else.


The moment when Ro first decides to join the Maquis. The old paternal figure Macias is on the ground, dying from phaser wounds after a Cardassian raid. Ro holds his hand, urging him to hold on...

When an old fighter like me
dies... someone always steps
forward to take his place...

Macias looks into her eyes for a last time, and dies.


Ro stands, Vaughn sits...

You were right before. It is an
honourable cause. Its right for
someone to carry it on after you.
Im flattered that you think Im
capable of it. And Ill try not
to let you down, sir.

Vaughn takes a moment. Hes profoundly relieved, a little flattered himself, and proud to boot. He gets up, stretches his own aged bones. He stands beside Ro on the path.

Thank you, Laren. And I think
you can call me Elias now.

She stretches out her own hand, grasps his, and they shake. Its a handshake that will change Ros life forever. That done, she takes another breath and steadies her nerves.

Now what?

Now we go into action. When you
return to your office, youll
find an invitation to join the
advanced tactical training course
on Kel-Artis Station. Once at
Kel-Artis, youll come down with
an aggressive strain of Ankaran
flu and remain in your quarters
for the entire duration.

What about you?

Julian already resigned, so hes
covered. Even so, having three
senior officers away from the
station all at once would send
up a red flag. So Im not going
anywhere, at least not officially.
Kira will submit regular status
reports in my name, fake the
replicator activity in my
quarters, and so on. To any
outside observers, should there
be any, Ill appear to be at my
post as usual.

But what about the rest of the
Ops crew? What about Prynn?
Someones bound to notice youre
not actually there. Somebodys
going to realise the truth.

Doesnt matter what the truth
actually is. Only matters what
enough people think the truth is.
If we play this right, Section 31
should have no idea were coming
for them until its too late.

And once were away from the
station, what then?

Vaughn pauses to emphasise the gravity of this.

I want you to understand the
kind of mission were about to
embark on. Im used to battling
the intelligence agencies of
enemy states. Thats old news.
But this is the first time Ill
be directly confronting an
agency of our own government.
(beat; sigh)
I dont think they even know
my little group exists. Up to
now, Ive managed to keep their
worst excesses in check without
revealing myself. That wont be
possible this time. If were
going to find LHaan, then it
means infiltrating 31 directly,
dealing with them face to face.

Vaughn gazes up at the memorial. Ro lets him.

I suppose Ive always known this
day would come, ever since I
first took up the fight. And if
they find out about me... that
means theyll find out about you
too. I cant help that. Just the
nature of the mission. And if
they know youre working against
them, theyll take that into
account. And that means youll
have to work all that harder.

Well have to work harder. Were
in this together, Elias.

I hope so, Laren. I truly do.
But I cant shake the feeling
that your first mission against
Section 31... could very well
turn out to be my last.

As Vaughn and Ro stand together in the dark...



TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"

FINALLY. The relaunch had left this one hanging since "Abyss". Vaughn talked a big talk there, and then did (seemingly) nothing for several years. Nice to know that other stuff has been under the surface, and that at least he has been thoughtful enough to let his superiors know.

I find the explanation of what really happend in Ro's past a little overly convulted, but I guess that's to be expected whenever Section 31 is involved so there has to be some suspension of disbelief there.

I had figured Bashir was going the Season 1 Tom Paris route, so that wasn't too much of a surprise. But wasn't expecting him to need saving. In retrospect Ro seems like an excellent choice to join this group. It would be nice to see if 31 could ever be brought to task over all they have done. They always just slip away.

I also appreciate through Ro, for the first time I believe, someone has remarked that they actually agree with some of what 31 has done. Yes, they function almost completely against the intent of the UFP- but let's not forget, it was these guys whom essentially won the Dominion War (with the help of Sisko doing some underhanded trickery himself, bringing the Romulans into it). Also love DS9 allowing for some shades of grey.
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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"

Thanks for commenting, Wally.

Wally wrote: View Post
FINALLY. The relaunch had left this one hanging since "Abyss". Vaughn talked a big talk there, and then did (seemingly) nothing for several years. Nice to know that other stuff has been under the surface, and that at least he has been thoughtful enough to let his superiors know.
Like the thing with the Wa, I felt like there were some tiny moments here and there that were setting something up with Vaughn and Ro. Straight away in Avatar, there's the moment where he talks to Kira about how Picard spoke up for her, and tried to ask Ro herself how she liked the tactical course he designed. In Fragments and Omens, he says he knows what "really" happened on Garon II. Little bits and pieces like that, which I thought were leading somewhere. So I decided to follow where they went.

As to why I decided to do it now, well it all came out of The Soul Key again. Taran'atar killed L'Haan. That led to the katra thing. Which led me to our L'Haan and Section 31. Which led me to the business with Bashir, and now with Ro. And I've been setting this up since the first ep of the season, where Vaughn says to Batanides, "I have someone else in mind, and not who you'd think." He's referring to Ro and Bashir respectively there.

Wally wrote: View Post
I find the explanation of what really happend in Ro's past a little overly convulted, but I guess that's to be expected whenever Section 31 is involved so there has to be some suspension of disbelief there.
I don't know that it's that complicated. They do love to manipulate people to do what they want them to do - we saw that in "Inter Arma" and Abyss, among others. They just put certain people together and created the outcome they wanted.

If Vaughn knew what "really" happened, well that suggested to me that Section 31 must have been involved. I looked at what had already been established about the Garon II mission - in the TNG comic "The Choice," which I incorporated into my episode 9 "Blank Slate" - and tried to figure out how S31 could possibly have been involved in it, especially since both Ro and Akaar had to genuinely believe it really was her fault.

The answer was them manipulating events behind the scenes. Why? To kill one of the people who died there. Who? Wade, who was the most prominent non-Ro character in that scene. Why? Because he was in Vaughn's group. Which is how Vaughn knows about it. And Ro was just the scapegoat, but it affected her life and self-esteem ever since. If she hadn't taken the fall for a S31 mission, maybe she would have never got kicked out of Starfleet the first time, and everything could have been different.

Wally wrote: View Post
I had figured Bashir was going the Season 1 Tom Paris route, so that wasn't too much of a surprise. But wasn't expecting him to need saving. In retrospect Ro seems like an excellent choice to join this group. It would be nice to see if 31 could ever be brought to task over all they have done. They always just slip away.
Yeah, with Bashir, I was aware of the similarity with the Tom Paris storyline (nitpick - that was actually s2 of Voyager, not s1). Just like I was aware of the Ro painkiller addiction storyline being like T'Pol's trellium addiction. And I was worried about both while plotting the season out, and whether I should drop the plotlines altogether. But I reasoned that in both cases, I came to the ideas based just off the characters and the plots of the season, not through any desire to "copy" anything, and therefore I could get away with it. I think the stories work with what's been established about both characters, and are vital for their arcs for the season.

Wally wrote: View Post
I also appreciate through Ro, for the first time I believe, someone has remarked that they actually agree with some of what 31 has done. Yes, they function almost completely against the intent of the UFP- but let's not forget, it was these guys whom essentially won the Dominion War (with the help of Sisko doing some underhanded trickery himself, bringing the Romulans into it). Also love DS9 allowing for some shades of grey.
Ro not really thinking they should get involved with the Eavoq actually comes out of a moment in Warpath, where Ancient Bajoran General Renla (aka Ro in Kira's prophet vision) says exactly that - it's none of our business, let's just wait it out behind the mountain. And since that is precisely what I thought S31's motivation would be as well, it made sense to add it up. But it does also tie into, as you say, the grey moral areas that S31 are ideal for exploring. If one of our main characters actually agrees with them, can they really be that bad?

Believe it or not, I actually do have more to say about this episode. But I'm hoping to stimulate a bit more conversation and comment first. Anyone?

TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"

Nice job with something that had never been done in the Trek universe. It had the feel of stage play with just two people in the same setting the whole story. And with the flashbacks clarifying what happened earlier, more pieces of the puzzle are added. It had the same feel as the Tom Paris arc in season two of Voyager, coupled with the Michael Garibaldi arc in season four of Babylon 5 and Daniel Jackson pretending to be brainwashed in the final season of Stargate SG-1.

Based on what we know from Zero Sum Game, 2378 was about the time Sarina Douglas was recruited into Intelligence and then Section 31 some time later. If L'Haan could so easily use a mind meld to manipulate Taran'atar, 31 theoretically could have immediately gone through with using Sarina to bring Bashir over to their side. Instead, that doesn't happen until four years later, possibly in response to Vaughn's little scheme seen here.
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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x15 - "Inside Out"

Enterprise1981 wrote: View Post
Nice job with something that had never been done in the Trek universe. It had the feel of stage play with just two people in the same setting the whole story.
For some reason that just seemed to me to be the way to go with this one. I knew this would be the one where I basically laid all my cards on the table, explained everything that's been going on all season, and set the storylines on course for the end of the season. And with that much exposition to get out, there wasn't room for any "plot" as such.

The type of episode where you put two characters in a room and have them hash it out is often one of my favourite type of stories - if the people have interesting stuff to say, it can be just as nailbiting as any action epic. But this is taking it a step further. I was worried I might not be able to make what is essentially nothing more than an hour-long conversation between two people interesting enough for viewers/readers to stick with for an entire episode. But I hope I pulled it off.

As you say, it's a stage play. A doddle for set builders, and a week off for almost the entire rest of the cast. But sooooo much dialogue to learn for the actors of Vaughn and Ro - especially Vaughn. And how does a dirctor make two people sitting on a bench for an hour visually interesting? I have no idea.

And with the flashbacks clarifying what happened earlier, more pieces of the puzzle are added.
I counted it up, and there are flashbacks to nine different episodes going back more than two seasons of DS9, and even including a TNG episode. In one sense it just visually breaks up the scene a bit, but in another I think it's necessary to show as much as possible rather than just tell. If you can show the viewer the clip you're talking about, I think they're more likely to actually recall it than if you just mention it in dialogue. People often remember things in a visual way, and I try to remember that I'm writing a screenplay here, not just a prose story, and take advantage of the format.

It had the same feel as the Tom Paris arc in season two of Voyager, coupled with the Michael Garibaldi arc in season four of Babylon 5 and Daniel Jackson pretending to be brainwashed in the final season of Stargate SG-1.
Yeah, as I said above, I'm aware of the Tom Paris similarity, and I'm slightly uncomfortable about it but I felt like it had to be done. I never really watched Stargate so I'm not familiar with Daniel Jackson's story there. If you're talking about Bester programming Garibaldi in B5 season 4, then yes, I suppose that would be the closest analogue. But at least for the first half of the Taran'atar-L'Haan plot this season - the katra business - I was more picturing Crichton and Harvey from Farscape season 2. That idea of the little angel on your shoulder, constantly whispering in your ear and driving you mad. Are you really losing your mind, or is something screwing with you? Is there a difference?

Based on what we know from Zero Sum Game, 2378 was about the time Sarina Douglas was recruited into Intelligence and then Section 31 some time later. If L'Haan could so easily use a mind meld to manipulate Taran'atar, 31 theoretically could have immediately gone through with using Sarina to bring Bashir over to their side. Instead, that doesn't happen until four years later, possibly in response to Vaughn's little scheme seen here.
I don't know if it would be as easy with anyone else as it was with Taran'atar. As a Jem'Hadar he's the perfect choice to try this with - a brain and mind specifically designed to do what it's told and follow orders no matter what. He's not used to having any control over his own life, so he's a soft target.

Thanks again for reading - next ep coming at the weekend.

TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

Read DS9 SEASON 10 and DS9 SEASON 11 !
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