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Old March 2 2012, 11:03 PM   #1
Admiral_Ranor's Universe

Please forgive me for I am new at this. Admiral_Ranor's universe is one of coexistence. This does not just include the Federation and Klingons working in harmony with the. They may come in later stories. The stories depicted here showcase a history that combines the histories of Power Rangers, DC Super-Heroes, X-Men, Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, certain Transformers series, and other little bits and bobbles here and there. These universes coexist in one universe. I welcome any constructive criticism to the story, but in order to avoid unnecessary confrontation and argument., please don't criticize my choice of combinations. Please enjoy them as I attempt to bring them to you.
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Re: Admiral_Ranor's Universe

This story contains the crew of Star Trek the Early Voyages as well as an Original character, two characters from Mortal Kombat and a Shinkenger (Power Rangers Samurai) reference. Please enjoy and critique.


Captain’s Log Stardate 958.7. The Enterprise is coming dangerously close to Klingon Space to explore rumors of a Vulcan civilization living on a planet near Galdonterre. We are to discover how these Vulcans came to live here and discover a way for them to rejoin their brethren on the home world. I have very low hopes after the incident several years ago involving the U.S.S. Cortez and a place known by it’s inhabitants as ‘The-Last-of-All-Cities.’ I have informed Starfleet of my concerns, but they, as well as the Vulcan High Command, were adamant about their request. Vulcan hopes to re-educate the inhabitants in the ways of Surak. I hope the inhabitants of this planet will agree, though I have a feeling they won’t.

Captain Christopher Pike looked to his helmsman, the slightly darker skinned Asian woman in a tan duty shirt named Sita Mohindas, and asked, “How soon before arrive at the new planet Lieutenant?”

She responded, “One hour and fifteen minutes sir.”

He nodded and sat in his chair. Pushing a button, Captain Pike said, “Address intercraft. This is Captain Pike. Senior Officers report to the briefing room. Repeat Senior officers report to the briefing room.” With that he pushed the button again and turned off intercraft communications. He stood up and headed towards the turbolift.

Following him was Lieutenant Mohindas; his half-Vulcan science officer Lieutenant Spock; his first officer, Commander Eurydice Robbins whom he nicknamed Number One; the chief Navigator, Lieutenant Jose Tyler in a Tan uniform shirt; his chief communications officer in a blue uniform a purple being from the planet Liria, Lieutenant Nano; and the Captain’s Yeoman, Julia Mia Colt in a gold uniform.

The assistant Chief Engineer was on the bridge. Pike turned around in the lift and said, “Mister Scott, you have the Conn.”

The Scotsman nodded to his Captain and replied, “Aye sir.” He looked at Nano’s relief, Chief Petty Officer Garrison and said, “Looks like I got th’ bridge again.” Garrison smirked and nodded.


Later, in the Briefing room, the group from the bridge arrived taking their seats. They were soon followed by Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Philip Boyce, Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Moves-with-Burning Grace a Masai from Eristas, Chief of the Marine detachment aboard the Enterprise, an Andorian in a green uniform, Major Shitan Sear, Chief Transporter Officer Nils Pitcairn and Chief of Security Lieutenant Valerie Karter in a blue uniform, an enigma of a woman, but trusted by the entire crew.

Captain Pike said, “I’m not going to sugar coat this for you, people. We have been requested, by Starfleet and the Vulcan Counsel, to beam down and make First Contact with a society that left Vulcan during the Age of Logic. I’m not sure how we will be greeted but I doubt it will be with open arms.”

Lieutenant Karter said, “Perhaps we should send down a security team first to secure the area Captain.”

Pike sighed and said, “I’ve discussed all the security measures with Starfleet and the Vulcan Counsel and they still state I should take only two security guards with me. Anyone else is Captain’s discretion.”

“Captain, that is ludicrous. You could be walking right in the middle of a trap,” replied Karter.

“I would tend to agree,” Lieutenant Spock said. “From our experience with T’Kell and Sutek, any society that left Vulcan because of Surak’s teachings has the highest potential of being a dangerous society.”

Captain Pike nodded and said, “I agree with you Spock, but Starfleet’s order stands.”

Boyce looked at Pike for a few moments then said, “I know anyone you bring along is at your discretion, so why not take Reg, Kitana and Jade with you? They were Ambassadors only a few years ago, not to mention we all know how well they are in hand to hand combat.”

Pike said, “Yes but if we let the three of them go down and they get killed, Starfleet would never let me hear the end of it. No, for this mission I’ll take Sear, Colt and you, Boyce.”

Karter responded, “But Captain…”

Pike shook his head and said, “No buts, Lieutenant. Assign two of your best Security guards to accompany us. We’ll need them. Any other comments people?” There was silence from the rest of the group. He nodded and said, “Then dismissed. Phil can I have a word?”

Everyone else stood up and left, all but Doctor Boyce. When the others left Pike looked at his old friend and asked, “So Phil, why did you suggest the Ranors?”

Boyce smirked looking at Captain Pike and answered with a question of his own, “How long have they been on this ship now?”

Pike rolled his eyes smiling at Boyce. “About Eight years. They are great at hand to hand combat, considering….”

Boyce smirked, and nodded.

“Not so much with lasers,” Pike added.

Boyce chuckled at the Captain and said, “From what Valerie tells me they have been getting better.” Pike nodded still with a worried look on his face. Boyce could interpret this look very well and asked, “Worried about the mission Chris?”

Pike nodded and said, “It’s the Last-of-All-Cities all over again.”

Boyce raised his hand as he spoke and moved it around to emphasize his words, “That time we were looking for the Cortez. This is a little different.”

Pike nodded and turned from him looking at the mission board. He sighed and said, “If only I could have refused those orders…”

Boyce finished, “Then someone else would have been sent, less prepared than you are now.”

Pike nodded in agreement. He sighed loudly looking down. He said, “Phil, stop by my cabin later. Val and I both could use a drink.”

“Will do, Captain.” Boyce laughed at this and stood up leaving Pike alone with his thoughts.


An hour later, Christopher Pike was in his quarters taking off his shirt. He still had a lot on his mind when Valerie walked up from behind kissing him on the cheek. She said, “You know I hate it when you take the Marine over me.”

Chris smiled turning to her and embracing her. He said, “I know Val, but I am trying not to show favoritism. Besides you went on the last mission.” She sighed removing her shirt and chuckled. Pike said, “Hey Phil is coming by later.”

She chuckled and said, “Not like he hasn’t seen me in my underwear before.” She removed her pants next and started rummaging through their shared closet for an off duty outfit.

Chris chuckled walking over and pulling out a blue and green collared t-shirt he said, “Yeah and last time that happened, Phil nearly had a heart attack.” She chuckled pulling out a modest tan miniskirt and a blue and pink striped top. She put them on just as Doctor Boyce knocked on the door. Chris said, “Good timing, Val. Come in, Phil.”

Doctor Boyce walked in with a brown case and smiled at them. He said, “Well that at least is a good sign. The furniture is unbroken and you two have silly smiles on your faces. Looks like your argument didn’t last long.”

Valerie chuckled and said, “We were having company come over. Can’t have much of an argument when that happens.”

Boyce rolled his eyes and said, “Fine fine. Well how about some Martinis.” He opened his case and started fixing drinks.

Pike smiled and said, “I can always count on the good Doctor to help keep a level head. Though I am still wondering why you suggested the Ranors, Phil.”

Boyce smiled and said, “Well Jade is a good soldier according to Shitan, Kitana is one of the best pupils I’ve ever had, and I am getting high praises from Grace about Reg. Figured it might be time for them to finally go out on a mission. They have preformed well on all their tests and deserve a reward.”

Pike took his drink from Boyce and said, “You’re talking about them as if they are kids.”

Boyce smiled handing a drink to Valerie and said, “Sorry Chris. Sometimes you see the Silver uniform and you forget the person behind it.” The three chuckled.


Time seemed to pass slowly for the crew as they came up to the planet. Once they arrived at the planet Number One turned to Garrison and said, “Mister Garrison, contact the Captain and have him come to the bridge.” Garrison nodded sending the message.

Pike laid in his bed with his arm casually over Valerie’s midsection. He yawned lazily look at her and smiling. Garrison’s call woke him and Valerie up quickly. Pike said, “Pike here.” He sat up straightening himself.

Garrison replied, “Captain, we have arrived at the planet.”

Pike groaned a bit as he rubbed the back of his neck. He looked at Valerie who just shrugged at him. He nodded and said, “Senior Officers to the bridge, Mister Garrison.”

“Aye sir,” came the reply.

Later, with the senior officers on the bridge, Pike looked at the planet on the screen. He seemed to stare at it for an eternity when Lieutenant Spock asked, “Orders, Captain?”

Pike looked to him and nodded. He stood up and said, “Better get this over with. Major Sear, Doctor Boyce; report to the Transporter Room.” He looked over to Yeoman Colt, who nodded, heading to the turbolift.

Carter pulled out her communicator and said, “Philips, Anderson; report to the Transporter Room to accompany the Captain.” She received a positive response and nodded to Pike. “Chris, I have a bad feeling about this.”

Pike nodded, looking at the turbolift, and headed towards it. He entered, turned around and finally replied, “You’re not the only one, Val.” She gasped hearing him say her name like that. When he’s on duty, they use their ranks and last names. Whenever he calls her by her first name affectionately like he just did, it was usually a bad omen. She nodded as the doors closed.

The party met in the transporter room as they finished arming themselves, adding communicators and some equipping themselves with the new tricorders. Pike knew to be cautious so he had the Security Officers, Colt and Sear arm themselves with Phaser Rifles. Boyce looked at Pike and asked, “A little overkill, don’t you think?”

“Don’t you remember the armor from the Last-of-All-Cities, Phil? They could handle a full blast from a Laser. This isn’t overkill. It should be just enough,” Pike responded looking at his friend then stepping on the pad.

The others followed suit as Pike nodded to Chief Pitcairn and his assistant Petty Officer Second Class Hirohito Tani, worked the controls sending the landing party down.

Once the landing party had beamed away, Hirohito took out a box from under his uniform. The box was black in color with silver lining and the Japanese kanji symbol for Forrest written in green on the front. It was attached to a string around his neck. He looked at it and sighed.

Chief Pitcairn looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Hirohito looked at him and said, “I should have gone with them. I’m a Samurai…”

Pitcairn asked, “You think that charm could help, too? You do realize it’s the twenty-third century, not feudal Japan.”

Hirohito said, “Then you don’t understand what it means.”

Pitcairn sighed and nodded. He said, “Guess I don’t. But I am still glad you’re here on the Enterprise.” Hirohito just smiled.
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Old March 2 2012, 11:36 PM   #3
Re: Admiral_Ranor's Universe


As they looked around, Pike and Boyce both noticed how the terrain reminded them of the planet Vulcan, with its red sands and desert landscape.

Boyce held up his tricorders and said, “The highest concentration of people is south by south-west; about Fifteen kilometers from here.” Pike nodded and they started moving.

Within minutes, however, Pike heard a scream. He turned around and cried out, “Anderson!” Standing over Anderson’s fallen body was a desert looking warrior with staff with what looked like a barrel on one ended and a strange looking spear head on the other. “Damn, just like those others.” Philips fired his rifle taking out the attacker. As soon as he did, a leather strap wrapped tightly around his neck several times before a pair of rocks smashed his nose. Philips fell just as fast. Before the other four could react, they were surrounded.

Their universal translators were keyed in to Vulcan when one of the attackers said, “If you do not wish to end up like those other two, drop your weapons.” Pike looked at his officers. They knew they wouldn’t make it out alive so he nodded to them. Colt and Sear dropped their rifles while Pike dropped his laser. Boyce was still holding his tricorder.

A female voice said, “He said to drop your weapons.”

Boyce responded holding the tricorder up in the air, “This is not a weapon. It is a tool used to scan for other life forms.”

The female approached the four carefully and took it from his hand. She looked at it, pressed a few buttons only to hear it beep but nothing else. She asked, “What are you, stranger?”

Boyce said, “I am a Doctor aboard…”

She handed the device back to him and said, “Keep your tool, physician.”

Pike stepped forward a little. The others took it as an aggressive move and concentrated their weapons primarily on him. He said, “I am Captain Christopher Pike of the Federation Starship Enterprise. I was sent by the Vulcan people…”

The first one who had spoken stood up a little straighter and lowered his weapon. He asked, “Vulcan? Have they cast out the fools who deem Logic more important than the warrior’s heart?”

Pike said, “No they have not, but…”

He glared at Pike and said, “You have no business here. We escaped Vulcan to avoid that catastrophe. However, we cannot simply let you leave. A bargain must be struck. You will present your case to the Majestrix.”

The ones behind the group pushed them forward moving them to the city. Pike asked, “What about our fallen comrades?”

The man spoke, “What would you want with empty husks? They are dead. They died in battle. If only we could do the same to go and meet Festi in the afterlife.”

The group kept moving towards the city. People came out to look at the strange beings as they headed towards a military styled castle. The red bricks seemed to almost make the palace fade into the background. One thing that stuck out in the mind of Yeoman Colt was the spikes on the edges of the building. They seemed to be curved in the same style as Outworld architecture. There also seemed to be carved Seh’lat heads placed strategically around the building. Turning back Boyce noticed that the walls looked reminiscent of those mentioned in the time of Alexander the Great. The people could certainly protect themselves if they were attacked from land and still have room to attack back.

Inside there was great contrast from outside. The palace was colored in purple and lavenders. The stone statures seemed to be made out of the fines marble. The throne room was arrayed in different shades as the throne was made out of superb looking granite. The Majestrix herself was of darker complexion wearing a crimson robe with gold highlights. On either side of her stood priests in red and white robes. There were also other members of the court around the room. They looked to be noble by the silver armor and high priced colors.

The leader walked up to her and bowed respectfully. He said, “Majestrix, more offworlders for your review.”

She looked at them and said, “Weaklings all. I doubt you would even accept the challenge.”

Pike asked, “What challenge is that?”

The Majestrix said, “A fight to the death; between one of your people and one of mine.”

Pike said, “You’re right, I wouldn’t.” Sear looked at him in surprise. His honor was questioned by this woman and he was not ready to let it go.

The Majestrix said, “Very well. Execute them all.”

Pike was not concerned with his own safety, but he had to make sure that his crew made it back alive. This was not what Starfleet had wanted, so he needed to do all he could to get his crew home. He said, “Alright! Alright, I’ll accept, but I need to let my crew know.”

She looked at him and said, “Your crew is here. Unless you are referring to the people on the strange looking vessel up in space we were about to destroy.”

He nodded and said, “That would be my crew.”

She nodded and said, “Very well. You may contact them. I hope you have one warrior among you who is not afraid to lay their life on the line.”

Sear said, “I’ll do it right here and now you…”

She said, “Temper, temper, alien. You have no weapons on you. It wouldn’t be a fair fight.”

Sear responded, “And executing us because we don’t fight is fair?”

She answered, “You are trespassers on my world. I am being fair by giving you a chance to fight for your lives. That is fair.”

Pike walked a bit away and pulled out his communicator from his jacket. He opened it and said, “Pike here.”

Number One’s voice came over the communicator, “Landing party, come in.”

Pike said, “They are planning to execute us unless we accept their challenge.”

Number One asked, “What kind of Challenge, Captain.”

Pike responded, “A fight to the death.”

The bridge crew looked at each other uneasily. Cadets Reginald Ranor, Kitana Ranor and Jade Ranor were on the bridge working different stations learning how to run a ship in case one of them had to take command. They looked at each other feeling that one of them might go down.

Number One responded, “Don’t you have Major Sear down there, Captain?”

Pike replied, “They claimed he doesn’t have a weapon. I think Lasers are not allowed.”

Karter said, “I can be down there in minutes with a sword, Captain.”

Pike answered, “No way, Lieutenant. You may have good fighting skills, but you are not the same strength level as these guys.”

Karter grunted, but she couldn’t deny the fact he was right.

Jade stood up and said, “I’ll do it. I have a healing factor, Captain.” Reginald and Kitana looked at her. She waved them off without returning their gaze.

Pike asked, “Cadet, you do realize how much value Starfleet has put on you and the others?”

Jade replied, “If that was the case, they wouldn’t have let us into Starfleet.”

Pike chuckled and said, “That is true. Just remember to come out of this one alive. You have a place in history.”

She nodded and said, “Will do, sir.” She headed off.

Pike asked, “Number One, do you think I am doing the right thing?”

Number One replied, “Captain, they are going to have to make their own dangerous decisions eventually. They may have to make the tough choices we always do. It could also turn them into the heroes the history books say they become.”

Reginald and Kitana both smirked hearing this. They were still young when they made the decision to come to the future. Jade followed Kitana because she was her protector and guardian. They are learning how to follow others and protect people. Hopefully this will also teach them to give orders when need be.

Pike said, “Understood. Pike out.” He closed the communicator and walked back towards the Majestrix and said, “I have a challenger. One of my crew will face your champion in a fight to the death.”

As he said that Jade, in her silver uniform with a green headband, beamed down. She looked at the Majestrix and said, “I, Cadet Jade Ranor, accept the challenge.”

The Majestrix took one look at Jade and laughed. She said, “You send a child to fight my warrior. You insult me.”

Jade narrowed her eyes. A green hexagonal disc appeared in her right hand instantly. She threw it at an arc like a boomerang. As it flew, three long curved blades sprung out and it flew towards the Majestrix. No one moved as it grew dangerously close to her nose before curving and returning to Jade. She caught it with her left hand and pulled a small stick out with her right. She lifted it slightly as it extended to full length. She asked, “Is this enough?”

The Majestrix laughed and said, “Very well Cadet. Impress me with your battling skills. The lives of all your crew, both here and in space are at stake.”

Jade asked, “May I change into my fighting gear first?” The Majestrix nodded. Jade smiled and yelled out, “MORTAL KOMBAT!” In an instant she glowed a purple energy. When that glow faded she was in a green one piece with a black belt, elbow length green gloves and knee high green boots with black accents and a green mask covering the lover half of her face. She said, “Now I am prepared to fight.”

The Majestrix looked at Jade in a bit of surprise. She had heard tale of a race called Edenians who had abilities similar to the ones jade has exhibited, but before now they were only rumors. To kill one that lived long would give you their powers. Or so she thought. She said, “Tuvok, you will fight this maiden.”

A large very dark skinned man walked up. Rather than wearing the normal armor of the military, he wore a cloth loincloth and armor over his left arm. A black belt surrounded his midsection. Boyce noticed how he looked very close to a Roman Gladiator. He held a long lirpa, and an ahn-woon dangled from his belt. To Colt, it looked like this Vulcanoid was hopped up on old earth steroids. The Majestrix nodded to one of her priests, who rang the gong, signaling the beginning of the fight.

The Gladiator ran at Jade swinging his lirpa. Jade at first ducked, then she extended her staff catching the weapon on the second swing at her. He was quick as he brought the bludgeoned end up, hitting her in the side with it. She went flying, but rolled with the landing bringing her back up. One could see the bruise on her arm. He then pulled out the ahn-woon, spinning it in the air, ready to use it to capture her. Rather than allowing that to happen, she threw her slicer, ripping the ahn-woon to shreds. He roared, rushing at her. She ran at him, jumping over him in one long shot. She then used her staff to hit him in the groin from behind. After the first hit she followed up with slamming her staff into his back. He roared taking a couple steps forward.

He spun around, taking the bludgeoned end, and swung it at her in an over- the-shoulder arc. She brought her staff up to halt the attack, but he kicked her in the stomach, sending her back and causing her to loose her weapon. He didn’t kick it out of the way, but ran at her using the bladed end, swinging it at her. He took several swings as she jumped back. The blade did catch her a few times, causing cuts to appear on her body.

Jade knew this had to end, so she ran at him. He expected her to go high again and lifted his weapon, in order to hurt her as she went over. Instead, she saw an opening between his legs, and slid underneath. She stood up on the other side. She kicked him in the back, causing him to stumble, and ran forward picking up her staff. She turned to face him.

The Gladiator had never before fought an opponent as agile as this one. All of his tactics had to be thrown out the window. He had no choice but to let the fight come to him. Jade smiled, seeing her opening. She used her staff like a pole-vault and flew into him landing with her feet in his chest. At last, this caused him pain. She then slammed her staff into his lower right side, which caused his whole body to tense up. Never before had he been struck in the heart in such manner.

Jade followed this with many kicks and punches to his body. They were concentrated mostly on his chest, but she delivered a few blows to his face. The other Hephestians couldn’t believe their eyes as their champion faltered. She delivered a few key blows to his face, causing blood to fly out in whichever direction his head snapped. Jade gave one more kick to his chest, causing him to fall backwards.

He got up one more time but he had no will to move. The Majestrix, upset that her champion had lost, cried out, “FINISH HIM!”

Jade had just closed her staff and said, “Too Easy.” She pulled out her slicer and threw it at the Gladiator. It cut the head from the body causing the head to fly up. She jumped in the air and kicked the body making it fly backwards. She landed catching the head in right hand. She held up her left and caught the slicer in it. She held up both, green blood coursing down her right hand, and cried out the Edenian word for victory.

The others were astonished, impressed and appalled by what they saw. Captain Pike walked over to her and said, “Good job cadet. I have never seen anyone fight with such ferociousness.”

Jade chuckled and said, “Sorry, sir. When I get caught up in a fight like this one I kind of push everything else out.” She dropped the head onto the floor letting it lie there.

Pike shook his head and said, “No apologies necessary. We sometimes forget this kind of fighting exists.” He turned to the Majestrix and asked, “Are we free to leave, Majestrix?”

She nodded at him and walked from her throne up to Jade. She took her bloodied hand and shook it. She said, “You fought well for your people. No one has ever shown as honorable and good of a fight as you have.”

Jade asked, “Despite my dirty trick?”

The Majestrix tilted her head and chuckled. She said, “You only did it once, so that can be overlooked.” She let go of the hand and turned back to Pike saying, “An alliance with your Federation would be difficult at this time Captain. We would rather remain in isolation. As for returning to Vulcan… that will never happen. They chose their path and we chose ours. You and your people are free to return to your ship and your ship is free to leave.”

He nodded at her and pulled out his communicator. He said, “Enterprise.”

Number One replied, “Landing party come in.”

Pike said, “Number One, we’re free to go. How soon before we’re ready to be underway?”

Number One responded, “In a few minutes Captain.”

He nodded and said, “Beam us up when you’re ready, Pike out.”

The Majestrix smiled at them. She said, “You know… the Klingons also had to face the challenge. Their warrior did not make it. I still freed them.”

He looked at her and said, “The Warrior died for your entertainment?” There was a hint of rage in his voice as he said this.

She shook her head and said, “No. Winning the challenge was not important Captain. The important thing was taking up the challenge; proving to me that you had courage rather than cowardice.”

Pike nodded at her. His communicator signaled alerting them to the beam up. She said, “One day, Captain, our people will wish to come out of its isolation. When that day approaches… I hope people like you and Cadet Jade will be around to welcome us in.”

Pike looked at her and smiled. He said, “Hopefully that will happen.” With that comment the five were beamed up to the Enterprise, and the ship pulled out of orbit, heading for their next destination, and to give Starfleet and the Vulcans the Hephestians answer.
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Rush Limborg
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Re: Admiral_Ranor's Universe

Hi, folks!

Those of you who read and love my tales, let me say: I am good friends with Admiral_Ranor, and beta-read this tale for him, giving my $0.02 on tweaking and adding to it. He and I meet a lot--and a big crossover tale is in the works!

I hope you all enjoy this tale. I certainly did.
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Re: Admiral_Ranor's Universe

Interesting premise of crossing over Trek with other fictional genres. The fight sequence gave this story an Animated Series feel.
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The Badger
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Re: Admiral_Ranor's Universe

An interesting cross over, with some good descriptive prose, a well written fight scene, and a nice bit of characterization in Pike's romantic attachment.

A bit of (hopefully constructive) criticism. In the early stages we are introduced to a lot of people within a couple of paragraphs. It's difficult, reading those, to get everyone sorted out in my head. Might I suggest that people are introduced as they make contributions to the story? So rather than a block of text listing names and jobs, we get straight into the narrative, we meet them as the become relevant.

I'd also suggest not mentioning people unless they do have a role, however small, to play in the story. I realise that you probably have all the details of the ship and crew worked out in your head, and it's understandable you want to share them. But for a short story, things should be kept trim.
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